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United States Rivers

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River count326
River miles11,213

Large Bodies of Water


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Name Length
Alexander Creek19.119
Alligator Bayou21.321
Alligator Bayou4.424
Amite River117.3459
Amite River - East Fork11
Amite River - West Fork0.61
Antwine Creek19.319
Atchafalaya River142.16,064
Bala Chitto Creek0.30
Barnes Creek57.374
Baxter Bayou15.916
Bayou Anacoco57.2170
Bayou Barbue6.122
Bayou Bartholomew72.787
Bayou Baton Rouge20.621
Bayou Blue46.947
Bayou Boeuf109.3130
Bayou Bonne Idee64.765
Bayou Carron1919
Bayou Castor (Bayou Anacoco tributary)35.958
Bayou Castor (Sabine River tributary)30.658
Bayou Chicot15.816
Bayou Chori16.216
Bayou Choudrant20.342
Bayou Choupique20.320
Bayou Cocodrie (Bayou Courtableau tributary)77.8115
Bayou Cocodrie (Red River of the South tributary)57.558
Bayou Coulee15.115
Bayou Courtableau32.1324
Bayou D'Arbonne109.7438
Bayou D'Arbonne - Middle Fork64.681
Bayou de Butte1717
Bayou de Loutre5686
Bayou Dorcheat54.8199
Bayou du Large34.535
Bayou Funny Louis62.663
Bayou Galion28.844
Bayou Grand Caillou41.141
Bayou Grand Cane31.148
Bayou Grand Marais17.518
Bayou Lafourche56100
Bayou Lafourche104.2104
Bayou La Nana956
Bayou Little Teche9.428
Bayou L'Ivrogne16.316
Bayou Macon124.1251
Bayou Manchac18.519
Bayou Nezpique67.8212
Bayou Nezpique - West Fork19.480
Bayou Petite Prairie33.734
Bayou Pierre16.216
Bayou Pierre84.9153
Bayou Provencal21.121
Bayou Queue de Tortue57.889
Bayou Rapides30.330
Bayou Rigolette33.9103
Bayou Robert20.420
Bayou Rouge52.770
Bayou San Miguel40.159
Bayou San Patricio47.865
Bayou Santabarb15.686
Bayou Sara23.142
Bayou Scie23.123
Bayou Serpent37.738
Bayou Teche124.7153
Bayou Terrebonne46.947
Bayou Toro32.372
Bayou Wauksha34.247
Bayou Zourie2222
Bear Creek (Bayou San Patricio tributary)17.518
Bear Creek (Black Lake Bayou tributary)17.317
Bear Creek (Indian Creek (Little River tributary))32.633
Bear Head Creek51.552
Beaucoup Creek24.457
Beaver Creek (Amite River tributary)8.59
Beaver Creek (Boggy Bayou (Bayou Nezpique - West Fork tributary))17.518
Beaver Creek (Tangipahoa River tributary)16.316
Beckwith Creek6480
Bedico Creek17.618
Bee Bayou19.419
Beech Creek34.434
Big Brushy Creek25.125
Big Bushley Creek2.872
Big Cane Creek16.817
Big Choctaw Bayou32.533
Big Colewa Creek21.622
Big Creek (Bayou D'Arbonne tributary)16.316
Big Creek (Boeuf River tributary)46.9146
Big Creek (Calcasieu River tributary)25.626
Big Creek (Dugdemona River tributary)37.876
Big Creek (Little River tributary)28.228
Big Creek (Tangipahoa River tributary)21.421
Big Cypress Bayou10.210
Birds Creek21.722
Black Bayou (Holder Creek tributary)27.427
Black Bayou (Piney Creek tributary)30.230
Black Bayou (Twelvemile Bayou tributary)34.241
Black Lake Bayou110.1320
Black Lake Creek22.623
Black River41.73,357
Blood River20.220
Bluff Creek15.716
Bodcau Creek58.7103
Boeuf River185.8662
Boggy Bayou (Bayou Nezpique - West Fork tributary)22.761
Boggy Bayou (Bayou Pierre tributary)33.250
