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United States Rivers

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River count428
River miles13,484

Large Bodies of Water


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Name Length
Abiaca Creek42.242
Alamuchee Creek14.341
Amite River - East Fork5285
Amite River - West Fork45.946
Apookta Creek21.421
Archusa Creek23.624
Arkabutla Creek29.329
Ark Bayou22.222
Atkinson Creek16.316
Bahala Creek3961
Bakers Creek (Fourteenmile Creek tributary)44.172
Bakers Creek (Little Bayou Pierre tributary)18.218
Bala Chitto Creek2727
Balucta Creek25.926
Batchelor Creek623
Batupan Bogue10.538
Bayou Bacon19.419
Bayou Pierre103.3370
Bayou Sara14.221
Bear Bayou5.332
Bear Creek (Big Black River tributary)41.565
Bear Creek (Fair River tributary)23.223
Bear Creek (Tennessee River tributary)23.746
Bear Creek (Yazoo River tributary)4040
Beaver Creek (Amite River tributary)31.532
Beaverdam Creek21.221
Big Black Creek5.6376
Big Black River285.2925
Big Bogue6.46
Big Brown Creek23.259
Big Cedar Creek27.545
Big Creek (Bogue Chitto (West Bogue Chitto tributary))22.923
Big Creek (Bouie River tributary)15.616
Big Creek (Chickasawhay River tributary)26.967
Big Creek (Chickasawhay River tributary)32.933
Big Creek (Cypress Creek (Noxubee River tributary))22.322
Big Creek (Escatawpa River tributary)8.69
Big Creek (Leaf River tributary)15.943
Big Creek (Pascagoula River tributary)20.721
Big Creek (Pearl River tributary)15.115
Big Creek (Strong River tributary)30.230
Big Cypress Creek30.931
Big Red Creek5.116
Big Sand Creek (Big Black River tributary)15.816
Big Sand Creek (Yalobusha River tributary)30.631
Big Scooba Creek26.527
Big Spring Creek20.721
Big Sunflower River239.3856
Biloxi River58.3172
Black Creek (Big Black Creek tributary)136.3213
Black Creek (Escatawpa River tributary)15.115
Black Creek (Tipton Bayou tributary)43.2104
Blackwater Creek3131
Blakely Creek15.716
Bluff Creek (Red Creek (Big Black Creek tributary))26.627
Bluff Creek (West Pascagoula River tributary)33.333
Bodka Creek21.948
Bogue Chitto Creek (Big Black River tributary)38.772
Bogue Chitto (Pearl River tributary)31.331
Bogue Chitto (Tombigbee River tributary)1717
Bogue Chitto (Tuckabum Creek tributary)3.23
Bogue Chitto (West Bogue Chitto tributary)69.5293
Boguefala Creek28.147
Bogue Falema Creek15.816
Boguegaba Creek19.219
Bogue Hasty6.539
Bogue Homo (Leaf River tributary)98.1193
Bogue Homo (Shubuta Creek tributary)15.115
Bogue Phalia84.9143
Bouie River85.1226
Broken Pumpkin Creek15.716
Browns Creek16.917
Brushy Creek (Escatawpa River tributary)19.119
Brushy Creek (Pearl River tributary)16.717
Buckatunna Creek122.9248
Buck Creek17.117
Buffalo River64.380
Bull Mountain Creek38.863
Burrell Bayou16.917
Buttahatchee River45.479
Buzzard Bayou3434
Calabrella Creek16.717
Campbell Creek31.632
Camp Creek16.316
Camp Creek (Yonaba Creek tributary)16.116
Caney Creek23.824
Carters Creek18.118
Catahoula Creek36.761
Catalpa Creek24.540
Cedar Creek (Bear Creek (Tennessee River tributary))3.94
Chambers Creek7.58
Chewalla Creek1616
Chickasawhay Creek24.124
