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United States Rivers

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River count515
River miles17,313

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Name Length
Allen Creek33.433
Ames Creek15.215
Asher Creek18.919
Ashton Creek15.516
Badger Creek23.323
Bailey Creek28.529
Baskins Run2020
Battle Creek16.617
Bear Creek (Cedar River tributary)25.726
Bear Creek (Cedar River tributary)15.131
Bear Creek (Des Moines River tributary)16.216
Bear Creek (Maquoketa River - North Fork tributary)18.218
Bear Creek (Maquoketa River tributary)43.644
Bear Creek (South Skunk River tributary)2222
Bear Creek (Volga River tributary)15.115
Beaver Creek (Cedar River tributary)62.2159
Beaver Creek (Des Moines River tributary)33.333
Beaver Creek (Des Moines River tributary)77.192
Beaver Creek (Iowa River - South Fork tributary)23.724
Beaver Creek (Shell Rock River tributary)16.717
Beaver Creek (Shell Rock River tributary)20.420
Beaver Creek (Shell Rock River tributary)23.323
Beaver Creek (South Raccoon River tributary)18.719
Beaver Creek (Winnebago River tributary)18.719
Beaverdam Creek27.941
Beaverdam Creek - East Branch18.819
Beaverdam Creek - West Branch13.313
Big Bear Creek45.567
Big Creek (Cedar River tributary)23.924
Big Creek (Des Moines River tributary)35.536
Big Creek - East Fork (Grand River tributary)5.56
Big Creek (Skunk River tributary)49.449
Big Indian Creek34.134
Big Muddy Creek3636
Big Sioux River135.7506
Big Slough Creek16.316
Black Cat Creek39.940
Black Hawk Creek58.2104
Black Hawk Creek - North Fork23.946
Black Hawk Creek - South Fork21.622
Blood Run13.113
Bloody Run (Des Moines River - East Fork tributary)16.416
Bloody Run (Mississippi River tributary)17.918
Blue Earth River - Middle Branch26.827
Blue Earth River - West Branch14.114
Bluff Creek20.420
Bohemian Creek17.818
Boone River111.3299
Boone River - East Branch15.832
Boone River - Middle Branch15.816
Boyer River108.5263
Boylan Creek28.729
Bridge Creek1616
Broken Kettle Creek24.925
Brooke Creek24.825
Brophy Creek16.116
Brush Creek (Maquoketa River tributary)18.118
Brush Creek (Skunk River tributary)22.623
Brush Creek (Volga River tributary)15.215
Brushy Creek (Des Moines River tributary)25.425
Brushy Creek (Platte River tributary)3.54
Brushy Creek (South Raccoon River tributary)50.751
Buck Creek (East Nishnabotna River tributary)16.416
Buck Creek (Little Wapsipinicon River tributary)4242
Buck Creek (Maquoketa River tributary)18.118
Buck Creek (Mississippi River tributary)2222
Buck Creek (White Fox Creek tributary)15.616
Buffalo Creek (Des Moines River - East Fork tributary)39.868
Buffalo Creek - East Branch (Wapsipinicon River tributary)19.920
Buffalo Creek (Otter Creek (Hartgrave Creek tributary))20.721
Buffalo Creek (Wapsipinicon River tributary)58.896
Buffalo Creek - West Branch (Wapsipinicon River tributary)17.618
Buffington Creek8.925
Burr Oak Creek (Little Cedar River tributary)14.915
Burr Oak Creek (Rock River tributary)16.316
Burr Oak Creek (Walnut Creek (Skunk River tributary))15.315
Buttrick Creek10.380
Caleb Creek1717
Calhoun Creek17.132
Camp Creek (Des Moines River tributary)20.320
Camp Creek (North Raccoon River tributary)27.149
Camp Creek - West Fork (North Raccoon River tributary)21.722
Canoe Creek33.233
Carter Creek24.725
Catfish Creek3.430
Catfish Creek - Middle Fork14.314
Catfish Creek - South Fork1212
Cedar Creek (Des Moines River tributary)63.6136
Cedar Creek (North Raccoon River tributary)47.788
Cedar Creek (North Raccoon River tributary)25.272
