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United States Rivers

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River count1,394
River miles80,894

Large Bodies of Water


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Name Length
Accomplishment Creek37.237
Agashashok River57.558
Agiak Creek30.330
Agiapuk River73.4162
Agulowak River45.245
Ahding River18.318
Ahrnklin River31.231
Aichilik River77.9109
Akillik River51.1103
Aklumayuak Creek50.951
Akulik River30.731
Akulikutak River93.7142
Akutoktak River35.836
Akwe River3047
Alagnak River99.6129
Alaktak River51.752
Alatakrok River18.719
Alatna River220.2595
Alatna River - Malamute Fork28142
Albert Creek30.831
Alec River16.717
Alexander Creek45.345
Alfred Creek45.345
Alice Creek4343
Allen Creek36.737
Allen River40.941
Allen River62.262
Alsek River49.950
Amakomanak Creek34.635
Ambler River82.6210
American Creek91.5124
American River53.389
Anakshek Pass44.973
Anaktuvuk River141.8432
Anchor River16.543
Anchor River - North Fork2626
Andreafsky River132.3312
Andreafsky River - East Fork143.2143
Andrew Creek36.937
Anerkochik River35.536
Angun River3333
Aniakchak River39.940
Aniak River135.6393
Anisak River66.867
Aniuk River54.7136
Anvik River150.4327
Apoon Pass31.284
Aprothluk River19.219
Archuelinguk River44.745
Arctic River48.248
Arolik River1515
Arolik River - North Mouth22.182
Arolik River - South Mouth19.920
Arrow Creek46.847
Arvesta Creek4141
Asikpak River23.924
Atchuelinguk River174.5274
Atigun River43.243
Atsaksovluk Creek37.337
Atutsak River24.825
Aupuk Creek30.931
Autumn Creek35.736
Avak River63.764
Avalik River100.2235
Avalitkok Creek34.234
Avgun River38.438
Avingak Creek31.732
Awuna River203.1337
Ayakulik River44.645
Ayiyak River102.7103
Azun River49.8139
Babel River24.324
Bakbuk Creek35.435
Baker Creek53.7152
Banddana Creek34.635
Bartlett River19.119
Basket Creek46.647
Batza River19.920
Bear Creek (Bearpaw River tributary)76.777
Bear Creek (Chief Creek tributary)32.833
Bear Creek (Hess Creek - North Fork tributary)37.538
Bear Creek (Kuskokwim River - Middle Fork - Pitka Fork tributary)51.451
Bear Creek (Yukon River tributary)34.835
Bear Creek (Yukon River tributary)3333
Bear Mountain Creek41.441
Bearpaw River72.1251
Bear River (Niukluk River tributary)20.320
Bear River (Northeastern Pacific Ocean tributary)2483
Beartrack River17.818
Beaver Creek (Anvik River tributary)37.838
Beaver Creek (Big Creek (Yukon River tributary))43.644
Beaver Creek (Innoko River tributary)41.942
Beaver Creek (Kobuk River tributary)74.274
Beaver Creek (Kuskokwim River tributary)43.744
Beaver Creek (Snag Creek tributary)46.446
Beaver Creek (Yukon River tributary)291.7479
Beluga River40.6104
Bering Creek54.955
Bering River26.745
Berners River16.316
Bessie Creek44.545
Bettles River19.444
Big Creek (Beaver Creek (Yukon River tributary))46.747
Big Creek (Ikhèenjik River tributary)34.134
Big Creek (Little Black River tributary)94.995
Big Creek (Northeastern Pacific Ocean tributary)55.656
Big Creek (Teedriinjik River tributary)40.240
Big Creek (Yukon River tributary)92136
Big Mud River72.6127
Big River (Kashunuk River tributary)21.822
Big River (Kuskokwim River - Middle Fork tributary)134.3173
Big River (Northeastern Pacific Ocean tributary)23.866
Big River - North Fork (Kuskokwim River - Middle Fork tributary)22.823
Big River - North Fork (Northeastern Pacific Ocean tributary)28.829
Big River - South Fork (Northeastern Pacific Ocean tributary)13.614
Big Salmon Fork56.391
Big Salt River4949
Big Waldren Fork46.547
Big Yetna River141.9205
Billy Creek33.233
Billy Hawk Creek89.590
Binajoaksmiut River1818
Birch Creek87.7375
Bishop Creek2121
Black River - Grayling Fork (Draanjik River tributary)88.5150
Black River (Kobuk River tributary)2222
Black River (Kuskokwim River tributary)55.556
Black River (Northeastern Pacific Ocean tributary)103.6275
Black River (Oshetna River tributary)32.833
Black River - Salmon Fork (Draanjik River tributary)77232
Blackwater Creek67.467
Blind River69.169
Blossom River24.124
Blue River16.617
Bluestone River16.316
Bogus Creek67.768
Bonanza Creek (Charley River tributary)11.446
Bonanza Creek (Fish Creek (Koyukuk River - South Fork tributary))27.298
Bonanza Creek (Gorton Creek tributary)39.740
Bonanza Creek (Iditarod River tributary)62.863
Bonanza Creek (Mulchatna River tributary)36.136
