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New York

River count458
River miles12,787

Large Bodies of Water


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Name Length
Allegheny River52.3392
Alplaus Kill18.719
Angelica Creek14.732
Annsville Creek725
Arthur Kill13.614
Ausable River20.7105
Ausable River - East Branch34.835
Ausable River - West Branch33.849
Baldwin Creek15.115
Basic Creek19.219
Batavia Kill24.324
Batten Kill31.468
Bear Creek15.516
Beards Creek14.125
Beaver Creek (Oswegatchie River tributary)24.625
Beaver Creek (Unadilla River tributary)19.820
Beaver Kill41.169
Beaver River54.588
Bennetts Creek19.720
Big Salmon Creek16.817
Big Sister Creek20.120
Big Stream15.315
Black Brook16.717
Black Creek (Angelica Creek tributary)17.718
Black Creek (Batten Kill tributary)2737
Black Creek (Beaver River tributary)1818
Black Creek (Genesee River tributary)17.718
Black Creek (Genesee River tributary)57.771
Black Creek (Hudson River tributary)19.820
Black Creek (Indian River tributary)23.841
Black Creek - West Branch (Indian River tributary)17.317
Black Creek (West Canada Creek tributary)3048
Black River (Boquet River tributary)11.812
Black River (Lake Ontario tributary)126537
Boquet River45.696
Boquet River - North Branch20.438
Boreas River26.226
Bradner Creek15.415
Brokenstraw Creek10.924
Bronx River29.229
Buffalo Creek43.944
Buffalo River8.1171
Butternut Creek (Limestone Creek tributary)30.731
Butternut Creek (Unadilla River tributary)43.744
Buttonwood Creek1515
Byram River6.87
Callicoon Creek1.930
Callicoon Creek - East Branch17.718
Callicoon Creek - North Branch10.210
Canada Creek17.718
Canadaway Creek20.621
Canajoharie Creek22.122
Canandaigua Outlet34.9112
Canasawacta Creek17.117
Canaseraga Creek (Genesee River tributary)45.3100
Canaseraga Creek (Oneida River tributary)15.616
Caneadea Creek16.617
Canisteo River61.1120
Caroga Creek24.224
Cassadaga Creek41.842
Catatonk Creek21.834
Catatonk Creek - South Branch12.312
Catfish Creek23.624
Catharine Creek21.121
Catskill Creek4691
Cattaraugus Creek72.3152
Cattaraugus Creek - South Branch21.922
Cayadutta Creek19.820
Cayuga Creek41.860
Cayuga Inlet16.737
Cayuta Creek34.434
Cazenovia Creek1859
Cazenovia Creek - East Branch23.524
Cazenovia Creek - West Branch17.217
Cedar River4158
Champlain Canal22.353
Charlotte Creek32.948
Chateaugay River16.216
Chaumont River22.222
Chautauqua Creek19.820
Chemung River36.1366
Chenango River86.3298
Cherry Valley Creek34.134
Chippewa Creek26.542
Chittenango Creek55.3118
Choconut Creek8.79
Chubb River15.315
Cincinnati Creek19.620
Claverack Creek17.448
Clear Creek2436
Clear Creek - North Branch12.112
Clyde River22.1211
Cobleskill Creek2346
Cohocton River59.4118
Cold River15.816
Cold Spring Creek17.317
Conesus Creek19.632
Conewango Creek57.1144
Conewango Creek - West Branch16.717
Corbeau Creek19.820
Cowanesque River0.911
Crane Brook24.324
Crooked Creek15.415
Cross River10.322
Croton River23.596
Croton River - East Branch27.628
Croton River - West Branch15.315
Crystal Creek15.616
Dead Creek (Grass River - South Branch tributary)15.215
Dead Creek (Raquette River tributary)18.218
Deer Creek - East Branch (Salmon River (St. Lawrence River tributary))20.621
Deer Creek (Lake Ontario tributary)17.217
