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United States Rivers

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River count399
River miles12,319

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Name Length
Agency Creek12.212
American River22.422
Badger Creek1328
Baker Creek11.411
Bannock Creek66.687
Bargamin Creek25.626
Basin Creek12.513
Battle Creek66.967
Bear Creek (Selway River tributary)22.839
Bear Creek (Snake River tributary)22.222
Bear Creek (Wildhorse River tributary)2020
Bear River185.2405
Bear Valley Creek33.351
Beaver Creek (Logan River tributary)8.89
Bennet Creek33.834
Big Bear Creek24.525
Big Boulder Creek7.839
Big Canyon Creek33.869
Big Creek (Little Salmon River tributary)16.817
Big Creek (Pahsimeroi River tributary)13.113
Big Creek (Payette River - North Fork tributary)24.124
Big Creek (Salmon River - Middle Fork tributary)47.591
Big Creek (Shoshone Creek tributary)14.615
Big Deer Creek14.214
Big Eightmile Creek16.817
Big Jacks Creek57.858
Big Lake Creek10.911
Big Mallard Creek19.820
Big Sand Creek19.920
Big Smoky Creek21.944
Big Timber Creek22.623
Big Willow Creek38.772
Big Wood River137407
Big Wood River - East Fork19.219
Big Wood River - North Fork11.311
Birch Creek28.128
Bitch Creek16.917
Black Canyon Creek16.717
Blackfoot River136.8249
Black Warrior Creek12.112
Blue Creek52.953
Boise River103.1687
Boise River - Middle Fork52.479
Boise River - North Fork50.392
Boise River - South Fork101.6241
Boulder Creek18.819
Boulder Creek18.218
Boundary Creek8.89
Browns Creek20.621
Bruneau River94593
Brushy Fork20.220
Buck Creek1.31
Buck Lake Creek1212
Bull Creek13.313
Bull Elk Creek11.311
California Creek1313
Camas Creek (Big Wood River tributary)66.9110
Camas Creek (Pole Creek tributary)14.715
Camas Creek (Salmon River - Middle Fork tributary)33.976
Canyon Creek (Lemhi River tributary)15.716
Canyon Creek (Payette River - South Fork tributary)10.711
Canyon Creek (Teton River tributary)20.821
Carmen Creek15.215
Cassia Creek29.129
Castle Creek3348
Castle Creek - North Fork14.915
Cat Creek1515
Cayuse Creek35.936
Cedar Creek (Moose Creek - East Fork tributary)11.411
Cedar Creek (Salmon Falls Creek tributary)35.458
Challis Creek24.137
Chamberlain Creek28.829
Cherry Creek11.712
Clark Fork8.734
Clear Creek (Clearwater River - Middle Fork tributary)22.322
Clear Creek (Panther Creek tributary)18.118
Clear Creek (Payette River - North Fork tributary)20.220
Clear Creek (Payette River - South Fork tributary)22.422
Clearwater River74.81,895
Clearwater River - Little North Fork46.446
Clearwater River - Middle Fork23.3665
Clearwater River - North Fork134.7438
Clearwater River - South Fork62.9272
Clover Creek (Bruneau River tributary)55.4111
Clover Creek (Snake River tributary)43.544
Cocolalla Creek26.326
Coeur d'Alene River38.1266
Coeur d'Alene River - Little North Fork38.739
Coeur d'Alene River - North Fork76.9165
Coeur d'Alene River - South Fork35.847
Collins Creek11.512
Colt Killed Creek23.354
Columbet Creek77
Conant Creek (Fall River tributary)27.245
Corder Creek16.917
Corral Creek22.422
Cottonwood Creek6.819
Cottonwood Creek (Bear River tributary)25.726
Cottonwood Creek (Clearwater River - South Fork tributary)32.332
Cottonwood Creek (Clearwater River tributary)20.220
Cottonwood Creek (Salmon River tributary)16.316
Cottonwood Creek (Squaw Creek tributary)11.712
Cougar Creek23.624
Cow Creek17.918
Crane Creek17.918
Crooked Creek21.836
Crooked Fork23.243
Crooked River29.730
Crooked River13.113
Crow Creek (Salt River tributary)27.833
Croy Creek13.514
Cub Creek16.617
Cub River22.947
Darby Creek7.98
Deadman Creek39.840
Deadwood Creek20.220
Deadwood River49.149
Deep Creek (Great Salt Lake tributary)35.235
Deep Creek (Kootenai River tributary)27.127
Deep Creek (Owyhee River tributary)42.281
Deep Creek (Selway River tributary)14.114
Deep Creek (Snake River tributary)11.211
