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United States Rivers

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River count342
River miles9,984

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Name Length
Abrams Creek26.927
Baker Creek2222
Ball Creek731
Ballplay Creek15.215
Barren Fork23.468
Bartons Creek (Cumberland River tributary)23.438
Bartons Creek (Cumberland River tributary)20.220
Bat Creek19.720
Battle Creek19.849
Beans Creek2020
Bear Creek22.222
Beaver Creek (Clinch River tributary)44.745
Beaver Creek (Holston River - South Fork tributary)15.516
Beaver Creek (Obion River - South Fork tributary)16.917
Beaverdam Creek (Duck River tributary)16.316
Beaverdam Creek (Laurel Creek tributary)16.216
Beech Creek (Holston River tributary)23.223
Beech Creek (Tennessee River tributary)17.217
Beech River38.356
Bee Creek23.542
Big Bigby Creek2626
Big Brush Creek2121
Big Creek (Clinch River tributary)18.218
Big Creek (Holston River tributary)19.319
Big Fiery Gizzard Creek17.129
Big Richland Creek19.219
Big Rock Creek24.849
Big Sandy River59.860
Big Sewee Creek16.617
Big Swan Creek34.434
Big Sycamore Creek23.624
Big War Creek17.518
Birdsong Creek24.224
Blackburn Fork15.816
Blackwater Creek (Clinch River tributary)17.117
Bledsoe Creek22.422
Blue Creek16.817
Bluewater Creek16.216
Boiling Fork Creek19.620
Boyds Creek15.315
Bradley Creek17.217
Bradshaw Creek19.620
Brimstone Creek17.317
Buffalo Creek17.518
Buffalo River125.3211
Bullrun Creek42.743
Calfkiller River42.442
Candies Creek39.339
Cane Creek (Buffalo River tributary)15.816
Cane Creek (Caney Fork tributary)34.254
Cane Creek (Elk River (Tennessee River tributary))20.621
Cane Creek (Falling Water River tributary)16.416
Cane Creek (Hatchie River tributary)22.222
Cane Creek (Mud Creek tributary)17.217
Caney Fork137.9635
Chambers Creek1414
Charles Creek15.916
Chattanooga Creek7.47
Chestuee Creek55.255
Chief Creek14.431
Chisholm Creek19.520
Citico Creek18.919
Clarks River - East Fork6.46
Clear Creek48.949
Clear Fork (Cumberland River - Big South Fork tributary)27.2107
Clear Fork (Cumberland River tributary)19.3104
Clear Fork - North Prong (Cumberland River - Big South Fork tributary)21.822
Clear Fork - South Prong (Cumberland River - Big South Fork tributary)11.912
Clinch River189.5858
Clinch River - North Fork2.32
Clover Creek17.217
Coahulla Creek20.320
Coker Creek1616
Collins River62.5170
Conasauga Creek42.843
Conasauga River11.332
Cosby Creek15.315
Cove Creek2626
Crab Orchard Creek20.320
Cripple Creek15.415
Crooked Creek19.820
Crooked Fork20.420
Crow Creek11.614
Cub Creek24.238
Cub Creek - Sulphur Fork13.313
Cumberland River309.92,700
Cumberland River - Big South Fork21.8288
Cypress Creek (Hatchie River tributary)15.616
Cypress Creek (Tennessee River tributary)9.827
Daddys Creek49.249
Davis Creek26.126
Doe River29.647
Drakes Creek17.417
Drakes Creek - Middle Fork (Barren River tributary)10.418
Drakes Creek - West Fork (Barren River tributary)16.416
Duck River283.4867
Dumplin Creek19.219
Dunn Creek19.520
Eagle Creek15.315
East Camp Creek12.913
East Rock Creek24.424
Elk Creek6.222
Elk Fork Creek15.315
Elk Fork (Red River (Cumberland River tributary))7.78
Elk River (Tennessee River tributary)164.7479
Elk River (Watauga River tributary)13.213
Emory River50.8251
Factory Creek16.736
Fall Creek23.924
Falling Water River46.863
Fightingtown Creek0.30
Flat Creek (French Broad River tributary)18.719
Flat Creek (Holston River tributary)27.939
Fletchers Fork15.115
Flint River12.525
Flint River - Brier Fork44