Bonanza Creek - North Fork (Fish Creek (Koyukuk River - South Fork tributary))40.541
Bonanza Creek - South Fork (Fish Creek (Koyukuk River - South Fork tributary))30.430
Bonanza Creek (Sulatna River tributary)34.935
Bonanza River30.430
Bonasila River134.4337
Boney Creek87.788
Boston Creek45.145
Boulder Creek (Coleen River tributary)6767
Boulder Creek (Fish Creek (Tanana River tributary))34.935
Box River41.742
Bradfield River4.727
Bradfield River - North Fork22.322
Branch of Kogosukruk River25.626
Bremner River42.8116
Bremner River - Middle Fork17.918
Bremner River - North Fork23.624
Bremner River - South Fork15.215
Bronx Creek64.765
Brooks River15.516
Browns Fork28.328
Brushkana Creek32.633
Buckland River88.2384
Buckland River - Middle Fork36.737
Buckland River - North Fork42.142
Buckland River - South Fork55128
Buckland River - West Fork61.562
Buckstock River49.249
Bugomowik Pass35.235
Bull Creek61.161
Bull River25.225
Burnt River25.125
Butte Creek37.437
California River18.418
Campbell River19.419
Campbell River21.321
Can Creek38.138
Canning River125.5223
Canoe Bay River1515
Carbon Creek53.654
Caribou Creek37.137
Caribou River63.2165
Casadepaga River34.434
Castle River17.217
Cathedral River2727
Chakachatna River57.7167
Chakaktolik Creek59.760
Chakina River34.867
Chakwakamiut River18.519
Champion Creek30.831
Chandalar Creek61.962
Chandalar River - East Fork222.9741
Chandalar River - East Fork - North Fork87.4120
Chandalar River - Middle Fork137.8196
Chandalar River - West Fork29.630
Chandler River143.7475
Charley River110.2223
Chatanika River166.3293
Cheeneetnuk River68.869
Chekhechunnjik Creek32.833
Chelunginik River22.823
Chena River110.8357
Chena River - Middle Fork63.263
Chena River - North Fork2828
Chena River - South Fork58.959
Chena River - West Fork24.324
Cheshnina River2626
Cheslina River36.236
Chetaslina River26.848
Chetaslina River - East Fork20.921
Chichantna River22.523
Chichitnok River52.753
Chickak River15.415
Chickaloon River56.356
Chickaloon River34.134
Chickamin River42.994
Chickamin River - South Fork20.921
Chief Creek1649
Chignik River28.173
Chignik River - West Fork28.328
Chijuk Creek39.740
Chilchitna River51.652
Chilikadrotna River73.7125
Chilkat River48.6130
Chilligan River29.129
Chipp River66218
Chiroskey River58.358
Chisana River126.7275
Chistochina River55.7108
Chistochina River - East Fork29.429
Chistochina River - Middle Fork23.323
Chitanana River143.3143
Chitina River140.5577
Chitistone River25.125
Chokosna River1717
Chokotonk River32.633
Christian River215.6447
Chuck River18.118
Chuilnuk River60.761
Chuitna River42.142
Chukowan River3572
Chukwugwahlik River22.823
Chulitna River76.5275
Chulitna River118.1173
Chulitna River - East Fork35.135
Chulitna River - Middle Fork39.540
Chulitna River - West Fork32.858
Chunilna Creek48.849
Cinder River4779
Clear Creek (Kantishna River tributary)64.464
Clear Creek (Salchaket Slough tributary)55.756
Clear Fork39.940
Clear River32.633
Clearwater Creek (Susitna River tributary)44.545
Clearwater Creek (Tanana River tributary)31.1102
Clearwater Fork2727
Clums Fork20.721
Coal Creek (Beluga River tributary)40.741
Coal Creek (Killik River tributary)36.937
Coal Creek (Susitna River tributary)36.737
Coal Creek (Yukon River tributary)30.831
Cobblestone River22.523
Coffee Creek37.838
Coffee River2020
Coleen River193.7393
Colville River439.84,110
Copper Creek33.834
Copper River (Kvichak River tributary)41.441
Copper River (Northeastern Pacific Ocean tributary)302.42,710
Cosna River93.393
Cottonwood Creek49.349
Cowpack River25.425
Cranberry Creek37.437
Crater Creek29.930
Crescent Creek32.933
Crescent River14.954
Crescent River - Lake Fork22.422
Crescent River - North Fork1717
Cripple River (Arctic Ocean tributary)26.927
Cripple River (Northeastern Pacific Ocean tributary)27.127
Crooked Creek (Ikhèenjik River tributary)5182
Crooked Creek (Kasilof River tributary)38.939
Crooked Creek (Kuskokwim River tributary)35.536
Crooked Creek (Kwethluk River tributary)42.943
Crooked Creek (Tanana River tributary)38.539
Crooked Creek (Ugashik River tributary)30.230
Crow Nest Creek57.457
Cutaway Creek37.137
Cutler River57.7252
Cutoff Slough32.232
Dadina River35.135
Dagislakhna Creek48.5142
Dagislakhna Creek - North Fork21.121
Dagitli River40.941
Dahloongamiut River14.915
Dakli River4782
Dall River96.9234
Dall River - West Fork29.830
Dangerous River34.735
David River47.447