Deer Creek (Salmon River (St. Lawrence River tributary))0.239
Deer Creek - West Branch (Salmon River (St. Lawrence River tributary))18.619
Deer River (Black River tributary)3232
Deer River (St. Regis River tributary)59.376
Delaware River78.6525
Delaware River - East Branch75.5144
Delaware River - West Branch88125
Dodge Creek16.517
Dutch Hollow Brook16.817
Dwaar Kill22.523
Dyke Creek15.916
East Canada Creek34.569
East Kill17.217
East Koy Creek2424
East Mongaup River10.410
East Stony Creek26.927
Eighteenmile Creek - East Branch (Lake Ontario tributary)27.728
Eighteenmile Creek (Lake Erie tributary)32.151
Eighteenmile Creek (Lake Ontario tributary)15.143
Eighteenmile Creek - South Branch (Lake Erie tributary)18.418
Ellicott Creek47.247
Elm Creek20.721
Elton Creek21.822
English River2020
Erie Canal341.3341
Esopus Creek66.5104
Fall Creek39.256
Fall Kill15.516
Farrington Brook18.519
Fish Creek - East Branch (Oneida River tributary)45.460
Fish Creek (Hudson River tributary)18.193
Fish Creek (Indian River (Oswegatchie River tributary))16.116
Fish Creek (Oneida River tributary)14151
Fish Creek - West Branch (Oneida River tributary)36.777
Fishing Brook18.118
Fishkill Creek33.858
Fivemile Creek2424
Flint Creek4343
Fox Creek24.825
French Creek (Allegheny River tributary)31.241
French Creek - West Branch (Allegheny River tributary)10.210
Ganargua Creek32.961
Genegantslet Creek26.226
Genesee River154647
Glowegee Creek15.816
Grass River73.6277
Grass River - Middle Branch14.114
Grass River - North Branch30.631
Grass River - South Branch4863
Great Chazy River48.895
Great Chazy River - North Branch26.326
Great Valley Creek18.619
Green River (Housatonic River tributary)10.310
Grindstone Creek8.342
Grindstone Creek - North Branch11.612
Grindstone Creek - South Branch1212
Gulf Stream16.116
Hackensack River13.421
Halfway Creek30.531
Hannacrois Creek2323
Hans Creek1818
Harrison Creek4.540
Hatch Brook20.420
Hemlock Outlet17.417
Honeoye Creek (Genesee River tributary)39.772
Honeoye Creek (Oswayo Creek tributary)11.612
Hoosic River36.787
Hudson River314.23,250
Hutchinson River1414
Independence River40.741
Indian River (Hudson River tributary)20.359
Indian River (Mettawee River tributary)6.26
Indian River (Moose River - South Branch tributary)17.417
Indian River (Oswegatchie River tributary)120.9178
Indian River (West Canada Creek tributary)13.213
Irondequoit Creek40.340
Ischua Creek31.632
Jessup River21.321
Johnson Creek36.937
Jordan River23.924
Kaaterskill Creek26.226
Kashong Creek16.116
Kayaderosseras Creek4075
Kennyetto Creek18.418
Keshequa Creek27.528
Kinderhook Creek43.383
Kunjamuk River20.621
La Chute40.155
Ledge Creek11.747
Limestone Creek3263
Little Ausable River31.732
Little Beards Creek11.311
Little Black Creek21.522
Little Black Creek12.913
Little Brokenstraw Creek12.913
Little Buffalo Creek18.318
Little Chazy River21.321
Little Conesus Creek12.613
Little Conewango Creek15.916
Little Delaware River17.317
Little Grindstone Creek1010
Little Hoosic River19.419
Little River (Fish Creek - West Branch (Oneida River tributary))20.921
Little River (Grass River tributary)19.536
Little River (Oswegatchie River tributary)25.526
Little Salmon Creek10.210
Little Salmon River (Lake Ontario tributary)16.356
Little Salmon River - North Branch (Lake Ontario tributary)19.820