Cedar Creek (North River tributary)23.724
Cedar Creek (North Skunk River tributary)26.544
Cedar Creek (Skunk River tributary)85149
Cedar River284.32,135
Cedar River - West Fork68761
Chariton Creek1919
Chariton River106.3342
Chariton River - South Fork42.774
Chequest Creek48.663
Cherry Creek15.816
Clanton Creek23.879
Clanton Creek - North Fork21.121
Clanton Creek - South Fork15.916
Clear Creek (Indian Creek (South Skunk River tributary))29.129
Clear Creek (Iowa River tributary)31.231
Clear Creek (Nodaway River tributary)2.93
Clear Creek (Skunk River tributary)15.415
Coal Creek (Des Moines River tributary)16.917
Coal Creek (South River tributary)28.629
Coffins Creek13.630
Coldwater Creek40.841
Competine Creek18.719
Cooper Creek31.131
Crane Creek39.339
Crooked Creek (Cedar River tributary)16.216
Crooked Creek - East Fork (Skunk River tributary)3333
Crooked Creek (Grand River tributary)1515
Crooked Creek (Skunk River tributary)13.392
Crooked Creek (Troublesome Creek tributary)16.416
Crooked Creek - West Fork (Skunk River tributary)4646
Cylinder Creek3030
Davids Creek17.317
Davis Creek18.418
Deep Creek (Maquoketa River tributary)30.946
Deep Creek (Willow Creek (Floyd River tributary))31.532
Deep River21.221
Deer Creek (Cedar River tributary)18.619
Deer Creek (Des Moines River tributary)19.119
Deer Creek (Iowa River tributary)26.326
Des Moines River418.14,218
Des Moines River - East Fork131.5380
Devils Creek14.141
Dowd Creek15.616
Dry Run Creek17.217
Dry Run (Horton Creek tributary)18.519
Dry Run (Mill Creek (Little Sioux River tributary))16.817
Dry Run (Ocheyedan River tributary)15.115
Duck Creek21.421
Dutch Creek15.716
Eagle Creek38.238
East Boyer River22.923
East Buttrick Creek3030
East Cedar Creek27.327
East Indian Creek37.337
East Nishnabotna River123.6311
East Nodaway River72.8107
East Nodaway River - East Fork12.312
East Otter Creek16.717
East Platte River16.116
East Soldier River20.534
East Tarkio Creek22.823
Elk Creek (Shell Rock River tributary)21.522
Elk Creek (South Skunk River tributary)24.625
Elk Creek (Thompson River tributary)18.418
Elk Creek (Turkey River tributary)1818
Elkhorn Creek16.116
Elk River21.722
Elk Run15.215
English Creek46.547
English River37.5210
Farm Creek (Maquoketa River tributary)16.717
Farm Creek (West Nishnabotna River tributary)17.659
Farmers Creek23.824
Flint Creek35.435
Flood Creek51.952
Floyd River111.8279
Floyd River - West Branch55.189
Fourmile Creek (Des Moines River - East Fork tributary)18.819
Fourmile Creek (Des Moines River tributary)34.635
Fourmile Creek (Thompson River tributary)15.916
Fox River5270
German Creek17.417
Goose Creek (Iowa River tributary)17.618
Goose Creek (Shell Rock River tributary)6.16
Grand River42.3553
Grand River - East Fork38.565
Grand River - Middle Fork14.915
Graybill Creek24.424
Gray Creek16.817
Grays Creek1919
Greenbrier Creek28.829
Hardin Creek54.855
Hartgrave Creek11.9107
Honey Creek (Iowa River tributary)34.635
Honey Creek (Maquoketa River tributary)1631
Honey Creek (Missouri River tributary)15.916
Honey Creek (Platte River tributary)28.529
Horton Creek14.233
Hunter Branch15.115
Hunter Creek18.118
Indian Creek (Big Sioux River tributary)23.223
Indian Creek (Cedar River tributary)27.327
Indian Creek (Des Moines River tributary)17.818
Indian Creek (East Nishnabotna River tributary)38.254
Indian Creek (North Raccoon River tributary)23.223
Indian Creek (South Skunk River tributary)24111
Indian Creek (West Nishnabotna River tributary)32.633
Iowa River323.83,609
Iowa River - East Branch40.140
Iowa River - South Fork62.3115
