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United States Rivers

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River count960
River miles27,989

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Name Length
Albert Creek40.875
Alkali Creek (Badwater Creek tributary)37.453
Alkali Creek (Cheyenne River tributary)3939
Alkali Creek (Green River tributary)29.830
Alkali Creek (Green River tributary)28.829
Alkali Creek (Kirby Creek tributary)16.617
Alkali Creek (New Fork River tributary)1515
Alkali Creek (Paint Rock Creek tributary)15.415
Alkali Creek (Sweetwater River tributary)14.370
Alkali Creek (Vermillion Creek tributary)31.131
Alkali Creek (Willow Creek (Powder River - South Fork tributary))1818
All Night Creek16.917
Alum Creek (Oak Creek tributary)13.413
Alum Creek (Old Woman Creek tributary)13.914
Alum Creek (Yellowstone River tributary)18.719
Antelope Creek (Cheyenne River tributary)85.6467
Antelope Creek (North Platte River tributary)16.917
Antelope Creek (Old Woman Creek tributary)13.313
Antelope Springs Creek14.615
Arch Creek45.361
Arkansas Creek30.731
Ash Creek (Tongue River tributary)11.411
Austin Creek12.813
Austin Creek17.818
Bacon Creek (Black Thunder Creek tributary)29.730
Bacon Creek (Fish Creek (Gros Ventre River tributary))16.316
Badger Creek (Tongue River tributary)26.545
Badwater Creek71.9230
Baldwin Creek19.834
Barber Creek27.828
Barlow Creek13.328
Barnard Creek14.715
Bates Creek (Antelope Creek tributary)38.456
Bates Creek (North Platte River tributary)55.5120
Battle Creek (Little Missouri River - North Fork tributary)20.420
Battle Creek (Little Snake River tributary)2222
Bear Creek (Bighorn River tributary)33.133
Bear Creek (Horse Creek (North Platte River tributary))63.8185
Bear Creek - North Fork (Sand Creek (Antelope Creek tributary))22.122
Bear Creek (North Laramie River tributary)16.817
Bear Creek (North Platte River tributary)19.219
Bear Creek (Sand Creek (Antelope Creek tributary))21.968
Bear Creek - South Fork31.632
Bear Creek - South Fork (Sand Creek (Antelope Creek tributary))23.624
Bear Creek (Wind River - East Fork tributary)24.224
Bear River123410
Beartrap Creek15.916
Beaver Creek (Belle Fourche River tributary)52.853
Beaver Creek (Cheyenne River tributary)126645
Beaver Creek (Crazy Woman Creek - South Fork tributary)17.918
Beaver Creek (Green River tributary)2.957
Beaver Creek (Henrys Fork tributary)5.67
Beaver Creek (Inyan Kara Creek tributary)26.727
Beaver Creek (Little Wind River tributary)102.3102
Beaver Creek - Middle Fork (Henrys Fork tributary)0.40
Beaver Creek (North Platte River tributary)19.419
Beaver Creek (Powder River - Middle Fork tributary)24.739
Beaver Creek (Powder River tributary)47.347
Beaver Creek (Shell Creek (Bighorn River tributary))17.330
Beaver Creek - West Fork (Henrys Fork tributary)0.51
Bechler River17.333
Beckwith Creek14.715
Belle Fourche River339.71,998
Bennett Creek17.317
Bergreen Creek20.921
Big Cottonwood Creek26.727
Big Creek - Middle Fork (Big Creek (North Platte River tributary))13.213
Big Creek (North Platte River tributary)17.133
Big Creek - South Fork (Big Creek (North Platte River tributary))3.13
Big Ditch29.630
Big Dry Creek33.858
Big Goose Creek25.959
