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Yellowstone River

StatesMontana (556 mi), North Dakota (18 mi), Wyoming (118 mi)
Length691.9 miles
Watershed Length*22,990 miles
MouthMissouri River Gulf of Mexico


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Name Distance
from Mouth
Alkali Creek2865677
Alum Creek6081919
Armells Creek24429134
Arrow Creek3342424
Ash Creek1351515
Bad Route Creek11934100
Bennie Peer Creek2756105
Bensley Creek1791414
Big Creek5371818
Bighorn River2962906,535
Big Porcupine Creek246114337
Big Timber Creek4583248
Billman Creek5011515
Blacktail Deer Creek5711313
Blue Creek3692626
Boulder River45767119
Box Elder Creek714444
Bridger Creek4392121
Broad Creek5951717
Buffalo Creek30548109
Burns Creek6354127
Cabin Creek111103164
Canyon Creek3734949
Cedar Creek1046177
Charbonneau Creek957125
Cheney Creek211414
Cherry Creek13465214
Clear Creek1056584
Coal Creek1321515
Cottonwood Creek1262626
Cottonwood Creek1614040
Cottonwood Creek652260
Cow Gulch3224489
Cracker Box Creek1131919
Crooked Creek3471934
Crooked Creek1481717
Custer Creek1524680
Deer Creek8630115
Duck Creek473439
First Hay Creek173354
Five Mile Creek3582323
Fly Creek32775140
Fox Creek343998
Froze to Death Creek2702161
Gardner River5633060
Glendive Creek9056169
Graveyard Creek2072525
Harris Creek1632727
Hatchet Creek1201515
Hellroaring Creek5772626
Hensley Creek4081515
Hibbard Creek3123754
Horse Creek2292020
Horse Creek133333
Jones Creek1741616
Keyser Creek4142222
Lamar River58348175
Lignite Creek1921515
Little Porcupine Creek230119279
Little Timber Creek4642121
Lone Tree Creek293460
Lower Deer Creek4472727
Lower Sevenmile Creek813939
Mill Creek5242222
Moon Creek1943737
Morgan Creek782020
Muggins Creek2796278
Muster Creek1693131
O'Fallon Creek128161740
Otter Creek4575490
Pompeys Pillar Creek3313838
Powder River1484305,128
Pryor Creek352115234
Razor Creek3464462
Reservation Creek2512929
Rosebud Creek224224438
Sand Creek2193636
Sand Creek1723838
Sand Creek3251818
Sand Creek1001818
Sarpy Creek265105185
Shields River49164237
Sixmile Creek5341414
Slaughterhouse Creek2361515
Smith Creek2401515
Smith Creek534668
Sour Creek6091818
Starved to Death Creek2612222
Stillwater River41571229
Sunday Creek17515302
Sweeney Creek2153535
Sweet Grass Creek44878116
Thirteenmile Creek735389
Thorofare Creek6673043
Tom Miner Creek5461515
Tongue River1842812,096
Tower Creek5861414
Trout Creek6121414
Twelve Mile Creek3512121
Upper Deer Creek4502424
Upper Sevenmile Creek9659113
Valley Creek3951542
White Beaver Creek430458
Whitetail Creek2001414
Whoopup Creek1011515
Wilson Creek2051336
Yellowstone River - Clarks Fork381138738
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* Note: Watershed is mostly rivers/streams 15+ miles in length.

Data from United States Geological Survey