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United States Rivers

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Kuskokwim River

Length542.9 miles
Watershed Length*9,053 miles
MouthNortheastern Pacific Ocean


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Name Distance
from Mouth
Aniak River191136393
Beaver Creek4274444
Black River4205656
Bogus Creek1226868
Crooked Creek2583636
Discovery Creek153104104
George River27698280
Gweek River669393
Holitna River3031351,210
Holokuk River2255454
Inowak Creek3143030
Johnson River36250539
Kasigluk River93128155
Katlitna River4477474
Kialik River161795
Kisaralik River93123143
Kolmakof River2135252
Kuskokwim River - Middle Fork517138690
Kuskokwim River - North Fork5433491,410
Kuskokwim River - South Fork543162619
Kwethluk River73169354
Little Selatna River4151717
Medicine Creek5412154
Moose Creek3284444
Nunsatuk River3823939
Oskawalik River2465555
Owhat River1944242
Selatna River4105277
Stony River332196437
Swift Creek1857373
Swift River347124316
Takotna River470125524
Tatlawiksuk River3507979
Tuluksak River110106222
Vreeland Creek3003131
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* Note: Watershed is mostly rivers/streams 15+ miles in length.

Data from United States Geological Survey