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United States Rivers

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River count1,299
River miles41,831

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Name Length
Acorn Creek21.321
Akokala Creek15.816
Alice Creek16.116
Alkali Creek (Careless Creek tributary)26.727
Alkali Creek (Flatwillow Creek tributary)17.718
Alkali Creek (McDonald Creek (Box Elder Creek (Flatwillow Creek tributary)) - North Fork)19.620
Alkali Creek (Milk River tributary)29.753
Alkali Creek (Musselshell River tributary)1616
Alkali Creek (Powder River tributary)32.833
Alkali Creek (Roberts Creek tributary)15.716
Alkali Creek (Yellowstone River tributary)56.277
Als Creek29.930
American Fork43.191
Anaconda Creek17.718
Antelope Creek (Big Muddy Creek tributary)23.323
Antelope Creek (Buffalo Creek tributary)29.730
Antelope Creek (Judith River tributary)30.531
Antelope Creek (Little Dry Creek tributary)16.617
Antelope Creek (Milk River tributary)27.758
Antelope Creek (Missouri River tributary)2020
Antelope Creek (Musselshell River tributary)37.738
Antelope Creek - North Fork (Milk River tributary)14.515
Antelope Creek (Redwater River tributary)14.114
Antelope Creek (Sacagawea River tributary)32.332
Antelope Creek - South Fork (Milk River tributary)15.616
Armells Creek - East Fork (Yellowstone River tributary)57.171
Armells Creek (Missouri River tributary)99.1216
Armells Creek - West Fork (Yellowstone River tributary)3434
Armells Creek (Yellowstone River tributary)28.7134
Arrow Creek (Missouri River tributary)110407
Arrow Creek (Yellowstone River tributary)23.724
Ash Creek (Crow Rock Creek tributary)17.217
Ash Creek (O'Fallon Creek tributary)20.420
Ash Creek (O'Fallon Creek tributary)14.114
Ash Creek (Powder River tributary)3333
Ash Creek (Redwater River tributary)29.229
Ash Creek (Tongue River tributary)3737
Ash Creek (Tongue River tributary)6.46
Ash Creek (Tullock Creek - West Fork tributary)20.521
Ash Creek (Yellowstone River tributary)15.115
Ashley Creek50.551
Assiniboine Creek34.334
Auchard Creek25.726
Avalanche Creek18.619
Badger Creek (Tongue River tributary)2.73
Badger Creek (Two Medicine River tributary)4286
Badland Creek14.815
Bad Route Creek33.8100
Bad Route Creek - East Fork28.929
Bad Route Creek - Middle Fork22.322
Bad Route Creek - West Fork14.915
Bangtail Creek13.714
Basin Creek (Boulder River (Jefferson River tributary))16.717
Basin Creek (Sage Creek (Red Rock River tributary))1818
Basin Creek (Sand Creek (Big Dry Creek tributary))18.118
Battle Creek - East Fork (Milk River tributary)45.345
Battle Creek (Milk River tributary)74.4120
Battle Creek (Sixteenmile Creek tributary)22.823
Bay Horse Creek2323
Bean Blossom Creek1.11
Bean Creek43.544
Bear Creek (Box Elder Creek (Flatwillow Creek tributary))4646
Bear Creek (Flathead River - Middle Fork tributary)17.417
Bear Creek (Milk River tributary)24.353
Bear Creek (O'Dell Creek (Madison River tributary))27.327
Bear Creek (Otter Creek (Tongue River tributary))30.931
Bear Creek (Sarpy Creek tributary)16.817
Bear Creek - South Fork38.739
Bear Creek (Yellowstone River - Clarks Fork tributary)21.121
Beauchamp Creek51.284
Beauvais Creek55.2111
Beaver Creek (Big Muddy Creek tributary)16.917
Beaver Creek (Clark Fork tributary)11.238
Beaver Creek (Cottonwood Creek (Big Spring Creek tributary))26.727
Beaver Creek (Little Missouri River tributary)125.5182
Beaver Creek (Milk River tributary)252.4595
Beaver Creek (Milk River tributary)51.752
Beaver Creek (Missouri River tributary)15.916
Beaver Creek (Missouri River tributary)19.319
Beaver Creek (Sarpy Creek tributary)17.231
Beaver Creek (Smith River tributary)20.621
Beaver Creek - South Fork (Sarpy Creek tributary)13.714
Beaver Creek (Stillwater River (Yellowstone River tributary))15.215
Beaver Creek (Tongue River tributary)32.232
Beaver Creek (Willow Creek (Milk River tributary))16.517
Beaverhead River85.21,020
Belle Creek26.527
Belt Creek90.3228
Belt Creek - Dry Fork18.919
Bennie Peer Creek10.811
Bensley Creek14.414
Berry Creek15.215
Big Bear Creek14.214
Big Beaver Creek15.315
Big Birch Creek16.517
Big Breed Creek3049
Big Bull Elk Creek17.918
Big Cherry Creek20.220
Big Coulee Creek61.1112
Big Coulee Creek - North Fork23.223
Big Coulee Creek - South Fork27.427
Big Creek (Bitterroot River tributary)17.718
Big Creek (Flathead River - North Fork tributary)16.717
Big Creek (Yellowstone River tributary)17.818
Big Dry Creek214.21,437
Big Elk Creek3030
Big Hole River159.11,809
Big Hole River - North Fork25.9135
Bighorn River129.21,253
Big Lake Creek24.224
Big Muddy Creek201.9638
Big Otter Creek33.566
Big Pipestone Creek22.539
Big Porcupine Creek114.4337
Big Ramme Creek15.516
Big Rock Creek32.132
Big Salmon Creek2020
Big Sandy Creek103.9337
Big Sheep Creek21.874
Big Spring Creek34.2136
Big Spring Creek - East Fork25.240
Big Spring Creek - Middle Fork14.314
Big Swamp Creek17.818
Big Timber Creek32.148
Big Warm Creek77.4151
Big Wild Horse Creek13.914
Big Willow Creek20.921
Big Woody Creek45.546
Billman Creek14.815
Birch Creek (Big Hole River tributary)24.925
Birch Creek (Missouri River tributary)57.4111
Birch Creek (Two Medicine River tributary)65.6106
Bird Creek2626
Birdtail Creek17.818
Bison Creek25.425
Bitter Creek (Powder River tributary)66
Bitterroot River85.5598
Bitterroot River - East Fork44.862
Bitterroot River - West Fork44.8120
Black Canyon Creek24.324
Black Creek16.617
Blackfoot River130.4546
Blackfoot River - North Fork39.640
Blackleaf Creek15.716
Blacktail Creek (Birch Creek (Two Medicine River tributary))40.741
Blacktail Creek (Little Missouri River tributary)20.621
Blacktail Creek (Powder River tributary)20.120
Blacktail Deer Creek0.30