Davidsons Slough11.834
Deadman Creek43.143
Deepbank Creek44.444
Deep Creek (Highpower Creek tributary)39.239
Deep Creek (Muddy River (Birch Creek tributary))4444
Deep Creek (Northeastern Pacific Ocean tributary)42.743
Delta Creek42.643
Delta River94.8136
Dennis Creek46.547
Dennison Fork92.9227
Dennison Fork - East Fork43.343
Dennison Fork - West Fork90.490
Derby Creek50.250
Deshka River32.5192
Dietrich River3939
Dillinger River33.433
Disappointment Creek32.633
Discovery Creek (Awuna River tributary)34.735
Discovery Creek (K’iidòotinjik River tributary)66.667
Discovery Creek (Kuskokwim River tributary)104104
Dishna River155231
Doame River20.120
Doestock Creek47.948
Dog Salmon River77.477
Don River22.422
Douglas River24.525
Draanjik River334.1876
Drift River4242
Driftwood Creek35.736
Drop Creek32.733
Duck Creek23.624
Duktoth River27.427
Dulbi River169.1276
Dulbi Slough74.4215
Eagle Creek4242
Eagle River41.642
Ear River35.335
East Alsek River11.331
Easter Creek53.253
East Fork Toklat River39.139
Echooka River71.972
Eddy Creek50.150
Eden Creek37.337
Eek River179385
Eek River - Middle Fork83.584
Eenayarak River62.162
Egaksrak River63132
Egavik Creek37.838
Egegik River78259
Eisenmenger Fork25.125
Ekaluakat River34.669
Ekiek Creek34.735
Eklutna River27.227
Eldorado River34.134
Eli River97.3135
Elusive Creek30.531
Elutuli Creek55.155
Endicott River25.826
Epizetka River78.679
Eskimo Creek33.834
Espenberg River31.250
Espenberg River - West Fork18.619
Etchepuk River27.427
Etivluk River82.6373
Etivluk River - East Fork66.5132
Feather River18.218
Fin Creek3535
Firth River37.279
Fish Creek (Arctic Ocean tributary)129.7409
Fish Creek (Koyukuk River - South Fork tributary)78.7177
Fish Creek (Kuskokwim River - North Fork tributary)50.951
Fish Creek (Mastodon Creek tributary)32.332
Fish Creek (Susitna River tributary)47.447
Fish Creek (Susitna River tributary)48.248
Fish Creek (Tanana River tributary)22.257
Fish Creek (Yukon River tributary)29.930
Fisher Creek3535
Fishhook Creek33.834
Fish River (Buckland River tributary)40.340
Fish River (Highpower Creek tributary)39.840
Fish River (Northeastern Pacific Ocean tributary)91.8436
Five Day Slough51.6117
Flambeau River26.126
Flat Creek51.552
Flint Creek56.156
Flora Creek31.932
Flume Creek34.835
Fog River83.984
Folger Creek17.643
Folger Creek - South Fork25.826
Foraker River71.8176
Fortymile River39.9760
Fortymile River - Middle Fork94.895
Fortymile River - North Fork58.1215
Fortymile River - South Fork28505
Fossil Creek36.837
Fountain River88
Fourmile Creek31.431
Fourth of July Creek58.659
Fox River (Fish River (Northeastern Pacific Ocean tributary))26.727
Fox River (Northeastern Pacific Ocean tributary)33.133
Fry Creek74.374
Funchion Creek33.634
Funny River43.544
Gagaryah River63.263
Gakona River96.5135
Galatea Creek56.456
Ganes Creek36.537
Gardiner Creek67.167
Gemuk River36.837
George River98280
George River - East Fork67.3151
George River - North Fork31.632
George River - South Fork33.534
Gerstle River46.947
Gilahina River28.946
Gisasa River99.7100
Glacier River42.743
Gnat Creek44.244
Gold King Creek3232
Goldstream Creek126.3126
Golsovia River54.555
Goodhope River77.3112
Goodnews River83.9240
Goodnews River - Middle Fork60.186
Goodnews River - South Fork3939
Goodpaster River129.6241
Goodpaster River - South Fork67.887
Goodpaster River - South Fork - West Fork18.719
Gorton Creek18.258
Grand Creek54.755
Grand Wash River18.619
Granite Creek (Sawmill Creek tributary)34.334
Granite Creek (Tana River tributary)32.733
Granite Fork31.131
Grass River66.1443
Gravina River19.920
Grayling Creek (Colville River tributary)5050
Grayling Creek (Serpentine River tributary)36.837
Grouch Creek4949
Gulkana River119.4251
Gulkana River - Middle Fork36.436
Gulkana River - West Fork95.596
Gweek River92.593
Hadweenzic River134.9135
Hallet River20.921
Hammer Creek62.763
Hammond River48.248
Hanagita River3030
Happy River47.247
Harding River22.923
Hardscrabble Creek32.833
Harris Creek4545
Hartman River27.628
Hather Creek74110
Hawk River61.361
Hayes River23.423
Healy River62.863
Heather Creek73.473
Helpmejack Creek31.131
Henry Creek31.932
Henshaw Creek20.9113
Henshaw Creek - East Fork50.951
Henshaw Creek - West Fork41.141
Herron River63.864
Hess Creek90.7285
Hess Creek - North Fork26.964
Hess Creek - South Fork15.215
Highpower Creek136.3243
Hodatic River17.818
Hodzana River161.3269