Little Salmon River (Salmon River (St. Lawrence River tributary))39.858
Little Salmon River - South Branch (Lake Ontario tributary)19.820
Little Sandy Creek18.519
Little Tonawanda Creek18.719
Little Trout River24.825
Little Wappinger Creek17.818
Little White Creek7.78
Little Woodhull Creek18.118
Long House Creek8.59
Long Pond Outlet22.422
Mad River19.319
Mad River22.222
Mahwah River10.711
Mamaroneck River11.411
Marsh Creek16.316
Matoon Creek16.437
Meads Creek18.318
Mettawee River22.782
Miami River17.818
Mianus River10.410
Middle Brook15.516
Middle Mongaup River12.613
Mill Brook1515
Mill Creek (Black Creek (West Canada Creek tributary))17.818
Mill Creek (Hudson River tributary)21.822
Mill Creek (Lake Ontario tributary)18.519
Minerva Stream15.115
Mohawk River149.7812
Mohawk River - East Branch1313
Mongaup River23.947
Moodna Creek15.632
Moordener Kill15.616
Moose River18.9122
Moose River - Middle Branch25.149
Moose River - North Branch23.624
Moose River - South Branch36.654
Moses Kill26.326
Mourning Kill19.219
Mud Creek (Cohocton River tributary)1616
Mud Creek (Ganargua Creek tributary)27.728
Mud Creek (Otselic River tributary)1515
Mud Creek (Tonawanda Creek tributary)19.319
Mud Creek (Wood Creek tributary)16.216
Murder Creek35.736
Nanticoke Creek24.224
Neversink River54.683
Neversink River - East Branch1414
Neversink River - West Branch14.715
Newtown Creek22.923
Niagara River33.6313
Ninemile Creek (Lake Ontario tributary)25.325
Ninemile Creek (Mohawk River tributary)25.926
Ninemile Creek (Seneca River tributary)29.229
Normans Kill45.546
Northrup Creek18.619
Oak Orchard Creek58.793
Oaks Creek17.117
Oatka Creek61.762
Oil Creek1313
Olean Creek8.553
Oneida Creek35.958
Oneida River40.1460
Onondaga Creek26.326
Opalescent River16.116
Oquaga Creek19.219
Oriskany Creek32.933
Oswayo Creek416
Oswegatchie River144.8518
Oswegatchie River - Middle Branch44.344
Oswegatchie River - West Branch63.8108
Oswego River24.11,190
Otego Creek30.831
Otselic River55.470
Otsquago Creek16.517
Otter Creek (Black River tributary)20.921
Otter Creek (Oak Orchard Creek tributary)17.618
Otter Kill1616
Ouleout Creek27.728
Owasco Inlet23.524
Owasco River29.770
Owego Creek795
Owego Creek - East Branch29.429
Owego Creek - West Branch24.825
Pascack Brook7.58
Peekskill Hollow Creek17.718
Perch River22.322
Pike Creek15.516
Pipe Creek15.215
Plattekill Creek17.317
Plumb Brook19.620
Plum Brook25.325
Pochuck Creek6.729
Poesten Kill27.944
Point Rock Creek1515
Post Creek15.415
Poultney River61.7220
Putnam Creek21.421
Quacken Kill16.116
Quassaic Creek19.119
Ramapo River14.525
Ransom Creek17.117
Raquette River151.2285
Raystone Creek1717
Red Creek20.521
Roaring Brook18.619
Rock River16.617
Rocky Run1616
Roeliff Jansen Kill56.572
Rondout Creek63.3266
Rutgers Creek21.922
Sacandaga River76.2242
Sacandaga River - East Branch25.526
Sacandaga River - West Branch37.738
Saddle River2.32
Sage Creek15.415
Salmon Creek (Lake Ontario tributary)18.218
Salmon Creek (Lake Ontario tributary)21.739
Salmon Creek (Seneca River tributary)9.136
Salmon River - East Fork (Lake Ontario tributary)10.511
Salmon River (Lake Champlain tributary)24.925
Salmon River (Lake Ontario tributary)39.891
Salmon River - North Branch (Lake Ontario tributary)9.332