Blacktail Deer Creek48.9118
Blacktail Deer Creek - East Fork23.323
Blacktail Deer Creek - West Fork26.527
Blake Creek19.744
Blood Creek71.3107
Bloody Dick Creek30.330
Blue Creek25.926
Blue Joint Creek23.924
Bluewater Creek24.324
Bluff Creek (Redwater River tributary)27.728
Bluff Creek (Rock Creek (Milk River tributary))43.544
Boulder Creek (Flint Creek tributary)14.214
Boulder River (Jefferson River tributary)83.9157
Boulder River (Yellowstone River tributary)66.5119
Bowers Creek21.822
Bowman Creek20.320
Boxelder Creek (Big Muddy Creek tributary)17.818
Boxelder Creek (Big Sandy Creek tributary)31.231
Box Elder Creek (Flatwillow Creek tributary)132.2596
Box Elder Creek (Judith River tributary)16.917
Boxelder Creek (Little Missouri River tributary)160520
Box Elder Creek (Missouri River tributary)46.947
Boxelder Creek (Poplar River tributary)51.251
Box Elder Creek (Snake Creek tributary)34.635
Box Elder Creek (Yellowstone River tributary)43.744
Bozeman Creek16.917
Brackett Creek19.219
Brackett Creek4141
Braun Creek16.917
Brazil Creek44.559
Brickyard Creek34.434
Bridger Creek (East Gallatin River tributary)21.522
Bridger Creek (Yellowstone River tributary)20.521
Brush Creek16.116
Buffalo Creek (Box Elder Creek (Flatwillow Creek tributary))18.218
Buffalo Creek (Boxelder Creek (Little Missouri River tributary))35.736
Buffalo Creek (Little Beaver Creek tributary)13.814
Buffalo Creek (Powder River tributary)17.918
Buffalo Creek (Redwater River tributary)218
Buffalo Creek (Ross Fork Creek tributary)17.317
Buffalo Creek (Slough Creek tributary)16.416
Buffalo Creek - South Fork (Redwater River tributary)16.416
Buffalo Creek (Yellowstone River tributary)48.4109
Buffalo Springs Creek17.618
Buggy Creek41.5100
Bull Creek (Governor Creek tributary)15.315
Bull Creek (Missouri River tributary)33.534
Bull Creek (Tongue River tributary)17.217
Bull Creek (Wilson Creek tributary)2323
Bull River25.926
Bull Run Creek1.31
Bullwhacker Coulee44.465
Bunker Creek16.116
Burns Creek54.2127
Burns Creek - Middle Fork32.733
Burns Creek - North Fork4073
Butcher Creek2727
Butte Creek (Poplar River tributary)4242
Butte Creek (Powder River tributary)27.828
Butts Coulee16.617
Cabin Creek (Big Sheep Creek tributary)17.217
Cabin Creek (Cow Creek (Missouri River tributary))19.820
Cabin Creek - Middle Fork (Yellowstone River tributary)17.117
Cabin Creek (Yellowstone River tributary)102.6164
Cache Creek22.322
Calf Creek71.171
Camas Creek (Flathead River - North Fork tributary)25.526
Camas Creek (Flathead River tributary)16.517
Camas Creek (Smith River tributary)14.314
Cameron Creek (Bitterroot River - East Fork tributary)16.717
Cameron Creek (Horsethief Creek tributary)64.765
Camp Creek (Big Hole River tributary)15.516
Camp Creek (C K Creek tributary)17.117
Camp Creek (Gallatin River tributary)29.530
Camp Creek (Steve Forks tributary)15.716
Cannonball Creek10.224
Canyon Creek (Big Hole River tributary)18.418
Canyon Creek (Buggy Creek tributary)23.223
Canyon Creek (Little Prickly Pear Creek tributary)17.417
Canyon Creek - North Fork (Tongue River tributary)14.214
Canyon Creek (Shields River tributary)14.314
Canyon Creek - South Fork (Tongue River tributary)1313
Canyon Creek (Tongue River tributary)2.630
Canyon Creek (Yellowstone River tributary)49.349
Careless Creek74.3387
Carpenter Creek14.214
Cat Creek26.727
Cayuse Creek18.418
Cedar Creek (Cherry Creek tributary)37.7102
Cedar Creek (Clark Fork tributary)17.217
Cedar Creek - East Fork (Cherry Creek tributary)23.524
Cedar Creek (O'Dell Creek (Madison River tributary))17.518
Cedar Creek (Yellowstone River tributary)60.977
Charley Creek14.649
Charley Creek - West Fork18.318
Charlie Creek3.1106
Chelsea Creek33.534
Cherry Creek (Little Porcupine Creek (Yellowstone River tributary))25.225
Cherry Creek (Madison River tributary)2424
Cherry Creek (Milk River tributary)40.741
Cherry Creek - North Fork (Yellowstone River tributary)26.627
Cherry Creek (Yellowstone River tributary)65.2214
Chimney Creek14.615
Chip Creek (Marias River tributary)2525
Chip Creek (Missouri River tributary)38.639
Chippewa Creek3838
Chisholm Creek30.230
C K Creek49.467
Clark Fork3374,047
Clear Creek (Milk River tributary)60.661
Clear Creek (Rock Creek (Yellowstone River - Clarks Fork tributary))16.817
Clear Creek - South Fork (Yellowstone River tributary)18.919
Clear Creek (Yellowstone River tributary)65.284
Clearwater River45.379
Clearwater River - West Fork15.115
Coal Bank Creek (Boxelder Creek (Little Missouri River tributary))2.432
Coal Bank Creek - North Fork15.215
Coal Bank Creek - South Fork14.414
Coal Creek (Boxelder Creek (Little Missouri River tributary))21.722
Coal Creek (Flathead River - Middle Fork tributary)19.419
Coal Creek (Flathead River - North Fork tributary)20.621
Coal Creek (Poplar River - Middle Fork tributary)38.639
Coal Creek (Powder River tributary)27.728
Coal Creek (South Sunday Creek tributary)16.416
Coal Creek (Yellowstone River tributary)15.115
Coal Mine Coulee20.120
Coffee Creek52.152
Cook Creek23.323
Copper Creek15.315
Cora Creek15.716
Corral Creek2323
Corral Creek (Boxelder Creek (Little Missouri River tributary))30.330
Corral Creek (Hanging Woman Creek tributary)13.814
Corral Creek (Little Beaver Creek tributary)10.210
Corral Creek (Mizpah Creek tributary)22.723
Corral Creek (Redwater River tributary)2525
Cotter Creek14.815
Cottonwood Creek (Arrow Creek tributary)21.722
Cottonwood Creek (Big Spring Creek tributary)35.863
Cottonwood Creek (Blackfoot River tributary)18.919
Cottonwood Creek (Frenchman Creek tributary)24.224
Cottonwood Creek (Little Dry Creek tributary)17.417
Cottonwood Creek (Little Missouri River tributary)979
