United States Rivers

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Northeastern Pacific Ocean

Watershed Length*64,027 miles


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Name Length
Ahding River1818
Ahrnklin River3131
Akulik River3131
Akwe River3047
Alsek River169169
Anchor River4571
Anerkochik River3636
Aniakchak River4040
Apoon Pass3184
Aprothluk River1919
Arolik River - North Mouth2282
Arolik River - South Mouth2020
Ayakulik River4545
Azun River50139
Bartlett River1919
Bear River2483
Beartrack River1818
Beluga River41104
Bering River2745
Berners River1616
Big Creek5656
Big River2466
Binajoaksmiut River1818
Black River104275
Bonanza River3030
Bradfield River527
Bugomowik Pass3535
California River1818
Campbell River1919
Canoe Bay River1515
Caribou River63165
Castle River1717
Cathedral River2727
Chakwakamiut River1919
Chickaloon River5656
Chickamin River4394
Chignik River2873
Chilkat River49150
Chuck River1818
Chuitna River4242
Cinder River4779
Copper River3022,710
Crescent River1554
Cripple River2727
Dahloongamiut River1515
Dangerous River3535
Deep Creek4343
Don River2222
Douglas River2525
Drift River4242
Duktoth River2727
Eagle River4242
East Alsek River1131
Eek River179385
Egavik Creek3838
Egegik River78259
Eklutna River2727
Eldorado River3434
Endicott River2626
Feather River1818
Fish River92436
Flambeau River2626
Fox River3333
Golsovia River5555
Goodnews River84240
Grand Wash River1919
Gravina River2020
Harding River2323
Igushik River73191
Ilnik River2626
Indian River841
Inglutalik River110176
Ishkowik River4949
Ivan River2626
Izaviknek River106147
Johnson River2020
Kachauik River2020
Kaliakh River2846
Kaliksneethnook River1515
Kametolook River2121
Kamishak River50130
Kanektok River9898
Karluk River3939
Kashunuk River241536
Kasilof River4584
Katalla River1515
Katmai River2424
Kenai River107263
Keoklevik River2323
Keta River2020
Kinak River5050
Kinaruk River1616
Kinegnak River3256
King Salmon River44125
King Salmon River2828
Kinia River69124
Kiyakyaliksamiut River1919
Klahini River1717
Klikitarik River2020
Knik River2866
Kogok River4265
Kokechik River73152
Kongnignanohk River3838
Koyuk River161277
Kuguklik River4242
Kuiak River2929
Kulukak River5151
Kun River87229
Kuskokwak Creek68104
Kuskokwim River5439,053
Kustatan River2929
Kvichak River1501,081
Kwigillingok River2525
Kwik River3636
Kwiniuk River5656
Lace River2424
Lewis River3131
Lithkealik River1616
Little Muklung River3131
Lowe River3535
Manokinak River161161
Marten River2626
Matanuska River83212
Matogak River4141
McArthur River39206
McNeil River2727
Mekoryuk River3838
Melatolik Creek3939
Meshik River4747
Muddy River1818
Muddy River3131
Naha River1717
Naknek River82393
Nariksmiut River1616
Negukthlik River3881
Nellie Juan River2222
Nikolai Creek4949
Ninglikfak River1919
Ninilchik River3131
Nome River4242
Nunavulnuk River3636
Nushagak River2652,059
Okalee River1717
Osviak River4949
Paint River2121
Pastoliak River3434
Pastolik River7373
Penny River1616
Pikmiktalik River4949
Placer River2121
Pogromni River1616
Quigmy River3939
Resurrection River2929
Rocky River1515
Sandy River4545
Seal River2121
Shaktoolik River106140
Ship Creek3131
Situk River3131
Skagway River1717
Slug River2222
Smalls River1616
Snake River66128
Snake River3131
Solomon River2323
Speel River2424
Stariski Creek3838
Stikine River297297
Sturgeon River2727
Susitna River3222,973
Swanson River5656
Tagayarak River4040
Tagoomenik River3737
Taiya River1919
Taku River5454
Talarhun River1818
Theodore River4242
Tisuk River2727
Togiak River78270
Toksook River7070
Tubutulik River8383
Tuksuk Channel28580
Tungak Creek3434
Tunulik River2121
Tuxedni River2929
Twentymile River2222
Uganik River2727
Ugashik River62206
Unalakleet River110413
Unangashak River1616
Ungalik River110110
Unuk River2845
Urumangnak River2323
Whiting River4747
Wilson River2852
Wood River42125
Wosnesenski River1616
Yukon River1,98032,561
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* Note: Watershed is mostly rivers/streams 15+ miles in length.

Data from United States Geological Survey