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United States Rivers

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River count518
River miles15,762

Large Bodies of Water


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Name Length
Apple Creek70.199
Apple Creek - Left Fork16.116
Apple River (Mississippi River tributary)50.159
Apple River - West Fork (Mississippi River tributary)9.19
Aux Sable Creek20.859
Bankston Fork16.416
Bay Creek (Mississippi River tributary)5252
Bay Creek (Ohio River tributary)58.574
Bear Creek (Cane Creek tributary)19.319
Bear Creek (Hodges Creek tributary)19.920
Bear Creek (Mississippi River tributary)44.1119
Bear Creek (Sangamon River - South Fork tributary)23.724
Bear Creek - South Fork (Mississippi River tributary)29.346
Beaucoup Creek82.1173
Beaver Creek (Iroquois River tributary)21.637
Beaver Creek (Kishwaukee River tributary)31.231
Beaver Creek (Shoal Creek tributary)43.744
Becks Creek28.350
Big Bureau Creek73.8194
Big Creek (Cache River tributary)18.218
Big Creek - East Fork (Wabash River tributary)15.415
Big Creek (Embarras River tributary)25.741
Big Creek (Kaskaskia River tributary)10.836
Big Creek (Spoon River tributary)33.834
Big Creek (Wabash River tributary)11.143
Big Creek - West Fork (Wabash River tributary)16.416
Big Grand Pierre Creek16.216
Big Muddy Creek49.1100
Big Muddy River156.1739
Big Muddy River - Middle Fork41.760
Bigneck Creek16.416
Big Rock Creek13.959
Big Rock Creek - East Branch15.215
Big Rock Creek -West Branch13.614
Big Sandy Creek40.272
Bills Run15.415
Bishop Creek20.420
Blackberry Creek36.737
Blue Creek1919
Bonpas Creek58.375
Bradshaw Creek15.415
Bronson Creek17.718
Brouilletts Creek4.639
Brush Creek (East Bureau Creek tributary)27.528
Brush Creek (Horse Creek (Sangamon River - South Fork tributary))24.424
Brush Creek (Skillet Fork tributary)23.123
Brushy Creek15.415
Brushy Fork27.327
Bubbly Creek1.31
Buck Creek (Fox River (Illinois River tributary))15.816
Buck Creek (Little Wabash River tributary)20.821
Buckhart Creek24.625
Buffalo Creek1515
Burton Creek1515
Butterfield Creek15.215
Cahokia Canal9119
Cahokia Creek55.3110
Cahokia Creek - West Fork12.713
Calumet River7.78
Calumet Sag Channel16.1100
Camp Creek (Edwards River tributary)25.726
Camp Creek (Edwards River tributary)21.722
Camp Creek (La Moine River tributary)33.854
Camp Creek (Mississippi River tributary)18.118
Camp Creek (Plum River tributary)18.418
Camp Creek (Sangamon River tributary)16.617
Cane Creek14.934
Carroll Creek16.517
Casey Fork38.939
Cedar Creek (Big Muddy River tributary)23.123
Cedar Creek (Henderson Creek tributary)46.246
Cedar Creek (Illinois River tributary)16.617
Cedar Creek (La Moine River tributary)24.124
Cedar Creek (Little Richard Creek tributary)17.417
Cedar Creek (Spoon River tributary)48.196
Cedar Fork1717
Chicago River1.31
Chicago River - North Branch39.783
Chicago River - North Branch - West Fork15.616
Chicago River - South Branch8.894
Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal27221
Clary Creek19.620
Clear Creek (Illinois River tributary)15.516
Clear Creek (Indian Creek (Illinois River tributary))19.119
Clear Creek (Sangamon River - South Fork tributary)20.521
Clear Creek (Sexton Creek tributary)28.328
Clear Creek (Wabash River tributary)17.217
Coon Creek (Kishwaukee River tributary)29.630
Coon Creek (Rock River tributary)25.926
Coon Creek (Sugar Creek (Iroquois River tributary))17.317
Coon Run19.720
Coop Branch20.320
Copperas Creek - East Branch (Illinois River tributary)20.220