Cottonwood Creek (Little Missouri River tributary)43.744
Cottonwood Creek (Little Porcupine Creek (Yellowstone River tributary))14.114
Cottonwood Creek (Marias River tributary)65.7140
Cottonwood Creek (Milk River tributary)57.4128
Cottonwood Creek (Murphy Coulee tributary)15.930
Cottonwood Creek (Musselshell River tributary)27.628
Cottonwood Creek - North Fork (O'Fallon Creek tributary)13.714
Cottonwood Creek - North Fork (Yellowstone River tributary)16.617
Cottonwood Creek (O'Fallon Creek tributary)3.233
Cottonwood Creek (Poplar River - West Fork tributary)46.747
Cottonwood Creek (Redwater River tributary)34.656
Cottonwood Creek (Rock Creek (Missouri River tributary))15.415
Cottonwood Creek (Rosebud Creek (Yellowstone River tributary))18.418
Cottonwood Creek (Shields River tributary)22.623
Cottonwood Creek - South Fork (Murphy Coulee tributary)14.515
Cottonwood Creek - South Fork (O'Fallon Creek tributary)16.216
Cottonwood Creek - South Fork (Yellowstone River tributary)21.622
Cottonwood Creek (Yellowstone River - Clarks Fork tributary)33.433
Cottonwood Creek (Yellowstone River - Clarks Fork tributary)19.620
Cottonwood Creek (Yellowstone River tributary)2260
Cottonwood Creek (Yellowstone River tributary)40.240
Cottonwood Creek (Yellowstone River tributary)25.926
Cougar Creek8.59
Cowboy Creek23.423
Cow Creek (Missouri River tributary)59.9245
Cow Creek (Redwater River tributary)47.147
Cow Creek (Rosebud Creek (Yellowstone River tributary))14.915
Cow Creek (Sunday Creek (Yellowstone River tributary))17.518
Cow Gulch43.989
Coyote Creek34.648
Cracker Box Creek18.819
Cripple Horse Creek13.914
Crooked Creek (Bighorn River tributary)14.923
Crooked Creek (Buggy Creek tributary)14.114
Crooked Creek (North Willow Creek tributary)15.115
Crooked Creek - South Fork (Yellowstone River tributary)1515
Crooked Creek (Yellowstone River tributary)19.334
Crooked Creek (Yellowstone River tributary)17.317
Cross S Creek14.314
Crow Creek (Belle Fourche River tributary)1.52
Crow Creek - East Fork (Rock Creek (Milk River tributary))22.623
Crow Creek (Flathead River tributary)17.354
Crow Creek (Missouri River tributary)26.126
Crow Creek (Powder River tributary)68.468
Crow Creek (Rock Creek (Milk River tributary))36.759
Crow Rock Creek60115
C S Creek15.616
Currant Creek69.1102
Custer Creek45.680
Cutbank Creek18.819
Cut Bank Creek81.9265
Cut Bank Creek - North Fork28.929
Cut Bank Creek - South Fork23.524
Daisy Dean Creek35.736
Danaher Creek23.223
Davis Creek2020
Davis Creek17.217
Dead Boy Creek16.817
Deadman Creek (Big Sheep Creek tributary)16.216
Deadman Creek (North Sunday Creek tributary)17.317
Deadman Creek (North Thompson Creek tributary)1313
Dean Creek21.221
Dearborn River70.7187
Dearborn River - Middle Fork14.515
Dearborn River - South Fork16.216
Deep Creek (Boxelder Creek (Little Missouri River tributary))13.714
Deep Creek (Missouri River tributary)33.534
Deep Creek (Teton River tributary)45.2116
Deep Creek (Willow Creek (Rock Creek (Milk River tributary)))29.329
Deer Creek (Armells Creek (Missouri River tributary))21.421
Deer Creek (Fly Creek tributary)15.616
Deer Creek - Middle Fork (Yellowstone River tributary)24.525
Deer Creek - North Fork (Yellowstone River tributary)27.728
Deer Creek - South Fork (Yellowstone River tributary)32.857
Deer Creek (Yellowstone River tributary)29.8115
Dempsey Creek17.417
D H S Creek18.218
Dick Creek14.715
Divide Creek14.114
Dodson Creek34.559
Dodson Creek - North Fork24.124
Dog Creek (Deep Creek (Teton River tributary))15.415
Dog Creek (Eagle Creek (Missouri River tributary))22.723
Dog Creek (Little Blackfoot River tributary)1818
Dog Creek (Missouri River tributary)98.3165
Douglas Creek2424
Dovetail Creek45.946
Drag Creek25.526
Dry Ash Creek2020
Dry Blood Creek17.417
Dry Fork Creek33.233
Dry Fork Marias River - Middle Fork27.327
Dry Fork Marias River - South Fork18.519
Dry Head Creek20.220
Dry Wolf Creek34.635
Duck Creek (Beaver Creek (Little Missouri River tributary))99
Duck Creek (Big Sandy Creek tributary)22.222
Duck Creek - East Fork (Yellowstone River tributary)16.116
Duck Creek (Madison River tributary)12.932
Duck Creek (Missouri River tributary)15.516
Duck Creek (Redwater River tributary)26.527
Duck Creek (Redwater River tributary)6.649
Duck Creek - West Fork (Yellowstone River tributary)18.118
Duck Creek (Yellowstone River tributary)4.439
Dunham Creek15.115
Duval Creek26.326
Eagle Creek (Big Muddy Creek tributary)42.342
Eagle Creek (Missouri River tributary)44.567
Eagle Creek (Rosebud Creek (Yellowstone River tributary))15.716
Eagle Creek (Smith River tributary)1515
Eagle Creek (Willow Creek (Marias River tributary))54.655
Eagles Nest Coulee1919
East Blacktail Creek27.628
East Boulder River23.223
East Buffalo Creek3131
East Charlie Creek5959
East Duck Creek17.518
Easter Creek7.68
East Gallatin River46.4123
East Hardscrabble Creek23.624
East Parrot Creek18.819
East Pass Creek4.95
East Pryor Creek44.945
East Redwater Creek50.688
East Redwater Creek - North Fork22.623
East Rosebud Creek3838
East Trail Creek17.518
East Uall Creek13.814
East White Beaver Creek32.332
Elbow Creek38.639
Elk Creek34.781
Elk Creek (Blackfoot River tributary)14.114
Elk Creek (Madison River tributary)16.817
Elk Creek (Otter Creek (Tongue River tributary))16.316
Elk Creek (Roberts Creek tributary)18.541
Elkhorn Creek19.319
Elk River15.616
Elmhurst Creek21.822
Englejard Creek4.519
Exeter Creek15.616
Falls Creek15.115
Fattig Creek31.431
Fifteenmile Creek (Milk River tributary)2727
Fifteenmile Creek (Otter Creek (Tongue River tributary))28.428
Fifteenmile Creek (White Bear Creek tributary)30.931
Finley Creek1616
Finley Creek14.615
Fire Creek18.218
First Hay Creek33.454
