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United States Rivers

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River count582
River miles19,325

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Name Length
Allen Creek6.438
Apple Creek47.347
Auxvasse Creek53.1100
Baileys Creek23.924
Barber Creek17.217
Barker Creek17.789
Barn River4.422
Barren Fork (Sinking Creek (Current River tributary))1919
Barren Fork (White River - Little North Fork tributary)1515
Basin Fork15.916
Bear Creek (Big Creek (South Grand River tributary))15.215
Bear Creek (Cuivre River - West Fork tributary)24.224
Bear Creek (Deepwater Creek tributary)16.617
Bear Creek (Gasconade River tributary)19.419
Bear Creek (Mississippi River tributary)17.918
Bear Creek (North Fabius River tributary)27.427
Bear Creek (Sac River tributary)35.435
Bear Creek (Salt River - North Fork tributary)4747
Bear Creek (Upper Castor River tributary)21.822
Beaver Creek (Gasconade River tributary)3737
Beaver Creek (White River tributary)67.487
Beaverdam Creek (Little Black River tributary)11.523
Beaverdam Creek (Salt River - South Fork tributary)1818
Beaverdam Creek - South Prong (Little Black River tributary)11.311
Bee Creek34.735
Bee Fork15.616
Belleau Creek17.718
Bennetts Bayou12.722
Bennett Spring Branch2.118
Bennetts River9.19
Big Barren Creek25.425
Big Berger Creek27.427
Big Brushy Creek2222
Big Cane Creek5.692
Big Creek (Cuivre River tributary)35.668
Big Creek (Current River tributary)31.131
Big Creek (Current River tributary)27.828
Big Creek - East Fork (Grand River tributary)39.540
Big Creek (Grand River tributary)40.257
Big Creek (Grand River tributary)31.5166
Big Creek (South Grand River tributary)76.2191
Big Creek (St. Francis River tributary)37.357
Big Creek - West Fork (Grand River tributary)32.173
Big Lead Creek22.623
Big Muddy Creek (Grand River - East Fork tributary)21.121
Big Muddy Creek (Grand River tributary)27.728
Big Piney River110.7163
Big River145.5204
Big Sugar Creek47.247
Billy Creek1717
Blackbird Creek9.460
Black Creek52.152
Black River118.41,501
Black River - East Fork21.522
Black River - Middle Fork27.593
Black River - West Fork34.350
Blackwater River79.4309
Blackwater River - Clear Fork37.938
Blackwater River - North Fork20.521
Blackwater River - South Fork26.827
Blackwater River - South Fork18.919
Blair Creek2020
Blue River32.436
Bobs Creek24.324
Boeuf Creek42.142
Bonne Femme Creek (Missouri River tributary)19.319
Bonne Femme Creek (Missouri River tributary)40.160
Boone Creek18.218
Bourbeuse River154.3310
Brazeau Creek15.716
Brazil Creek17.317
Bridge Creek (Big Creek (Grand River tributary))16.717
Bridge Creek (Middle Fabius River - North Fork tributary)16.917
Bridge Creek (Middle Fabius River tributary)33.534
Brush Creek (Bourbeuse River tributary)2626
Brush Creek (Cuivre River - West Fork tributary)15.315
Brush Creek (Mussel Fork tributary)28.428
Brush Creek (Osage River tributary)16.416
Brush Creek (Sac River tributary)2323
Brushy Creek (Black River - Middle Fork tributary)15.716
Brushy Creek (Platte River tributary)12.112
Bryant Creek69.5132
Bryants Creek18.218
Buck Run17.718
Buffalo Creek25.926
Bull Creek33.834
Burris Fork24.825
Bynum Creek21.321
Byrd Creek17.117
Callahan Creek16.717
Callaway Fork15.916
Camp Branch26.226
Camp Creek20.721
Cane Creek (Big Cane Creek tributary)58.487
Cane Creek (Headwater Diversion Channel tributary)16.416
Caney Fork17.518
Cantrell Creek17.117
Carter Creek2.83
Castile Creek45.562
Casto Valley Creek16.517
Cedar Creek (Big River tributary)15.415
Cedar Creek (Loose Creek tributary)16.717
Cedar Creek (Missouri River tributary)56.171