Big Goose Creek - East Fork18.318
Big Goose Creek - West Fork1515
Bighorn River160.75,282
Big Red Creek9.525
Big Sandstone Creek19.520
Big Sandy River141.7335
Big Twin Creek16.216
Bilderback Creek17.217
Billie Creek12.913
Billy Creek13.113
Birch Creek (Henrys Fork tributary)4.24
Bitch Creek4.518
Bitter Creek (Green River tributary)108.4348
Bitter Creek (Powder River tributary)38.138
Bitter Creek (Shoshone River tributary)19.920
Blackrock Creek21.722
Blacks Fork172.3990
Blacktail Creek28.328
Blacktail Creek24.424
Blacktail Deer Creek12.513
Black Thunder Creek79.8284
Blucher Creek15.315
Blue Creek14.214
Bluegate Creek19.620
Bluegrass Creek2254
Bob Creek15.716
Boggy Creek13.614
Bolton Creek30.531
Bone Creek14.715
Bone Pile Creek26.426
Boswell Creek8.48
Boulder Creek (New Fork River tributary)2538
Boulder Creek - North Fork (New Fork River tributary)12.713
Boundary Creek1616
Box Creek36.166
Box Creek - North Fork17.618
Box Creek - South Fork11.812
Boxelder Creek23.123
Box Elder Creek (North Platte River tributary)50.651
Box Elder Creek (Nowood River tributary)12.626
Bridger Creek (Badwater Creek tributary)39.276
Bridger Creek (Bear River tributary)15.916
Broad Creek17.417
Brokenback Creek1735
Brokenback Creek - South Fork17.618
Brown Springs Creek19.520
Brush Creek (Indian Creek (Hat Creek tributary))23.724
Brush Creek (Sand Creek (Sybille Creek tributary))15.716
Buck Creek (Black Thunder Creek tributary)19.319
Buck Creek (Lance Creek tributary)29.930
Bud Kimball Creek13.313
Buffalo Creek (Belle Fourche River tributary)52.252
Buffalo Creek (Bighorn River tributary)25.854
Buffalo Creek (Clear Creek tributary)3939
Buffalo Creek (Gooseberry Creek tributary)18.218
Buffalo Creek - North Fork (Nowood River tributary)17.818
Buffalo Creek (Nowood River tributary)28.586
Buffalo Creek (Powder River - Middle Fork tributary)54.184
Buffalo Creek (Powder River tributary)6.87
Buffalo Creek (Slough Creek tributary)3.84
Buffalo Fork26.3118
Buffalo Springs Creek24.825
Bull Creek (Clear Creek (Powder River tributary))18.318
Bull Creek (Crow Creek (Belle Fourche River tributary))12.813
Bull Creek (Powder River tributary)15.816
Bull Elk Creek3.84
Bull Lake Creek3651
Bull Lake Creek - North Fork1515
Burnt Fork3.23
Caballo Creek52.1151
Cabin Creek (Belle Fourche River tributary)28.629
Cabin Creek (Clear Creek (Powder River tributary))15.516
Cache Creek16.517
Caldwell Creek13.814
Canyon Creek (Deer Creek (Poison Creek (Wind River tributary)))19.119
Canyon Creek (North Platte River tributary)17.117
Canyon Creek (Tensleep Creek tributary)31.131
Canyon Creek (Vermillion Creek tributary)1414
Carter Creek13.113
Carter Creek13.514
Casper Creek21.1218
Casper Creek - Middle Fork86.8102
Casper Creek - North Fork29.129
Casper Creek - South Fork6666
Castle Creek46.768
Castle Creek - South Fork21.321
Chalk Creek2.22
Cherokee Creek17.818
Cherry Creek (Box Elder Creek (Nowood River tributary))13.614
Cherry Creek (Sweetwater River tributary)14.214
Cheyenne River110.15,108
Cheyenne River - Dry Fork88.8204
Chugwater Creek92.6222
Clear Creek (Albert Creek tributary)20.534
Clear Creek (Powder River tributary)111.6451
Cliff Creek16.917
Cloud Creek22.422
Coalbank Creek16.817
