United States Rivers

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Arctic Ocean

Watershed Length*18,946 miles


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Name Length
Aichilik River78109
Alaktak River5252
Angun River3333
Arctic River4848
Asikpak River2424
Avak River6464
Buckland River88406
Canning River126223
Chipp River66218
Colville River4404,110
Cowpack River2525
Cripple River2727
Egaksrak River63132
Epizetka River7979
Espenberg River3150
Firth River134175
Fish Creek130409
Goodhope River77112
Hulahula River9797
Ikpikpuk River188971
Inaru River98148
Inmachuk River3658
Jago River85161
Kadleroshilik River104104
Kalikpik River6363
Kalik River1717
Kalokut Creek3232
Katakturuk River4464
Kauk River5454
Kealok Creek7272
Kilikmak Creek3131
Kitluk River3636
Kivalina River7070
Kiwalik River90132
Kobuk River3941,891
Kogotpak River2020
Kogru River1818
Kokolik River219318
Kongakut River116132
Kugrua River4848
Kugruk River95120
Kugrupaga River5151
Kukpowruk River176239
Kukpuk River158369
Kuk River36564
Kuparuk River225393
Mangoak River6060
Meade River254725
Melvin Channel4545
Mint River2843
Niguanak River3939
Noatak River4491,695
Nokotlek River1940
Nugnugaluktuk River3962
Nuluk River4040
Okpilak River74110
Omikviorok River4545
Piasuk River2020
Pinguk River4343
Pitmegea River6363
Putuligayuk River3333
Rabbit Creek3333
Riley Channel3737
Sadlerochit River77104
Sagavanirktok River186584
Sakonowyak River4343
Sanaguich River3737
Selawik River248818
Serpentine River66216
Shaviovik River99300
Sikrelurak River2222
Sinaruruk River1515
Singauruk River4646
Singeakpuk River3333
Singoalik River2525
Smith River2020
Staines River1919
Topagoruk River169262
Trout Creek3838
Tukrok River430
Tunalik River3737
Ugnuravik River3737
Utukok River240393
Wulik River93169
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* Note: Watershed is mostly rivers/streams 15+ miles in length.

Data from United States Geological Survey