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United States Rivers

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River count336
River miles11,788

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Name Length
Bacon Creek3535
Balls Fork21.321
Banklick Creek19.620
Barren River135.2524
Barren River - East Fork19.219
Bayou Creek2525
Bayou de Chien31.147
Bays Fork27.928
Bear Creek46.146
Beargrass Creek1.931
Beargrass Creek - Middle Fork15.315
Beargrass Creek - South Fork13.714
Beaver Creek (Chaplin River tributary)23.624
Beaver Creek (Cumberland River tributary)34.963
Beaver Creek - Left Fork (Levisa Fork tributary)28.829
Beaver Creek (Levisa Fork tributary)7.274
Beaver Creek (Licking River tributary)22.222
Beaver Creek (Licking River tributary)18.619
Beaver Creek - Right Fork (Levisa Fork tributary)3838
Beaver Creek (Skaggs Creek tributary)37.838
Beech Creek29.730
Beech Fork (Kentucky River - Middle Fork tributary)15.115
Beech Fork (Rolling Fork tributary)111.9334
Benson Creek29.248
Big Brush Creek19.341
Big Caney Creek13.814
Big Creek17.117
Big Pitman Creek43.172
Big Reedy Creek1818
Big Sandy River27.1708
Big Sinking Creek17.117
Big South Fork22.322
Blackford Creek31.231
Blackwater Creek16.517
Blaine Creek45.245
Blood River17.217
Boone Creek17.618
Bracken Creek1717
Brashears Creek25.9130
Brownies Creek16.817
Brush Creek15.616
Brushy Creek16.517
Brushy Fork18.519
Buck Creek63.380
Buffalo Creek1.714
Buffalo Creek - Right Fork11.812
Bullskin Creek22.538
Cabin Creek17.217
Cane Run17.417
Caney Creek (Licking River tributary)19.419
Caney Creek (Little Sandy River tributary)1.615
Caney Creek (Rough River tributary)22.823
Canoe Creek24.224
Carr Fork28.128
Cartwright Creek26.126
Casey Creek23.223
Cedar Creek (Floyds Fork tributary)16.216
Cedar Creek (Kentucky River tributary)15.415
Chaplin River90.5151
Clanton Creek1515
Clarks Creek16.917
Clarks River66.8128
Clarks River - East Fork8.28
Clarks River - Middle Fork15.115
Clarks River - West Fork38.338
Claylick Creek17.217
Clear Creek (Brashears Creek tributary)28.328
Clear Creek (Cumberland River tributary)19.932
Clear Creek (Kentucky River tributary)19.820
Clear Creek (Tradewater River tributary)28.746
Clear Fork (Cumberland River tributary)23.641
Clifty Creek (Rough River tributary)21.121
Clifty Creek (Wolf Lick Creek tributary)19.419
Clover Creek23.123
Collins Fork19.319
Cox Creek2424
Craborchard Creek24.725
Crocus Creek27.843
Crooked Creek (Licking River - South Fork tributary)15.215
Crooked Creek (Ohio River tributary)29.630
Crooked Creek (Salt River tributary)1515
Cumberland River377.81,922
Cumberland River - Big South Fork54.6151
Cumberland River - Clover Fork33.133
Cumberland River - Martins Fork37.237
Cumberland River - Poor Fork51.852
Cutshin Creek26.326
Cypress Creek (Pond River tributary)33.634
Cypress Creek (Tennessee River tributary)19.920
Cypress Creek (Tradewater River tributary)17.518
Deer Creek - East Fork (Green River tributary)14.615
Deer Creek (Green River tributary)20.535
Deer Creek (Ohio River tributary)19.920
Dix River79.7112
Donaldson Creek26.326
Drakes Creek (Barren River tributary)23.4118
Drakes Creek - Middle Fork (Barren River tributary)2231
Drakes Creek (Pond River tributary)21.822
Drakes Creek - West Fork (Barren River tributary)32.833
Drennon Creek22.322
Drowning Creek15.415
Eagle Creek100.9192
Eddy Creek19.820