Iowa River - West Branch40.941
Jack Creek2828
Jackson Creek16.831
Johns Creek20.621
Johnson Creek1919
Jonathan Creek1616
Jones Creek17.818
Jordan Creek (Farm Creek (West Nishnabotna River tributary))17.217
Jordan Creek (Soldier River tributary)16.717
Kanaranzi Creek88
Keg Creek64.164
Keigley Branch21.221
Kemp Creek21.922
Lake Creek47.948
Lick Creek23.924
Lime Creek (Cedar River tributary)21.121
Lime Creek (English River tributary)7.128
Lime Creek (Winnebago River tributary)15.716
Lindsey Creek (Des Moines River - East Fork tributary)25.425
Lindsey Creek (Honey Creek (Maquoketa River tributary))1515
Linn Creek30.330
Little Bear Creek21.622
Little Buffalo Creek2828
Little Cedar Creek (Cedar Creek (North Raccoon River tributary))24.625
Little Cedar Creek (Cedar Creek (Skunk River tributary))29.329
Little Cedar River67.883
Little Floyd River10.611
Little Fox River1818
Little Maple River15.516
Little Maquoketa River30.370
Little Maquoketa River - Middle Fork18.619
Little Maquoketa River - North Fork20.639
Little Medicine Creek1.31
Little Ocheyedan River29.530
Little Rock River50.6124
Little Silver Creek20.745
Little Sioux River241954
Little Sioux River - West Branch1212
Little Sioux River - West Fork1426
Little Soap Creek25.125
Little Turkey River (Turkey River tributary)4545
Little Turkey River (Turkey River tributary)14.314
Little Volga River16.116
Little Walnut Creek19.419
Little Wapsipinicon River (Wapsipinicon River tributary)50.693
Little Wapsipinicon River (Wapsipinicon River tributary)4242
Little White Breast Creek17.718
Little Wolf Creek13.914
Lizard Creek63.2168
Lizard Creek - North Branch50.651
Lizard Creek - South Branch54.154
Locust Creek11.211
Long Creek (Iowa River tributary)28.396
Long Creek - North Fork (Iowa River tributary)21.522
Long Creek - South Fork (Iowa River tributary)21.121
Long Creek (Thompson River tributary)1616
Long Dick Creek24.925
Lost Creek (Mississippi River tributary)20.621
Lost Creek (Wapsipinicon River tributary)17.718
Lost Island Outlet10.231
Lotts Creek (Des Moines River - East Fork tributary)41.858
Lotts Creek (Grand River - East Fork tributary)26.927
Lytle Creek32.733
Maple Creek19.620
Maple River100.1171
Maquoketa River150699
Maquoketa River - North Fork96.4223
Maquoketa River - South Fork2424
Maynes Creek42.943
McClure Creek15.315
Medicine Creek2.113
Medicine Creek - West Fork9.910
Middle Avery Creek24.324
Middle Beaver Creek15.115
Middle Creek27.728
Middle English River23.223
Middle Minerva Creek16.717
Middle Nodaway River60.590
Middle Nodaway River - West Fork29.730
Middle Platte River21.649
Middle Platte River - East Branch11.712
Middle Raccoon River92.2179
Middle River127.1206
Middle Silver Creek23.924
Middle Soldier River13.313
Middle Tarkio Creek7.88
Mill Creek (Boyer River tributary)17.117
Mill Creek (East Nishnabotna River tributary)17.117
Mill Creek (Little Sioux River tributary)65131
Mill Creek (Mississippi River tributary)17.217
Miller Creek (Cedar River tributary)17.317
Miller Creek (Des Moines River tributary)19.219
Mineral Creek31.131
Minerva Creek34.769
Mink Creek17.518
Minnesota Slough2.42
Mississippi River321.717,313
Missouri River179.15,048
Moon Creek16.817
Mosquito Creek (Middle Raccoon River tributary)42.442
Mosquito Creek (Missouri River tributary)56.456
Muchakinock Creek31.231
Mud Creek (Cedar River tributary)18.418
Mud Creek (Des Moines River - East Fork tributary)22.222
Mud Creek (Des Moines River tributary)23.724
Mud Creek (Rock River tributary)25.325
Mud Creek (Sugar Creek (Cedar River tributary))23.624
Mud Creek (Wapsipinicon River tributary)21.121