Coal Creek (Belle Fourche River tributary)945
Coal Creek - East Fork (Belle Fourche River tributary)14.114
Coal Creek (Sugar Creek tributary)14.515
Coal Creek - West Fork (Belle Fourche River tributary)21.622
Coantag Creek13.113
Cold Springs Creek37.638
Cole Creek31.632
Columbus Creek21.722
Conant Creek (Fall River tributary)9.918
Conant Creek (Muskrat Creek tributary)3151
Coon Creek35.435
Corral Creek15.716
Corral Creek (Little Powder River tributary)13.814
Cottonwood Creek (Bighorn River tributary)74.2179
Cottonwood Creek (Bridger Creek (Badwater Creek tributary))17.117
Cottonwood Creek (Cheyenne River tributary)2.56
Cottonwood Creek (East Fork River tributary)13.413
Cottonwood Creek (Green River tributary)31.6137
Cottonwood Creek (Greybull River tributary)14.715
Cottonwood Creek (Gros Ventre River tributary)19.520
Cottonwood Creek (Little Powder River tributary)40.790
Cottonwood Creek (North Platte River tributary)46.376
Cottonwood Creek (Powder River - Dry Fork tributary)23.624
Cottonwood Creek (Powder River - South Fork tributary)36.737
Cottonwood Creek (Powder River tributary)13.614
Cottonwood Creek (Salt Creek (Powder River tributary))16.316
Cottonwood Creek (Salt River tributary)13.313
Cottonwood Creek (Shoshone River tributary)14.915
Cottonwood Creek (Smiths Fork (Blacks Fork tributary))36.459
Cottonwood Creek - West Fork (Little Powder River tributary)16.633
Cottonwood Creek (Wind River tributary)38.739
Cottonwood Creek (Yellowstone River - Clarks Fork tributary)11.211
Cougar Creek16.531
Coutant Creek15.315
Cow Creek (Lance Creek tributary)51.782
Cow Creek (Little Powder River tributary)19.319
Cow Creek (Muddy Creek (Little Snake River tributary))19.738
Cow Creek (North Platte River tributary)24.424
Coyote Creek15.215
Cracker Creek15.415
Crandall Creek10.841
Crandall Creek - North Fork16.917
Craven Creek13.714
Crazy Woman Creek103.1393
Crazy Woman Creek - Middle Fork32.466
Crazy Woman Creek - North Fork56.6176
Crazy Woman Creek - South Fork36.554
Crooked Creek (Bighorn River tributary)12.318
Crooked Creek (Little Wind River - South Fork tributary)13.814
Crow Creek (Belle Fourche River tributary)29.542
Crow Creek (Cottonwood Creek (North Platte River tributary))15.315
Crow Creek - North Fork17.918
Crow Creek (Salt River tributary)15.834
Crow Creek (South Platte River tributary)66.1156
Crow Creek (Wind River tributary)42.242
Crystal Creek (Bighorn River tributary)20.721
Crystal Creek (Gros Ventre River tributary)18.919
Currant Creek22.523
Dale Creek21.330
Dans Creek15.115
Darby Creek8.69
Deadhead Creek23.924
Dead Horse Creek - Middle Prong (Powder River tributary)14.214
Dead Horse Creek - North Prong (Powder River tributary)17.417
Dead Horse Creek (Powder River - South Fork tributary)21.321
Dead Horse Creek (Powder River tributary)48.580
Deadman Creek (North Thompson Creek tributary)5.25
Deep Creek (Belle Fourche River tributary)15.616
Deep Creek (Hay Creek (Lodgepole Creek tributary))23.524
Deep Creek (Muddy Creek (Little Snake River tributary))20.220
Deep Creek (Nowood River tributary)20.621
Deer Creek (Belle Fourche River tributary)13.914
Deer Creek (Cottonwood Creek (Little Powder River tributary) - West Fork)1616
Deer Creek (Laramie River tributary)16.817
