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United States Rivers

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River count560
River miles20,758

Large Bodies of Water


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Name Length
Ann River16.829
Arrowhead Creek1919
Artichoke River13.514
Ashley Creek28.328
Ash River33.951
Badger Creek15.734
Baptism River8.858
Baptism River - East Branch17.818
Baptism River - West Branch14.931
Barber Creek14.715
Battle Brook22.322
Battle River17.972
Battle River - North Branch13.714
Battle River - South Branch40.741
Baudette River20.320
Bear Creek (Root River - Middle Branch tributary)28.428
Bear Creek (Root River - Middle Branch tributary)15.616
Bear Creek (St. Croix River tributary)33.834
Bear Creek (Zumbro River - South Fork tributary)19.319
Bear River (Big Fork River tributary)34.535
Bear River (Leech Lake River tributary)1212
Bear River (Sturgeon River (Little Fork River tributary))40.340
Beaver Brook41.542
Beaver Creek (Des Moines River tributary)57.758
Beaver Creek - East Fork (Minnesota River tributary)27.327
Beaver Creek (Minnesota River tributary)13.370
Beaver Creek (Split Rock Creek tributary)38.654
Beaver Creek - West Fork (Minnesota River tributary)29.429
Beaver River (Cloquet River tributary)16.316
Beaver River - East Branch (Lake Superior tributary)21.922
Beaver River (Lake Superior tributary)23.746
Belle Creek28.629
Bevens Creek30.849
Big Fork River170.6508
Big Rock Creek18.619
Big Sucker Creek18.218
Big Swamp Creek15.516
Birch Creek17.317
Blackduck River51.5175
Black Duck River16.917
Blackhoof River26.326
Black River (Rainy River tributary)48.486
Black River (Red Lake River tributary)33.834
Black River - South Fork (Rainy River tributary)13.213
Black River - West Fork (Rainy River tributary)24.725
Blood Run5.86
Blueberry River23.149
Blue Earth River108.51,158
Blue Earth River - East Branch59.275
Blue Earth River - Middle Branch8.38
Blue Earth River - West Branch10.611
Bluff Creek17.818
Bogus Brook18.619
Boiling Spring Creek15.716
Bois de Sioux River33.5236
Bowstring River42.178
Boy River67.780
Brule River40.641
Buckman Creek17.818
Buffalo Creek86.486
Buffalo River142.1332
Buffalo River - South Branch57.2173
Bug Creek26.927
Bull Run Creek18.919
Burnham Creek36.637
Butterfield Creek25.125
Caldwell Brook49.750
Canby Creek24.625
Canfield Creek2020
Cannon River118.7354
Canoe Creek00
Caribou River1515
Carver Creek31.532
Cascade Creek20.821
Cascade River19.219
Cat River16.316
Cedar Creek (Elm Creek (Blue Earth River tributary))22.122
Cedar Creek (Rum River tributary)17.918
Cedar Creek (Rum River tributary)28.328
Cedar River54214
Center Creek33.755
Champepadan Creek37.938
Chanarambie Creek28.829
Chelsey Brook17.217
Chetomba Creek31.231
Chippewa River153.5363
Chippewa River - East Branch67.6110
Chub Creek24.825
Clearwater River (Mississippi River tributary)43.443
Clearwater River (Red Lake River tributary)148.7390
Cloquet River105.3192
Cloquet River - West Branch2121
Coal Mine Creek18.819
Cobb Creek1.92
Cobb River85.3140
Coon Creek (Big Fork River tributary)18.318
Coon Creek (Mississippi River tributary)2424
Coon Creek (Redwood River tributary)42.743
Cottonwood River150.7436
Crane Creek16.917
Credit River21.822
Crooked Creek8.748
Crooked Creek - East Fork2121
Crooked Creek - West Fork18.619
Cross River (Lake Superior tributary)23.624
Cross River (Little Fork River tributary)2020