Cedar Creek (Sac River tributary)52.3124
Center Creek66.166
Chariton River111.2501
Charrette Creek29.530
Cinque Hommes Creek22.122
Clark Fork (Petite Saline Creek tributary)15.616
Clark Fork (South Moreau Creek tributary)15.215
Clarks Creek21.522
Clear Creek (Fishing River tributary)2645
Clear Creek (Nodaway River tributary)12.729
Clear Creek (Osage River tributary)60.2126
Clear Creek (Sac River tributary)19.319
Clear Creek (Shoal Creek (Spring River tributary))20.721
Clear Creek - South Fork (Nodaway River tributary)16.717
Clear Creek - West Fork (Osage River tributary)2020
Clifty Creek16.116
Cole Camp Creek19.419
Contrary Creek17.718
Coon Creek (Big Creek (Cuivre River tributary))15.115
Coon Creek (Cuivre River - West Fork tributary)19.419
Coon Creek (Salt River - Elk Fork tributary)19.720
Coon Creek (Spring River - North Fork tributary)16.116
Coon Creek (Spring River - North Fork tributary)18.218
Corn Creek15.415
Courtois Creek4056
Crane Creek23.223
Crane Pond Creek19.720
Crawford Creek10.142
Crawford Creek - East Branch15.616
Crawford Creek - West Branch1616
Creve Coeur Creek15.516
Crooked Creek (Headwater Diversion Channel tributary)47.262
Crooked Creek (Meramec River tributary)15.516
Crooked Creek - North Fork (Thompson River tributary)20.921
Crooked Creek (Salt River - North Fork tributary)37.638
Crooked Creek (Thompson River tributary)958
Crooked River71.4125
Crooked River - East Fork32.232
Crooked River - West Fork21.522
Cuivre River41.4448
Cuivre River - North Fork40.168
Cuivre River - West Fork82.3254
Current River139.9680
Cypress Creek22.322
Dardenne Creek40.358
Dark Creek17.518
Davis Creek (Blackwater River tributary)40.240
Davis Creek (Salt River - South Fork tributary)2727
Deepwater Creek20.170
Deer Creek18.118
Des Moines River29.229
Dog Creek16.416
Doxies Creek15.115
Dry Auglaize Creek50.977
Dry Fork (Bourbeuse River tributary)35.936
Dry Fork (Meramec River tributary)75.1113
Dry Fork (Spring River - North Fork tributary)20.921
Dry Wood Creek33.967
Dry Wood Creek - East Fork17.117
Dry Wood Creek - West Fork88
Durgens Creek22.723
Duval Creek15.315
East Honey Creek13.614
East Lick Creek13.727
East Locust Creek3752
East Yellow Creek53.972
Eightmile Creek19.520
Eleven Point River97.5271
Eleven Point River - Middle Fork30.230
Elk Creek (Gasconade River tributary)16.116
Elk Creek (Yellow Creek tributary)31.777
Elk Fork21.221
Elkhorn Creek (Cuivre River - West Fork tributary)30.430
Elkhorn Creek (Nodaway River tributary)18.719
Elk River23.6178
English Creek7.47
Establishment Creek25.726
Fabius River6.4655
Femme Osage Creek19.335
Fields Creek18.218
Finley Creek53.754
First Creek15.516
Fish Creek16.817
Fishing River38.9103
Fishing River - East Fork19.620
Flat Creek (Lamine River tributary)51.9111
Flat Creek (Salt River - Middle Fork tributary)20.420
Flat Creek (White River tributary)55.455
Floyd Creek17.117
Fourche Creek - West Fork15.415
Fourche River1.617
Fox Creek27.227
Fox River54.1131
Frederick Creek35.756
Gabriel Creek19.419
Gasconade River264.8866
Gasconade River - Osage Fork84.2139
Gasconade River - Woods Fork17.518
Gees Creek15.616
Gladden Creek23.624
Goodwater Creek19.620
Goodwin Hollow Creek25.926
Grandglaize Creek9.987
Grand River1912,199
Grand River - East Fork3992
Grand River - Middle Fork30.130
Grassy Creek28.328
Grays Creek15.315
Greasy Creek23.323
Grindstone Creek42.1119
Gulley Spring Creek8.79
Haw Creek23.423
Headwater Diversion Channel33.4345
Heaths Creek34.134
Hickory Creek (Cuivre River - West Fork tributary)16.517
Hickory Creek (Grand River tributary)19.319
Hickory Creek (Thompson River tributary)20.420
Hillers Creek30.631
Hinkson Creek32.933
Hog Creek17.618