Deer Creek (North Platte River tributary)51.766
Deer Creek (Poison Creek (Wind River tributary))41.160
Deer Creek (Shoshone River tributary)13.514
Deer Creek - West Fork (North Platte River tributary)14.314
Dell Creek15.816
Deweese Creek14.314
Difficulty Creek18.318
Dinwoody Creek32.733
Ditch Creek14.114
Dogie Creek27.127
Donkey Creek73.5106
Dorsey Creek22.923
Double Crossing Creek1515
Douglas Creek33.148
Doyle Creek19.620
Driscoll Creek21.722
Dry Cheyenne Creek25.826
Dry Cow Creek18.118
Dry Creek (Bighorn River tributary)101122
Dry Creek (Lightning Creek tributary)65.879
Dry Creek - South Fork (Bighorn River tributary)21.321
Dry Donkey Creek18.819
Dry Laramie River21.221
Dry Medicine Lodge Creek16.617
Dry Muddy Creek (Blacks Fork tributary)3434
Dry Muddy Creek (Muddy Creek (Wind River tributary))27.242
Dry Piney Creek27.127
Duck Creek (Cheyenne River - Dry Fork tributary)26.761
Duck Creek (Laramie River tributary)25.225
Duck Creek (Little Powder River tributary)28.929
Duck Creek (Lone Tree Creek tributary)29.329
Duck Creek (New Fork River tributary)13.514
Duck Creek (Niobrara River tributary)35.356
Dugout Creek33.834
Du Noir Creek16.116
Dutch Creek23.578
Dutch Creek - Dow Prong21.421
Dutch Creek - Wagner Prong18.418
Eagle Creek (Buffalo Creek (Powder River - Middle Fork tributary))14.715
Eagle Creek (North Platte River tributary)13.413
Eagle Creek (Shoshone River - North Fork tributary)1515
East Alkali Creek21.321
Easter Creek5.45
East Fork River64.1121
East Iron Creek13.213
East Muddy Creek13.614
East Pass Creek10.911
East Salt Wells Creek21.922
East Sweetwater River13.914
East Teapot Creek16.517
East Tensleep Creek12.913
E-K Creek15.916
Elk Creek (Bighorn River tributary)39.653
Elk Creek (Little Powder River tributary)20.120
Elk Creek - South Fork (Bighorn River tributary)13.514
Elkhorn Creek (Little Missouri River tributary)24.124
Elkhorn Creek (North Platte River tributary)15.215
Enos Creek18.418
Fales Creek12.813
Fall River31.583
Falls Creek24.625
Fence Creek23.624
Fetterman Creek12.813
Fiddler Creek18.118
Fifteenmile Creek89.1169
Fifteenmile Creek - Middle Fork24.651
Fifteenmile Creek - North Fork13.914
Fifteenmile Creek - South Fork26.727
Firehole River31.964
Fish Creek (Dale Creek tributary)8.99
Fish Creek (Gros Ventre River tributary)4.673
Fish Creek - North Fork (Gros Ventre River tributary)20.320
Fish Creek (North Laramie River tributary)28.128
Fish Creek - South Fork (Gros Ventre River tributary)31.732
Fish Creek (South Piney Creek tributary)18.619
Fishhawk Creek15.115
Fivemile Creek (Bighorn River tributary)26.627
Fivemile Creek (Laramie River tributary)12.853
Fivemile Creek (Little Missouri River tributary)2.53
Fivemile Creek (Tongue River tributary)13.614
Fivemile Creek (Wind River tributary)68.569
Five Springs Creek16.116
Flat Creek39.840
Flying E Creek19.720
Fontenelle Creek72.890
Fontenelle Creek - South Fork17.317
Foote Creek53.554
Fortification Creek32.332
Four Horse Creek35.361
Fourmile Creek (Belle Fourche River tributary)17.532
Fourmile Creek (Laramie River tributary)34.735
Fourmile Creek (Little Snake River tributary)0.61
Fourmile Creek - North Fork (Powder River tributary)21.822
Fourmile Creek (Powder River tributary)9.550
