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United States Rivers

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North Carolina

River count414
River miles11,634

Large Bodies of Water


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Name Length
Aarons Creek1414
Abbotts Creek46.378
Ahoskie Creek29.429
Alarka Creek1919
Ararat River33.281
Ashes Creek15.315
Bachelor Creek20.621
Back Swamp (Cypress Creek tributary)15.516
Back Swamp (Lumber River tributary)17.618
Bawdy Creek1616
Bear Creek (Deep River tributary)21.744
Bear Creek (Neuse River tributary)20.420
Bear Creek (Rocky River (Deep River tributary))25.125
Bear Creek (South Yadkin River tributary)18.118
Bear Swamp16.917
Belews Creek18.719
Bennetts Creek24.925
Big Alamance Creek37.9109
Big Bear Creek22.322
Big Beaver Island Creek1628
Big Bluewing Creek7.98
Big Crabtree Creek1515
Big Creek20.120
Big Horse Creek15.716
Big Laurel Creek15.415
Big Laurel Creek33.849
Big Marsh Swamp25.526
Big Mountain Creek22.823
Big Swamp17.217
Big Swamp Canal30.2101
Black Creek (Contentnea Creek tributary)15.215
Black Creek (Neuse River tributary)32.432
Black River (Cape Fear River tributary)67.1419
Black River (South River tributary)31.532
Blackwater River (Chowan River tributary)0.20
Brasstown Creek8.79
Brice Creek16.717
Broad River (Congaree River tributary)77.5422
Brown Creek43.443
Brush Creek (Deep River tributary)23.435
Brush Creek (Little River (New River tributary))20.921
Buck Creek2.83
Buckhorn Creek16.717
Buffalo Creek (Broad River tributary)36.236
Buffalo Creek (Little River (Neuse River tributary))33.534
Buffalo Creek (Reedy Fork tributary)8.648
Buffalo Creek (Yadkin River tributary)15.215
Cabin Creek22.322
Cane Creek (Catawba River tributary)9.610
Cane Creek (French Broad River tributary)20.821
Cane Creek (Haw River tributary)25.125
Cane River38.939
Cape Fear River193.62,186
Caraway Creek26.326
Cashie River5479
Catawba Creek15.616
Catawba River172.3982
Catawba River - North Fork22.923
Catawba River - South Fork55.5209
Catheys Creek19.219
Cedar Creek21.522
Chattooga River (Tugaloo River tributary)12.312
Cheoah River18.475
Chowan River52.1238
Clark Creek21.922
Clark Fork1.31
Coddle Creek27.427
Cokey Swamp16.416
Cold Water Creek20.342
Colly Creek39.439
Conetoe Creek2525
Conoconnara Swamp18.919
Conoho Creek37.838
Contentnea Creek98.1255
Core Creek22.122
Country Line Creek41.255
Cove Creek19.520
Cow Branch15.816
Crabtree Creek29.630
Crane Creek (Little River (Cape Fear River tributary))23.724
Crane Creek (Yadkin River tributary)19.720
Crooked Creek (Catawba River tributary)17.317
Crooked Creek (Great Pee Dee River tributary)3.74
Crooked Creek - North Fork (Rocky River (Pee Dee River tributary))11.612
Crooked Creek (Rocky River (Pee Dee River tributary))13.239
Crooked Creek - South Fork (Rocky River (Pee Dee River tributary))13.914
Crooked Creek (Tar River tributary)20.420
Crowders Creek16.116
Cullasaja River24.625
Cutawhiskie Creek17.117
Cypress Creek (Northeast Cape Fear River tributary)11.227
Cypress Creek (Tar River tributary)14.815
Dan River101487
Deep Creek (Fishing Creek tributary)30.330
Deep Creek (Roanoke River tributary)16.116
Deep Creek (Tuckasegee River tributary)17.117
Deep Creek (Yadkin River tributary)3.549
Deep River113.2413
Deep River - East Fork9.610
Deep River - West Fork12.613
Drowning Creek43.259
Durham Creek18.719
Dutch Buffalo Creek25.125
Dutchman Creek32.332
Dutchmans Creek8.542
Eastatoe Creek11
Elk Creek22.422
Elkin Creek18.619
Elk River (Watauga River tributary)14.915
Eno River38.189
Falling Creek1616
First Broad River64.681
Fisher River42.560
Fishing Creek108.9244
Flat River18.852
Flat Swamp Creek1919
Forbush Creek15.315
Fork Creek15.315
Fourth Creek30.831
French Broad River115.1722
French Broad River - East Fork1212
French Broad River - North Fork13.514
French Broad River - West Fork1313