First Hay Creek - North Fork20.921
Fish Creek105178
Fish Creek (Clark Fork tributary)16.633
Fish Creek - South Fork (Clark Fork tributary)16.416
Fisher River33.9146
Fisher River - Pleasant Valley44.945
Fisher River - Silver Butte14.515
Fishtail Creek14.815
Fishtrap Creek20.220
Fivemile Creek16.416
Five Mile Creek23.423
Fivemile Creek (Little Missouri River tributary)15.516
Flat Creek (Arrow Creek tributary)61.662
Flat Creek (Beaver Creek (Milk River tributary))24.740
Flat Creek (Big Dry Creek tributary)26.527
Flat Creek (Dearborn River tributary)42.160
Flathead Creek2452
Flathead River157.61,721
Flathead River - Middle Fork88.3235
Flathead River - North Fork58.3289
Flathead River - South Fork99.6296
Flatiron Creek23.323
Flatwillow Creek139.7867
Flatwillow Creek - North Fork29.429
Flatwillow Creek - South Fork2828
Flint Creek47.862
Fly Creek75.1140
Ford Creek1414
Ford Creek21.121
Fords Creek72.9107
Forgey Creek25.626
Fork of Beaver Creek (Little Missouri River tributary)16.216
Fortine Creek33.534
Forty Creek14.915
Fortyeight Mile Creek2.22
Foster Creek42.965
Foster Creek15.816
Foster Creek - North Fork22.122
Fox Creek38.998
Fox Creek - East Fork22.122
Fox Creek - Middle Fork16.517
Fox Creek - North Fork20.320
Frank Creek19.520
Frazier Creek49.950
Fred Burr Creek24.342
Frenchman Creek82.5107
Frozen Horse Creek7.58
Froze to Death Creek21.461
Froze to Death Creek - East Fork18.519
Froze to Death Creek - West Fork21.121
Gallatin River100350
Gallatin River - West Fork3.919
Gallatin River - West Fork - South Fork14.615
Galloway Creek24.124
Gap Creek15.115
Gardner River3.13
Gay Creek3.33
Glacier Creek19.219
Glendive Creek56169
Gold Creek (Blackfoot River tributary)19.219
Gold Creek (Clark Fork tributary)15.930
Good Creek28.228
Gordon Creek19.820
Gorman Creek1616
Goulding Creek19.219
Government Creek20.420
Governor Creek19.954
Grasshopper Creek6464
Grave Creek18.318
Graveyard Creek24.725
Grayling Creek10.611
Greasewood Creek2.935
Greasewood Creek13.914
Greasewood Creek - North Fork15.616
Greasewood Creek - South Fork16.416
Greenleaf Creek22.523
Grey Blanket Creek13.814
Griffin Creek22.839
Griffith Creek1243
Grimes Creek30.330
Gypsum Creek8.28
Hackberry Creek18.919
Haddow Creek16.216
Haislett Creek13.914
Halbert Creek13.714
Halfbreed Creek14.114
Hamby Creek14.815
Hanging Woman Creek49.4133
Hanging Woman Creek - East Fork13.914
Hanging Woman Creek - West Prong0.71
Hanley Creek15.415
Hard Pan Creek13.714
Hardscrabble Creek35.960
Harmon Creek14.515
Harris Creek27.427
Harvey Creek1616
Hatchet Creek14.715
Hawk Creek51.251
Hay Creek (Arrow Creek tributary)22.644
Hay Creek (Crow Rock Creek tributary)16.838
Hay Creek (Flathead River - North Fork tributary)19.520
Hay Creek (Little Beaver Creek tributary)13.814
Hay Creek (Little Dry Creek tributary)16.617
Hay Creek (Little Missouri River tributary)21.421
Hay Creek (Little Porcupine Creek (Yellowstone River tributary))14.414
Hay Creek (Little Powder River tributary)27.227
Hay Creek (Mizpah Creek tributary)14.615
Hay Creek (O'Fallon Creek tributary)1818
Hay Creek (O'Fallon Creek tributary)1919
Hay Creek (Pryor Creek tributary)22.623
Hay Creek (Redwater River tributary)16.316
Hay Creek (Timber Creek (Big Dry Creek tributary))19.820
Hay Creek (Upper Sevenmile Creek tributary)14.715
Haymaker Creek16.739
Haymaker Creek - East Fork22.523
Hell Creek (Poplar River - West Fork tributary)29.329
Hell Creek (Redwater River tributary)2525
Hellroaring Creek22.122
Hensley Creek14.815
Hibbard Creek37.154
Hidden Water Creek19.820
Highwood Creek40.641
Hodges Creek21.922
Hogan Creek17.718
Home Creek (Musselshell River tributary)19.720
Home Creek (Otter Creek (Tongue River tributary))30.731
Hopley Creek22.850
Hopley Creek - East Fork1313
Hopley Creek - West Fork1414
Horse Creek (Big Porcupine Creek tributary)20.220
Horse Creek (Boxelder Creek (Little Missouri River tributary))25.626
Horse Creek (Cottonwood Creek (Marias River tributary))30.731
Horse Creek (Glendive Creek tributary)11.628
Horse Creek (Little Missouri River tributary)18.218
Horse Creek (Little Powder River tributary)16.917
Horse Creek (Musselshell River tributary)15.716
Horse Creek (Powder River tributary)15.916
Horse Creek (Redwater River tributary)32.232
Horse Creek - South Fork (Glendive Creek tributary)16.617
Horse Creek (Yellowstone River tributary)20.320
Horse Prairie Creek52.3133
Horsethief Creek16.3129
Hot Springs Creek1414
Hound Creek25.626
Howard Creek36.136
Howell Creek15.716
H S Creek18.619
Huey Creek13.814
Hughes Creek18.318
Hungry Creek19.319
Hyalite Creek38.138
Indian Creek (Big Porcupine Creek tributary)25.526
Indian Creek (Judith River tributary)22.122
Indian Creek (Madison River tributary)17.818
Indian Creek (Missouri River tributary)13.914
Indian Creek (Otter Creek (Tongue River tributary))24.424
Indian Creek (Pryor Creek tributary)14.114
Jefferson River74.42,175
Jim Brown Creek20.921
Jocko River33.880
Jocko River - South Fork17.818
Johnson Creek (Big Hole River - North Fork tributary)15.616
Johnson Creek (Pumpkin Creek tributary)26.326
Johny Creek14.114
Jones Creek (Muddy Creek (Teton River tributary))18.719
Jones Creek (Willow Creek (Musselshell River tributary))2222
Jones Creek (Yellowstone River tributary)15.616
Judith River1341,021
Judith River - Middle Fork13.828
Judith River - South Fork21.221
Junction Creek17.818
Keyser Creek22.422
Kills At Night Creek24.925
Kintla Creek1919
Kintyre Creek15.916
Kootenai Creek13.914
Kootenai (Kootenay) River98.7555
Krug Creek3131
Laird Creek22.422
Lake Creek (Big Muddy Creek tributary)49.285
Lake Creek (Kootenai River tributary)23.824
Lake Creek (Mizpah Creek tributary)14.615
Lame Deer Creek18.218
Lame Jones Creek35.435
