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United States Rivers

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Mississippi River

StatesArkansas (322 mi), Illinois (592 mi), Iowa (322 mi), Kentucky (52 mi), Louisiana (505 mi), Minnesota (671 mi), Mississippi (410 mi), Missouri (494 mi), Tennessee (188 mi), Wisconsin (234 mi)
Length2,314.3 miles
Watershed Length*309,424 miles
MouthGulf of Mexico


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Name Distance
from Mouth
Apple Creek1,0334747
Apple River1,5125567
Arkansas River5801,45437,087
Bad Axe River1,644464
Bay Creek1,2315252
Bayou Baton Rouge2362121
Bayou Pierre395103370
Bayou Sara2663764
Bear Creek1,30244119
Bear Creek1,2701818
Big Black River656285925
Big Muddy River1,033156739
Big River1,7751313
Black River1,677192691
Bloody Run1,6031818
Bobs Creek1,1992424
Brazeau Creek1,0391616
Bryants Creek1,2221818
Buck Creek1,5872222
Buck Run1,3041818
Buffalo River3136480
Buffalo River1,72370119
Cahokia Canal1,1419119
Camp Creek1,3541818
Cannon River1,765119354
Catfish Creek1,544330
Chippewa River1,7321962,858
Cinque Hommes Creek1,0522222
Clearwater River1,8834343
Coles Creek37620107
Coon Creek1,8342424
Coon Creek1,6533838
Copperas Creek1,4113232
Crow River1,84825506
Crow Wing River1,959115859
Cuivre River1,19741448
Dardenne Creek1,1884058
Deep Bayou6011717
Deer River2,1711919
Des Moines River1,3235404,609
Devils Creek1,3401441
Duck Creek1,4522121
Dugout Creek1,3581515
Durgens Creek1,2932323
East Indian Creek1,7141616
Edwards River1,39574141
Eliza Creek1,3972424
Elk River1,4942222
Elk River1,85384241
Ellison Creek Diverson Ditch1,3641137
Elm Creek1,8402239
Establishment Creek1,0882626
Fabius River1,2836703
Flint Creek1,3683535
Fountain Creek1,1163030
Fox River1,315106201
Galena River1,5315064
Garvin Brook1,7031937
Gilbert Creek1,7461515
Grant River1,56145115
Hadley-McCraney Diversion Ditch1,258545
Hatchie River774238534
Hay Creek1,7632525
Headwater Diversion Channel1,00633345
Henderson Creek1,37365202
Homochitto River34193300
Honey Creek1,3622828
Illinois River1,1792737,457
Iowa River1,3973243,822
Isabelle Creek1,7561919
Joachim Creek1,1113752
Johnson Creek1,4872727
Kaskaskia River1,0753051,679
Kiser Creek1,2512121
La Crosse River1,66762100
Leech Lake River2,17953247
Little Elk River1,9362947
Little Maquoketa River1,5533070
Little Menominee River1,5381414
Little Mississippi River2,2742344
Little Rock Creek1,9063434
Little Two River1,9221616
Little Willow River2,0282222
Lost Creek1,3492121
Lower Cache River96938100
Maquoketa River1,516150699
Marys River1,0654266
Mayfield Creek9526489
Menominee River1,5411212
Meramec River1,1202291,011
Mill Creek1,4781717
Mill Creek1,2802439
Minnehaha Creek1,8163737
Minnesota River1,8133574,645
Minnesota Slough1,641832
Missouri River1,1542,320150,103
Mormon Creek1,6611616
Nokasippi River1,9504784
Nonconnah Creek7353030
North River1,28381114
Obion Creek92467130
Obion River81679703
Ohio River95697454,435
Paint Creek1,6103333
Peruque Creek1,1934444
Piasa Creek1,1663043
Pine Creek1,4301515
Pine Creek1,6652424
Pine River1,99358133
Platte River1,91662134
Platte River1,5564890
Plattin Creek1,1082626
Plum River1,50347104
Pope Creek1,3915872
Prairie duPont Creek1,1342121
Prairie River2,14263126
Ramsey Creek1,2261818
Rice Creek1,8312929
Rice River2,0345858
Ripple River2,0254343
River aux Vases1,0783232
Rock River1,4432992,812
Root River1,66382599
Rum River1,840160402
Rush Creek1,6291616
Rush Creek1,5073143
Rush River1,7515151
Saline Creek1,0783376
Salt River1,246751,110
Sandy River2,07337102
Sauk River1,899123170
Schoolcraft River2,2543636
Sexton Creek1,0031241
Sinsinawa River1,5362121
Skunk River1,359931,269
Smallpox Creek1,5301616
South River1,2831818
Spring Creek1,7641717
Spunk Creek1,9182424
St. Catherine Creek3612626
St. Croix River1,7821732,139
St. Francis River674419916
Swan River2,1057474
Swan River1,9293939
Tete des Morts Creek1,5341818
Third River2,2043535
Thompson Creek25646115
Trempealeau River1,68583160
Trimbelle River1,7652929
Turkey River1,577153475
Turtle River2,2245073
Two River1,922653
Upper Iowa River1,640156240
Vermillion Slough1,766778
Village Creek1,6312424
Wapsipinicon River1,472300803
Watab River1,9011024
Waumandee Creek1,7033472
Wells Creek1,7482828
White River5987037,061
Whitewater River1,71218110
Willow River2,04677101
Wisconsin River1,5994362,961
Wolf River739106147
Wood River1,159341
Wyaconda River1,29951203
Yazoo River4361722,555
Yellow River1,6075468
Zumbro River1,71965451
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* Note: Watershed is mostly rivers/streams 15+ miles in length.

Data from United States Geological Survey