Fourmile Creek (Powder River tributary)28.328
Fourmile Creek - South Fork (Powder River tributary)1919
Fox Creek (Bear Creek (Horse Creek (North Platte River tributary)))24.725
Fox Creek (Teton River tributary)7.37
Francs Fork15.115
French Creek (Clear Creek (Powder River tributary))21.722
French Creek (North Platte River tributary)4.820
Frog Creek1616
Gallatin River14.615
Gammon Prong20.721
Gap Creek19.635
Gardner River27.257
Gay Creek9.510
Gibbon River34.835
Gooseberry Creek105.5156
Goose Creek (Lone Tree Creek (South Platte River tributary))2121
Goose Creek (Tongue River tributary)12.7129
Granite Creek22.923
Grass Creek (Buffalo Creek (Bighorn River tributary))13.514
Grass Creek (Cottonwood Creek (Bighorn River tributary))57.457
Grayling Creek14.414
Greasewood Creek (Little Medicine Bow River tributary)2237
Greasewood Creek (Mud Spring Creek tributary)17.718
Green River323.44,231
Greybull River113.2345
Greys River65.191
Gros Ventre River74.7186
Gypsum Creek15.816
Gypsum Creek5.86
Halleck Creek12.813
Hams Fork161212
Hams Fork - West Fork21.121
Hanging Woman Creek16.851
Hanging Woman Creek - West Prong1818
Harney Creek22.422
Harney Creek14.414
Hay Creek (Belle Fourche River tributary)46.860
Hay Creek (Lodgepole Creek tributary)34.581
Hay Creek - Middle Fork (Redwater River tributary)18.418
Hay Creek - North Fork (Redwater River tributary)18.337
Hay Creek (Redwater River tributary)2.357
Hay Creek - South Fork (Redwater River tributary)18.318
Hay Creek - West Fork (Lodgepole Creek tributary)22.623
Hellroaring Creek3.54
Henrys Fork57.596
Hoback River53.1168
Hobble Creek20.834
Hoe Creek3535
Hoodoo Creek (Badwater Creek tributary)13.914
Hoodoo Creek (Crandall Creek tributary)13.213
Horse Creek (Blacks Fork tributary)11.912
Horse Creek (Cheyenne River tributary)13.313
Horse Creek (Green River tributary)3591
Horse Creek (Little Powder River tributary)50.5134
Horse Creek - North Fork (North Platte River tributary)18.619
Horse Creek (North Platte River tributary)208.2464
Horse Creek (Shell Creek (Bighorn River tributary))14.314
Horse Creek - South Fork (North Platte River tributary)15.516
Horse Creek (Sweetwater River tributary)29.429
Horse Creek (Wind River tributary)30.731
Horseshoe Creek (Conant Creek (Muskrat Creek tributary))20.220
Horseshoe Creek (North Platte River tributary)50.670
House Creek16.617
Houston Creek28.128
Hulett Creek13.213
Hunton Creek15.816
Hurt Creek13.113
Indian Creek (Hat Creek tributary)31.681
Indian Creek (Powder River - South Fork tributary)33.534
Indian Creek (Powder River tributary)15.716
Inyan Kara Creek86.5185
Iron Creek (Beaver Creek (Cheyenne River tributary))20.936
Iron Creek (Poison Spider Creek tributary)21.121
Ishawooa Creek18.318
Jack Creek20.621
Jack Creek40.755
Jackknife Creek0.40
Jack Morrow Creek36.737
Jackson Creek15.115
Jakeys Fork19.520
Jay Creek12.813
Jim Creek13.213
J M Creek18.218
Joe Henry Fork15.716
Johnson Creek (Laramie River tributary)1.92
Johnson Creek (Rock Creek (Clear Creek (Powder River tributary)))12.913
Jones Creek14.414
Kelly Creek13.814
Keyton Creek14.114
Killpecker Creek1414
Killpecker Creek36.737
Kingsbury Creek16.817
Kirby Creek3382
La Barge Creek67.868
La Bonte Creek47.372