Hodzana River - Pitka Fork31.431
Hogatza River214.4294
Hoholitna River182.8402
Hoholitna River - South Fork61.361
Holitna River1351,210
Holokuk River53.754
Holonada Creek41.441
Holtnakatna Creek57.958
Honhosa River74.675
Hook Creek58.759
Hot Springs Creek39.740
Hughes Creek81.481
Hulahula River97.297
Humbolt Creek34.735
Hunter Creek41.842
Hunt River51.552
Huslia River49.1390
Huslia River - South Fork188.8189
Hutlinana Creek45.398
Hutlitakwa Creek52.853
Iaslaktoli River28.629
Iditarod River336.6670
Igitna River24.124
Igloo Creek35.335
Igning River23.323
Igushik River73.2191
Ikalukrok Creek46.346
Ikhèenjik River342637
Ikpikpuk River187.5971
Iliamna River3333
Iligluruk Creek30.230
Ilnik River25.626
Imelyak River63.598
Inaru River98.3148
Indian River (Mathews Slough tributary)85.986
Indian River (Northeastern Pacific Ocean tributary)7.741
Indian River - North Fork (Northeastern Pacific Ocean tributary)16.116
Indian River - South Fork (Northeastern Pacific Ocean tributary)17.417
Indian River (Susitna River tributary)23.524
Inglutalik River110.2176
Ingruksukruk Creek38.138
Iniakuk River47.848
Inicok Creek80.380
Inmachuk River36.358
Innoko River523.92,640
Innoko River - North Fork108.6266
Innoko River - North Fork - West Fork41.241
Inowak Creek30.130
Iowithla River68.969
Ipewik River100.6195
Ipnavik River83.684
Ipnelivik River2323
Ishkowik River48.949
Ishuktak Creek93.293
Italio River17.117
Iteriak Creek33.333
Itikmalak River22.322
Itkillik River250.8273
Itulilik Creek39.339
Ivan River25.926
Ivisaruk River84.785
Ivishak River99210
Ivotuk Creek32.232
Izavieknik River23.867
Izaviknek River105.9147
Jack River37.137
Jacksina Creek33.534
Jackson Creek47.247
Jago River84.9161
Jarvis Creek41.542
Jefferson Creek45.145
Jim River70.170
John Hansen Creek69.770
John River140.5363
John River - Hunt Fork13.679
Johnson Creek50.481
Johnson River (Kuskokwim River tributary)250.3513
Johnson River (Northeastern Pacific Ocean tributary)19.720
Johnson River (Tanana River tributary)24.925
Jones Creek45.5102
Jones Creek - North Fork38.839
Jones Creek - South Fork18.118
Jones River31.932
Jubilee Creek30.330
Judge Creek33.333
Judy Creek135.9136
Juniper Creek79.1114
Junjik River71.772
Kachauik River2020
Kachemach River41.542
Kadleroshilik River104.2104
Kahiltna River68117
Kaina Creek45.145
Kaiyuh Slough34.535
Kako Creek41.141
Kakpeyak River1616
Kaksu River26.226
Kala Creek46.647
Kalasik Creek32.533
Kaliakh River27.746
Kaliguricheark River32.633
Kalikpik River63.363
Kalik River17.217
Kaliksneethnook River15.115
Kallarichuk River31.331
Kalokut Creek32.132
Kaltag River30.831
Kaluich Creek28.796
Kaluktavik River41.241
Kalurivik Creek32.833
Kalusuk Creek36.737
Kalutna River35.636
Kametolook River20.621
Kamishak River50.4130
Kamishak River - South Fork21.822
Kanayut River40.741
Kandik River84.7118
Kanektok River98.198
Kantishna River162.61,288
Kanuti Chalatna Creek84.585
Kanuti Kilolitna River103.1176
Kanuti River220.9639
Kaolak River70.1122
Karluk River38.639
Kashaiak River20.649
Kashunuk River241.4536
Kashwitna River66.994
Kashwitna River - North Fork27.427
Kasigluk River128.1155
Kasilof River44.884
Kaskanak Creek7575
Katakturuk River4464
Katalla River15.315
Kateel River160.2362
Katlitna River7474
Katmai River23.524
Kauk River53.554
Kavik River8787
Kaviruk River22.523
Kawichiark River55.7261
Kealavik River38.639
Kealok Creek72.272
Kechumstuk Creek4040
Keefer Cutoff32.432
Keguk River32.432
Kejulik River56.456
Kekiktuk River27.227
Kelly River56.1130
Kelsall River11.912
Kemuk River25.826
Kenai River106.5263
Kenakuchuk Creek29.930
Keoklevik River22.923
Keta River20.120
Ketik River100.8101
Ketlkede Creek35.536
Kevinjik Creek69.570
Kevuk Creek35.435
Key Creek92.392
Khotol River85.7277
Kialik River17.195
Kichatna River62.588
Kigalik River87.287
K’iidòotinjik River76.5143
Kijik River46.346
Kikiakrorak River103.2103
Kikneak River43.644
Kiknik Creek36.236
Kiligwa River50.781
Kilikmak Creek31.431
Kiliovilik Creek37.838
Killak River15.115
Killey River48.348
Killik River143.1413
Kinak River50.350
Kinaruk River16.116
Kinegnak River31.756
Kingmetolik Creek33.634
King Salmon Creek64.865
King Salmon River (Egegik River tributary)67.467
King Salmon River (Northeastern Pacific Ocean tributary)28.128
King Salmon River (Northeastern Pacific Ocean tributary)44.1125
King Salmon River (Nushagak River tributary)68.669
Kings River25.526
Kinia River68.8124