Crow Creek (Lost Creek (Lac qui Parle River - West Branch tributary))10.511
Crown Creek16.316
Crow River24.8506
Crow River - Middle Fork45.145
Crow River - North Fork160.9260
Crow River - South Fork116.3222
Crow Wing River115.3859
Daggett Brook23.223
Dark River19.219
Darrigans Creek16.416
Day Brook24.725
Dead Moose River15.115
Dead River14.815
Deer Creek (Cedar River tributary)8.38
Deer Creek (Root River - Middle Branch tributary)39.161
Deerhorn Creek21.722
Deer River18.719
Dempsey Creek15.916
Des Moines River121.2522
Des Moines River - East Fork169.5170
Dinner Creek25.425
Dobbins Creek18.118
Dodge Center Creek3131
Dry Weather Creek17.417
Dumbbell River18.719
Dutch Charley Creek4892
Eagle Creek27.127
East Indian Creek16.316
East River21.622
East Savanna River15.516
East Split Rock River14.114
East Swan River24.397
East Two River26.126
Egg River1717
Eightmile Creek18.919
Elk Creek (Okabena Creek tributary)21.321
Elk Creek (Rock River tributary)29.429
Elk River84241
Elm Creek (Blue Earth River tributary)89.5129
Elm Creek (Mississippi River tributary)22.339
Elm Creek - South Fork (Blue Earth River tributary)17.718
Embarrass River50.551
Estes Brook20.521
Farnham Creek17.417
Felton Creek31.732
Fishhook River11.236
Flandreau Creek27.947
Flint Creek23.423
Floodwood River35.751
Floodwood River - West Branch15.215
Florida Creek34.336
Fort Ridgely Creek2929
Foster Creek15.516
French River1313
Gale Brook16.617
Garvin Brook19.437
Getchell Creek1919
Gilbert Creek15.315
Gooseberry River22.923
Goose Creek (Shell Rock River tributary)11.411
Goose Creek (St. Croix River tributary)28.929
Grand Marais Creek37.437
Grant Creek20.821
Grindstone River6.733
Grindstone River - North Branch99
Grindstone River - South Branch17.417
Groundhouse River39.859
Groundhouse River - South Fork19.219
Gull River2020
Hawk Creek61.793
Hay Creek (Buffalo River tributary)17.618
Hay Creek (Lower Tamarack River tributary)21.522
Hay Creek (Mississippi River tributary)25.125
Hay Creek (Redeye River tributary)18.919
Hay Creek (Red Lake River tributary)32.833
Hay Creek (Stony Creek (Buffalo River - South Branch tributary))25.225
Heron Lake Outlet14146
High Island Creek67.868
Highwater Creek44.244
Hilda Creek16.617
Hillman Creek17.117
Hill River60.861
Isabella River18.8130
Island River13.952
Jack Creek63.864
Kabekona River30.931
Kanaranzi Creek47.664
Kanaranzi Creek - East Branch1616
Kawishiwi River49.169
Keene Creek1515
Kettle River (Blueberry River tributary)2626
Kettle River (St. Croix River tributary)83.6292
Kettle River - West Branch17.217
Kittleson Creek1717
Knife River (Lake Superior tributary)23.843
Knife River (Snake River (St. Croix River tributary))27.427
Knife River - West Branch (Lake Superior tributary)19.620
Lac qui Parle River119.3337
Lac qui Parle River - West Branch55.5113
Langley River11.812
Lazarus Creek48.373
Leaf River43.6236
Leech Lake River52.6247
Lester River19.419
Le Sueur Creek26.426
Le Sueur River110.6359
Lily Creek21.421
Lime Creek (Des Moines River tributary)27.127
Lime Creek (Winnebago River tributary)6.26
Little Ann River12.412
Little Badger Creek17.818
Little Beaver Creek15.215
Little Cannon River30.631
Little Cedar River14.615
Little Chippewa River30.731
Little Cobb River36.155
Little Cottonwood River82.282
Little Elk River29.447
Little Elk River - South Branch17.918
Little Fork River161.5584
Little Indian Sioux River33.233
Little Isabella River3333