Hogles Creek26.827
Hominy Creek17.918
Honey Creek (Big Creek (South Grand River tributary))15.916
Honey Creek (Fox River tributary)36.352
Honey Creek (Grand River tributary)12.459
Honey Creek (Neosho River tributary)3.13
Honey Creek (Platte River tributary)22.623
Honey Creek (Spring River tributary)21.722
Honey Creek (Thompson River tributary)25.358
Horse Creek71.672
Howell Creek17.618
Hubble Creek2020
Hurricane Creek (Crooked Creek (Headwater Diversion Channel tributary))15.215
Hurricane Creek (Eleven Point River tributary)33.233
Hurricane Creek (Grand River tributary)1616
Huzzah Creek36.492
Indian Camp Creek17.618
Indian Creek (Blue River tributary)3.43
Indian Creek (Cuivre River - North Fork tributary)28.128
Indian Creek (Elk River tributary)30.868
Indian Creek (Meramec River tributary)28.829
Indian Creek (North Fork River tributary)22.422
Indian Creek (Salt River tributary)16.617
Indian Creek (White River tributary)8.38
Ingalls Creek13.213
Island Creek1515
Jacks Fork46.579
Jacks Fork - North Prong16.917
Jacks Fork - South Prong15.816
James River97.8175
Janes Creek6.57
Joachim Creek36.952
Kings River18.318
Lake Creek19.419
Lamine River62.9668
Lanes Fork18.218
Lead Creek8.546
Lick Creek (North Fork River tributary)21.321
Lick Creek (Salt River tributary)16.161
Lick Fork (Grand River tributary)19.419
Lick Fork (Perche Creek tributary)15.616
Limestone Creek15.115
Lindley Creek31.131
Little Barren Creek17.417
Little Beaver Creek19.720
Little Black River46.4125
Little Black River - North Prong20.320
Little Black River - South Prong16.917
Little Blue River44.661
Little Blue River - East Fork16.116
Little Bourbeuse River22.623
Littleby Creek20.821
Little Cedar Creek15.315
Little Chariton River12.8315
Little Chariton River - East Fork112.4199
Little Chariton River - Middle Fork68.989
Little Clear Creek15.516
Little Clear Creek12.412
Little Creek (Big Creek - West Fork (Grand River tributary))22.723
Little Creek (Eleven Point River tributary)20.621
Little Dry Wood Creek46.547
Little East Locust Creek1515
Little Fabius River42.743
Little Fox River24.224
Little Lead Creek14.414
Little Loutre Creek19.620
Little Maries Creek13.714
Little Maries River27.227
Little Medicine Creek39.840
Little Moniteau Creek12.112
Little Muddy Creek17.818
Little Niangua River65.883
Little North Fork2222
Little Osage River41.7208
Little Pike Creek12.813
Little Piney Creek44.476
Little Piney River2020
Little Platte River64.781
Little Pomme de Terre River14.114
Little Pomme de Terre River23.824
Little Sac River50.965
Little Saline Creek13.213
Little Sni-A-Bar Creek19.119
Little St. Francis River35.536
Little Sugar Creek13.313
Little Tabo Creek13.914
Little Tarkio Creek28.551
Little Tarkio Creek - East Fork22.322
Little Tavern Creek17.818
Little Third Fork32.232
Little Turkey Creek12.312
Little Wakenda Creek16.817
Little Whitewater Creek25.726
Little Wyaconda River26.226
Locust Creek91.5204
Logan Creek (Black River tributary)45.546
Logan Creek (Little Black River tributary)1919
Long Branch (Little Chariton River - East Fork tributary)28.428
Long Branch (Mussel Fork tributary)21.121
Long Branch (Platte River tributary)3131
Long Branch (Salt River - South Fork tributary)57.5115
Long Branch (West Yellow Creek tributary)28.128
Loose Creek19.736
Lost Creek (Courtois Creek tributary)1616
Lost Creek - East Fork (Grindstone Creek tributary)12.513
Lost Creek (Grindstone Creek tributary)33.777
Lost Creek - Middle Fork (Grindstone Creek tributary)14.427
Lost Creek (Missouri River tributary)15.616
Lost Creek (Neosho River tributary)14.214
Lost Creek - West Fork (Grindstone Creek tributary)16.416