Flynn Creek15.616
Fork Creek22.523
Forked Deer River13.9298
Forked Deer River - Middle Fork61.862
Forked Deer River - North Fork2424
Forked Deer River - North Fork51134
Forked Deer River - South Fork75.4149
Fortyeight Creek17.217
Fountain Creek22.523
French Broad River99.5564
Garrison Fork2222
Glade Creek18.418
Goose Creek19.119
Green River2121
Gulf Fork Big Creek24.725
Half Pone Creek15.315
Hardin Creek2222
Harpeth River119202
Harris Fork Creek12.713
Hatchie River196.5424
Hester Creek8.69
Hickman Creek17.518
Hickory Creek (Barren Fork tributary)29.344
Hickory Creek (Clear Fork (Cumberland River tributary))18.139
Hickory Creek - West Fork (Barren Fork tributary)14.915
Hinds Creek25.526
Hiwassee River67.4441
Holston River137.5562
Holston River - North Fork5.310
Holston River - South Fork59.6280
Horse Creek39.960
Hurricane Creek (Duck River tributary)23.824
Hurricane Creek (Obey River - East Fork tributary)15.616
Hurricane Creek (Paint Rock River tributary)8.99
Hurricane Creek (Stones River tributary)16.817
Indian Creek (Powell River tributary)7.37
Indian Creek (Tennessee River tributary)47.763
Jacks Creek15.415
Jellico Creek12.813
Jennings Creek17.818
Jones Creek27.427
Lagoon Creek20.621
Laurel Creek (Holston River - South Fork tributary)9.726
Laurel Fork (Clear Fork tributary)4.95
Laurel Fork (Doe River tributary)17.117
Laurel Fork (North White Oak Creek tributary)1717
Leipers Creek17.217
Lick Creek (Duck River tributary)17.718
Lick Creek (Nolichucky River tributary)6783
Limestone Creek5.48
Line Creek11.712
Little Bartons Creek14.515
Little Bigby Creek19.520
Little Buffalo River16.817
Little Chucky Creek22.122
Little Coon Creek2.73
Little Cypress Creek1010
Little Flat Creek11.311
Little Gizzard Creek11.812
Little Harpeth River16.416
Little Hatchie Creek2020
Little Limestone Creek15.916
Little Pigeon River28.988
Little Pigeon River - East Fork11.131
Little Pigeon River - West Prong28.829
Little River60.777
Little Sequatchie River19.620
Little Sewee Creek9.810
Little Shoal Creek11.612
Little South Fork2.53
Little Tennessee River46.9258
Little West Fork13.156
Long Creek (Barren River tributary)12.212
Long Fork16.430
Lookout Creek5.25
Marrowbone Creek18.118
Marsh Creek0.71
Middle Cypress Creek6.97
Mill Creek (Cumberland River tributary)2828
Mill Creek (Cumberland River tributary)20.921
Mill Creek (Piney River (Duck River tributary))16.316
Mine Lick Creek16.216
Mississippi River187.69,953
Mosses Creek18.719
Mountain Creek23.624
Mountain Fork0.29
Mud Creek22.940
Muddy Creek99
Mulberry Creek2.237
Mulberry Creek - East Fork19.720
Mulberry Creek - West Fork15.415
New River58.794
Ninemile Creek20.420
Nixon Creek17.217
Noahs Spring Branch10.811
Nolichucky River103.1224
Nonconnah Creek29.730
Norris Creek15.616
North Chickamauga Creek31.832
North Fork Creek1919
North Mouse Creek39.760
North White Oak Creek27.144
Notchy Creek16.416
Obed River46.7160
Obey River48.9174
Obey River - East Fork45.861
Obey River - West Fork29.329
Obion River69.2691
Obion River - Middle Fork38.662
Obion River - North Fork55.668
Obion River - Rutherford Fork54.454
Obion River - South Fork2965
Ocoee River37.839
Oostanaula Creek45.546
Otter Creek15.115
Overall Creek15.215
Owl Creek15.215
Paint Creek17.117
Peyton Creek16.216
Pigeon River25.741
Piney Creek (Cane Creek (Caney Fork tributary))19.419
Piney Creek (Hatchie River tributary)15.315
Piney Creek (Limestone Creek tributary)2.12
Piney Creek (Piney River (Tennessee River tributary))16.216
Piney Creek (Whites Creek tributary)16.717