La Bonte Creek - West Fork25.125
LaChapelle Creek17.518
Lake Creek20.320
Lake Creek (Kirby Creek tributary)19.419
Lake Creek (Willow Creek (New Fork River tributary))20.220
Lamar River48.3119
Lance Creek109.7883
Lander Creek19.235
Landon Creek9.723
La Prele Creek54.154
Laramie River2371,131
Lava Creek (Buffalo Fork tributary)16.917
Lava Creek (Gardner River tributary)16.216
Leavitt Creek23.524
Left Creek13.614
Leigh Creek14.815
Lewis River18.418
Lightning Creek94.9431
Line Creek14.915
Line Creek (Beaver Creek (Cheyenne River tributary))9.19
Lion Creek13.514
Little Badger Creek18.619
Little Bates Creek17.818
Little Bear Creek35.836
Little Bighorn River20.968
Little Bitter Creek43.143
Little Canyon Creek6.920
Little Canyon Creek - South Fork1313
Little Cottonwood Creek (Cottonwood Creek (Cheyenne River tributary))3.84
Little Cottonwood Creek (Nowood River tributary)14.715
Little Cow Creek16.617
Little Dry Creek (Big Dry Creek tributary)24.124
Little Dry Creek (Henrys Fork tributary)16.116
Little Gooseberry Creek21.121
Little Goose Creek29.930
Little Greys River25.926
Little Horse Creek16.617
Little Jack Creek1414
Little Laramie River45.281
Little Laramie River - Middle Fork18.619
Little Laramie River - North Fork17.217
Little Lightning Creek19.720
Little Lightning Creek3232
Little Medicine Bow River65.8238
Little Medicine Bow River - North Fork18.919
Little Missouri River125.4411
Little Missouri River - North Fork48.6111
Little Muddy Creek66.1207
Little Muddy Creek - North Fork18.619
Little Piney Creek1414
Little Popo Agie River56.398
Little Powder River114.7574
Little Rawhide Creek21.421
Little Sage Creek28.629
Little Sandstone Creek16.216
Little Sandy Creek91.1193
Little Savery Creek15.315
Little Simpson Creek12.513
Little Snake River45.5544
Little Snake River - North Fork12.112
Little Teapot Creek15.916
Little Thunder Creek67.2121
Little Thunder Creek - North Prong20.921
Little Wind River57.3575
Little Wind River - North Fork33.934
Little Wind River - South Fork34.648
Little Youngs Creek2.32
Lodge Grass Creek7.68
Lodgepole Creek (Cheyenne River tributary)89.2226
Lodgepole Creek (South Platte River tributary)93160
Lone Bear Creek16.817
Lone Tree Creek (Clear Creek (Powder River tributary))16.617
Lone Tree Creek (Fivemile Creek (Laramie River tributary))22.222
Lone Tree Creek (Horse Creek (North Platte River tributary))19.620
Lone Tree Creek (Lodgepole Creek (Cheyenne River tributary))24.725
Lone Tree Creek (South Platte River tributary)37.597
Long Creek10.930
Long Creek - West Fork19.219
Lost Creek1515
Luman Creek15.215
L X Bar Creek30.130
Lysite Creek19.720
Lytle Creek22.823
Madison River12.8157
Magpie Creek16.517
Maple Creek14.515
Mason Creek23.223
McKinney Creek15.916
Meadow Creek (Poison Spider Creek tributary)15.115
Meadow Creek (Salt Creek (Powder River tributary))37.437
Meadow Creek (Wind River tributary)16.632
Medicine Bow River166.3750
Medicine Lodge Creek26.343
Meeteetse Creek31.431
Meiser Creek19.119
Middle Bear Creek14.815
Middle Chugwater Creek2020
Middle Creek (Belle Fourche River tributary)6.77
Middle Creek (Cow Creek (Lance Creek tributary))13.213
Middle Creek (Gooseberry Creek tributary)14.214
Middle Crow Creek31.754