Lotts Creek (Grand River - East Fork tributary)15.115
Loutre River58.599
Malden Creek1616
Marais des Cygnes River48.9152
Marble Creek19.820
Maries River64.8106
Marmaton River35.7149
Marrowbone Creek29.746
Marshall Creek19.119
Martin Creek16.316
McCarty Creek18.118
Medicine Creek75.2141
Medicine Creek - West Fork8.59
Meramec River229.31,011
Miami Creek44.862
Middle Big Creek15.315
Middle Fabius River74.6209
Middle Fabius River - North Fork36.553
Middle Fabius River - South Fork32.633
Middle Indian Creek11.612
Middle Lick Creek13.514
Middle Richland Creek1414
Middle River32.964
Middle Tarkio Creek1010
Mill Creek (Little Piney Creek tributary)15.816
Mill Creek (Nodaway River tributary)9.811
Mine Creek3.74
Mineral Fork16.717
Mississippi River494.219,325
Missouri River553.410,714
Monegaw Creek27.427
Moniteau Creek (Missouri River tributary)46.847
Moniteau Creek (Missouri River tributary)43.456
Moores Branch8.18
Moreau River37.2205
Mormon Fork2929
Moss Creek16.416
Mound Branch17.518
Mozingo Creek19.520
Mud Creek (Salt River - Middle Fork tributary)22.923
Mud Creek (Shoal Creek (Grand River tributary))20.434
Muddy Creek (Grand River tributary)42.560
Muddy Creek (Lamine River tributary)78.995
Muddy Creek (Little Osage River tributary)16.817
Muddy Creek (Locust Creek tributary)1919
Muddy Creek (Third Fork tributary)17.317
Muddy Creek (Thompson River tributary)44.144
Muddy Fork18.719
Mulberry Creek16.517
Muncas Creek19.620
Mussel Fork105176
Myatt Creek19.319
Niangua River125.4250
Nishnabotna River9.610
No Creek2828
Nodaway River61120
Norman Creek19.419
North Blackbird Creek28.128
North Cobb Creek15.115
North Deepwater Creek12.613
North Dry Sac River13.914
North Fabius River93.9360
North Fabius River - North Fork12.916
North Fabius River - South Fork13.714
North Fork River75.6356
North Indian Creek10.122
North Moreau Creek47.9112
North Mud Creek1414
North River81.2114
North River - South Fork14.214
North Sugar Creek4.75
North Wyaconda River31.131
Norvey Creek12.813
Old Channel Tarkio River19.871
One Hundred and Two River77.1152
One Hundred and Two River - East Fork1.92
One Hundred and Two River - Middle Fork3.55
One Hundred and Two River - West Fork2.63
Osage River278.72,786
Otter Creek (Salt River - North Fork tributary)51.952
Otter Creek (St. Francis River tributary)29.630
Palmer Creek22.523
Panther Creek (Grand River - East Fork tributary)1717
Panther Creek (Osage River tributary)19.820
Panther Creek (Thompson River tributary)15.816
Parson Creek39.439
Peno Creek21.622
Perche Creek59.7178
Peruque Creek4444
Petite Saline Creek54.170
Pigeon Creek20.921
Pike Creek3851
Pike Run5.426
Pine Creek16.316
Pine Valley Creek14.915
Piney Creek20.220
Platte Branch1.31
Platte River142.9595
Plattin Creek26.226
Polecat Creek2222
Pomme de Terre River130.1230
Poney Creek12.212
Post Oak Creek3.338
Post Oak Creek - East Fork16.517
Post Oak Creek - West Fork18.318
Puzzle Creek20.220
Ramsey Creek17.718
Red Oak Creek19.419
Reese Fork14.131
Richland Creek23.357
River aux Vases31.732
Roaring River14.915
Rock Creek (Missouri River tributary)24.825
Rocky Fork Creek15.215
Roubidoux Creek57.457
Sac River118464
Saline Creek32.576
Saline Creek - South Fork29.930
Saling Creek17.117
Salt Creek (Grand River tributary)21.121
Salt Creek (Missouri River tributary)18.919
Salt Fork4747
Salt River75.11,110
Salt River - Elk Fork53.9111
Salt River - Middle Fork116.1534
Salt River - North Fork121.5344
Salt River - South Fork63.2264
Sampson Creek31.151
Sand Creek17.117
Sandy Creek16.517
Sandy Creek (Joachim Creek tributary)15.215
Second Creek (Gasconade River tributary)17.518
Second Creek (Little Platte River tributary)15.916
Shain Creek18.619