Piney Fork16.917
Piney River (Duck River tributary)23.740
Piney River (Tennessee River tributary)12.429
Pistol Creek15.916
Pond Creek (Forked Deer River - North Fork tributary)21.622
Pond Creek (Tennessee River tributary)18.418
Poor Valley Creek24.825
Poplar Creek (Clinch River tributary)3349
Poplar Creek - East Fork (Clinch River tributary)15.916
Poplar Creek (Hatchie River tributary)15.415
Porters Creek17.618
Possum Creek4.34
Powell River110.3144
Red River (Cumberland River tributary)70231
Red River - South Fork (Cumberland River tributary)21.922
Red River - Sulphur Fork45.946
Red River - West Fork (Cumberland River tributary)14.785
Reedy Creek22.122
Reedy Creek1919
Richland Creek (Elk River (Tennessee River tributary))73.691
Richland Creek (Holston River tributary)28.228
Roan Creek2929
Roaring Creek1717
Roaring Fork15.816
Roaring Paunch Creek8.28
Roaring River37.780
Robertson Fork Creek17.518
Rock Creek (Cumberland River - Big South Fork tributary)11.311
Rocky River3131
Rogers Creek21.922
Round Lick Creek23.924
Running Reelfoot Bayou3434
Rushing Creek17.317
Rutherford Creek31.632
Sale Creek18.636
Saline Creek1212
Salt Lick Creek (Barren River tributary)17.248
Second Creek (Tennessee River tributary)6.16
Second Creek (Tennessee River tributary)88
Sequatchie River115.8156
Sewee Creek11.238
Shaws Creek20.921
Shoal Creek - East Fork (Elk River (Tennessee River tributary))9.510
Shoal Creek (Elk River (Tennessee River tributary))0.623
Shoal Creek (Tennessee River tributary)39.287
Shoal Creek - West Fork (Elk River (Tennessee River tributary))12.613
Sink Creek21.822
Sinking Creek16.617
Smith Fork Creek39.640
Snake Creek Canal14.730
Soddy Creek19.720
South Chestuee Creek17.117
South Chickamauga Creek17.320
South Harpeth River14.414
South Mouse Creek19.920
Spring Creek (Cumberland River tributary)30.531
Spring Creek (Hatchie River tributary)23.423
Spring Creek (Hiwassee River tributary)1717
Spring Creek (North Mouse Creek tributary)20.320
Spring Creek (Obion River - Middle Fork tributary)23.323
Spring Creek (Red River - West Fork (Cumberland River tributary))14.515
Spring Creek (Roaring River tributary)26.927
Station Camp Creek1831
Stewart Creek23.323
Stinking Creek2121
Stones River32.4257
Stones River - East Fork5469
Stones River - Middle Fork19.720
Stones River - West Fork39.174
Stony Creek16.116
Sugar Creek - East Fork (Elk River (Tennessee River tributary))16.216
Sugar Creek (Elk River (Tennessee River tributary))4.136
Sugar Creek (Forked Deer River - South Fork tributary)17.417
Sugar Creek - West Fork (Elk River (Tennessee River tributary))15.616
Suggs Creek17.417
Sulphur Fork Creek88
Swan Creek15.115
Sweetwater Creek27.427
Sycamore Creek24.825
Tackett Creek19.219
Tellico River49.481
Tennessee River400.75,686
Toccoa River0.51
Trace Creek24.625
Trammel Creek9.19
Tuckahoe Creek16.717
Turkey Creek20.320
Tuscumbia River10.410
Watauga River51.8157
Weatherford Creek15.616
West Chickamauga Creek3.13
West Harpeth River24.825
Whiteoak Creek31.331
White Oak Creek (Clear Fork (Cumberland River - Big South Fork tributary))25.926
White Oak Creek (Long Fork tributary)1414
Whites Creek2239
Wolf River (Mississippi River tributary)77.8120
Wolf River - North Fork (Mississippi River tributary)20.821
Wolf River (Obey River tributary)34.835
Wolftever Creek22.923
Yellow Creek34.635

Note: Lengths are for the part of the river/watershed within the boundary of this state.

Note: Mostly rivers/streams 15+ miles in length.

Data from United States Geological Survey