Kipchuk River69.770
Kipniyagok River20.921
Kipungolak River77.978
Kiruktagiak River46.146
Kisaralik River122.5143
Kisaralik River - North Fork20.721
Kitlik River35.836
Kitluk River36.136
Kivalina River69.670
Kiwalik River89.8132
Kiyakyaliksamiut River19.119
Klahini River17.117
Klatsuta River23.824
Klawasi River27.127
Klehini River18.619
Klery Creek34.835
Klikhtentotzna Creek47.147
Klikitarik River19.720
Klokerblok River48.348
Kluktak Creek35.135
Klu River31.732
Klutina River65.4107
Klutuk Creek5757
Klutuspak Creek46.647
Knik River28.366
Knik River - Glacier Fork17.918
Knik River - Lake Fork19.419
Kobuk River394.31,891
Kocacho Creek94.394
Kodosin Nolitna Creek31.331
Kogok River42.465
Kogoluktuk River73.173
Kogosukruk River91.8117
Kogotpak River19.520
Kogrukluk River65.3113
Kogru River1818
Kokechik River72.9152
Kokhanok River44.745
Koklong Creek30.531
Kokolik River219.2318
Koksetna River54.555
Koktuli River70.9123
Kokwok River92.2122
Kolmakof River5252
Kolomak River22.222
Koneruk Creek38.438
Koness River93127
Kongakut River116.4132
Kongnignanohk River38.438
Koserefski River35.335
Kosina Creek40.140
Kotlik River35.453
Kotsina River44.545
Kougarok River50.551
Koyuk River160.9288
Koyuk River - East Fork55.756
Koyukuk River553.85,513
Koyukuk River - Middle Fork74.7206
Koyukuk River - North Fork115.5243
Koyukuk River - South Fork178.4425
Kroto Creek60.260
Kucheak Creek49.650
Kucher Creek45.546
Kuchuk Creek37.237
Kugarak River118.6205
Kugrak River22.422
Kugrua River47.648
Kugruk River95.3120
Kugrupaga River51.151
Kuguklik River42.442
Kugururok River66.5113
Kuiak River28.629
Kuikcherk River44.545
Kuka Creek41.141
Kukak Creek32.733
Kukaktlik River2626
Kukpowruk River175.9239
Kukpuk River157.7369
Kuk River35.6564
Kulthieth River18.318
Kulukak River5151
Kuna River62.7135
Kungok River40.468
Kun River87229
Kunyanak Creek38.438
Kuparuk River224.6393
Kurupa River84.9242
Kushluk River47.848
Kuskokwak Creek68.4104
Kuskokwim River542.99,027
Kuskokwim River - East Fork72.5571
Kuskokwim River - Middle Fork137.5690
Kuskokwim River - Middle Fork - Pitka Fork91.6239
Kuskokwim River - Middle Fork - Windy Fork73.674
Kuskokwim River - North Fork348.61,410
Kuskokwim River - South Fork162.2619
Kuskulana River29.830
Kustatan River28.529
Kutchaurak Creek39.940
Kutchik River5555
Kuttak River3434
Kutukhun River41.341
Kutuk River37.237
Kuyukutuk River65.165
Kuzitrin River104.2351
Kuzitrin River - South Fork27.528
Kvichak River150.41,081
Kvichavak River46.246
Kwethluk River169.3354
Kwigillingok River24.925
Kwik River36.336
Kwiniuk River56.156
Lace River23.824
Ladue River104.8178
Ladue River - South Fork38.438
Lake Creek (Coleen River tributary)48.949
Lake Creek (Yentna River tributary)62.763
Lakina River34.835
Lane River2323
Lava Creek32.432
Leduc River29.730
Leffingwell Fork31.131
Lefthead River23.624
Lewis River31.131
Liberty Creek33.133
Lithkealik River15.916
Little Black River205.9377
Little Bremner River16.817
Little Chena River71.972
Little Dall River72.673
Little Delta River24.478
Little Delta River - East Fork23.323
Little Delta River - West Fork29.830
Little East Fork16.817
Little Gerstle River2828
Little Indian River59.860
Little Kamishak River2558
Little Kasigluk River2727
Little Kotlik River17.117
Little Melozitna River83.3150
Little Mud River118.3160
Little Mud River143.1143
Little Mud River - West Fork41.842
Little Muklung River30.731
Little Mulchatna River20.120
Little Nelchina River47.147
Little Oshetna River29.530
Little Salcha River29.229
Little Selatna River17.317
Little South Fork3333
Little Titnuk Creek37.638
Little Tok River49.650
Little Tonsina River28.929
Little Tonzona River82.7258
Little Underhill Creek44.745
Little Waldren Fork1616
Little Willow Creek47.648
Little Yetna River62.763
Lois Creek31.532
Long Creek38.639
Lookout River67.267
Lost River87.988
Lowe River35.435
Lower Klutuk Creek5555
Lupine River55.355
Lyman Fork15.415
Maclaren River5985
Maclaren River - West Fork26.426
Magitchlie Creek98.9209
Mahlo River20.420
Main Creek43.644
Makpik Creek5050
Malamute Fork48.849
Mancha Creek41.441
Mangoak River60.460
Manokinak River160.6161
Marsh Fork54.154
Marten Creek96.3191
Marten River25.526
Mastodon Creek1244
Matanuska River83.1212
Matanuska River - East Fork18.218
Matanuska River - South Fork14.414
Mathews River24.825
Mathews Slough19.5165
Matogak River40.641
Matsutnak River10.234
Mauneluk River80.480