Shaver Creek16.316
Shoal Creek (Chariton River tributary)26.226
Shoal Creek (Grand River tributary)87.3122
Shoal Creek (Missouri River tributary)22.322
Shoal Creek (Spring River tributary)73.995
Shuteye Creek18.418
Silver Creek20.420
Silver Fork3838
Sinking Creek27.528
Sinking Creek (Current River tributary)27.246
Skull Lick Creek19.620
Smith Creek1818
Sni-A-Bar Creek45.162
Sni-A-Bar Creek - East Fork16.817
South Blackbird Creek22.222
South Deepwater Creek20.621
South Fabius River81.8288
South Fabius River - North Fork47.447
South Fabius River - South Fork26.527
South Grand River66.9431
South Grand River - East Branch28.940
South Grand River - East Branch - East Fork11.512
South Grand River - South Fork14.314
South Indian Creek15.215
South Moreau Creek40.556
South River18.418
South Spencer Creek17.317
South Wyaconda River26.927
Spencer Creek40.858
Spring Creek (Big Piney River tributary)32.332
Spring Creek (Bourbeuse River tributary)15.816
Spring Creek (Bryant Creek tributary)18.619
Spring Creek (Chariton River tributary)32.432
Spring Creek (Dry Fork (Meramec River tributary))18.519
Spring Creek (Eleven Point River tributary)33.233
Spring Creek (Gasconade River tributary)20.521
Spring Creek (North Fork River tributary)19.538
Spring Creek (North Fork River tributary)29.429
Spring Creek - West Fork16.316
Spring Hollow Creek15.916
Spring River86.8503
Spring River - North Fork82191
Spring River - South Fork22.639
Spring River - Warm Fork23.341
Spring Valley Creek40.957
Starks Creek1717
Steins Creek17.718
St. Francis River229.1409
Stinson Creek25.425
St. Johns Creek35.235
Stouts Creek18.919
Straight Fork21.221
Sugar Creek (Cuivre River tributary)15.315
Sugar Creek (Honey Creek (Fox River tributary))1616
Sugar Creek (Missouri River tributary)19.119
Sugar Creek (South Grand River tributary)18.318
Sugar Creek (Thompson River tributary)28.829
Sugar Creek (Wyaconda River tributary)27.127
Sulphur Creek19.520
Swan Creek45.546
Sweet Spring Creek2020
Sycamore Creek5.76
Tabo Creek25.139
Tabor Creek1818
Tarkio River33.855
Tavern Creek55.373
Tebo Creek9.771
Tebo Creek - East Fork17.217
Tebo Creek - Middle Fork12.913
Tebo Creek - West Fork1414
Tenmile Creek28.228
Ten Mile Creek16.817
Terre Bleue Creek2121
Third Fork41.891
Thompson River75.5431
Tiger Fork18.519
Tobin Creek15.315
Trail Creek16.116
Troublesome Creek61.361
Turkey Creek (Elk Creek (Yellow Creek tributary))32.945
Turkey Creek (Osage River tributary)25.325
Turkey Creek (Sac River tributary)20.721
Turkey Creek (Spring River tributary)20.220
Turkey Creek (Wakenda Creek tributary)16.116
Turnback Creek44.159
Twelvemile Creek18.719
Upper Castor River70.793
Upper Whitewater Creek60.2121
Wakenda Creek45.394
Wakenda Creek - West Fork16.116
Walnut Creek (Chariton River tributary)22.122
Walnut Creek (Marais des Cygnes River tributary)15.916
Weaubleau Creek37.250
Weaubleau Creek - South Fork13.113
Weldon River43.966
West Fork River1616
West Honey Creek1919
West Lick Creek17.317
West Locust Creek41.441
West Mill Creek0.71
West Muddy Creek22.523
West Tarkio Creek10.921
West Yellow Creek71.9100
Whetstone Creek (Gasconade River tributary)22.823
Whetstone Creek (Loutre River tributary)21.221
White Cloud Creek34.334
White Oak Creek (Sampson Creek tributary)19.419
White Oak Creek (Spring River tributary)23.524
White River114.52,466
White River - Little North Fork3357
Wildcat Creek19.935
Winigan Creek18.418
Wyaconda River50.7162
Yellow Creek26.9276
Youngs Creek38.158

Note: Lengths are for the part of the river/watershed within the boundary of this state.

Note: Mostly rivers/streams 15+ miles in length.

Data from United States Geological Survey