Lamesteer Creek17.918
Landers Fork29.845
Langs Fork22.723
Larb Creek77105
Lay Creek20.420
Lebo Creek47.548
Ledford Creek16.817
Lee Creek1010
Libby Creek30.651
Lignite Creek14.515
Lime Creek28.529
Line Creek2.12
Lion Creek15.916
Liscom Creek27.928
Lisk Creek - North Fork (Redwater River tributary)22.723
Lisk Creek (Redwater River tributary)20.921
Lisk Creek (Redwater River tributary)5.663
Lisk Creek - South Fork (Redwater River tributary)34.234
Little Badger Creek14.615
Little Beaver Creek1111
Little Beaver Creek (Beaver Creek (Little Missouri River tributary))13.213
Little Beaver Creek (Little Missouri River tributary)93.3217
Little Belt Creek17.518
Little Bighorn River117.7462
Little Birch Creek19.419
Little Bitterroot River79.299
Little Blackfoot River4376
Little Boulder River16.517
Little Boxelder Creek50.150
Little Brazil Creek14.815
Little Breed Creek19.219
Little Careless Creek15.516
Little Cottonwood Creek39.940
Little Crooked Creek19.419
Little Dry Creek102.3524
Little Elk Creek24.625
Little Lake Creek19.419
Little Missouri River106.81,595
Little Muddy Creek23.724
Little Muddy Creek40.258
Little Otter Creek16.416
Little Owl Creek15.415
Little Peoples Creek25.826
Little Pipestone Creek16.717
Little Porcupine Creek - East Fork (Missouri River tributary)35.435
Little Porcupine Creek - East Fork (Yellowstone River tributary)19.920
Little Porcupine Creek (Missouri River tributary)64.3186
Little Porcupine Creek - West Fork (Missouri River tributary)13.113
Little Porcupine Creek (Yellowstone River tributary)119279
Little Powder River74257
Little Powder River - East Fork48.964
Little Prickly Pear Creek37.555
Little Pumpkin Creek33.634
Little Rock Creek19.520
Little Salmon Creek19.119
Little Sandy Creek36.537
Little Sheep Creek17.518
Little Snake Creek1414
Little Suction Creek21.922
Little Thompson River18.318
Little Timber Creek2121
Little Trout Creek16.817
Little Wall Creek42.543
Little Warm Creek41.742
Little Whitetail Creek15.616
Little Wolf Creek13.714
Little Woody Creek25.826
Little Youngs Creek11.111
Livermore Creek16.817
Locate Creek4343
L O Creek16.517
Lodge Creek81.181
Lodge Grass Creek6767
Lodgepole Creek28.7138
Lodge Pole Creek37.938
Lodgepole Creek - Middle Fork26.927
Lodgepole Creek - North Fork20.921
Lodgepole Creek - South Fork61.762
Logan Creek31.398
Logging Creek (Flathead River - North Fork tributary)18.218
Logging Creek (Tongue River tributary)16.416
Lolo Creek31.847
Lolo Creek - South Fork14.915
Lone Tree Creek (Big Dry Creek tributary)31.431
Lone Tree Creek (Hay Creek (Arrow Creek tributary))20.921
Lone Tree Creek (Little Dry Creek tributary)27.828
Lone Tree Creek - North Fork (Willow Creek (Milk River tributary))1818
Lone Tree Creek - North Fork (Yellowstone River tributary)26.426
Lone Tree Creek (Sand Creek (Big Dry Creek tributary))17.117
Lone Tree Creek - South Fork (Willow Creek (Milk River tributary))13.914
Lonetree Creek (South Indian Creek tributary)1.62
Lone Tree Creek (Willow Creek (Milk River tributary))22.755
Lone Tree Creek (Yellowstone River tributary)33.960
Long Branch Creek16.717
Long Branch Creek13.814
Long Creek23.924
Longfork Creek15.716
Long Grass Creek14.615
Lost Boy Creek18.819
Lost Creek22.723
Lost Horse Creek14.815
Lost Horse Creek20.621
Lost Soldier Creek15.315
Louie and Scottie Creek2525
Louse Creek31.231
Lower Deer Creek27.327
Lower Sevenmile Creek39.139
Lowland Creek14.314
L S Creek14.615
Lyon Creek19.520
Madison River135.3412
Madison River - South Fork23.524
Madison River - West Fork39.455
Maginnis Creek18.619
Magpie Creek1616
Marias River170.71,808
Marias River - Dry Fork61107
McCarty Creek16.116
McCoy Creek19.720
McCune Creek27.528
McDonald Creek (Box Elder Creek (Flatwillow Creek tributary))89.3238
McDonald Creek (Flathead River - Middle Fork tributary)34.535
McDonald Creek - North Fork (Box Elder Creek (Flatwillow Creek tributary))40.360
McDonald Creek - South Fork (Box Elder Creek (Flatwillow Creek tributary))50.350
McEachern Creek15.516
McGinnis Creek4848
McHessor Creek14.515
Meadow Creek18.819
Medicine Lodge Creek34.635
Merrills Springs Creek33.133
Metzel Creek13.614
Middle Phillips Creek19.319
Miles City Creek1818
Milk Creek (Milk River tributary)19.620
Milk Creek (O'Fallon Creek tributary)23.843
Milk Creek - South Fork (O'Fallon Creek tributary)19.620
Milk River557.34,340
Milk River - Middle Fork26.126
Milk River - South Fork41.658
Mill Creek (Fred Burr Creek tributary)17.818
Mill Creek (Hibbard Creek tributary)16.517
Mill Creek (Ruby River tributary)21.722
Mill Creek (Tongue River tributary)18.218
Mill Creek (Yellowstone River tributary)22.322
Miller Coulee15.115
Miller Creek (Bitterroot River tributary)18.418
Miller Creek (Rosebud Creek (Yellowstone River tributary))15.115
Milligan Creek1414
Minerva Creek14.615
Mission Creek27.553
Missouri River730.237,146
Mizpah Creek154.6348
Modesty Creek14.715
Monture Creek30.360
Moon Creek37.137
Moose Creek (Big Hole River tributary)1717
Moose Creek (Sun River - North Fork tributary)1515
Moose Creek (Swamp Creek tributary)17.317
Morgan Creek19.820
Morrell Creek18.118
Morrison Creek15.115
Mud Creek21.922
Mud Creek (Musselshell River - North Fork tributary)16.817
Mud Creek (Peoples Creek tributary)14.915
Muddy Creek (Beauvais Creek tributary)25.726
Muddy Creek - North Fork (Teton River tributary)1632
Muddy Creek (Sun River tributary)35.936
Muddy Creek (Teton River tributary)90.2156
Mud Springs Creek27.446
Muggins Creek61.678
Murphy Coulee29.660
Muskrat Creek24.925
Musselshell River360.33,964
Musselshell River - North Fork42.974
Musselshell River - South Fork39.740
Mussigbrod Creek14.615
Muster Creek31.431
Neil Creek14.615
Nelson Creek39.840
Nelson Creek14.815