Maybe Creek68.268
May Creek38.739
McArthur Creek35.135
McArthur River38.8206
McCoy Creek30.631
McDonald Creek42.843
McKinley River66.5143
McLanes Creek32.933
McNeil River27.427
Meade River254.1725
Meadow Creek (Nowitna River tributary)54.955
Meadow Creek (Yukon River tributary)3939
Medicine Creek20.954
Mekoryuk River37.938
Melatolik Creek3939
Melozimoran Creek36.637
Melozitna River269.7493
Melvin Channel44.845
Mendeltna Creek58.959
Mentanontli River38114
Meroyuk River36.737
Meshik River46.947
Mettenpherg Creek32.633
Midas Creek32.833
Middle Creek43.744
Miguakiak River51.552
Mikigealiak River27.227
Milky River1818
Miluet Creek38.438
Miluveach River50.450
Mint River27.543
Mission Creek3131
Mogak Creek4545
Montana Creek9.170
Montana Creek - Middle Fork23.339
Montana Creek - North Fork16.116
Montana Creek - South Fork21.121
Monument Creek49.650
Moore Creek36.937
Moose Creek (Bearpaw River tributary)66.967
Moose Creek (Deshka River tributary)59.359
Moose Creek (Iditarod River tributary)32.733
Moose Creek (Kuskokwim River tributary)44.144
Moose Creek (Tazlina River tributary)32.533
Moose River33.834
Moran Creek30.531
Mosquito Fork139.5180
Mosquito River38.971
Mosquito River - East Fork31.632
Mountain Creek30.330
Muddy River (Birch Creek tributary)67.1287
Muddy River (Northeastern Pacific Ocean tributary)3131
Muddy River (Northeastern Pacific Ocean tributary)18.418
Mud Fork45.546
Mud River109.5326
Mukluktulik River15.215
Muklung River37.337
Mukslulik Creek36.436
Mulchatna River219.2758
Nabesna River105.8176
Nadina River19.620
Nageethluk River9999
Nagishlamina River26.927
Naha River17.317
Nahtuk River24.324
Naknek River81.8393
Nakochna River25.325
Nakolik River25.826
Nanielik Creek41.642
Nanushuk River103.3142
Napotoli Creek37.137
Nariksmiut River16.416
Nariyauck River15.616
Narogurum River11.437
Narokachik River50.751
Nation River43.944
Natlaratlen River66.567
Natmotirak Creek29.368
Natvakruak Creek31.131
Nayorurun River27.928
Nayuka River104.1141
Neacola River28.929
Necons River44.960
Negukthlik River38.181
Nelchina River50.598
Nellie Juan River22.422
Nenana River157.1434
Netletna River46.847
Newhalen River78.3459
Niaktuvik Creek37.437
Nichawak River17.918
Nickel Creek31.532
Nigikmigoon River32.132
Nigisaktuvik River88.2121
Niguanak River38.939
Nigu River8787
Nikok River17.417
Nikolai Creek49.249
Nikolai Slough37.9104
Nilik River40.176
Nimgun Creek31.131
Nimiuktuk River44.545
Ninemile River38.138
Ninglikfak River18.719
Ninilchik River30.831
Ninuluk Creek54102
Ninuluk Creek - East Fork17.918
Ninuluk Creek - South Fork29.830
Niukluk River60115
Nixon Fork111182
Nixon Fork - West Fork39.139
Nizina River52.2112
Noatak River448.61,695
No Creek34.735
Nogak Creek42.142
Nokotlek River19.440
Nolitna Creek44.144
Nome River42.342
Nonvianuk River29.129
North Creek35.135
North Hather Creek36.336
North River7171
Notoniono Creek43.343
Nowitna River313.51,718
Noxapaga River71.371
Nugnugaluktuk River39.362
Nuka River53.6105
Nularvik River2020
Nulato River82.2179
Nulato River - South Fork64.264
Nulitna River62.462
Nuluk River4040
Nunachuak Creek5151
Nunakogok River22.723
Nunavulnuk River36.136
Nungatak River81.582
Nunsatuk River39.339
Nushagak River264.72,059
Nuyakuk River94.4294
Okalee River17.217
Okerokovik River39.139
Okokmilaga River70.8180
Okpikruak River54.877
Okpikruak River - Middle Fork22.623
Okpiksak River50.951
Okpilak River73.8110
Okpirourak Creek37.237
Old Creek37.638
Old Lost Creek34.334
Old Man Creek60.260
Old Woman Creek45.245
Old Woman River56.557
Oligavik Creek35.836
Omar River45.946
Omikmuktusuk River52.352
Omikviorok River44.745
Ongivinuk River4040
Ongoke River32.833
Ongorakvik River20.220
Oolamnagavik River62.598
Oolamnagavik River - East Fork35.936
Oshetna River56.6119
Oskawalik River55.255
Osviak River49.249
Otter Creek (Anvik River tributary)34.835
Otter Creek (Christian River tributary)40.440
Otter Creek (Iditarod River tributary)33.433
Otter Creek (Tuluksak River tributary)32.132
Ottertail Creek4444
Oumalik River151.9152
Outwash Creek4242
Owhat River42.442
Paddle Creek76.476
Pagilak River15.916
Pah River88.889
Paimiut Slough76.2156
Paint River21.221
Papa Willie Creek4376
Paradise Creek35.736
Pargon River40.741
Pass Creek52.352
Pastoliak River34.434
Pastolik River73.273
Patterson Creek45.145
Pauls Creek49.650
Peace River5656
Pecks Creek34.434
Pediment Creek31.932
Penny River15.816
