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United States Rivers

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River count506
River miles15,639

Large Bodies of Water


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Name Length
Ahnapee River14.715
Alder Creek (Little Jump River tributary)21.121
Alder Creek (Pine River (Wolf River tributary))15.816
Allen Creek27.127
Amnicon River45.559
Apple Creek24.224
Apple River (Mississippi River tributary)4.98
Apple River (St. Croix River tributary)77.7112
Apple River - West Fork (Mississippi River tributary)2.93
Armstrong Creek1717
Arrowhead River12.513
Ashippun River33.233
Bad Axe River464
Bad Axe River - North Fork31.444
Bad Axe River - South Fork15.916
Bad Axe River - Springville Branch12.813
Bad River76.2389
Balsam Creek22.322
Baraboo River116.5171
Baraboo River - West Branch15.816
Bark River69.588
Bass Creek19.820
Bean Brook18.619
Bear Creek (Chippewa River tributary)1818
Bear Creek (Embarrass River tributary)15.315
Bear Creek (Wisconsin River tributary)2727
Bear Creek (Wolf River (Fox River (Lake Michigan tributary)))18.919
Bear River22.623
Bears Grass Creek1616
Beartrap Creek23.123
Beaver Brook11.434
Beaver Brook - North Branch12.913
Beaver Brook - South Branch1010
Beaver Creek (Black River (Mississippi River tributary))17.951
Beaver Creek (Lemonweir River tributary)21.922
Beaver Creek - North Branch (Peshtigo River tributary)11.912
Beaver Creek - North Fork (Black River (Mississippi River tributary))19.520
Beaver Creek (Peshtigo River tributary)3.532
Beaver Creek - South Branch (Peshtigo River tributary)16.517
Beaver Creek - South Fork (Black River (Mississippi River tributary))13.614
Beaver Dam River4359
Big Drywood Creek17.918
Big Eau Pleine River45.9106
Big Eau Pleine River - East Branch11.411
Big Eau Pleine River - West Branch12.312
Big Green River15.315
Big Hay Meadow Creek23.624
Big Rib River61124
Big River12.813
Big Roche a Cri Creek48.749
Big Sandy Creek1919
Big Weirgor Creek21.336
Billings Creek15.215
Black Creek23.123
Black Creek27.728
Black Earth Creek27.127
Black River - East Fork (Mississippi River tributary)57.577
Black River (Lake Superior tributary)2.12
Black River (Mississippi River tributary)192691
Black River (Nemadji River tributary)36.637
Blake Fork17.217
Blue Mounds Creek11.138
Blue River35.362
Bluff Creek18.218
Boice Creek15.916
Bois Brule River43.944
Bonner Branch18.318
Bostwick Creek16.216
Bower Creek15.716
Branch River36.937
Bridge Creek2121
Brule River52.352
Brunet River40.458
Brunsweiler River3030
Buffalo River70.1119
Buffalo River - North Fork15.616
Buffalo River - South Fork16.416
Bull Junior Creek18.919
Butternut Creek33.534
Cady Creek16.116
Carter Creek25.125
Cedar Creek32.733
Chaffee Creek15.916
Chase Creek3.920
Chases Brook26.226
Chippewa River196.22,858
Chippewa River - East Fork84.6117
Chippewa River - West Fork37.390
Clam River64128
Clam River - North Fork4464
Comet Creek26.727
Coon Creek37.738
Copper River950
Copper River - Middle Fork11.311
Copper River - North Fork21.922
Copper River - South Fork7.519
Couderay River19.319
Crawfish River76.9213
Crawfish River - North Branch30.631
Crazy Horse Creek17.417
Cunningham Creek21.922
Deerskin River21.421
Deer Tail Creek39.740
Denomie Creek15.315
Des Plaines River22.222
Devils Creek21.922
Devils River15.816
Dill Creek20.220
Dodge Branch22.823
Dougherty Creek16.717
Douglas Creek19.419
Dryden Creek16.517
Drywood Creek3.443
Duck Creek (Lake Michigan tributary)41.742
Duck Creek - Middle Branch (Wisconsin River tributary)15.315
Duck Creek - North Branch (Wisconsin River tributary)25.926
Duck Creek (Wisconsin River tributary)13.555
Duck Creek (Wisconsin River tributary)16.617
Duncan Creek30.731
Eagle Creek (Peshtigo River tributary)19.620
Eagle Creek (Waumandee Creek tributary)17.117
East Fork Iron River16.917
East River42.458
East Torch River11.311
East Twin River41.193