Copperas Creek (Illinois River tributary)6.457
Copperas Creek - Middle Branch (Illinois River tributary)14.114
Copperas Creek (Mississippi River tributary)32.232
Copperas Creek - West Branch (Illinois River tributary)16.330
Cottonwood Creek17.718
Covel Creek18.519
Crabapple Creek18.934
Crab Orchard Creek47.7101
Crane Creek (Granary Creek tributary)16.917
Crane Creek (Illinois River tributary)15.616
Crooked Creek (Embarras River tributary)6.541
Crooked Creek (Kaskaskia River tributary)74.5160
Crooked Creek (Little Wabash River)21.321
Crookedleg Creek16.116
Crow Creek (Illinois River tributary)3333
Crow Creek (Illinois River tributary)1855
Crow Creek - North Branch (Illinois River tributary)15.516
Crow Creek - South Branch (Illinois River tributary)21.722
Cypress Creek2626
Deer Creek (Salt Creek (Sangamon River tributary))18.919
Deer Creek (Thorn Creek tributary)18.619
Des Plaines River110.8548
Dillon Creek1818
Dismal Creek24.625
Dogwood Creek15.215
Doza Creek20.120
Drowning Fork18.819
Drummer Creek18.118
Drury Creek20.821
Dugout Creek15.215
Dums Creek27.928
DuPage River28.2106
Du Page River - East Branch24.925
Du Page River - West Branch3535
Dutchman Creek22.938
Eagle Creek16.717
East Aux Sable Creek11.211
East Bureau Creek26.854
East Crooked Creek19.920
East Lake Fork14.515
East Plum River22.623
Edwards River74.2141
Eliza Creek24.424
Elkhorn Creek31.331
Elkhorn Creek55.771
Ellison Creek25.325
Ellison Creek Diverson Ditch11.237
Elm Creek16.216
Elm River2363
Elm River Drainage Ditch9.873
Embarras River194.5674
Embarras River - East Branch20.320
Embarras River - North Fork62.3108
Ewing Creek18.318
Farm Creek19.520
Finley Creek18.619
Fivemile Creek16.316
Flat Branch37.738
Flat Creek18.318
Flour Creek24.344
Forked Creek37.660
Forked Creek - South Branch22.322
Fountain Creek20.537
Fountain Creek30.130
Fourmile Creek18.819
Fox River (Illinois River tributary)118.5494
Fox River (Little Wabash River tributary)46.346
Franklin Creek18.318
French Creek24.224
Friends Creek21.922
Fulfer Creek18.519
Galena River15.327
Galena River - East Fork11.812
Galum Creek39.855
Gooseberry Creek (Mazon River tributary)20.621
Gooseberry Creek (Mazon River - West Fork tributary)26.426
Goose Creek20.120
Granary Creek13.631
Grand Calumet River - West Branch (westerly flow)2.83
Grassy Creek18.919
Green River89.3156
Grindstone Creek2020
Grove Creek15.215
Gun Creek19.319
Hackett Branch19.119
Hadley Creek20.721
Hadley-McCraney Diversion Ditch4.645
Haw Creek29.229
Hayes Creek15.115
Henderson Creek64.9202
Henline Creek17.718
Hickory Creek (Des Plaines River tributary)25.241
Hickory Creek (Kaskaskia River tributary)23.924
Hodges Creek7.9126
Hog Run17.117
Honey Creek (Mississippi River tributary)2828
Honey Creek (Pecatonica River tributary)1.21
Horse Creek - East Branch (Kankakee River tributary)15.215
Horse Creek (Kankakee River tributary)7.843
Horse Creek (Kaskaskia River tributary)28.829
Horse Creek (Sangamon River - South Fork tributary)35.974
Horse Creek (Skillet Fork tributary)31.131
Horse Creek - West Branch (Kankakee River tributary)19.520
Horse Creek - West Branch (Sangamon River - South Fork tributary)13.213
Hurricane Creek (Big Muddy Creek tributary)18.919
Hurricane Creek (Illinois River tributary)15.616
Hurricane Creek (Kaskaskia River tributary)47.648
Hurricane Creek (Macoupin Creek tributary)17.518
Illinois River273.26,950
Indian Creek (Cahokia Creek tributary)23.323
Indian Creek (Fox River (Illinois River tributary))51.5103
Indian Creek (Illinois River tributary)3991
Indian Creek (Spoon River tributary)26.527