Middle Piney Creek45.245
Middle Popo Agie River31.265
Middle Sybille Creek2323
Mill Creek (Bear River tributary)10.511
Mill Creek (Little Wind River tributary)24.725
Miller Creek1414
Miller Creek (Belle Fourche River tributary)20.521
Miller Creek (Belle Fourche River tributary)20.220
Miller Creek (Sage Creek (North Platte River tributary))17.117
Mitchell Creek1717
Moss Agate Creek - South Fork7.98
Mud Creek - North Fork (Owl Creek (Bighorn River tributary))17.518
Mud Creek (Nowater Creek tributary)23.924
Mud Creek (Owl Creek (Bighorn River tributary))10.642
Mud Creek - South Fork (Owl Creek (Bighorn River tributary))13.514
Muddy Creek (Blacks Fork tributary)75.1342
Muddy Creek - Clear Fork (North Platte River tributary)17.918
Muddy Creek (Crazy Woman Creek - North Fork tributary)25.839
Muddy Creek (East Fork River tributary)19.920
Muddy Creek (Green River tributary)16.517
Muddy Creek (Green River tributary)57.257
Muddy Creek (Little Medicine Bow River tributary)78.979
Muddy Creek (Little Snake River tributary)111.3224
Muddy Creek (North Platte River tributary)29.162
Muddy Creek (Smiths Fork (Bear River tributary))12.713
Muddy Creek (Sweetwater River tributary)3434
Muddy Creek (Wind River tributary)59.3101
Mud Spring Creek2644
Mule Creek (Belle Fourche River tributary)14.114
Mule Creek (Cheyenne River tributary)16.316
Mule Creek (Sybille Creek tributary)17.217
Murphy Creek23.323
Mush Creek44.545
Muskrat Creek (Rawhide Creek (North Platte River tributary))30.631
Muskrat Creek (Wind River tributary)73.7171
New Fork River86409
Nez Perce Creek1633
Ninemile Creek (Antelope Creek tributary)24.925
Ninemile Creek - North Fork (Powder River tributary)15.415
Ninemile Creek (Powder River tributary)4358
Niobrara River72.6179
North Antelope Creek3.43
North Bear Creek29.129
North Beaver Creek22.523
North Buffalo Fork26.226
North Chugwater Creek17.317
North Clear Creek18.318
North Cottonwood Creek13.113
North Cottonwood Creek50.464
North Fourmile Creek14.414
North Horse Creek28.529
North Laramie River86.5131
North Leigh Creek12.112
North Lodgepole Creek1414
North Paint Rock Creek14.214
North Piney Creek (Green River tributary)5858
North Piney Creek (Piney Creek (Clear Creek (Powder River tributary)))19.419
North Platte River455.95,543
North Popo Agie River38.839
North Redwater Creek16.316
North Spring Creek28.228
North Sybille Creek2020
North Thompson Creek618
North Tongue River23.123
Nowater Creek62.6135
Nowater Creek - East Fork32.748
Nowood River157.3729
Oak Creek28.342
Oat Creek1111
Obsidian Creek13.714
Oil Creek57.6111
Oil Springs Creek20.521
Old Woman Creek59.9160
Olmstead Creek30.330
Open Creek13.413
Otter Creek739
Otter Creek - North Fork15.115
Otter Creek - South Fork1717
Owl Creek (Belle Fourche River tributary)14.227
Owl Creek (Bighorn River tributary)48.8192
Owl Creek - North Fork (Bighorn River tributary)38.739
Owl Creek - South Fork (Belle Fourche River tributary)6.97
Owl Creek - South Fork (Bighorn River tributary)4763
Pacific Creek (Little Sandy Creek tributary)49.2102
Pacific Creek (Snake River tributary)33.634
Paint Creek19.419
Paint Rock Creek41.6114
Pass Creek - North Fork (Powder River - North Fork tributary)13.413
Pass Creek (North Platte River tributary)77.399