Nest Creek15.415
Nevada Creek49.674
Newlan Creek24.324
Nez Perce Fork15.215
Nicholia Creek19.119
Nickwall Creek22.122
Ninemile Creek15.315
Ninemile Creek14.615
Ninemile Creek27.227
North Butte Creek2525
North Cottonwood Creek26.927
North Crow Creek14.715
North Meadow Creek20.220
North Strevell Creek13.914
North Sunday Creek72.1135
North Sunday Creek - West Fork14.815
North Thompson Creek21.447
North Willow Creek120.7276
North Woman Creek33.934
Nyack Creek26.927
O'Brien Creek18.418
Odell Creek19.620
O'Dell Creek (Madison River tributary)1358
O'Dell Creek (Tongue River tributary)20.621
O'Fallon Creek160.6740
O'Fallon Creek - East Fork26.542
Ole Creek17.918
Olsen Creek14.414
Onion Creek21.522
Oswego Creek29.845
Oswego Creek - East Fork1515
Otis Creek14.915
Otter Creek (Big Muddy Creek tributary)1818
Otter Creek - East Fork (Tongue River tributary)23.423
Otter Creek (Tongue River tributary)108.1335
Otter Creek (Yellowstone River tributary)54.190
Overwhich Creek17.618
Owl Creek (Belle Fourche River tributary)15.333
Owl Creek (Little Bighorn River tributary)52.668
Owl Creek - South Fork (Belle Fourche River tributary)9.610
Painted Robe Creek42.743
Papoose Creek17.718
Park Creek15.215
Parrot Creek3.222
Pass Creek20.646
Pasture Creek - East Fork (Redwater River tributary)15.516
Pasture Creek (Redwater River tributary)20.758
Pasture Creek (Tusler Creek tributary)21.121
Pasture Creek - West Fork (Redwater River tributary)21.922
Pebble Creek7.37
Pennel Creek6666
Peoples Creek122.4255
Peoples Creek - South Fork33.1118
Pettengill Creek20.120
Phillips Creek21.841
Physic Creek17.918
Pike Creek34.456
Pikes Peak Creek13.814
Pine Creek (O'Fallon Creek tributary)17.417
Pine Creek (O'Fallon Creek tributary)30.631
Pinkham Creek22.623
Pintler Creek21.321
Pipe Creek25.926
Plenty Creek20.220
Plentywood Creek30.330
Plimpton Creek19.419
Plum Creek (Judith River tributary)15.616
Plum Creek (Little Missouri River tributary)8.48
Point Creek1515
Pole Creek48.148
Police Creek33.734
Pompeys Pillar Creek38.138
Poorman Creek14.314
Poplar River110.3524
Poplar River - East Fork21.622
Poplar River - Middle Fork36.575
Poplar River - West Fork93.9224
Porcupine Creek (Bighorn River tributary)7.210
Porcupine Creek - East Fork (Milk River tributary)32.432
Porcupine Creek - Middle Fork (Milk River tributary)36.136
Porcupine Creek (Milk River tributary)49.3161
Porcupine Creek (Shields River tributary)1414
Porcupine Creek - West Fork (Milk River tributary)29.630
Post Creek25.125
Potter Creek27.828
Powder River220.81,439
Prairie Dog Creek13.914
Prairie Dog Creek17.618
Prairie Elk Creek38.8124
Prairie Elk Creek - East Fork16.617
Prat Creek17.417
Prickly Pear Creek44.675
Prospect Creek24.625
Pryor Creek115.3234
Pryor Creek - East Fork37.337
Pumpkin Creek180.2274
Quartz Creek20.721
Racetrack Creek24.925
Railroad Creek45.445
Ramshorn Creek15.215
Ranch Creek2727
Rattlesnake Creek (Beaverhead River tributary)28.629
Rattlesnake Creek (Clark Fork tributary)23.624
Rattlesnake Creek (Little Porcupine Creek (Yellowstone River tributary))15.415
Rattlesnake Creek (Musselshell River tributary)55.7105
Rattlesnake Creek (Suction Creek tributary)15.616
Razor Creek43.562
Red Butte Creek18.218
Red Butte Creek14.414
Red Horse Creek14.615
Red Lodge Creek32109
Red Meadow Creek14.715
Red Rock Creek3252
Red Rock River98.2355
Redwater River173.61,013
Remuda Creek12.129
Remuda Creek - West Fork16.517
Reno Creek25.960
Reno Creek - North Fork15.415
Reno Creek - South Fork19.119
Reservation Creek29.429
Rey Creek14.114
Roanwood Creek19.920
Roaring Lion Creek14.915
Robb Creek1919
Roberts Creek53.6183
Roberts Creek - East Fork29.229
Rochester Creek14.915
Rock Creek (Big Hole River tributary)15.315
Rock Creek (Bitterroot River tributary)20.521
Rock Creek (Blacktail Deer Creek tributary)19.119
Rock Creek (Clark Fork tributary)19.720
Rock Creek (Clark Fork tributary)52.7168
Rock Creek - East Fork (Clark Fork tributary)1919
Rock Creek (Fish Creek tributary)15.315
Rock Creek - Middle Fork (Clark Fork tributary)24.944
Rock Creek (Milk River tributary)96.2470
Rock Creek (Missouri River tributary)14.915
Rock Creek (Missouri River tributary)39.255
Rock Creek (Shields River tributary)22.623
Rock Creek (Smith River tributary)23.924
Rock Creek (Sun River - North Fork tributary)15.315
Rock Creek (Swamp Creek tributary)25.726
Rock Creek - West Fork (Clark Fork tributary)25.250
Rock Creek - West Fork (Yellowstone River - Clarks Fork tributary)21.922
Rock Creek (Yellowstone River - Clarks Fork tributary)64.3212
Rosebud Creek - South Fork14.114
Rosebud Creek (Stillwater River (Yellowstone River tributary))3.9124
Rosebud Creek (Yellowstone River tributary)223.7438
Rose Creek21.321
Ross Fork24.825
Ross Fork Creek65169
Rotten Grass Creek80.380
Rough Creek14.114
Ruby Creek (Big Hole River - North Fork tributary)18.519
Ruby Creek (Madison River tributary)15.916
Ruby River107.8205
Russell Creek19.419
Ryans Fork14.114
Rye Creek17.518
Sacagawea River110.3162
Sage Creek (Big Sandy Creek tributary)141.5164
Sage Creek (Blood Creek tributary)18.719
Sage Creek (Judith River tributary)70.5105
Sage Creek (Red Rock River tributary)40.158
Sage Creek (Shoshone River tributary)44.444
Sage Hen Creek (Musselshell River tributary)16.617
Sage Hen Creek (Willow Creek (Milk River tributary))15.516
Salt Creek (Judith River tributary)16.517
Sand Coulee Creek51.752
Sand Creek (Big Dry Creek tributary)77.1164
Sand Creek (Birch Creek (Missouri River tributary))33.834
Sand Creek (Lake Creek tributary)35.536
Sand Creek (Missouri River tributary)29.429
Sand Creek (Missouri River tributary)19.333
Sand Creek (Mizpah Creek tributary)35.936
Sand Creek (North Willow Creek tributary)15.916