Indian Creek (Vermilion River - South Fork (Illinois River tributary))29.630
Iroquois River55.3348
Jackson Creek25.125
Joes Creek19.620
Johnny Run29.830
Johnson Creek26.527
Jonathan Creek18.719
Jordan Creek (Vermilion River - North Fork - Middle Branch (Wabash River tributary))7.47
Kankakee River58.3615
Kaskaskia River304.61,679
Kaskaskia River - East Fork51.783
Kaskaskia River - East Fork - North Fork30.931
Kickapoo Creek (Embarras River tributary)20.636
Kickapoo Creek (Illinois River tributary)46.470
Kickapoo Creek (Salt Creek (Sangamon River tributary))63.496
Kickapoo Creek - West Fork (Illinois River tributary)2424
Killbuck Creek30.731
Kinkaid Creek2424
Kiser Creek21.121
Kishwaukee River63.5343
Kishwaukee River - North Branch18.719
Kishwaukee River - South Branch64.3105
Kishwaukee River - South Branch21.822
Kishwaukee River - South Branch - East Branch23.824
Kyte River31.632
La Harpe Creek26.827
Lake Fork (Kaskaskia River tributary)2439
Lake Fork - North Fork (Salt Creek tributary)27.528
Lake Fork (Salt Creek (Sangamon River tributary))21.249
Lake Fork (Shoal Creek tributary)15.816
Lamarsh Creek2.126
Lamarsh Creek - East Branch11.211
Lamarsh Creek - West Branch12.813
La Moine River125.4452
La Moine River - East Fork56.575
La Moine River - South Branch16.817
Langan Creek24.925
Leaf River31.331
Lick Creek30.745
Lick Creek16.316
Lick Creek - South Fork14.715
Lily Cache Creek1818
Little Apple Creek13.213
Little Bear Creek13.313
Little Beaucoup Creek15.516
Little Beaver Creek15.415
Little Bonpas Creek16.416
Little Cache Creek15.115
Little Calumet River (westerly flow)19.184
Little Crab Orchard Creek13.914
Little Crooked Creek17.618
Little Embarras River19.419
Little Galum Creek15.315
Little Indian Creek (Indian Creek (Fox River (Illinois River tributary)))3535
Little Indian Creek (Indian Creek (Illinois River tributary))17.417
Little Kickapoo Creek16.717
Little Mackinaw River18.619
Little Marys River24.124
Little Menominee River8.79
Little Missouri Creek1515
Little Mud Creek (Mud Creek (Kaskaskia River tributary))15.415
Little Mud Creek (Mud Creek (Sugar Creek (Iroquois River tributary)))1212
Little Muddy Creek32.432
Little Muddy River72.992
Little Piasa Creek13.313
Little Richard Creek21.839
Little Rock Creek31.231
Littlers Creek2222
Little Rush Creek12.813
Little Saline River16.617
Little Salt Creek15.415
Little Sandy Creek (Big Sandy Creek tributary)15.916
Little Sandy Creek (Sandy Creek tributary)12.913
Little Silver Creek15.716
Little Silver Creek11.411
Little Vermilion River (Illinois River tributary)34.735
Little Vermilion River (Wabash River tributary)39.139
Little Wabash River239.5838
Little Wabash River - West Branch11.612
Lone Tree Creek15.115
Long Point Creek (Kickapoo Creek (Salt Creek (Sangamon River tributary)))15.816
Long Point Creek (Vermilion River (Illinois River tributary))28.446
Lost Creek25.848
Lower Cache River38100
Lusk Creek32.132
Mackinaw River129.7370
Macoupin Creek99.8303
Madden Creek17.117
Marrowbone Creek15.415
Marys River42.366
Massac Creek16.517
Masters Fork21.121
Mauvaise Terre Creek49.865
Mauvaise Terre Creek - North Fork1515
Mazon River28.2178
Mazon River - East Fork8.79
Mazon River - West Fork33.560
McCraney Creek15.816
McCraney Diversion Ditch3.820
McKee Creek73.3112
McKee Creek - Middle Fork19.520
McKee Creek - South Fork19.439
Menominee River (Mississippi River tributary)6.57
Middle Aux Sable Creek1212
Middle Henderson Creek1616
Mill Creek17.317
Mill Creek (Fox River (Illinois River tributary))15.215
Mill Creek (Mississippi River tributary)23.939
