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United States Rivers

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Yukon River

StatesAlaska (1291 mi), Canada (689 mi)
Length1,980.0 miles
Watershed Length*32,561 miles
MouthNortheastern Pacific Ocean


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Name Distance
from Mouth
Alfred Creek8884545
Andreafsky River89132312
Anvik River322150327
Archuelinguk River734545
Atchuelinguk River112175274
Atutsak River6882525
Bear Creek7023333
Bear Creek3983535
Beaver Creek931292479
Bering Creek6365555
Big Creek59792136
Big Salt River8264949
Blind River6816969
Bonasila River311134337
Boney Creek6968888
Charley River1,142110223
Christian River998216447
Coal Creek1,1323131
Dall River85797234
Fish Creek9463030
Five Day Slough14752117
Fortymile River1,27863782
Hadweenzic River963135135
Hess Creek80391285
Hodzana River921161269
Ikhèenjik River987342637
Innoko River2805242,640
Kaiyuh Slough4693535
Kako Creek2144141
Kala Creek5514747
Kaltag River4593131
Kandik River1,15385118
Khotol River43686277
K’iidòotinjik River97377143
Klatsuta River6452424
Koserefski River2893535
Koyukuk River5145545,513
Little Dall River8537373
Meadow Creek8743939
Melozitna River593270493
Mission Creek1,2283131
Nation River1,1834444
Ninemile River4843838
Nowitna River6313141,718
Nulato River49182179
Old Lost Creek8913434
Paimiut Slough25676156
Papa Willie Creek3834376
Paradise Creek3103636
Pilot Mountain Slough5201536
Porcupine River1,0135693,370
Ray River8328686
Reindeer River1197474
Rodo River4555151
Rogers Creek8814242
Ruby Slough5722973
Seventymile River1,2097979
Sixty Mile River1,366134134
Soonkakat River4944646
Squaw Creek7783232
Stevens Creek7523333
Stink Creek4275555
Talbiksok River2079696
Tanana River7125566,479
Teedriinjik (Chandalar) River9922531,345
Thompson Creek3564646
Tozitna River698127269
Tuckers Slough2272051
Washington Creek1,1594747
Whakatna Creek533104104
White River1,398203432
Yuki River572173284
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* Note: Watershed is mostly rivers/streams 15+ miles in length.

Data from United States Geological Survey