Chickasawhay River159.8977
Chinchahoma Creek21.622
Chiwapa Creek28.764
Chunky Creek30100
Chunky River26.6225
Chuquatonchee Creek51.288
Clarks Creek28.529
Clear Creek (Big Black River tributary)16.216
Clear Creek (Pearl River tributary)17.618
Clear Creek (Pelahatchie Creek tributary)16.817
Coffee Bogue38.839
Coldwater River170.2354
Coles Creek19.7107
Coles Creek - North Fork37.538
Coles Creek - South Fork30.531
Comite Creek9.816
Coonewah Creek24.925
Copiah Creek25.726
Cowpen Creek1616
Crane Creek23.123
Cripple Deer Creek18.519
Cuffawa Creek14.915
Cypress Creek (Big Black River tributary)25.325
Cypress Creek (Black Creek (Big Black Creek tributary))1919
Cypress Creek (Noxubee River tributary)32.855
Dabbs Creek40.140
Darling Creek2.12
Deer Creek166166
Doaks Creek35.857
Donivan Creek17.918
Dry Creek9.227
East Bogue Chitto1313
East Bogue Hasty14.114
East Hobolochitto Creek31.832
East Topisaw Creek15.716
Escatawpa River61.1124
Etehomo Creek26.727
Eucutta Creek26.226
Fairchilds Creek1919
Fair River27.564
Fannegusha Creek (Black Creek (Tipton Bayou tributary))3939
Fannegusha Creek (Pearl River tributary)27.528
Fifteenmile Creek16.717
Fisher Creek19.620
Fivemile Creek23.223
Flint Creek16.917
Foster Creek21.437
Fourteenmile Creek31.9104
Gaines Creek2164
Greens Creek7.340
Greens Creek - East Fork1515
Greens Creek - West Fork17.317
Gum Creek24.224
Halfway Creek16.817
Halls Creek20.621
Hanging Moss Creek17.818
Hang Kettle Creek17.217
Harland Creek21.922
Harris Bayou18.318
Hashuqua Creek27.965
Hatchapaloo Creek16.817
Hatchie River41.8110
Hays Creek22.723
Hays Creek3.94
Hell Creek1616
Hell Hole Creek14.915
Hickahala Creek2745
Hickory Creek23.824
Hobolochitto Creek6.295
Hobuck Creek21.321
Holiday Creek29.630
Hollis Creek12.660
Hominy Creek17.618
Homochitto River93.1300
Homochitto River - Middle Fork33.654
Hontokalo Creek24.424
Hotopha Creek15.315
Houlka Creek36.837
Hurricane Creek (Buckatunna Creek tributary)23.223
Hurricane Creek (Pearl River tributary)18.719
Hushpuckena River28.829
Ichusa Creek34.346
Jackson Creek (Escatawpa River tributary)4.75
Jackson Creek (Foster Creek tributary)1616
James Creek (Bayou Pierre tributary)15.616
James Creek (Tombigbee River tributary)2020
James Creek (Tombigbee River tributary)15.816
Jaybird Creek22.823
Johnson Creek19.620
Jones Bayou3434
Jourdan River16.496
Kincaide Creek6.315
Kinterbish Creek1.11
Lake Creek16.216
Lappatubby Creek2020
Leaf River195.11,414
Leatherwood Creek18.418
Limekiln Creek17.518
Limestone Creek27.928
Line Creek37.9102
Little Bahala Creek21.522
Little Bakers Creek11.612
Little Bayou Pierre44.4107
Little Bayou Sara7.27
Little Biloxi River38.839
Little Black Creek (Black Creek (Big Black Creek tributary))11.812
Little Black Creek (Black Creek (Big Black Creek tributary))24.324
Little Bogue20.821
Little Bogue Homo22.823
Little Brown Creek20.736
Little Buffalo River15.716
Little Cedar Creek17.317
Little Coldwater Creek13.213
Little Comite Creek6.26
Little Fair River12.813
Little Hatchie River17.117
Little Ichusa Creek11.912
Little Noxubee River17.818
Little Oakohay Creek12.913