Sand Creek (Yellowstone River - Clarks Fork tributary)19.319
Sand Creek (Yellowstone River tributary)37.738
Sand Creek (Yellowstone River tributary)18.118
Sand Creek (Yellowstone River tributary)18.318
Sand Creek (Yellowstone River tributary)36.136
Sandstone Creek72.8135
Sandstone Creek - South Fork2828
Santo Arroyo Creek14.915
Sargent Creek13.914
Sarpy Creek105.1185
Sarpy Creek - East Fork32.533
Savoy Creek28.745
Scott Creek14.815
Scott Creek14.715
Second Creek (Pumpkin Creek tributary)16.717
Second Creek (Sand Creek (Big Dry Creek tributary))19.620
Sevenmile Creek3131
Sevenmile Creek14.915
Sevenmile Creek14.114
Seventeenmile Creek16.416
Seventysix Creek5.25
Seymour Creek16.416
Shade Creek20.740
Shade Creek - South Fork19.419
Shavings Creek1515
Sheep Creek (Powder River tributary)44.745
Sheep Creek (Redwater River tributary)2121
Sheep Creek (Smith River tributary)41.241
Sheep Creek (Willow Creek (Marias River tributary))16.316
Sheppard Creek15.916
Shields River64237
Shonkin Creek60.160
Short Creek (Big Porcupine Creek tributary)15.115
Short Creek (North Thompson Creek tributary)12.813
Shoulder Blade Creek22.322
Silver Tip Creek21.722
Simmons Creek3636
Simms Creek7.437
Simms Creek - North Fork17.918
Simms Creek - South Fork11.912
Sioux Creek21.121
Siparyann Creek37.938
Sixmile Creek (Tongue River tributary)14.314
Sixmile Creek (Yellowstone River tributary)13.814
Sixteenmile Creek75.7131
Sixteenmile Creek - Middle Fork17.232
Sixteenmile Creek - South Fork14.815
Skalkaho Creek26.326
Skull Creek (Coyote Creek tributary)13.814
Skull Creek (Timber Creek (Big Dry Creek tributary))20.621
Slaughterhouse Creek14.615
S L Creek17.317
Sleeping Child Creek24.925
Slough Creek23.140
Slough Grass Creek14.314
Smith Creek (Elk Creek tributary)25.346
Smith Creek (Yellowstone River tributary)44.860
Smith Creek (Yellowstone River tributary)15.315
Smith River122.3449
Smith River - North Fork40.641
Smith River - South Fork46.346
Smoke Creek77.878
Smoky Butte Creek38.956
Snake Creek (Milk River tributary)71.6150
Snake Creek (Rock Creek (Milk River tributary))36.150
Snow Creek15.616
Soap Creek41.942
Soda Butte Creek9.116
Soda Creek (Boxelder Creek (Little Missouri River tributary))8.59
Soda Creek (Timber Creek (Big Dry Creek tributary))17.117
Sourdough Creek20.621
South Boulder River23.323
South Butte Creek2929
South Cottonwood Creek (Cottonwood Creek (Little Missouri River tributary))42.843
South Cottonwood Creek (Gallatin River tributary)18.418
South Creek3756
South Creek - North Fork19.219
South Indian Creek13.215
South Spring Creek2222
South Sunday Creek92.8134
Speelmon Creek18.318
Spokane Creek16.717
Spotted Bear River34.935
Spotted Dog Creek14.515
Sprague Creek16.216
Spring Creek (Beaverhead River tributary)16.817
Spring Creek (Boxelder Creek (Little Missouri River tributary))2424
Spring Creek (Buggy Creek tributary)21.221
Spring Creek (Cabin Creek (Yellowstone River tributary))15.916
Spring Creek (Careless Creek tributary)26.240
Spring Creek (Cut Bank Creek tributary)16.517
Spring Creek (Fly Creek tributary)16.116
Spring Creek (Little Dry Creek tributary)15.816
Spring Creek (Mizpah Creek tributary)24.925
Spring Creek (Musselshell River - North Fork tributary)14.615
Spring Creek (O'Fallon Creek tributary)16.517
Spring Creek (O'Fallon Creek tributary)27.427
Spring Creek (Pike Creek tributary)21.822
Spring Creek (Powder River tributary)29.752
Spring Creek (Rosebud Creek (Yellowstone River tributary))16.316
Spring Creek - South Fork (Tongue River tributary)14.815
Spring Creek (Stillwater River (Flathead River tributary))8.430
Spring Creek (Teton River tributary)14.615
Spring Creek (Tongue River tributary)17.833
Spring Creek (Upper Sevenmile Creek tributary)19.920
Square Creek13.714
Squirrel Creek2525
Starved to Death Creek22.322
Stebbins Creek14.414
Steel Creek16.717
Stellar Creek4343
Steve Forks32.248
Stickney Creek3.621
Stickney Creek - South Fork16.917
Stillwater River (Flathead River tributary)78.2223
Stillwater River (Yellowstone River tributary)70.8229
Stinky Creek39.360
Stinky Creek - East Fork20.721
Stocker Creek14.314
Stony Butte Creek17.417
Storm Castle Creek14.214
Straight Creek16.316
Strawberry Creek16.717
St. Regis River40.354
Strevell Creek2236
Stump Creek30.130
Suction Creek42.495
Sullivan Creek (Little Bitterroot River tributary)19.520
Sullivan Creek (Redwater River tributary)24.725
Sun Creek14.515
Sunday Creek (Little Bighorn River tributary)14.314
Sunday Creek (Stillwater River (Flathead River tributary))16.416
Sunday Creek (Yellowstone River tributary)15.3302
Sun River106.7413
Sun River - North Fork27.358
Sun River - South Fork26.760
Sun River - South Fork - West Fork1717
Surprise Creek42.857
Swamp Creek (Big Hole River tributary)2568
Swamp Creek (Big Timber Creek tributary)16.116
Swamp Creek (Clark Fork tributary)15.315
Swan River93.7129
Sweeney Creek35.435
Sweet Grass Creek78.1116
Sweet Grass Creek - East Fork19.119
Sweetwater Creek24.525
Swimming Woman Creek47.347
Taffy Creek26.145
Tallow Creek15.215
Taylor Creek (Gallatin River tributary)18.418
Taylor Creek (Little Dry Creek tributary)27.928
Taylor Creek - North Fork (Otter Creek (Tongue River tributary))11.712
Taylor Creek (Otter Creek (Tongue River tributary))5.232
Taylor Creek - South Fork (Otter Creek (Tongue River tributary))14.715
Telegraph Creek14.715
Tenderfoot Creek26.426
Tenmile Creek (Otter Creek (Tongue River tributary))2222
Tenmile Creek (Otter Creek (Yellowstone River tributary))15.215
Tenmile Creek (Powder River tributary)22.222
Tenmile Creek (Prickly Pear Creek tributary)30.430
Ten Trees Creek14.214
Teton River198.4518
Teton River - North Fork20.621
Teton River - South Fork1212