Deer Creek8.89
Deer Creek (Big Wood River tributary)18.519
Deer Creek (Moyie River tributary)11.411
Devil Creek44.945
Diamond Creek27.327
Dorsey Creek (Jarbidge River tributary)14.314
Dry Creek (Big Wood River tributary)24.141
Dry Creek (Boise River tributary)21.321
East Pass Creek12.613
Eddy Creek12.813
Eighteenmile Creek26.727
Eightmile Creek17.217
Elk Creek (Bear Valley Creek tributary)17.818
Elk Creek (Clearwater River - North Fork tributary)30.744
Fall Creek20.120
Fall River32.987
Fish Creek21.121
Fourth of July Creek (Clearwater River - North Fork tributary)1414
Fourth of July Creek (Salmon River tributary)12.613
Fox Creek (Teton River tributary)9.710
French Creek21.121
Garden Creek18.519
George Creek6.36
Georgetown Creek14.615
Germania Creek1515
Goat Creek13.113
Goose Creek47.358
Granite Creek11.712
Grimes Creek42.943
Grouse Creek21.822
Hangman Creek21.822
Hayden Creek20.621
Hemlock Creek1515
Henrys Fork91.5517
Herd Creek9.522
Hoodoo Creek17.518
Hornet Creek21.121
Horse Creek26.326
Hot Creek22.122
House Creek22.222
Hughes Fork14.615
Independence Creek1616
Indian Creek (Boise River tributary)6767
Indian Creek (Snake River tributary)19.119
Iron Creek13.814
Jackknife Creek18.919
Jacks Creek11.1100
Jarbidge River33.9120
Jarbidge River - East Fork5.15
Jim Ford Creek2323
Johns Creek19.620
Johnson Creek (Boise River - North Fork tributary)12.212
Johnson Creek (Raft River tributary)66
Johnson Creek (Salmon River - South Fork - East Fork tributary)41.742
Johnson Creek (Weiser River tributary)14.314
Jordan Creek4281
Junction Creek9.29
Juniper Creek15.115
Kelly Creek26.362
King Hill Creek26.927
Kootenai (Kootenay) River65196
Lake Creek (Crooked Creek tributary)13.714
Lake Creek (Secesh River tributary)15.816
Lake Fork29.329
Lanes Creek22.623
Lapwai Creek32.962
Latour Creek16.517
Lawyer Creek44.645
Lemhi River61.7200
Lightning Creek25.726
Lime Creek11.925
Lime Creek - South Fork13.213
Lion Creek11.812
Little Canyon Creek (Big Canyon Creek tributary)18.835
Little Canyon Creek (Snake River tributary)30.330
Little Jacks Creek31.231
Little Loon Creek11.712
Little Malad River28.629
Little Owyhee River1625
Little Salmon River52110
Little Slate Creek15.115
Little Smoky Creek22.523
Little Weiser River47.247
Little Willow Creek33.534
Little Wood River130175
Lochsa River69.2220
Logan River2.611
Lolo Creek4765
Long Hollow Creek16.517
Long Meadow Creek13.313
Loon Creek34.871
Loop Creek12.613
Malad River (Bear River tributary)35.864
Malad River (Snake River tributary)12594
Mann Creek32.332
Marble Creek (Salmon River - Middle Fork tributary)23.223
Marble Creek (St. Joe River tributary)25.926
Marsh Creek56.275
Marten Creek12.613
Marys Creek43.443
Mayfield Creek3.217
Mayfield Creek - East Fork13.413
Meadow Creek (Blackfoot River tributary)4040
Meadow Creek (Pahsimeroi River tributary)15.215
Meadow Creek (Selway River tributary)44.356
Middle Potlatch Creek17.217
Mill Creek16.216
Miller Water16.316
Mink Creek13.714
Mission Creek11.612
Montpelier Creek25.826
Monumental Creek26.226
Moose Creek3.887
Moose Creek - East Fork34.646
Moose Creek - North Fork20.837
Mores Creek4083
Morgan Creek21.121
Moyer Creek12.813
Moyie River26.438
Muldoon Creek18.919
Musgrove Creek12.813
Musselshell Creek17.618
Myrtle Creek15.415
Napias Creek15.916
Newsome Creek16.116
North Big Boulder Creek16.817
North Cottonwood Creek12.613
North Leigh Creek5.66
Old Man Creek15.616
Orofino Creek41.141
Orogrande Creek20.120
Owl Creek14.915
Owyhee River91.5518
Owyhee River - North Fork23.749
Owyhee River - South Fork32.958
Pack River46.668
Pahsimeroi River59.7120
Palisades Creek11.812
Palouse River43.566
Panther Creek47.5121
Partridge Creek11.512
Patterson Creek31.932
Payette River82.7585
Payette River - Middle Fork48.262
Payette River - North Fork105.6179
Payette River - South Fork80.3174
Pend Oreille River70.6366
Pettibone Creek14.915