Eau Claire River (Chippewa River tributary)41.3285
Eau Claire River - East Branch (Wisconsin River tributary)29.429
Eau Claire River - North Fork (Chippewa River tributary)54.486
Eau Claire River - South Fork (Chippewa River tributary)48.949
Eau Claire River (St. Croix River tributary)26.126
Eau Claire River - West Branch (Wisconsin River tributary)28.228
Eau Claire River (Wisconsin River tributary)42.5139
Eau Galle River51.485
Eighteenmile Creek16.416
Elk Creek16.416
Elk Creek (Chippewa River tributary)25.425
Elk Creek (Trempealeau River tributary)21.622
Elk River43.563
Embarrass River62271
Embarrass River - Middle Branch5050
Embarrass River - North Branch34.835
Embarrass River - South Branch35.135
Evergreen River2121
Fennimore Fork26.326
Fenwood Creek16.116
Fish Creek0.952
Fisher River32.933
Fivemile Creek16.817
Flag River14.615
Flambeau River127.2562
Flambeau River - South Fork71.3221
Fleming Creek19.620
Flume Creek24.224
Fond du Lac River1.546
Fond Du Lac River - East Branch22.723
Fond Du Lac River - West Branch21.321
Fox River (Illinois River tributary)83.3188
Fox River (Lake Michigan tributary)198.91,837
Frog Creek18.318
Galena River34.837
Galena River - East Fork1.82
Gordon Creek22.422
Grand River42.242
Grant River44.9115
Halls Creek25.941
Halls Creek - East Fork15.115
Hay Creek2746
Hay River64.7140
Hay River - South Fork34.252
Hemlock Creek37.938
Hobbles Creek19.720
Honey Creek - North Branch (Wisconsin River tributary)15.816
Honey Creek (Pecatonica River tributary)15.616
Honey Creek (White River (Fox River (Illinois River tributary)))28.756
Honey Creek (Wisconsin River tributary)34.250
Hunting River1818
Iron River11.311
Iron River28.445
Isabelle Creek19.419
Jersey City Flowage5.5142
Johnson Creek17.417
Johnson Creek20.721
Jump River32.8361
Jump River - North Fork33.653
Jump River - South Fork50.8119
Kelly Brook25.626
Kenyon Creek17.818
Kewaunee River27.943
Kickapoo River129.1186
Kickapoo River - West Fork2727
Killsnake River19.720
Kinnickinnic River41.441
Knapp Creek29.129
Koshkonong Creek54.555
Kummel Creek1818
La Crosse River61.5100
Lemonweir River56.4145
Lemonweir River - East Fork1919
Lemonweir River - South Fork22.122
Lily River15.315
Little Amnicon River13.814
Little Baraboo River19.820
Little Black River7.134
Little Black River - East Branch13.814
Little Black River - West Branch13.413
Little Drywood Creek21.221
Little Eau Claire River29.147
Little Eau Pleine River58.859
Little Elk River15.716
Little Grant River15.516
Little Jump River33.372
Little LaCrosse River22.723
Little Lemonweir River25.526
Little Mackay Creek4.420
Little Menominee River4.95
Little Peshtigo River18.418
Little Pine Creek14.915
Little Platte River41.942
Little Popple River14.314
Little Popple River19.219
Little Rib River2222
Little Rice River22.122
Little Richard Creek8.28
Little River14.755
Little River - North Branch14.715
Little Roche a Cri Creek19.845
Little Somo River20.120
Little Suamico River23.824
Little Sugar River31.131
Little Thornapple River19.620
Little Turtle Creek16.116
Little Waumandee Creek2121
Little Weirgor Creek14.915
Little West Branch Creek20.220
Little Wolf River67.4193
Little Wolf River - North Branch16.717
Little Wolf River - South Branch42.259
Little Yellow River28.943
Little Yellow River - East Branch1414
Long Lake Branch28.245
Loon Creek18.619
Lower Pine Creek2828
Lowes Creek24.424
Lunch Creek18.519
Magee Creek16.116
Main Creek21.184
Main Creek - Middle Fork 16.617
Main Creek - North Fork14.114
Main Creek - South Fork32.332
Manitowish River44.978
Manitowoc River35.8171
Manitowoc River - North Branch22.322
Manitowoc River - South Branch36.656
Marengo River53.483
Marsh Creek15.315
Maunesha River30.846
McCann Creek1616
McCaslin Brook26.326
McKenzie Creek16.817
Meadows Creek3.220
Mecan River38.655
Meeme River11.912
Menominee River (Lake Michigan tributary)116.3549
Menominee River (Mississippi River tributary)5.15