Thirteenmile Creek53.389
Thirteen Mile Creek - Center Fork14.414
Thirteenmile Creek - North Fork21.522
Thirtymile Creek53.6118
Thirtymile Creek - East Branch15.315
Thirtymile Creek - Northwest Fork23.223
Thompson Creek (Little Dry Creek tributary)4563
Thompson Creek (Little Missouri River tributary)64.6112
Thompson Creek (Rosebud Creek (Yellowstone River tributary))14.214
Thompson River49.988
Three Bar Creek2525
Threemile Creek18.218
Three Mile Creek16.316
Tie Creek (Big Hole River - North Fork tributary)16.517
Tie Creek (Little Missouri River tributary)2828
Tie Creek (Tongue River tributary)14.114
Timber Creek (Big Dry Creek tributary)91.2149
Timber Creek (Elk Creek (Roberts Creek tributary))22.122
Timber Creek (Powder River tributary)4848
Timber Creek (Sandstone Creek tributary)19.319
Timber Fork19.419
Tin Cup Coulee15.415
Tin Cup Creek1717
Tin Cup Joe Creek14.715
Tobacco River17.669
Tomato Can Creek24.124
Tom Miner Creek14.715
Tongue River220.51,508
Tony Creek21.822
Trail Creek (Big Hole River - North Fork tributary)24.124
Trail Creek (Boxelder Creek (Little Missouri River tributary))16.617
Trail Creek (Hanging Woman Creek tributary)22.545
Trail Creek (Horse Prairie Creek tributary)15.616
Trail Creek (Willow Creek (Marias River tributary))41.859
Trapper Creek19.319
Trout Creek (Clark Fork tributary)1515
Trout Creek (Missouri River tributary)19.820
Trout Creek (Porcupine Creek (Bighorn River tributary))2.32
Trout Creek (Smith River tributary)1818
Trout Creek (Stillwater River (Yellowstone River tributary))18.318
Trumbull Creek2222
Tule Creek49.650
Tullock Creek66166
Tullock Creek - East Fork24.424
Tullock Creek - Middle Fork20.921
Tullock Creek - West Fork34.676
Tusler Creek24.646
Twelvemile Creek1414
Twelve Mile Creek21.221
Twentymile Creek14.515
Twin Creek (Flathead River - South Fork tributary)17.217
Twin Creek (Pass Creek tributary)6.57
Two Calf Creek41.465
Two Calf Creek - South Fork23.223
Two Medicine River88.2323
Two Medicine River - South Fork27.728
Two Tree Creek14.214
Uall Creek38.152
Union Creek21.622
Upper Deer Creek23.624
Upper Sevenmile Creek58.9113
Upper Willow Creek21.722
Vail Creek34.134
Valley Creek14.842
Valley Creek13.714
Valley Creek - North Fork14.715
Valley Creek - South Fork12.713
Vermilion River24.324
Volney Creek19.720
Waite Creek20.621
Warm Spring Creek50.350
Warm Springs Creek (Clark Fork tributary)15.816
Warm Springs Creek (Governor Creek tributary)18.619
Warren Creek14.715
Wayne Creek34.952
Wayne Creek - West Fork1717
Weed Creek2121
Wegner Creek16.116
West Alkali Creek23.123
West Blacktail Creek48.849
West Boulder River29.630
West Buffalo Creek23.624
West Charlie Creek43.844
West Duck Creek24.825
West Muggins Creek16.817
West Pass Creek1114
West Razor Creek18.719
West Red Lodge Creek19.620
West Rosebud Creek40.555
West Rosebud Creek17.417
West White Beaver Creek22.122
Whale Creek22.422
Wheeler Creek20.521
White Bear Creek33.396
White Bear Creek - North Branch15.816
White Bear Creek - South Branch16.216
White Beaver Creek3.658
White Earth Creek14.214
Whitefish River24.825
White River23.724
Whites Creek21.221
Whitetail Creek (Badger Creek (Two Medicine River tributary))14.644
Whitetail Creek (Big Muddy Creek tributary)27.127
Whitetail Creek (Missouri River tributary)14.114
Whitetail Creek - North Fork (Badger Creek (Two Medicine River tributary))14.615
Whitetail Creek - South Fork (Badger Creek (Two Medicine River tributary))1515
Whitetail Creek (Yellowstone River tributary)14.214
Whitetail Deer Creek (Jefferson River tributary)27.243
Whitetail Deer Creek (Smith River tributary)13.914
Whitney Creek43.944
Whoopup Creek14.715
Wild Horse Creek31.732
Willoughby Creek15.215
Willow Creek (Big Hole River tributary)21.622
Willow Creek (Bitterroot River tributary)17.117
Willow Creek (Cut Bank Creek tributary)56.179
Willow Creek (Deep Creek (Teton River tributary))21.856
Willow Creek (Jefferson River tributary)15.315
Willow Creek (Little Missouri River tributary)3773
Willow Creek (Marias River tributary)88.9260
Willow Creek (Milk River tributary)86.2187
Willow Creek (Musselshell River tributary)86.5123
Willow Creek - North Fork (Deep Creek (Teton River tributary))13.814
Willow Creek - North Fork (Little Missouri River tributary)35.636
Willow Creek (Red Lodge Creek tributary)37.538
Willow Creek (Rock Creek (Milk River tributary))52.7131
Willow Creek (Sage Creek (Judith River tributary))34.835
Willow Creek - South Fork (Deep Creek (Teton River tributary))20.120
Willow Creek (Sun River tributary)3434
Willow Creek - West Fork (Marias River tributary)41.341
Wills Creek14.615
Wilson Creek12.936
Wise River27.147
Wolf Creek (Big Muddy Creek tributary)63.964
Wolf Creek - East Fork (Missouri River tributary)22.623
Wolf Creek (Fisher River tributary)39.353
Wolf Creek (Judith River tributary)102.2204
Wolf Creek - Middle Fork (Missouri River tributary)20.721
Wolf Creek (Missouri River tributary)23.393
Wolf Creek (Redwater River tributary)32.633
Wolf Creek - West Fork (Missouri River tributary)26.426
Wolf Creek (Yellowstone River - Clarks Fork tributary)14.915
Woodhawk Creek30.531
Woody Creek (Big Dry Creek tributary)33.750
Woody Creek (Bighorn River tributary)23.295
Woody Creek - East Fork (Big Dry Creek tributary)15.916
Woody Island Creek70.270
Yaak River54.485
Yaak River - East Fork14.615
Yellowstone River556.312,462
Yellowstone River - Clarks Fork72.4496
Yogo Creek1414
Youngs Creek (Flathead River - South Fork tributary)22.723
Youngs Creek (Tongue River tributary)16.428

Note: Lengths are for the part of the river/watershed within the boundary of this state.

Note: Mostly rivers/streams 15+ miles in length.

Data from United States Geological Survey