Little Red Creek (Big Red Creek tributary)9.910
Little Red Creek (Red Creek (Big Black Creek tributary))17.718
Little Rock Creek15.215
Little Sunflower River19.419
Little Tallahalla Creek13.313
Little Tallahatchie River117.7359
Little Tangipahoa River19.119
Little Thompson Creek15.415
Little White Oak Creek12.813
Loakfoma Creek15.716
Lobutcha Creek6666
Long Creek (Big Black River tributary)23.423
Long Creek (Buckatunna Creek tributary)3535
Love Creek15.516
Lower Little Creek20.420
Luxapallila Creek19.841
Macedonia Creek19.738
Mackeys Creek27.327
Magby Creek10.410
Magees Creek44.645
Mantachie Creek2323
Mason Creek25.425
Mattubby Creek30.264
McCall Creek18.218
McGehee Creek16.817
Mill Creek (Bogue Homo (Leaf River tributary))15.816
Mill Creek (Noxubee River tributary)17.718
Mill Creek (Pascagoula River tributary)6.933
Mississippi River410.35,053
Morgan Fork20.220
Mound Bayou18.118
Mountain Creek16.817
Mud Creek (Town Creek (Tombigbee River tributary))14.230
Mud Creek (Yellow Creek (Luxapallila Creek tributary))0.61
Muddy Creek12.212
Murder Creek16.517
Nanih Waiya Creek37.282
Nash Creek8.48
Nichols Creek20.320
Noxapater Creek26.727
Noxubee River142.5602
Nuakfuppa Creek2323
Oakey Woods Creek28.729
Oaklimeter Creek17.618
Oakohay Creek74.6104
Okahatta Creek21.722
Okatibbee Creek71.5116
Okatoma Creek70.887
Okatuppa Creek2.93
Oktoc Creek12.528
Old Little Tallahatchie River20.821
Old River0.943
Otoucalofa Creek25.826
Panther Creek20.220
Parker Bayou3.6115
Pascagoula River80.93,086
Pawticfaw Creek45.677
Peachahala Creek18.519
Pearl River435.32,240
Pegies Creek1616
Pelahatchie Creek50.567
Pellaphalia Creek16.216
Pelucia Creek3131
Pigeon Roost Creek26.742
Piney Creek25.425
Piney Woods Creek26.727
Pinishook Creek24.625
Plum Creek15.215
Ponta Creek43.143
Poplar Creek23.724
Porter Bayou27.127
Porter Creek15.916
Porters Creek5.15
Potacocowa Creek1818
Potterchitto Creek31.263
Purvis Creek19.620
Pushepatapa Creek - East Fork17.718
Pushepatapa Creek - West Fork1212
Quarterliah Creek19.119
Quiver River52.953
Raspberry Creek17.217
Red Creek (Big Black Creek tributary)96.2157
Red Creek (Big Red Creek tributary)0.91
Reedy Creek1515
Reese Creek18.118
Rhodes Creek20.821
Richardson Creek1616
Richland Creek34.862
Robinson Creek19.520
Rocky Creek15.215
Rocky Creek1717
Running Water Creek17.818
Sabougla Creek24.725
Sand Creek (Catalpa Creek tributary)15.616
Sand Creek (Noxubee River tributary)27.327
Sanders Creek28.829
Sand Hill Creek16.216
Sandy Creek25.125
Saucier Creek18.218
Second Creek31.532
Senatobia Creek17.518
Shockaloo Creek30.130
Shubuta Creek39.855
Shuqualak Creek16.817
Shutispear Creek22.523
Silver Creek (Big Sunflower River tributary)32.833
Silver Creek (Bogue Chitto tributary)11.612
Silver Creek - East Prong (Pearl River tributary)22.623
Silver Creek - Middle Prong (Pearl River tributary)12.212
Silver Creek (Pearl River tributary)20.274
Silver Creek (Pearl River tributary)19.319
Silver Creek - West Prong (Pearl River tributary)18.831
Sipsey Creek (Buttahatchee River tributary)16.234
Sipsey Creek (Tuscolameta Creek tributary)23.724
Skuna River62.894