Gallberry Swamp7.426
Goose Creek15.916
Goshen Swamp34.535
Grants Creek19.119
Grassy Creek24.236
Great Coharie Creek52.994
Green River59.990
Grindle Creek27.928
Grissett Swamp21.922
Gumberry Swamp17.518
Gum Swamp Creek32.648
Gunpowder Creek19.119
Hamby Creek11.632
Hanging Dog Creek14.915
Hannah Creek22.923
Hardison Mill Creek15.916
Harrison Creek16.316
Haw River99.6453
Hazel Creek16.517
Helton Creek11.211
Henry Fork46.947
Hitchcock Creek24.224
Hiwassee River59.3131
Hogans Creek2929
Holly Shelter Creek26.661
Hominy Creek19.833
Horsepasture River16.316
Hungry River12.513
Hunters Creek16.116
Hunting Creek56.796
Hyco Creek18.118
Hyco River22.489
Indian Creek23.123
Irish Buffalo Creek21.321
Irish Creek13.514
Island Creek8.321
Ivy Creek19.219
Jacob Fork4242
Joes Creek15.816
Johns River40.480
Jonathans Creek18.418
Jones Creek12.739
Jones Creek - North Fork11.912
Jones Creek - South Fork14.515
Jordan Creek20.120
Juniper Creek16.617
Killian Creek16.517
Kings Creek6.77
Knap of Reeds Creek17.317
Knob Creek16.517
Lanes Creek54.755
Ledge Creek16.917
Leepers Creek16.517
Leith Creek20.821
Lewis Fork3.636
Lewis Fork - North Prong16.116
Lewis Fork - South Prong16.617
Lick Creek17.818
Limestone Creek14.915
Linville River44.545
Little Alamance Creek12.112
Little Alamance Creek19.219
Little Beaver Island Creek12.312
Little Brush Creek11.512
Little Coharie Creek41.141
Little Contentnea Creek34.234
Little Fisher River17.217
Little Fishing Creek32.854
Little Grassy Creek12.212
Little Hunting Creek15.816
Little Island Creek12.412
Little Marsh Swamp1919
Little Pocket Creek12.412
Little Raft Swamp18.919
Little River (Cape Fear River tributary)73.697
Little River (Eno River tributary)13.151
Little River (French Broad River tributary)20.220
Little River (Neuse River tributary)86.1120
Little River (New River tributary)32.353
Little River - North Fork (Eno River tributary)19.720
Little River (Pee Dee River tributary)62.586
Little River - South Fork (Eno River tributary)18.418
Little River - West Fork (Pee Dee River tributary)23.824
Little Rockfish Creek22.923
Little Snowbird Creek15.816
Little Sugar Creek20.420
Little Swift Creek15.115
Little Tennessee River84.2434
Little Uwharrie River12.613
Little Yadkin River12.513
Livingston Creek22.523
Lockwoods Folly River25.125
Long Creek (Catawba River - South Fork tributary)19.820
Long Creek (Catawba River tributary)15.315
Long Creek (Northeast Cape Fear River tributary)26.326
Long Creek (Rocky River (Pee Dee River tributary))2850
Lovills Creek7.17
Lower Creek22.823
Lower Little River23.524
Lumber River115.7380
Lyle Creek18.118
Lynches River6.67
Marks Creek22.122
Matrimony Creek11.612
Maxwell Creek16.717
Mayo Creek16.116
Mayo River15.816
McAlpine Creek20.721
McLendons Creek3030
Meherrin River46.2105
Middle Creek46.647
Middle Little River24.224
Mill Creek3154
Mills River6.240
Mills River - North Fork6.16
Mills River - South Fork27.628
Mingo Swamp22.523
Mitchell River21.840
Mitchell River - South Fork17.818
Moccasin Creek (Contentnea Creek tributary)23.724
Moccasin Creek (Neuse River tributary)23.223
Moon Creek18.819
Moores Creek2424
Morgan Creek21.822
Mud Creek18.418
Muddy Creek (Old Catawba River tributary)237
Muddy Creek - South Fork (Yadkin River tributary)14.615
Muddy Creek (Yadkin River tributary)32.347
Mulberry Creek (Johns River tributary)15.816
Mulberry Creek (Yadkin River tributary)19.720
Nahunta Swamp27.828
Naked Creek15.315
Nantahala River47.848
Neuse River2531,364
New Hope Creek45.984
New River (Atlantic Ocean tributary)52.277
New River (Kanawha River tributary)8.6244
New River - North Fork (Kanawha River tributary)50.393
New River - South Fork (Kanawha River tributary)89.489
Nolichucky River10.1172
North Buffalo Creek17.618
North Deep Creek19.920
Northeast Cape Fear River134.7366
Northeast Creek16.717
North Flat River1515