Little Minnesota River55
Little Mississippi River23.244
Little Net River1212
Little Nokasippi River13.814
Little Partridge River21.321
Little Pine River30.154
Little Rock Creek (Little Rock River tributary)1717
Little Rock Creek (Mississippi River tributary)33.534
Little Rock Creek (Red Lake River tributary)15.916
Little Rock River21.843
Little Sand Creek16.817
Little Sioux River16.937
Little Sioux River - West Fork11.311
Little Tamarac River14.214
Little Two River16.216
Little Willow River21.522
Lone Tree Creek19.219
Long Prairie River96190
Lost Creek (Lac qui Parle River - West Branch tributary)9.920
Lost River (Clearwater River (Red Lake River tributary))76.2215
Lost River (Nett Lake River tributary)15.215
Lost River (Tamarac River (Red Lake River tributary))24.525
Lower Tamarack River3995
Malone Creek21.321
Manitou River25.737
Manitou River - South Branch11.512
Manomin Creek24.825
Maple River80.4108
Marsh Creek35.536
Marsh River49.449
Mashaug Creek17.618
Mayhew Creek26.727
McDermott Creek1919
Meadow Creek25.526
Medary Creek14.314
Middle Branch Rush River36.136
Middle River96.196
Midway River19.219
Mill Creek15.115
Milliken Creek20.721
Minnehaha Creek36.837
Minneopa Creek20.320
Minnesota River356.94,166
Minnesota Slough630
Mission Creek25.225
Mississippi River671.413,045
Mitawan Creek15.516
Money Creek (Root River tributary)26.326
Money Creek (Root River tributary)15.816
Monighan Creek1.21
Moose Brook15.415
Moose Horn River36.751
Moose Horn River - West Fork13.814
Moose River (Thief River tributary)23.323
Moose River (Willow River (Mississippi River tributary))23.824
Moran Creek23.223
Mosquito Creek20.921
Mound Creek24.725
Mud Brook23.524
Mud Creek (Chippewa River - East Branch tributary)2424
Mud Creek (Chippewa River - East Branch tributary)18.619
Mud Creek (Rock River tributary)14.715
Mud Creek (Snake River (St. Croix River tributary))28.929
Mud Creek (Yellow Medicine River tributary)28.328
Muddy Creek31.632
Mud Hen Creek21.346
Mud River34.234
Murphy Creek16.116
Mustinka River69.2171
Necktie River28.128
Nemadji River35.1110
Nemadji River - South Fork1249
Net River24.637
Nett Lake River45.861
Ninemile Creek1616
Nokasippi River46.984
North Cormorant River39.239
North Turtle River23.423
North Two River24.525
Oak Creek20.821
O'Brien Creek20.137
Ocheyedan River8.69
Okabena Creek46.968
Otter Creek (Cedar River tributary)13.814
Otter Creek (Crow River - South Fork tributary)18.919
Otter Creek (Little Rock River tributary)3.94
Otter Creek (St. Louis River tributary)18.819
Otter Tail River182.2321
Paleface River2626
Partridge River (Crow Wing River tributary)32.654
Partridge River (St. Louis River tributary)3737
Pelican Creek18.819
Pelican River (Otter Tail River tributary)85.385
Pelican River (Vermilion River tributary)36.436
Pell Creek23.423
Peppermint Creek15.315
Perch Creek38.757
Perry Creek16.416
Pigeon River35.467
Pike Creek23.524
Pike River46.159
Pine Creek (Mississippi River tributary)23.924
Pine Creek (Rush Creek (Root River tributary))23.624
Pine Creek (Upper Iowa River tributary)4.95
Pine River (Kettle River (St. Croix River tributary))2323
Pine River (Mississippi River tributary)58.2133
Pine River - South Fork (Mississippi River tributary)20.921
Pine River (St. Louis River tributary)1818
Pipestone Creek21.450
Pipestone Creek - North Branch28.228
Platte River61.8134
Plouff Creek15.415
Plum Creek (Big Fork River tributary)18.619