Snake Creek (Bakers Creek (Fourteenmile Creek tributary))16.116
Snake Creek (Bogue Phalia tributary)19.319
Sowashee Creek20.721
Splunge Creek17.718
St. Catherine Creek25.626
Steele Bayou70.671
Steen Creek29.646
Straight Fence Creek15.315
Strong River97.4308
Sucarnoochee River56217
Sun Creek (Hashuqua Creek tributary)19.219
Sun Creek (Trim Cane Creek tributary)17.618
Talking Warrior Creek25.726
Tallabinnela Creek21.435
Tallabogue Creek (Buckatunna Creek tributary)16.717
Tallabogue (Leaf River tributary)21.722
Tallabogue (Tuscolameta Creek tributary)30.230
Tallahaga Creek28.328
Tallahala Creek128.7270
Tallahalla Creek28.342
Tallahatchie River84.9902
Tallahatta Creek36.136
Tallahattah Creek2020
Tallahoma Creek81.181
Tallashua Creek32.948
Tangipahoa River49.2112
Tchoutacabouffa River23.457
Tenmile Creek18.318
Tennessee River10.891
Terrible Creek20.120
Terrys Creek16.316
Tesheva Creek2525
Thompson Creek (Leaf River tributary)68.996
Thompson Creek - Middle Fork (Mississippi River tributary)9.19
Thompson Creek (Mississippi River tributary)1230
Thompson Creek - West Fork (Mississippi River tributary)918
Tibbee Creek20.9251
Tibby Creek16.817
Tickfaw River20.233
Tickfaw River - West Branch13.213
Tiger Creek2424
Tilda Bogue17.217
Tillatoba Creek3250
Tillatoba Creek - North Fork17.718
Tippah River31.265
Tipton Bayou7111
Tishomingo Creek16.216
Tombigbee River130.72,036
Toomsuba Creek2727
Topisaw Creek32.790
Town Creek (Nanih Waiya Creek tributary)16.416
Town Creek (Tombigbee River tributary)20.638
Town Creek (Tombigbee River tributary)41.8185
Trim Cane Creek26.644
Tubbalubba Creek13.914
Tuckabum Creek28
Tumbaloo Creek17.818
Turkey Creek (Bayou Pierre tributary)16.917
Turkey Creek (Potterchitto Creek tributary)15.516
Turkey Creek (Skuna River tributary)31.532
Tuscolameta Creek33.8168
Tuscumbia River33.934
Tuxachanie Creek33.133
Twentymile Creek30.430
Upper Little Creek39.840
Wahalak Creek28.529
Walesheba Creek24.925
Weaver Creek28.228
Wells Creek28.829
Wesson Branch15.415
West Bogue Chitto18.318
West Bogue Hasty18.519
West Bowie Creek18.218
West Hobolochitto Creek57.257
West Little Thompson Creek11.512
West Pascagoula River16.750
West Tallahala Creek54.474
West Topisaw Creek23.824
Whiskey Creek26.226
White Creek1616
White Oak Creek35.290
White Sand Creek37.260
Willis Creek16.316
Wolf Creek (Big Black River tributary)17.117
Wolf Creek (Hashuqua Creek tributary)1818
Wolf Creek (Mattubby Creek tributary)17.417
Wolf Creek (Wolf River (Gulf of Mexico tributary))19.620
Wolf River (Gulf of Mexico tributary)74.1133
Wolf River (Mississippi River tributary)27.728
Woodward Creek17.518
Yalobusha River117.8346
Yantley Creek33
Yazoo River1722,555
Yellow Creek (Chickasawhay River tributary)22.823
Yellow Creek (Luxapallila Creek tributary)9.911
Yellow Creek (Noxubee River tributary)24.224
Yellow Creek (Tennessee River tributary)26.727
Yockanookany River78.195
Yocona River78.5104
Yonaba Creek7.924
Zilpha Creek26.827

Note: Lengths are for the part of the river/watershed within the boundary of this state.

Note: Mostly rivers/streams 15+ miles in length.

Data from United States Geological Survey