Salmon River (St. Lawrence River tributary)52.1186
Salmon River - West Fork (Lake Ontario tributary)8.99
Sandburg Creek20.120
Sandy Creek - East Branch (Lake Ontario tributary)17.718
Sandy Creek (Lake Ontario tributary)14.450
Sandy Creek (Lake Ontario tributary)38.667
Sandy Creek - North Branch (Lake Ontario tributary)12.312
Sandy Creek - West Branch (Lake Ontario tributary)18.218
Sangerfield River2727
Saranac River77.7125
Saranac River - North Branch2929
Sauquoit Creek21.522
Saw Kill19.820
Saw Mill River24.224
Sawyer Creek20.521
Scajaquada Creek15.215
Schenevus Creek28.929
Schoharie Creek94206
Schroon River67.7129
Sconondoa Creek22.222
Scriba Creek16.517
Seneca River97.4706
Shawangunk Kill47.247
Shekomeko Creek15.315
Shingle Shanty Brook15.415
Silver Creek1818
Six Mile Creek20.120
Skaneateles Creek31.331
Skinner Creek18.218
Smoke Creek16.429
Smoke Creek - South Branch12.713
Snake Creek1.62
Snook Kill24.137
Snook Kill - North Branch12.713
Sodus Creek15.816
South Chuctanunda Creek16.216
South Sandy Creek32.965
Spring Brook15.315
Sprite Creek1515
Sprout Creek24.625
Spruce Creek19.319
Spruce Mill Brook17.718
Spuytenduivel Brook1515
Squeak Brook20.120
Sterling Creek22.746
Sterling Valley Creek2323
Stillwater Creek12.713
St. Lawrence River114.91,730
Stockport Creek2.5133
Stone Hill River11.712
Stony Creek (Hudson River tributary)15.415
Stony Creek (Lake Ontario tributary)25.626
Stony Kill18.619
St. Regis River91.8307
St. Regis River - East Branch23.724
St. Regis River - West Branch75.2116
Sugar River12.212
Sumner Brook318
Susquehanna River154.41,357
Swamp River18.318
Taghkanic Creek30.130
Tanner Creek14.515
Taughannock Creek18.919
Tenmile River (Delaware River tributary)1717
Tenmile River (Housatonic River tributary)14.758
The Branch15.816
Tioga River13.6144
Tioughnioga River34.1141
Tioughnioga River - East Branch21.522
Tioughnioga River - West Branch15.315
Titicus River7.68
Tomhannock Creek16.316
Tonawanda Creek114.3264
Tracy Brook16.717
Troups Creek9.810
Trout Brook (Deer River (St. Regis River tributary))16.216
Trout Brook (La Chute tributary)15.215
Trout Brook (Raquette River tributary)30.731
Trout Brook (Schroon River tributary)15.731
Trout Brook (St. Regis River - West Branch tributary)18.519
Trout River22.748
Tunungwant Creek9.610
Tuscarora Creek24.339
Tuscarora Creek - North Branch14.515
Twelvemile Creek18.118
Twelvemile Creek - East Branch19.419
Twentymile Creek1616
Twobridge Brook15.215
Twomile Creek11.427
Unadilla River71.1169
Valatie Kill20.821
Virgil Creek16.917
Vloman Kill18.619
Wallkill River62.4183
Walloomsac River7.115
Walnut Creek17.135
Wappasening Creek2.22
Wappinger Creek4260
Wawayanda Creek13.422
Webatuck Creek2525
West Canada Creek76.5176
West Canada Creek - South Branch19.119
West Creek (Cobleskill Creek tributary)22.723
West Creek (Salmon Creek (Lake Ontario tributary))17.417
West River18.118
West Stony Creek18.619
Wharton Creek34.635
White Creek9.510
Willowemoc Creek27.828
Wiscoy Creek24.949
Wolcott Creek19.119
Wood Creek26.460
Woodhull Creek21.940
Wynants Kill17.618
Wynkoop Creek15.315
Yawger Creek1616

Note: Lengths are for the part of the river/watershed within the boundary of this state.

Note: Mostly rivers/streams 15+ miles in length.

Data from United States Geological Survey