Mill Creek (Rock River tributary)22.623
Mill Creek (Rock River tributary)16.717
Mill Creek (Wabash River tributary)36.637
Mississippi River59215,762
Missouri Creek27.543
Mitchell Creek2222
Mole Creek17.818
Money Creek35.836
Mosquito Creek22.623
Mud Creek (Green River tributary)28.428
Mud Creek (Kaskaskia River tributary)38.754
Mud Creek (Mackinaw River tributary)19.419
Mud Creek (Sugar Creek (Iroquois River tributary))17.582
Mud Creek (Vermilion River (Illinois River tributary))22.823
Muddy Creek (Embarras River tributary)1632
Muddy Creek (Embarras River tributary)3164
Muddy Creek (Willow Creek (Embarras River - North Fork tributary))15.616
Nassa Creek17.718
Nettle Creek24.939
Nettle Creek - East Fork13.814
Ninemile Creek18.418
Nippersink Creek20.130
Nippersink Creek - North Branch10.110
North Henderson Creek33.534
North Kinnikinnick Creek15.315
North Little Sandy Creek15.916
North Pope Creek13.814
North Shore Channel7.78
Ohio River1312,885
Otter Creek - East Fork (Hodges Creek tributary)14.615
Otter Creek (Hodges Creek tributary)1878
Otter Creek (Illinois River tributary)31.732
Otter Creek (Illinois River tributary)23.423
Otter Creek - North Branch (Sugar River tributary)11.411
Otter Creek (Rock Creek (Rock River tributary))15.315
Otter Creek - South Branch (Sugar River tributary)11.612
Otter Creek (Sugar River tributary)6.429
Otter Creek (Vermilion River (Illinois River tributary))21.522
Otter Creek - West Fork (Hodges Creek tributary)12.412
Owens Creek16.416
Paddock Creek1919
Panther Creek26.555
Panther Creek - East Branch13.313
Panther Creek - West Branch15.616
Pecatonica River93.7266
Phils Creek16.717
Piasa Creek29.743
Pigeon Creek15.115
Pike Creek (Big Bureau Creek tributary)21.121
Pike Creek (Iroquois River tributary)18.318
Pike Creek (Trim Creek tributary)15.115
Pine Creek22.523
Piscasaw Creek27.528
Plum Creek32.733
Plum River46.6104
Polecat Creek19.119
Pond Creek23.524
Pope Creek58.472
Poplar Creek17.518
Post Creek Cutoff5.3129
Prairie Creek (Indian Creek (Illinois River tributary))15.716
Prairie Creek (Iroquois River tributary)10.711
Prairie Creek (Kankakee River tributary)24.925
Prairie Creek (Lost Creek tributary)21.822
Prairie Creek (Mackinaw River tributary)15.115
Prairie Creek (Richland Creek (Sangamon River tributary))16.617
Prairie Creek (Sugar Creek (Salt Creek tributary))20.721
Prairie Creek (Vermilion River (Illinois River tributary))20.220
Prairie du Long Creek26.426
Prairie duPont Creek20.521
Put Creek21.338
Raccoon Creek (Crooked Creek (Kaskaskia River tributary))20.320
Raccoon Creek (Elm River tributary)23.724
Raccoon Creek (Pecatonica River tributary)99
Raccoon Creek (Wabash River tributary)21.221
Ramsey Creek12.133
Ramsey Creek31.331
Range Creek2424
Rayse Creek27.427
Rector Creek19.720
Reese Creek18.819
Richland Creek (Kaskaskia River tributary)27.628
Richland Creek (Kaskaskia River tributary)39.584
Richland Creek (Sangamon River tributary)19.336
Richland Creek - West Fork (Kaskaskia River tributary)18.318
Riley Creek15.415
Robinson Creek30.931
Rock Creek (Kankakee River tributary)24.745
Rock Creek (Mackinaw River tributary)18.118
Rock Creek (Rock River tributary)52.868
Rock Creek - South Branch (Kankakee River tributary)19.820
Rock River165.11,309
Rock Run22.723
Rooks Creek34.234
Rush Creek (Kishwaukee River tributary)15.516
Rush Creek (Mississippi River tributary)30.643
Saline River27.3263
Saline River - Middle Fork24.941
Saline River - North Fork33.788
Saline River - South Fork49.390
Salt Creek (Des Plaines River tributary)43.744