Menomonee River30.230
Middle River34.334
Mill Creek (Embarrass River tributary)22.723
Mill Creek (Wisconsin River tributary)33.634
Mill Creek (Wisconsin River tributary)29.830
Mill Creek (Wisconsin River tributary)46.947
Miller Creek16.416
Milwaukee River103.3237
Milwaukee River - East Branch21.421
Milwaukee River - North Branch27.928
Milwaukee River - West Branch21.321
Mineral Point Branch24.642
Mississippi River233.910,552
Missouri Creek17.918
Moccasin Creek19.119
Mondeaux River21.722
Monico Creek19.419
Montello River14.615
Montreal River (Gogebic County, MI)53.580
Montreal River - West Fork26.126
Moose Ear Creek22.623
Moose River (Chippewa River - West Fork tributary)35.235
Moose River (St. Croix River tributary)19.119
Mormon Creek16.316
Morrison Creek29.129
Mud Creek2020
Muddy Creek2525
Mukwonago River00
Mullet River39.640
Muskrat Creek18.519
Namekagon River101.7281
Neenah Creek38.539
Nemadji River35.796
Nemadji River - South Fork1.41
Neshota River17.217
New Wood River17.317
Nippersink Creek - North Branch9.510
Noisy Creek15.516
North Fish Creek25.425
Oconomowoc River40.641
Oconto River56.9344
Oconto River - First South Branch23.323
Oconto River - North Branch69.195
Oconto River - Second South Branch12.813
Oconto River - South Branch54.7109
O'Neil Creek2844
O'Neill Creek3.241
O'Neill Creek - North Branch19.920
O'Neill Creek - South Branch18.118
Onion River36.837
Otter Creek (Eau Claire River (Chippewa River tributary))26.627
Otter Creek - North Branch (Sugar River tributary)00
Otter Creek (Pecatonica River tributary)20.721
Otter Creek (Peshtigo River tributary)2222
Otter Creek (Rock River tributary)17.718
Otter Creek (Wisconsin River tributary)25.526
Otter Creek (Wisconsin River tributary)20.120
Otter Creek (Yellow River (Chippewa River tributary))17.417
Ounce River25.225
Paint Creek2424
Pecatonica River100556
Pecatonica River - East Branch62.5151
Pecore Creek17.918
Pelican River32.664
Pelican River - North Branch11.712
Pemebonwon River6.167
Pemebonwon River - North Branch29.329
Pemebonwon River - South Branch31.131
Pensaukee River48.268
Pensaukee River - North Branch2020
Peshtigo Brook28.228
Peshtigo River136335
Peshtigo River - Middle Branch12.713
Peshtigo River - North Branch18.919
Pewaukee River12.112
Pigeon Creek21.722
Pigeon River (Embarrass River tributary)10.751
Pigeon River (Lake Michigan tributary)31.944
Pigeon River - North Branch (Embarrass River tributary)16.316
Pigeon River - South Branch (Embarrass River tributary)2424
Pike River1818
Pike River15.891
Pike River - Little South Branch15.616
Pike River - North Branch33.534
Pike River - South Branch25.942
Pine Creek (Black River (Mississippi River tributary))20.320
Pine Creek (Flambeau River tributary)18.719
Pine River (Menominee River (Lake Michigan tributary))80.1175
Pine River - North Branch (Menominee River tributary)16.617
Pine River - North Branch (Wisconsin River tributary)16.517
Pine River - West Branch (Wisconsin River tributary)12.813
Pine River (Wisconsin River tributary)52.392
Pine River (Wisconsin River tributary)23.640
Pine River (Wolf River tributary)41.6102
Piscasaw Creek44
Platte River48.290
Plover River62.863
Plum Creek (Chippewa River tributary)28.729
Plum Creek (Fox River (Lake Michigan tributary))19.620
Pokegama Creek18.418
Pokegama River24.324
Poplar River27.127
Popple River (Black River (Mississippi River tributary))13.658
Popple River - North Fork (Black River (Mississippi River tributary))25.425
Popple River (Pine River (Menominee River tributary))46.478
Popple River - South Fork (Black River (Mississippi River tributary))19.419
Potato Creek15.516
Potato River3756
Prairie River51.175
Pratt Creek15.816
Presque Isle River - East Branch7.68
Presque Isle River - South Branch5.15
Price Creek17.117
Puchyan River16.717
Raccoon Creek (Pecatonica River tributary)11.211
Rat River (Peshtigo River tributary)36.937
Rat River (Wolf River (Fox River (Lake Michigan tributary)))24.925