Bogue Chitto (West Bogue Chitto tributary)68.1139
Bogue Falaya30.546
Bogue Lusa Creek31.832
Bridge Creek15.415
Brown Creek1919
Brush Creek19.820
Brushy Creek (Bayou Dorcheat tributary)18.118
Brushy Creek (Black Lake Bayou tributary)14.915
Brushy Creek (Bushley Creek tributary)19.319
Brushy Creek (Loggy Bayou tributary)22.322
Brushy Creek (Sabine River tributary)2020
Buchanan Bayou1717
Bull Bayou15.716
Bundick Creek76.197
Bushley Creek17.369
Bushneck Bayou27.327
Buxton Creek20.521
Calcasieu River225.71,265
Calcasieu River - West Fork16.6313
Canadian Bayou1717
Cane River30.4271
Caney Creek (Bodcau Creek tributary)25.926
Caney Creek (Castor Creek (Bayou Nezpique tributary))22.422
Caney Creek (Pankey Creek tributary)10.225
Castor Creek (Bayou Nezpique tributary)26.665
Castor Creek (Black Lake Bayou tributary)18.519
Castor Creek (Little River tributary)109.8403
Cecil Creek15.215
Chappepeela Creek32.249
Chemin-A-Haut Bayou11.411
Cherrywinche Creek26.727
Chickasaw Creek4666
Choctaw Creek22.923
Clarke Bayou32.550
Clear Creek (Barnes Creek tributary)16.917
Clear Creek (Little River tributary)16.216
Clemar Creek24.825
Cochran Creek15.415
Cole Creek19.620
Colyell Creek26.474
Comite Creek11.718
Comite River51.6120
Comrade Creek43.243
Cooley Branch15.816
Corney Bayou56102
Coulee Des Iles13.331
Coulee Ile des Cannes17.718
Couley Creek18.819
Cow Bayou2339
Cowpen Creek15.516
Cowpen Creek16.416
Crooked Creek (Bayou Dorcheat tributary)3.64
Cross Bayou3.977
Cypress Bayou (Calcasieu River tributary)13.657
Cypress Bayou (Dugdemona River tributary)24.725
Cypress Creek (Bayou D'Arbonne tributary)23.524
Cypress Creek (Bayou Dorcheat tributary)1010
Cypress Creek (Big Creek (Boeuf River tributary))20.120
Cypress Creek (Boggy Bayou (Bayou Nezpique - West Fork tributary))20.320
Cypress Creek (Ouachita River tributary)17.818
Cypress Creek (Stowe Creek tributary)16.517
Darling Creek20.420
Dartigo Creek26.727
Deer Creek4646
Dooley Creek2.93
Drakes Creek27.828
Dugdemona River136.9472
Dukedall Creek27.327
East Anacoco Creek9.610
East Hog Branch18.218
Fish Creek24.324
Flagon Bayou48.749
Flat Creek (Bundick Creek tributary)20.721
Flat Creek (Castor Creek (Little River tributary))49.367
Flat Creek (Castor Creek (Little River tributary))16.216
Flat Lick Bayou25.225
Flat River35180
Floctaw Creek17.518
Ford Creek15.916
Fouse Bayou16.216
Foxskin Bayou1717
Garrison Creek13.814
Grand Bayou54.771
Grand Bayou Blue13.861
Grays Creek18.719
Greens Creek16.617
Harpoon Bayou1616
Hays Creek18.919
Hemphill Creek19.219
Hickory Branch50.586
Hog Branch10.556
Holder Creek6.234
Hoosier Creek15.315
Houston River38.7111
Iatt Creek4242
Indian Bayou19.319
Indian Creek (Bayou Dorcheat tributary)27.327
Indian Creek (Caney Creek (Pankey Creek tributary))15.115
Indian Creek (Little River tributary)21.854
Joes Bayou72.573
Kepler Creek19.119
Kiesche Creek19.820
Kisatchie Bayou53.3197
Kyiaies Creek19.119
Lacombe Bayou33.734
Lawrence Creek18.218
Leatherman Creek30.453
Lewis Creek15.916
Little Bayou de Loutre13.213
Little Bayou Sara19.219
Little Bogue Falaya1515
Little Chappepeela Creek16.416
