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United States Rivers

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Arkansas River

StatesArkansas (321 mi), Colorado (363 mi), Kansas (441 mi), Oklahoma (328 mi)
Length1,453.7 miles
Watershed Length*37,087 miles
MouthMississippi River Gulf of Mexico


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Name Distance
from Mouth
Apishapa River1,233139208
Arkansas River - East Fork1,4542121
Arkansas River - Salt Fork5982372,448
Ash Creek4302121
Ash Creek8515757
Badger Creek1,3783434
Bayou Manard4001717
Bayou Meto45185330
Beaver Creek1,3132275
Beaver Creek6254875
Big Creek2952727
Big Piney Creek23171127
Big Sandy Creek1,119211734
Big Shoal Creek2342424
Big Skin Bayou3333535
Black Bear Creek540117192
Browns Creek1,4051616
Buffalo Creek1,1061515
Cache Creek3372338
Caddoa Creek1,1505555
Cadron Creek17375144
Camp Creek3251515
Canadian River3681,0919,661
Cane Creek2461717
Carrol Creek1,3601631
Chalk Creek1,4082727
Cheyenne Creek1,0911515
Chico Creek1,26854173
Chilocco Creek6452828
Cimarron River4956253,759
Clay Creek1,1233362
Cloud Creek4282552
Concharty Creek4362323
Coody Creek4031818
Coon Creek87696191
Cow Creek773112268
Dirty Creek37250121
Dog Creek6971717
East Bridge Creek1,0811919
Eightmile Creek1,3213030
Fountain Creek1,28475206
Fourche Creek1283548
Fourche LaFave River161152244
Fourmile Creek1,32853117
Frog Bayou2925772
Galla Creek2032525
Grape Creek1,3335995
Gray Horse Creek5501818
Greenleaf Creek3842323
Grouse Creek65076129
Hardscrabble Creek1,3171949
Horse Creek1,182129407
Horsehead Creek2492541
Huerfano River1,259113336
Illinois Bayou22442105
Illinois River374154355
Kramer Creek1,2502323
Lake Creek1,4381414
Lee Creek31566127
Little Arkansas River723123429
Little Bayou Meto592293
Little Maumelle River1412323
Little Sans Bois Creek3561818
Little Vache Grasse Creek3011345
Maumelle River1454646
Mud Creek1,1454772
Mulberry Creek9286363
Mulberry River28571129
Neosho River4074633,843
Ninnescah River68857461
Oak Creek1,3233232
Palarm Creek1513232
Pawnee River864201781
Peace Creek7944949
Pecan Creek4172424
Peck Creek1,2971818
Petit Jean River200137280
Pickle Creek8552626
Point Remove Creek18918133
Polecat Creek4667396
Poteau River322141554
Purgatoire River1,172196600
Red Rock Creek57483117
Rock Creek1,2962121
Rule Creek1,15972127
Rush Creek1,3031414
Saint Charles River1,27565167
Sallisaw Creek3544886
Salt Creek7743939
Salt Creek1,2832020
Salt Creek80317290
Salt Creek5546666
Sans Bois Creek35377113
Sixmile Creek1,3241515
Sixmile Creek2525171
Slate Creek6696782
Snake Creek4573636
South Arkansas River1,3872540
Spadra Creek2432424
Spring Creek7061616
Tallahassee Creek1,3411175
Texas Creek1,3562727
Timpas Creek1,2087373
Tupelo Bayou1621616
Turkey Creek1,3013838
Two Butte Creek1,096152307
Verdigris River4083112,554
Vian Creek3622642
Walnut Creek832139747
Walnut River656154785
West Bridge Creek1,0861616
White Oak Bayou1372020
White Oak Creek2811241
Wichita-Valley Center Floodway710555
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* Note: Watershed is mostly rivers/streams 15+ miles in length.

Data from United States Geological Survey