Elk Creek1.72
Elk Fork (Licking River tributary)15.215
Elk Fork (Red River (Cumberland River tributary))31.331
Elkhorn Creek (Kentucky River tributary)18.2164
Elkhorn Creek (Russell Fork tributary)2828
Falling Timber Creek15.215
Fishing Creek41.942
Flat Creek17.417
Fleming Creek39.439
Floyds Fork6278
Fork Lick Creek17.618
Fox Creek30.430
Fox Run15.115
Frozen Creek1616
Gasper River38.739
Glens Creek22.222
Goose Creek (Green River tributary)15.816
Goose Creek (Kentucky River - South Fork tributary)44.579
Grassy Creek1.456
Grassy Creek - Middle Fork15.442
Grassy Creek - North Fork12.312
Grassy Creek - South Fork26.727
Greasy Creek (Cumberland River tributary)14.915
Greasy Creek (Kentucky River - Middle Fork tributary)27.528
Green River382.42,375
Green River - South Fork12.312
Guist Creek38.338
Gunpowder Creek22.422
Hanging Fork Creek32.332
Hardins Creek2323
Hardins Creek15.616
Harris Fork Creek33
Harrods Creek33.433
Harrods Fork15.315
Hickman Creek25.526
Highland Creek33.150
Hinkston Creek71.672
Horse Lick Creek20.721
Houston Creek19.720
Humphrey Creek21.436
Hurricane Creek2020
Indian Camp Creek17.931
Indian Camp Creek - East Prong12.713
Jellico Creek2525
Jessamine Creek19.319
Johns Creek65.184
Johnson Creek3030
Jonathan Creek1919
Kentucky River257.92,165
Kentucky River - Middle Fork105.3174
Kentucky River - North Fork167.8630
Kentucky River - South Fork45.1196
Kincaid Creek1818
Kinniconick Creek51.167
Knob Creek16.717
Knox Creek88
Laurel Fork (Clear Fork tributary)15.816
Laurel Fork (Kinniconick Creek tributary)1616
Laurel River51109
Lead Creek15.115
Levisa Fork127.3441
Levisa Fork - Middle Creek18.418
Lick Creek17.417
Licking River302.51,169
Licking River - North Fork85.786
Licking River - North Fork20.921
Licking River - South Fork65.9327
Line Creek8.59
Line Fork28.729
Little Barren River21.187
Little Barren River - East Fork30.230
Little Barren River - South Fork36.136
Little Bayou de Chien15.516
Little Brush Creek21.421
Little Clear Creek11.812
Little Eagle Creek12.913
Little Goose Creek15.616
Little Kentucky River37.538
Little Laurel River25.826
Little Muddy Creek21.622
Little Paint Creek16.216
Little Pitman Creek14.515
Little River58.4178
Little River - Muddy Fork40.741
Little River - North Fork16.216
Little River - South Fork26.326
Little Sandy River85.3218
Little Sandy River - East Fork48.364
Little Sandy River - Little Fork36.737
Little South Fork43.544
Livingston Creek27.227
Locust Creek15.716
Long Creek (Barren River tributary)14.114
Long Creek (Pond River tributary)19.920
Long Fork1.63
Long Lick Creek21.321
Long Lick Creek15.716
Lost Creek20.821
Lulbegrud Creek2424
Lynn Camp Creek15.516
Lytles Fork23.824
Marrowbone Creek2222
Marsh Creek26.326
Massac Creek15.827
Massac Creek - West Fork11.311
Mayfield Creek63.789
Mayfield Creek - West Fork24.925
Meeting Creek1818
Middle Pitman Creek14.214
Mill Creek (Licking River - South Fork tributary)21.822
Mill Creek (Salt River tributary)24.825
Mississippi River51.511,788
Mud Creek1717
Muddy Creek (Green River tributary)24.424
Muddy Creek (Kentucky River tributary)31.532
Muddy Creek (Rough River tributary)15.516
Mud River70.9137
Noahs Spring Branch7.68
Nolin River107.7201
Nolin River - North Fork9.910
Nolin River - South Fork14.915
North Elkhorn Creek75.493
North Rolling Fork25.225
Obion Creek67.4130
Ohio River65711,515