Rattlesnake Creek21.121
Red Cedar River101.1442
Red River43.590
Red River - West Branch29.630
Reefer Creek15.916
Rice Creek15.415
Rice River Flowage4.226
Robinson Creek26.426
Rock Creek (Black River (Mississippi River tributary))20.521
Rock Creek (Chippewa River tributary)16.316
Rock River133.61,503
Rock River - East Branch44.963
Rock River - South Branch19.720
Rock River - West Branch38.358
Rocky Creek1818
Rocky Run (Black River - East Fork (Mississippi River tributary))19.720
Rocky Run (Wisconsin River tributary)24.224
Root River43.744
Rowan Creek19.219
Rubicon River32.232
Rush Creek15.716
Rush River50.951
Sailor Creek16.717
Sand Creek20.420
Sand River17.618
Sauk Creek15.616
Saunders Creek16.917
Scarboro Creek1515
Scotch Creek18.318
Scuppernong River18.919
Seeley Creek18.519
Sheboygan River80.6157
Shioc River2885
Shioc River - East Branch14.515
Shioc River - West Branch15.115
Silver Creek (Jump River - South Fork tributary)2727
Silver Creek (Lake Michigan tributary)1818
Silver Creek (Rock River tributary)16.216
Sinsinawa River10.511
Sioux River16.917
Siskiwit River13.714
Skinner Creek24.637
Skinner Creek - North Fork12.412
Soft Maple Creek23.724
Somo River30.250
South Fish Creek25.225
Spafford Creek8.69
Spirit River30.443
Spirit River - North Fork12.813
Spring Brook20.120
Spring Creek17.117
Spruce River21.121
Squaw Creek15.916
Squirrel River17.417
St. Croix River173.11,128
St. Louis River15.340
Stony Brook15.516
Stony Creek1616
Stuntz Brook17.317
Suamico River15.916
Sucker Creek17.718
Sudan Branch17.718
Sugar Creek26.827
Sugar River83.5181
Sugar River - West Branch22.122
Swamp Creek (Flambeau River tributary)21.922
Swamp Creek (Wolf River (Fox River (Lake Michigan tributary)))22.723
Tainter Creek15.115
Tamarack Creek22.823
Taylor Creek16.717
Thornapple River67.187
Thunder River7.822
Thunder River - North Fork1414
Tiffany Creek17.618
Tomahawk River71.2137
Tomorrow River22.122
Torch River6.618
Totagatic River80124
Trade River50.965
Trade River - North Fork13.614
Trappe River25.325
Trempealeau River82.6160
Trempealeau River - North Branch11.411
Trimbelle River29.429
Trout Creek1515
Trout River17.317
Turtle Creek (Hay River tributary)23.624
Turtle Creek (Rock River tributary)4258
Turtle River3939
Tyler Forks3636
Upper Pine Creek18.719
Upper Tamarack River22.243
Vaughn Creek18.519
Vermillion River15.415
Walla Walla Creek17.317
Waumandee Creek34.272
Waupaca River44.867
Wausaukee River29.730
Wedges Creek24.742
West Twin River18.451
Whitcomb Creek15.816
White River (Bad River tributary)66.9112
White River (Fox River (Illinois River tributary))27.783
White River (Fox River (Lake Michigan tributary))35.472
Willow Creek (Pine River (Wisconsin River tributary))27.127
Willow Creek (Pine River (Wolf River tributary))44.244
Willow River - South Fork (St. Croix River tributary)15.115
Willow River (St. Croix River tributary)61.777
Willow River (Tomahawk River tributary)21.622
Wilson Creek22.823
Wisconsin River435.82,961
Wolf River (Eau Claire River - North Fork (Chippewa River tributary))31.431
Wolf River (Fox River (Lake Michigan tributary))228.11,253
Wolf River - Little West Branch (Fox River (Lake Michigan tributary))17.417
Wolf River - West Branch (Fox River (Lake Michigan tributary))29.567
Wood River47.848
Woods Creek17.217
Yahara River62.563
Yellow River (Chippewa River tributary)69.3164
Yellow River - North Fork (Chippewa River tributary)21.321
Yellow River (Red Cedar River tributary)39.755
Yellow River - South Branch (Wisconsin River tributary)17.417
Yellow River - South Fork (Chippewa River tributary)13.213
Yellow River (St. Croix River tributary)69.488
Yellow River (Wisconsin River tributary)96.1169
Yellowstone River26.126

Note: Lengths are for the part of the river/watershed within the boundary of this state.

Note: Mostly rivers/streams 15+ miles in length.

Data from United States Geological Survey