Peters Creek4949
Piasuk River20.320
Pick River58.458
Pikmiktalik River (Johnson River tributary)155.5156
Pikmiktalik River (Northeastern Pacific Ocean tributary)49.349
Pikroka Creek33.534
Pile River33.333
Pilgrim River63.564
Pilly Fork20.821
Pilot Mountain Slough14.836
Pingaluk River27.528
Pingston Creek44.444
Pinguk River4343
Pinnell River21.221
Pitka River44.645
Pitmegea River63.263
Pitmik River86.386
Placer River21.221
Pogromni River1616
Ponglevik River27.628
Poorman Creek46.346
Porcupine River2122,881
Portage Creek (Holitna River tributary)3636
Portage Creek (Susitna River tributary)32.533
Post River44.745
Preacher Creek109.5158
Preacher Creek - North Fork48.849
Price River42.2272
Prince Creek43.544
Ptarmigan Creek31.632
Pumice Creek43.744
Putu Creek16.161
Putuligayuk River32.833
Quartzite Creek32.432
Quigmy River38.739
Rabbit Creek33.433
Rabbit River49.249
Rainbow River15.516
Rapid River58.158
Rat Creek36.837
Rathlatulik River41.341
Ray River86.386
Red Creek30.531
Redstone River56.356
Reed River66.567
Reindeer River (Paimiut Slough tributary)79.379
Reindeer River (Yukon River tributary)74.274
Resurrection River28.829
Ribdon River5151
Riley Channel36.937
Robertson River36.257
Robertson River - West Fork20.821
Rocky River15.115
Rodo River51.351
Rogers Creek41.942
Rough Mountain Creek49.149
Ruby Slough28.973
Runt Creek33.333
Sadlerochit River77104
Sagavanirktok River186.4584
Sakonowyak River42.743
Salchaket Slough36135
Salcha River154.7248
Salcha River - North Fork40.440
Salcha River - South Fork22.422
Salmon River (Aniak River tributary)53.153
Salmon River (Kobuk River tributary)77.6131
Salmon River (Kuskokwim River - Middle Fork - Pitka Fork tributary)34.935
Salmon Trout River75.475
Sanaguich River36.937
Sanctuary River2929
Sand Creek40.240
Sandy River4545
Sanford River39.139
Sanona Creek32.833
Sapsuk River3155
Savage River30.731
Saviukviayak River39.540
Savonoski River41.7182
Sawmill Creek36.170
Scandinavian Creek42.242
Scow Harry Creek33.133
Seal River21.321
Selatna River5277
Selatna River - First Fork25.425
Selawik River248.3818
Selby River30.831
Serpentine River65.5216
Serpentine River - North Fork54.655
Serpentine River - South Fork59.159
Sethkokna River91.4113
Sethkokna River - Paradise Fork21.421
Seventymile River79.479
Shageluk Slough42.643
Shaktoolik River106.4140
Shaningarok Creek80.981
Shaviovik River99.3300
Shaw Creek66.967
Sheenjek River289.3585
Sheenjek River - East Fork39.540
Sheep Creek (Kuskokwim River - Middle Fork - Pitka Fork tributary)6161
Sheep Creek (Susitna River tributary)47.948
Sheep River51.552
Ship Creek31.131
Shisnona River27.327
Shosky Creek37.237
Shotgun Creek47.347
Shovel Creek33.433
Shungnak River75.475
Sikrelurak River21.522
Siksikpalak River24.224
Siksikpuk River60.4127
Sinaruruk River15.115
Singauruk River45.646
Singayoak Creek3131
Singeakpuk River33.333
Singoalik River24.525
Sinona Creek56.657
Siruk Creek68.468
Situk River30.731
Situkuyok River25.926
Sixty Mile River22.723
Skagway River16.917
Skwentna River113.3300
Slana River64.765
Slate Creek31.632
Slathtouka Creek32.432
Slippery Creek58.759
Slokhenjikh Creek32.933
Slow Creek3838
Slow Fork108.3223
Slug River21.922
Smalls River16.416
Smith River2020
Smoke Creek59.359
Snag Creek48.695
Snake River (Northeastern Pacific Ocean tributary)31.231
Snake River (Northeastern Pacific Ocean tributary)65.8128
Snow River30.631
Soda Creek48.749
Solomon River22.923
Sooner River20.821
Soonkakat River46.346
South River17.818
Speel River23.824
Spirit River41.341
Spring Creek38.639
Squaw Creek31.732
Squirrel River93261
Squirrel River - North Fork38.539
Staines River18.819
Stariski Creek37.638
Stevens Creek32.833
Stewart River15.415
Stikine River15.716
Stink Creek54.655
Stink River45.546
Stony River196437
Strike Creek32.533
Sturgeon River26.927
Stuver Creek80.781
Stuyahok River (Bonasila River tributary)94.294
Stuyahok River (Mulchatna River tributary)71.772
Styx River35.335
Sucker River118118
Sulatna River170.5436
Sulatna River - North Fork21.822
Sulatna River - South Fork15.215
Sulatna River - South Fork65.465
Sulukna River85.7114
Sushana River53.554
Susitna River321.52,973
Susitna River - East Fork27.628
Susitna River - West Fork1818
Susulatna River114.6138
Susulatna River - Agate Fork2323
Swampy River20.220
Swan River18.452
Swan River - North Fork3434
Swanson River55.656
Swayback Creek35.335
Swift Creek73.473