Pine Creek (Coeur d'Alene River - South Fork tributary)11.211
Pine Creek (Weiser River tributary)17.317
Piute Creek17.117
Poison Creek34.735
Pole Creek24.139
Pole Creek (Sheep Creek (Bruneau River tributary))10.410
Portneuf River116.1191
Pot Hole Creek39.139
Potlatch River57121
Potlatch River - East Fork21.822
Prichard Creek14.615
Priest River71.6148
Priest River - Lower West Branch18.218
Quartz Creek1414
Queens River14.715
Rabbit Creek19.920
Raft River97.2148
Rainey Creek13.413
Rapid River22.823
Rattlesnake Creek (Bannock Creek tributary)2020
Rattlesnake Creek (Boise River - South Fork tributary)16.416
Red River30.542
Red River - South Fork11.912
Reeds Creek19.119
Reynolds Creek25.425
Rhoda Creek16.316
Rice Creek14.715
Road Creek16.216
Robinson Creek2655
Rock Creek (Robinson Creek tributary)13.714
Rock Creek (Snake River tributary)43.463
Rock Creek (Snake River tributary)6.953
Rock Creek - South Fork45.646
Running Creek21.421
Rush Creek (Big Creek (Salmon River - Middle Fork tributary))17.618
Rush Creek (Weiser River tributary)20.721
Sabe Creek15.415
Sage Creek15.115
Sailor Creek64.3103
Salmon Falls Creek72.7230
Salmon Falls Creek - North Fork5.47
Salmon River425.42,294
Salmon River - East Fork36.8101
Salmon River - Middle Fork105.6445
Salmon River - North Fork24.825
Salmon River - South Fork90.3210
Salmon River - South Fork - East Fork32.975
Salt River2.3104
Scott Creek19.920
Secesh River28.945
Selway River100.2399
Shafer Creek16.116
Sheep Creek (Bruneau River tributary)60.5129
Sheep Creek (Salmon River tributary)14.515
Shoshone Creek33.448
Silver Creek (Camas Creek (Salmon River - Middle Fork tributary))19.119
Silver Creek (Clearwater River - North Fork tributary)12.913
Silver Creek (Clearwater River - South Fork tributary)12.212
Silver Creek (Little Wood River tributary)25.926
Simmons Creek12.412
Sinker Creek16.316
Sisters Creek13.914
Skull Creek15.627
Slate Creek22.438
Slate Creek21.221
Smith Creek (Boise River - South Fork tributary)22.623
Smith Creek (Kootenai River tributary)20.521
Snake River788.110,612
Snow Creek15.616
Soldier Creek5.76
Soldier Creek18.318
South Badger Creek3.94
South Big Boulder Creek14.114
South Leigh Creek12.312
South Teton River23.123
Spokane River40.7648
Spring Creek (Crow Creek (Salt River tributary))5.45
Spring Creek (Teton River tributary)12.218
Squaw Creek13.926
Squirrel Creek17.618
St. Joe River139.8319
St. Joe River - North Fork20.633
St. Maries River46.873
St. Maries River - Middle Fork14.815
Storm Creek10.811
Stump Creek19.520
Sweetwater Creek9.429
Tenmile Creek (Clearwater River - South Fork tributary)1616
Tenmile Creek (Payette River - South Fork tributary)11.111
Tent Creek8.89
Tepee Creek18.334
Teton Creek11.211
Teton River83.5244
Texas Creek23.824
Thorn Creek11.111
Three Creek15.336
Three Links Creek14.715
Threemile Creek18.519
Tincup Creek29.930
Trail Creek21.822
Trail Creek (Teton River tributary)12.713
Trinity Creek11.712
Trout Creek (Goose Creek tributary)11.111
Union Flat Creek4.522
Upper Priest River20.435
Valley Creek27.628
Warm River39.295
Warm Spring Creek19.920
Warm Springs Creek (Big Wood River tributary)23.824
Warm Springs Creek (Lochsa River tributary)17.117
Warm Springs Creek (Salmon River tributary)2323
Warren Creek20.220
Webb Creek19.920
Weiser River104.1333
Weiser River - East Fork15.916
Weiser River - Middle Fork26.627
Weitas Creek28.644
White Cap Creek25.225
Wildhorse River14.835
Willow Creek (Boise River - South Fork tributary)1919
Willow Creek (Camas Creek (Big Wood River tributary))24.424
Wilson Creek15.616
Wilson Creek1.82
Wind River14.314
Wolf Creek1515
Worm Creek23.624
Yankee Fork29.844
Yankee Fork - West Fork13.714
Yellowjacket Creek22.623

Note: Lengths are for the part of the river/watershed within the boundary of this state.

Note: Mostly rivers/streams 15+ miles in length.

Data from United States Geological Survey