Salt Creek (Little Wabash River tributary)18.534
Salt Creek (Sangamon River tributary)114.7465
Salt Fork (Crabapple Creek tributary)15.315
Salt Fork (Vermilion River (Wabash River tributary))4763
Sand Creek15.215
Sandy Creek30.243
Sangamon River246.81,341
Sangamon River - South Fork87.8341
Scattering Fork13.733
Scattering Point Creek18.519
Senachwine Creek (Illinois River tributary)2121
Senachwine Creek (Illinois River tributary)29.129
Sevenmile Creek17.417
Sexton Creek12.241
Shaw Creek15.516
Shoal Creek81.8257
Shoal Creek - East Fork61.361
Shoal Creek - Middle Fork25.125
Shoal Creek - West Fork29.530
Short Point Creek17.536
Silver Creek87.2163
Silver Creek - East Fork29.660
Sinsinawa River10.711
Sixmile Creek16.517
Skillet Fork97.8216
Skokie River19.720
Slater Creek15.816
Smallpox Creek16.116
Snag Creek28.328
Solomon Creek15.516
Somonauk Creek35.836
South Edwards River19.219
South Henderson Creek (Henderson Creek tributary)13.614
South Henderson Creek (Henderson Creek tributary)27.928
South Kinnikinnick Creek14.414
Spafford Creek8.38
Spoon River147.2514
Spoon River - East Fork23.624
Spoon River - West Fork22.523
Spring Creek (Green River tributary)20.220
Spring Creek (Hickory Creek (Des Plaines River tributary))15.816
Spring Creek (Illinois River tributary)2626
Spring Creek (Iroquois River tributary)63.964
Spring Creek (Sangamon River tributary)37.237
Spring Point Creek14.915
Stevens Creek20.320
Stillman Creek1818
Stoney Creek2222
Stony Creek1616
Sugar Creek (Illinois River tributary)42.442
Sugar Creek (Iroquois River tributary)38.8138
Sugar Creek (Kaskaskia River tributary)41.642
Sugar Creek - Middle Fork (Salt Creek tributary)29.858
Sugar Creek (Saline River - South Fork tributary)23.924
Sugar Creek (Salt Creek (Sangamon River tributary))58.5153
Sugar Creek (Sangamon River - South Fork tributary)52.898
Sugar Creek (Wabash River tributary)25.225
Sugar Creek - West Fork (Salt Creek tributary)27.728
Sugar Fork18.619
Sugar River10.640
Swan Creek30.831
Swanwick Creek20.721
Taylor Creek22.923
Tenmile Creek18.919
The Slough15.716
Thorn Creek20.855
Threemile Branch22.222
Timber Creek15.816
Trevor Creek14.314
Trim Creek2237
Troublesome Creek25.626
Turkey Creek16.316
Turtle Creek (Rock River tributary)1.82
Tyler Creek16.416
Upper Cache River54.1124
Vermilion River (Illinois River tributary)74.7386
Vermilion River - Middle Fork (Wabash River tributary)48.248
Vermilion River - North Fork (Illinois River tributary)3753
Vermilion River - North Fork - Middle Branch (Wabash River tributary)18.126
Vermilion River - North Fork (Wabash River tributary)49.975
Vermilion River - South Fork (Illinois River tributary)2858
Vermilion River (Wabash River tributary)17.9227
Wabash River189.62,224
Walnut Creek (Illinois River tributary)22.422
Walnut Creek (Mackinaw River tributary)25.225
Walnut Creek (Spoon River tributary)35.836
Waupecan Creek30.246
Welch Creek16.717
West Aux Sable Creek14.815
West Bureau Creek23.724
West Crooked Creek14.114
West Okaw River32.248
Whisky Creek16.517
Whitley Creek15.516
Williams Creek20.120
Willow Creek (Embarras River - North Fork tributary)30.146
Willow Creek (Green River tributary)1818
Wolf Creek (Big Creek (Kaskaskia River tributary))25.125
Wolf Creek (Vermilion River (Illinois River tributary))19.119
Wood River2.541
Wood River - East Fork21.922
Wood River - West Fork16.617
Yellow Creek51.952

Note: Lengths are for the part of the river/watershed within the boundary of this state.

Note: Mostly rivers/streams 15+ miles in length.

Data from United States Geological Survey