Plum Creek (Cottonwood River tributary)31.632
Pokegama Creek22.523
Pokegama River22
Pomme de Terre River130.6181
Poplar Creek1919
Poplar River (Lake Superior tributary)27.142
Poplar River (Lost River (Clearwater River (Red Lake River tributary)))58.859
Popple River35.936
Porter Creek27.327
Prairie Creek (Cannon River tributary)29.530
Prairie Creek (Little Fork River tributary)1919
Prairie River (Mississippi River tributary)63.1126
Prairie River (Sandy River (Mississippi River tributary))37.165
Prairie River - West Fork (Mississippi River tributary)16.617
Purgatory Creek16.116
Rabbit River31.532
Rainy River85.2387
Ramsey Creek15.716
Rapid River71.7140
Rapid River - East Fork24.424
Rapid River - North Branch44.344
Rat Root River66.6109
Rat Root River - East Branch42.743
Redeye River66.986
Red Lake River229.51,280
Red River of the North4003,731
Redwood River126.6234
Reilly Brook39.940
Rice Creek (Elk River tributary)829
Rice Creek (Maple River tributary)27.628
Rice Creek (Mississippi River tributary)28.729
Riceford Creek3232
Rice River (Big Fork River tributary)14.932
Rice River (Little Fork River tributary)53.253
Rice River (Mississippi River tributary)57.558
Ripple River42.643
Rock Creek18.819
Rock River91.2345
Rock River - East Branch17.217
Rollingstone Creek17.417
Root River81.8599
Root River - Middle Branch11.6116
Root River - North Branch68.669
Root River - South Branch63120
Root River - South Fork52.4102
Roseau River118.3168
Roseau River - South Fork50.150
Rose Creek2727
Roy Lake Creek15.716
Ruffy Brook26.426
Rum River160.2402
Rum River - West Branch56.477
Rush Creek (Elm Creek (Mississippi River tributary))16.917
Rush Creek (Root River tributary)27.651
Rush Creek (St. Croix River tributary)26.226
Rush Creek (Straight River (Cannon River tributary))15.215
Rush River1390
Rush River - North Branch6.843
Rush River - South Branch34.234
Salem Creek23.724
Sand Creek (Minnesota River tributary)37.565
Sand Creek (St. Croix River tributary)43.360
Sand Hill River105.2122
Sand River13.213
Sandy River (Mississippi River tributary)36.9102
Sandy River (Red Lake River tributary)37.938
Sauk River122.6170
Schoolcraft River35.936
Seelye Brook15.816
Sevenmile Creek1818
Shakopee Creek50.851
Shannon River21.722
Shell River49135
Shell Rock River2038
Shingobee River2121
Shotley Brook18.719
Silver Creek (Bevens Creek tributary)1818
Silver Creek (Lost River (Clearwater River (Red Lake River tributary)))19.520
Sixmile Brook16.116
Skunk River37.272
Sleepy Eye Creek50.350
Snake River (Isabella River tributary)11.311
Snake River (Red River of the North tributary)91215
Snake River - South Branch (Red River of the North tributary)27.528
Snake River (St. Croix River tributary)104.2314
South Bluff Creek19.520
South Cormorant River31.248
South Creek39.840
South Kawishiwi River19.820
South Two River22.923
Split Rock Creek33.7137
Split Rock River20.521
Spring Branch Creek18.619
Spring Creek (Big Sioux River tributary)12.713
Spring Creek (Minnesota River tributary)20.621
Spring Creek (Mississippi River tributary)17.417
Spring Creek (Wild Rice River tributary)19.620
Spring Creek (Yellow Medicine River tributary)39.940
Spring Valley Creek21.622
Spruce Creek15.816
Spunk Creek24.224
Stanchfield Creek30.230
St. Croix River129.21,141
Steamboat River5.734
Stewart River16.917
St. Francis River79.1101
St. James Creek2954
St. Louis River193.11,011
Stoney Brook16.216
Stony Brook20.721