Mud Creek (West Nishnabotna River tributary)18.519
Nelson Creek15.415
Ninemile Creek15.415
Nishnabotna River5.4817
Nodaway River4.4352
North Beaver Creek23.524
North Blackbird Creek2.63
North Cedar Creek3737
North English River51.996
North Fabius River15.848
North Fabius River - North Fork7.833
North Raccoon River195.5705
North River106.3185
North River - North Branch32.132
North Skunk River128.9311
North Timber Creek26.426
North Walnut Creek (Walnut Creek (Iowa River tributary))14.815
North Walnut Creek (Walnut Creek (Skunk River tributary))10.811
North Wyaconda River20.220
Norvey Creek4.34
Ocheyedan River47.2119
Odebolt Creek19.520
Old Mans Creek5367
Old Mans Creek - North Branch13.814
One Hundred and Two River - East Fork31.431
One Hundred and Two River - Middle Branch19.520
One Hundred and Two River - Middle Fork27.759
One Hundred and Two River - West Branch29.949
One Hundred and Two River - West Fork38.988
Orange City Slough16.416
Otter Creek (Boone River tributary)1934
Otter Creek (Boyer River tributary)16.216
Otter Creek (Cedar River tributary)6.439
Otter Creek (Cedar River tributary)6.16
Otter Creek (Hartgrave Creek tributary)31.978
Otter Creek (Iowa River tributary)20.420
Otter Creek (Little Rock River tributary)58.774
Otter Creek (South River tributary)30.355
Otter Creek (Turkey River tributary)20.220
Otter Creek (Wapsipinicon River tributary)26.545
Outlet Creek17.217
Paint Creek33.233
Perry Creek28.929
Picayune Creek18.218
Pickerel Run2121
Pierson Creek17.417
Pigeon Creek43.443
Pilot Creek3535
Pine Creek (Mississippi River tributary)1515
Pine Creek (Upper Iowa River tributary)16.116
Pine Creek (Wapsipinicon River tributary)15.315
Platte Branch19.119
Platte River55.8319
Plum Creek (Maquoketa River tributary)31.832
Plum Creek (Missouri River tributary)15.816
Prairie Creek (Boone River tributary)35.736
Prairie Creek (Calhoun Creek tributary)15.115
Prairie Creek (Cedar Creek (North Raccoon River tributary))15.716
Prairie Creek (Cedar River tributary)48.148
Prairie Creek (Cedar River tributary)15.916
Prairie Creek (Coffins Creek tributary)1616
Prairie Creek (Des Moines River tributary)15.916
Prairie Creek (Des Moines River tributary)23.323
Prairie Creek (Little Sioux River tributary)16.617
Prairie Creek (Maquoketa River tributary)17.217
Pratt Creek18.318
Purgatory Creek33.834
Quarter Section Run29.850
Raccoon River30.81,080
Rapid Creek1616
Rat Creek15.115
Richland Creek (Iowa River tributary)21.121
Richland Creek (Skunk River tributary)19.520
Roberts Creek40.841
Rock Creek (Cedar Creek (North Skunk River tributary))17.518
Rock Creek (Cedar River tributary)20.320
Rock Creek (Cedar River tributary)35.435
Rock Creek (Cedar River tributary)24.124
Rock Creek (Little Sioux River tributary)20.921
Rock Creek (Missouri River tributary)6.77
Rock Creek (North Skunk River tributary)19.920
Rock Creek (Wapsipinicon River tributary)20.521
Rock River52.1271
Rock Run Creek21.321
Salt Creek41.673
Salt Creek - East Branch15.816
Salt Creek - South Branch15.916
Sand Creek19.219
Sevenmile Creek39.239
Shain Creek66
Shell Rock River100.8410
Shoal Creek (Chariton River tributary)31.431
Short Creek15.616
Silver Creek (Des Moines River tributary)16.717
Silver Creek (Maquoketa River tributary)18.418
Silver Creek (Upper Iowa River tributary)15.415
Silver Creek (Wapsipinicon River tributary)18.218
Silver Creek (West Nishnabotna River tributary)65.2110
Sixmile Creek37.437
Skunk River93.31,269
Smith Creek20.420
Snipe Creek15.716
Soap Creek51.394
Soldier Creek1919
Soldier River61.7112