Otter Creek (Beaver Creek (Cumberland River tributary))27.628
Otter Creek (Kentucky River tributary)16.517
Otter Creek (Ohio River tributary)25.526
Otter Creek (Pond River tributary)1616
Paint Creek19.950
Paint Creek - Open Fork13.914
Paint Lick Creek29.830
Panther Creek23.268
Panther Creek - North Fork18.719
Panther Creek - South Fork25.926
Peter Creek29.930
Piney Creek25.526
Pitman Creek35.936
Plum Creek17.818
Pond Creek (Green River tributary)21.321
Pond Creek (Highland Creek tributary)16.817
Pond Creek (Salt River tributary)1633
Pond River90.7239
Pond River - Buck Fork27.528
Pond River - West Fork29.830
Poplar Creek16.517
Pup Creek1818
Quicksand Creek39.8102
Quicksand Creek - Laurel Fork16.216
Quicksand Creek - Middle Fork13.313
Quicksand Creek - South Fork1717
Quicksand Creek - Spring Fork15.415
Red Bird River34.434
Red Lick Creek18.318
Red River (Cumberland River tributary)30.1164
Red River (Kentucky River tributary)98.7151
Red River - Middle Fork (Kentucky River tributary)15.528
Red River - South Fork (Cumberland River tributary)7.78
Red River - South Fork (Kentucky River tributary)12.312
Red River - West Fork (Cumberland River tributary)33.750
Richland Creek21.321
Roaring Paunch Creek15.616
Robinson Creek (Green River tributary)25.526
Robinson Creek (Laurel River tributary)16.216
Rockcastle Creek17.853
Rockcastle Creek - Middle Fork16.817
Rockcastle River54.7153
Rockcastle River - South Fork29.129
Rock Creek (Cumberland River - Big South Fork tributary)21.421
Rock Creek (Nolin River tributary)15.115
Rockhouse Creek26.126
Rockhouse Fork17.918
Rocky Creek15.215
Rolling Fork107.9507
Rough River155.7263
Rough River - North Fork29.630
Roundstone Creek28.228
Russell Creek66.388
Russell Fork16.545
Saline Creek5.56
Salt Lick Creek (Barren River tributary)4.58
Salt Lick Creek (Licking River tributary)20.420
Salt River150.71,026
Sexton Creek23.123
Shelby Creek26.326
Silver Creek4040
Sinking Creek (Cumberland River - Big South Fork tributary)16.316
Sinking Creek (Ohio River tributary)40.156
Sinking Creek (Rockcastle River tributary)20.420
Sinking Fork35.936
Sixmile Creek24.525
Skaggs Creek50.4103
Slate Creek6060
South Benson Creek19.119
South Elkhorn Creek52.853
Spring Creek (Red River - West Fork (Cumberland River tributary))8.48
Station Camp Creek22.983
Station Camp Creek - South Fork27.528
Stevens Creek21.121
Stinking Creek18.819
Stoner Creek73119
Straight Creek23.737
Straight Creek - Left Fork13.614
Strodes Creek26.627
Sturgeon Creek34.134
Sulphur Creek21.221
Sulphur Fork Creek8.89
Ten Mile Creek16.817
Tennessee River61.9246
Thompson Creek1515
Townsend Creek1616
Tradewater River135.6276
Trammel Creek30.531
Triplett Creek22.949
Triplett Creek - North Fork26.226
Troublesome Creek45.387
Tug Fork96.1194
Twelvemile Creek22.723
Tygarts Creek88.789
Upper Howard Creek20.220
Valley Creek1818
War Fork14.114
Welch Creek22.322
Whippoorwill Creek45.445
White Oak Creek (Cumberland River tributary)17.217
White Oak Creek (Long Fork tributary)1.62
Williams Creek15.616
Wilson Creek1818
Wolf Creek (Cumberland River tributary)22.222
Wolf Creek (Tug Fork tributary)20.621
Wolf Lick Creek31.251
Wolf River (Obey River tributary)5.56
Yellow Creek18.218

Note: Lengths are for the part of the river/watershed within the boundary of this state.

Note: Mostly rivers/streams 15+ miles in length.

Data from United States Geological Survey