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United States Rivers

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Little Missouri River

StatesMontana (107 mi), North Dakota (366 mi), South Dakota (76 mi), Wyoming (125 mi)
Length674.1 miles
Watershed Length*4,267 miles
MouthMissouri River Gulf of Mexico


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Name Distance
from Mouth
Andrews Creek1862222
Antelope Creek4121515
Arnett Creek3701616
Bacon Creek3102424
Bear Creek481414
Bear Creek2141717
Beaver Creek135199341
Beicegel Creek1174848
Bennett Creek972323
Blacktail Creek1412757
Blacktail Creek4922121
Boxelder Creek361176545
Boyce Creek2852020
Bullion Creek2135252
Bull Run Creek2722828
Bummer Creek1061616
Cannonball Creek2832747
Cash Creek2911616
Cherry Creek5675143
Cinnamon Creek1261414
Corral Creek931616
Cottonwood Creek4504444
Cottonwood Creek516979
Coyote Creek3212828
Crosby Creek651545
Dantz Creek2082020
Davis Creek1933232
Deep Creek23547101
Dry House Creek3911515
Elkhorn Creek6022424
Elkhorn Creek4861919
Fivemile Creek3542121
Fivemile Creek5291818
Fortyeight Mile Creek4471515
Franks Creek1692727
Gallup Creek3942121
Garner Creek2014867
Government Creek1762222
Hackberry Creek4491919
Hanley Wash229722
Hans Creek141818
Hay Creek5002121
Horse Creek3381818
Horse Creek4951818
Horse Creek2831616
Hulett Creek6261313
Indian Creek2991717
Jim Creek263349
Knutson Creek1833232
Little Beaver Creek313111243
Little Missouri River - North Fork59249111
Magpie Creek1303232
Moccasin Creek93535
Ninemile Creek5161515
North Butte Creek5032525
Paddock Creek1812020
Plum Creek4091717
Prairie Creek6354574
Red Wing Creek992828
Roosevelt Creek1531717
Sand Creek2343760
Sevenmile Creek5231515
Sevenmile Creek3452323
Shaw Creek3801616
Skull Creek3362222
South Butte Creek5052929
Spring Creek3312121
Spring Creek2511818
Squaw Creek822020
Squaw Creek63535
Sully Creek1902121
Thompson Creek53694159
Tie Creek4392929
TL Creek6141313
Valley Creek4233939
Wannagan Creek1712323
Williams Creek2662525
Willow Creek5313773
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* Note: Watershed is mostly rivers/streams 15+ miles in length.

Data from United States Geological Survey