Swift Fork111.3354
Swift River (Anvik River tributary)31.832
Swift River (Kuskokwim River tributary)124316
Swift River - North Fork (Kuskokwim River tributary)36.160
Tagagawik River148.4199
Tagayarak River4040
Tagoomenik River37.337
Taiya River18.919
Takahula River15.716
Takhin River23.123
Takotna River124.8524
Taku River20.420
Talachulitna Creek30.130
Talachulitna River70.2100
Talarhun River18.118
Talbiksok River96.196
Talkeetna River96.6197
Tamayariak River42.943
Tanada Creek29.930
Tanalian River19.620
Tanana River555.86,479
Tana River39.589
Tana River - West Fork16.817
Tasnuna River27.528
Tatalina River (Takotna River tributary)59.459
Tatalina River (Tolovana River tributary)111.8498
Tatina River2626
Tatlanika Creek5858
Tatlawiksuk River79.479
Taylor Creek43.744
Tazimina River57.157
Tazlina River68387
Tebay River27.858
Teedriinjik (Chandalar) River253.21,345
Teklanika River113.4173
Telaquana River52.853
Telidaside Creek71.2115
Telsitna River70.971
Telukhti Creek36.537
Tenmile River24.324
Tetthajik Creek5252
The Forks18.1107
The Forks - East Fork58.158
The Forks - West Fork3131
Theodore River41.942
Thompson Creek45.946
Thorofare River17.618
Three Day Slough48.166
Tiekel River3662
Tikchik River73.5112
Timber Creek (John River tributary)32.232
Timber Creek (Squirrel River tributary)49.149
Tinayguk River52.252
Tingmerkpuk River36.537
Tipooktulearuk River33.333
Tisuk River26.527
Titaluk River165.9166
Titna River120304
Titnuk Creek116.7117
Tlikakila River15.415
Tlikakila River52.953
Tobuk Creek33.133
Togiak River77.8270
Toklat River103.3223
Tokositna River37.738
Tok River91.1141
Toksook River69.770
Tolovana River199.3738
Tolovana River - West Fork40.741
Tolsona Creek53.654
Tolstoi Creek76.476
Tonsina River71.2135
Tonzona River81.6173
Toolik River136.1169
Topagoruk River169262
Totatlanika River68.368
Tozitna River127.2269
Trail Creek (Izavieknik River tributary)42.943
Trail Creek (Kugururok River tributary)46.547
Trail Creek (Sulatna River tributary)33.834
Tritt Creek33.534
Troublesome Creek70.370
Trout Creek37.838
Tsina River26.426
Tsirku River27.728
Tsusena Creek31.331
Tubutulik River82.983
Tuckers Slough20.351
Tuklung River44.545
Tukrok River3.830
Tuksuk Channel28.1580
Tukuto Creek31.431
Tulsona Creek63.664
Tuluga River58107
Tuluga River - East Fork23.724
Tuluga River - West Fork25.325
Tuluk Creek32.733
Tuluksak River105.6222
Tunalik River37.337
Tungak Creek33.834
Tungpuk River34.935
Tunuing River40.440
Tunulik River21.321
Tutuksuk River61.662
Tuxedni River28.529
Twentymile River22.422
Tyone Creek99.8133
Tyone River62.6195
Ublutuoch River62.863
Ugaklik River60.160
Uganik River27.127
Ugashik River61.5206
Ugnuravik River37.337
Ukalikchik River29.329
Unakserak River28.929
Unalakleet River109.6386
Unalakleet River - North Fork4848
Unaluk River24.725
Unangashak River15.616
Ungalik River110.4110
Ungalikthluk River43.143
Unuk River28.245
Upper Talarik Creek43.143
Uranatina River15.115
Urumangnak River2323
Usuktuk River158.7159
Utukok River240.3393
Uvgoon Creek37.938
Van Hatten Creek32.132
Vanticlese Creek34.434
Victoria Creek60.260
Volkmar River52.953
Vreeland Creek30.731
Vukpalik Creek3838
Wabash Creek3232
Walker Fork37.370
Wapoo Creek48.949
Washington Creek47.247
Washington Creek93.493
Weary River62.362
West Middle River21.722
Whakatna Creek104.2104
Wheeler Creek34.835
White Creek40.741
White River33.5154
White River - North Fork2525
Whiting River22.923
Wickersham Creek34.935
Wild River68.669
Willow Creek (Susitna River tributary)37.838
Willow Creek (Tanana River tributary)3636
Willow Creek (Tonsina River tributary)34.635
Wilson River27.752
Wind River102.2102
Wolf Creek94.2137
Wood River42.4125
Wood River (Draanjik River tributary)53.654
Wood River (Tanana River tributary)126158
Woodyard Creek45.646
Woolfe Fork18.418
Wosnesenski River16.116
Wrench Creek35.836
Wrongtrail Creek37.638
Wulik River93.4169
Wulik River - West Fork29.730
Yanert Fork33.834
Yankee River15.115
Yellow River72.372
Yentna River84.2815
Yentna River - East Fork34.134
Yentna River - West Fork49.149
Young Creek3535
Your Creek57.958
Yuki River173284
Yuki River - East Fork75.976
Yukon Creek48.649
Yukon River1291.330,972
Zitziana River136.9137

Note: Lengths are for the part of the river/watershed within the boundary of this state.

Note: Mostly rivers/streams 15+ miles in length.

Data from United States Geological Survey