North Little Hunting Creek23.924
North Mayo River0.20
North Muddy Creek18.318
North Pacolet River18.118
North Toe River75.4123
Northwest River0.61
Nottely River18.519
Nottoway River0.40
Nutbush Creek17.718
Occoneechee Creek1515
Oconaluftee River18.747
Old Catawba River643
Otter Creek18.318
Pamlico River38.3929
Pasquotank River4444
Pauls Creek6.57
Pee Dee River582,060
Perquimans River31.431
Peters Creek9.39
Pigeon River43.799
Pigeon River - East Fork18.118
Pigeon River - West Fork18.519
Pocket Creek16.929
Polecat Creek19.319
Potecasi Creek4259
Pungo River30.130
Quankey Creek19.319
Raft Swamp35.354
Raven Fork16.728
Raven Fork - Straight Fork11.612
Reddies River15.727
Reddies River - North Fork11.612
Reedy Creek (Little Fishing Creek tributary)21.221
Reedy Creek (Rocky River (Pee Dee River tributary))15.516
Reedy Fork43.892
Reems Creek15.916
Richardson Creek44.545
Rich Fork20.220
Richland Creek15.516
Roanoke River157.6870
Roaring River10.847
Roaring River - East Prong15.215
Roaring River - Middle Prong9.39
Roaring River - West Prong11.912
Rockfish Creek (Cape Fear River tributary)51.675
Rockfish Creek (Northeast Cape Fear River tributary)26.226
Rocky Creek42.843
Rocky River (Deep River tributary)42.968
Rocky River (Pee Dee River tributary)94.8409
Rocky Swamp19.219
Roquist Creek25.125
Sandy Creek (Deep River tributary)20.821
Sandy Creek (Swift Creek (Tar River tributary))46.747
Sandymush Creek21.622
Sandy Run2323
Sandy Run Swamp15.816
Santeetlah Creek16.817
Sapony Creek22.523
Scott Creek15.115
Second Broad River47.367
Second Creek19.119
Seven Creeks4.326
Shaken Creek18.118
Shallotte River1717
Shelton Laurel Creek15.415
Shocco Creek31.131
Shoe Heel Creek31.552
Silver Creek18.218
Sixmile Creek10.310
Six Runs Creek39.339
Smith River5.15
Snowbird Creek24.440
Snow Creek19.820
Somerton Creek4.65
South Buffalo Creek22.122
South Country Line Creek13.614
South Creek19.620
South Deep Creek25.826
South Flat River1818
South Hominy Creek13.213
South Hyco Creek24.925
South Muddy Creek16.917
South River83.6155
South Toe River32.833
Southwest Creek22.422
Southwest Creek24.424
South Yadkin River75.4313
Spring Creek23.223
Stewarts Creek16.723
Stinking Quarter Creek4.940
Stinking Quarter Creek - North Prong19.520
Stinking Quarter Creek - South Prong15.215
Stocking Head Creek10.427
Stony Creek (Haw River tributary)17.618
Stony Creek (Tar River tributary)23.724
Stony Fork16.717
Sugar Creek12.153
Swannanoa River2436
Swannanoa River - North Fork1212
Swearing Creek18.619
Sweetwater Creek10.827
Swift Creek (Neuse River tributary)50.197
Swift Creek (Neuse River tributary)46.161
Swift Creek (Tar River tributary)50.497
Tabbs Creek21.722
Tallulah River3.54
Tar River198.3785
Tellico River5.86
Tenmile Swamp1919
Third Creek4980
Thompson Creek1.21
Toisnot Swamp34.234
Toms Creek17.618
Town Creek (Cape Fear River tributary)33.233
Town Creek (Tar River tributary)33.550
Town Fork Creek28.228
Toxaway River12.436
Tranters Creek37.938
Trent River88.3105
Troublesome Creek25.125
Tuckasegee River65.9160
Tuckasegee River - West Fork15.215
Turkey Creek21.922
Turnbull Creek2828
Twelvemile Creek (Catawba River tributary)339
Twelvemile Creek - East Fork13.213
Twelvemile Creek - West Fork12.613
Upper Broad Creek23.423
Upper Creek22.422
Upper Little River (Cape Fear River tributary)53.453
Upper Little River (Catawba River tributary)19.520
Uwharrie River62.7102
Valley River3030
Waccamaw River47.8115
Walnut Creek18.318
Warrior Fork5.642
Watauga River2742
Waxhaw Creek15.315
White Marsh24.825
White Oak Creek17.117
White Oak River40.557
Whitewater River7.78
Wiccacon River21.351
Wilson Creek23.323
Wolf Island Creek22.623
Yadkin River209.61,355

Note: Lengths are for the part of the river/watershed within the boundary of this state.

Note: Mostly rivers/streams 15+ miles in length.

Data from United States Geological Survey