Stony Creek (Buffalo River - South Branch tributary)3762
Stony Creek (St. Louis River tributary)19.720
Stony River43.243
Stony Run15.315
Straight River (Cannon River tributary)55.6103
Straight River (Fishhook River tributary)25.225
Stump River15.115
Sturgeon River (Big Fork River tributary)26.252
Sturgeon River - East Branch (Little Fork River tributary)13.313
Sturgeon River (Little Fork River tributary)51.5146
Sucker Creek17.518
Sunrise River44.187
Sunrise River - North Branch2525
Sunrise River - West Branch17.618
Swamp River16.316
Swan Creek21.221
Swan Lake Outlet17.718
Swan River (Mississippi River tributary)38.639
Swan River (Mississippi River tributary)73.874
Swift River12.412
Tait River14.815
Tamarack River2828
Tamarac River (Red Lake River tributary)31.270
Tamarac River (Red River of the North tributary)79.179
Temperance River41.157
Tenmile Creek31.732
Thief River43.267
Third River34.835
Threemile Creek48.649
Tibbetts Brook1717
Toad River21.622
Tom Creek0.81
Trott Brook15.315
Trout Brook24.925
Trout Run17.217
Turtle Creek (Cedar River tributary)2525
Turtle Creek (Long Prairie River tributary)28.228
Turtle Creek (Straight River (Cannon River tributary))15.616
Turtle River5073
Twelvemile Creek55.1102
Twelvemile Creek - West Branch27.127
Twelvemile Creek - West Fork19.319
Twin Creek17.117
Two Island River15.916
Two River5.653
Two Rivers28203
Two Rivers - Middle Branch33.734
Two Rivers - North Branch63.564
Two Rivers - South Branch78.278
Upper Iowa River23.528
Upper Tamarack River8.99
Us-Kab-Wan-Ka River2121
Valley River24.925
Vermilion River47.7101
Vermillion River59.271
Vermillion River - South Branch11.912
Vermillion Slough6.678
Wabasha Creek24.124
Wapsipinicon River4.44
Warroad River3.436
Warroad River - East Branch32.432
Washington Creek21.321
Watab River9.924
Watab River - South Fork13.814
Water Hen Creek24.925
Watonwan River112.1339
Watonwan River - North Fork39.239
Watonwan River - South Fork76.677
Watson Creek21.321
Wells Creek28.428
West Split Rock River15.630
West Swan River42.342
West Two River2828
Whisky Creek31.431
Whisky Creek20.821
White Earth River30.430
Whiteface River66.6167
Whiteface River - North Branch25.526
Whiteface River - South Branch22.222
Whitewater River18.2110
Whitewater River - Middle Fork22.523
Whitewater River - North Fork34.134
Whitewater River - South Fork35.135
Wild Rice River185.3414
Wild Rice River - South Branch61.461
Willow Creek (Flandreau Creek tributary)19.419
Willow Creek (Root River - South Branch tributary)15.816
Willow River (Kettle River (St. Croix River tributary))31.431
Willow River (Little Fork River tributary)33.233
Willow River (Mississippi River tributary)77.3101
Wing River48.448
Winnebago Creek2424
Winter Road River39.154
Wisel Creek17.618
Wolf Creek18.418
Wolverton Creek20.420
Woodbury Creek15.115
Yellow Bank River1247
Yellow Bank River - North Fork9.19
Yellow Bank River - South Fork25.926
Yellow Medicine River108.1259
Yellow Medicine River - North Branch37.137
Yellow Medicine River - South Branch45.145
Zumbro River64.7451
Zumbro River - Middle Fork52.9182
Zumbro River - Middle Fork - North Branch31.131
Zumbro River - Middle Fork - South Branch46.678
Zumbro River - North Fork57.683
Zumbro River - South Fork57.6121

Note: Lengths are for the part of the river/watershed within the boundary of this state.

Note: Mostly rivers/streams 15+ miles in length.

Data from United States Geological Survey