Soldier River Cutoff5.2117
South Avery Creek26.226
South Beaver Creek35.854
South Beaver Creek - Middle Fork18.418
South Chequest Creek1414
South Creek6.16
South English River48.549
South Minerva Creek17.334
South Otter Creek24.625
South Raccoon River72.1321
South River62.2204
South Skunk River185.3447
South Soap Creek17.317
South Squaw Creek15.415
South Timber Creek13.313
South Walnut Creek13.914
South White Breast Creek16.416
South Wyaconda River20.921
Spring Creek (Cedar River tributary)19.119
Spring Creek (Otter Creek (Hartgrave Creek tributary))24.925
Squaw Creek (Hartgrave Creek tributary)17.818
Squaw Creek (South River tributary)42.558
Squaw Creek (South Skunk River tributary)41.542
Steel Creek21.522
Stony Creek26.927
Storm Creek17.918
Sugar Creek (Cedar River tributary)37.761
Sugar Creek (Deep Creek (Maquoketa River tributary))15.215
Sugar Creek (Des Moines River tributary)45.245
Sugar Creek (Devils Creek tributary)2727
Sugar Creek (Iowa River tributary)15.115
Sugar Creek (North Skunk River tributary)24.925
Tarkio River47.3118
Tete des Morts Creek17.618
Thompson River114.6359
Threemile Creek33.734
Timber Creek10.150
Tipton Creek28.829
Tom Creek27.928
Troublesome Creek34.151
Trout River13.614
Trulner Creek16.116
Turkey Creek31.932
Turkey River153.3475
Turkey River - North Branch12.423
Turkey River - West Branch10.611
Twelvemile Creek (Thompson River tributary)39.439
Twelvemile Creek (Wolf Creek (Cedar River tributary))18.919
Upper Iowa River133.4212
Village Creek (Des Moines River tributary)16.817
Village Creek (Mississippi River tributary)23.724
Volga River80.8143
Volga River - North Branch15.716
Walnut Creek (Cedar Creek (Des Moines River tributary))18.619
Walnut Creek (Chariton River tributary)38.158
Walnut Creek (Des Moines River tributary)17.417
Walnut Creek (Grand River tributary)21.321
Walnut Creek (Iowa River tributary)26.441
Walnut Creek (Raccoon River tributary)23.524
Walnut Creek (Skunk River tributary)13.353
Walnut Creek (West Nishnabotna River tributary)66.381
Wapsinonoc Creek13.649
Wapsinonoc Creek - Middle Branch15.115
Wapsinonoc Creek - West Branch2020
Wapsipinicon River295.3798
Wapsipinicon River - East Fork4848
Waterman Creek42.643
Waubonsie Creek18.318
Weldon River31.486
West Buttrick Creek39.540
West Cedar Creek19.520
West Indian Creek20.821
West Jackson Creek14.114
West Mill Creek15.516
West Nishnabotna River121.3501
West Nishnabotna River - East Branch40.741
West Nishnabotna River - West Fork37.137
West Nodaway River73.6222
West Otter Creek (Otter Creek (Boone River tributary))14.615
West Otter Creek (Otter Creek (Cedar River tributary))16.116
West Platte River1111
West Tarkio Creek39.948
White Breast Creek92.2126
White Fox Creek33.449
Whites Creek17.117
Whitewater Creek31.452
Wildcat Creek15.415
Williams Creek18.819
Willow Creek (Boyer River tributary)46.446
Willow Creek (Floyd River tributary)35.867
Willow Creek (Little Sioux River tributary)34.835
Willow Creek (Little Sioux River tributary)26.226
Willow Creek (Middle Raccoon River tributary)26.827
Willow Creek (Mill Creek (Little Sioux River tributary))17.333
Willow Creek (Winnebago River tributary)22.222
Winnebago River71.9129
Wolf Creek (Cedar Creek (Skunk River tributary))16.216
Wolf Creek (Cedar River tributary)73.1106
Wolf Creek (Chariton River tributary)20.821
Yankee Run1616
Yellow River53.568
Yellow River - North Fork14.515

Note: Lengths are for the part of the river/watershed within the boundary of this state.

Note: Mostly rivers/streams 15+ miles in length.

Data from United States Geological Survey