Little Chickasaw Creek19.620
Little Colewa Creek14.615
Little Comite Creek66
Little Corney Bayou1414
Little Corney Creek14.615
Little Creek23.123
Little Creek (Mill Creek (Socagee Creek tributary))12.613
Little Dugdemona River20.220
Little Kisatchie Bayou12.629
Little Middle Creek14.414
Little Natalbany River19.319
Little River97.21,318
Little Sandy Creek15.616
Little Silver Creek17.918
Little Sixmile Creek14.615
Little Turkey Creek17.417
Little Wauksha Bayou1313
Loggy Bayou36.4486
Lower Atchafalaya River17.3170
Lyon Bayou16.717
Madden Creek24.224
Marsh Bayou15.916
Martin Creek15.118
McCasland Creek16.517
Mermentau River56.9358
Middle Colyell Creek2447
Middle Creek25.140
Midkiff Creek15.115
Mile Creek10.226
Mill Creek (Black Lake Bayou tributary)16.416
Mill Creek (Calcasieu River tributary)24.825
Mississippi River504.7652
Mitchell Creek15.616
Muddy Bayou20.320
Nantachie Creek33.834
Natalbany River40.686
Old River21.3218
Old River15.431
Ouachita River1791,536
Overflow Creek (Bayou Bartholomew tributary)2.42
Pankey Creek7.533
Pearl River117.9184
Phillips Creek15.415
Piney Creek7.137
Ponchatoula Creek26.126
Pope Creek1717
Port de Luce Creek24.324
Prairie Creek2323
Prairie River18.318
Pushepatapa Creek27.434
Pushepatapa Creek - East Fork2.12
Pushepatapa Creek - West Fork4.55
Rawson Creek16.316
Red Chute Bayou23.8145
Red River of the South279.95,324
Redwine Creek23.924
Redwood Creek2929
Sabine River266.31,011
Saline Bayou107.8446
Sand Creek8.229
Sandy Creek (Amite River tributary)48.664
Sandy Creek (Sabine River tributary)20.521
San Miguel Creek18.819
Santabarb Creek14.314
Shiloh Creek18.919
Silver Creek (Bogue Chitto tributary)15.734
Sixmile Creek36.5112
Sixmile Creek - East Fork17.117
Sixmile Creek - West Fork19.119
South Choudrant Creek21.722
Spring Bayou17.417
Spring Creek37.437
State Line Creek6.57
Stowe Creek24.841
Sugar Creek (Bayou D'Arbonne tributary)21.522
Sugar Creek (Whisky Chitto Creek tributary)16.116
Tangipahoa River86.9200
Tchefuncte River110.71,124
Tenmile Creek (Corney Bayou tributary)12.813
Tenmile Creek (Whisky Chitto Creek tributary)58.358
Tensas Bayou38.739
Tensas River139.5461
Terrys Creek8.69
Thompson Creek - Middle Fork (Mississippi River tributary)9.39
Thompson Creek (Mississippi River tributary)3485
Thompson Creek - West Fork (Mississippi River tributary)17.727
Three Creeks55
Tickfaw River95.4276
Tiger Bayou16.116
Toro Creek2525
Trout Creek (Little River tributary)19.720
Trout Creek (Sabine River tributary)16.517
Turkey Creek (Boeuf River tributary)47.983
Turkey Creek (Flat Creek (Castor Creek (Little River tributary)))17.918
Twelvemile Bayou21.873
Twelvemile Creek19.119
Vermilion River6684
West Anacoco Creek22.322
West Bogue Chitto2.9142
West Colyell Creek23.123
West Hog Branch26.927
West Pearl River38.8184
West Turkey Creek1818
Whisky Chitto Creek94.4428
White Bayou21.822
Wiggins Bayou28.629
Willow Chute18.218
Wilson Slough3145

Note: Lengths are for the part of the river/watershed within the boundary of this state.

Note: Mostly rivers/streams 15+ miles in length.

Data from United States Geological Survey