Pass Creek (Powder River - North Fork tributary)13.313
Pass Creek (Powder River - North Fork tributary)11.425
Pat O'Hara Creek30.130
Pebble Creek7.68
Pelton Creek14.915
Percy Creek13.514
Pete Creek16.416
Phillips Creek14.615
Picket Creek13.814
Pickett Creek13.814
Pine Creek (Iron Creek (Beaver Creek (Cheyenne River tributary)))15.115
Pine Creek (New Fork River tributary)27.427
Pine Creek (Sweetwater River tributary)16.517
Piney Creek (Clear Creek (Powder River tributary))30.8111
Piney Creek (Little Thunder Creek tributary)19.319
Pleasant Valley Creek13.714
Plum Creek14.214
Poison Creek (Crazy Woman Creek - Middle Fork tributary)14.214
Poison Creek (Henrys Fork tributary)8.28
Poison Creek (Red Canyon Creek tributary)8.724
Poison Creek (Wind River tributary)68128
Poison Spider Creek71.9139
Poker Creek15.616
Polecat Creek (Sage Creek (Shoshone River tributary))15.816
Polecat Creek (Snake River tributary)1818
Pole Creek36.861
Popo Agie River21.9224
Porcupine Creek (Antelope Creek tributary)48.148
Porcupine Creek (Bighorn River tributary)24.135
Porter Creek5.819
Posey Creek14.414
Powder River2093,688
Powder River - Dry Fork51.892
Powder River - Middle Fork65.3254
Powder River - North Fork82.3120
Powder River - Red Fork2166
Powder River - Red Fork - North Fork12.729
Powder River - Red Fork - South Fork16.216
Powder River - South Fork136.2427
Prairie Creek (Black Thunder Creek tributary)21.421
Prairie Creek (Little Missouri River tributary)4574
Prairie Creek - Short Prong (Little Missouri River tributary)13.614
Prairie Dog Creek60.2169
Pretty Water Creek13.814
Prospect Creek25.425
Pumpkin Creek23.787
Pumpkin Creek - Middle Prong20.821
Pumpkin Creek - North Prong18.418
Pumpkin Creek - South Prong24.445
Ranch Creek22
Rasmussen Creek12.713
Rat Creek12.713
Rattlesnake Creek (Pass Creek tributary)2222
Rattlesnake Creek (Shoshone River - North Fork tributary)13.914
Raven Creek47.648
Rawhide Creek (Greybull River tributary)28.829
Rawhide Creek (Little Powder River tributary)37.259
Rawhide Creek (North Platte River tributary)76.4125
Red Canyon Creek (Beaver Creek (Shell Creek (Bighorn River tributary)))1313
Red Canyon Creek (Bighorn River tributary)18.732
Red Canyon Creek (Sand Creek (South Redwater Creek tributary))19.744
Red Creek (Green River tributary)19.520
Red Creek (Owl Creek (Bighorn River tributary) - South Fork)16.216
Red Creek (Sand Creek (Little Snake River tributary))13.113
Redwater Creek (Redwater River tributary)32.6212
Richeau Creek28.729
Ricker Creek13.113
Roaring Fork15.115
Robbers Roost Creek29.930
Rock Creek (Clear Creek (Powder River tributary))2052
Rock Creek (Green River tributary)13.413
Rock Creek (Medicine Bow River tributary)125.4208
Rock Creek (Muddy Creek (Blacks Fork tributary))15.330
Rock Creek (Sweetwater River tributary)2424
Rock Creek (Twin Creek (Bear River tributary))13.514
Rock Waterhole Creek15.115
Rough Creek12.713
Rush Creek13.614
Ryckman Creek18.519
SA Creek30.631
Sage Creek (Cottonwood Creek (Smiths Fork (Blacks Fork tributary)))22.823
Sage Creek (Green River tributary)40.841
Sage Creek (Little Wind River tributary)22.958
Sage Creek - North Fork (Little Wind River tributary)18.418
Sage Creek (North Platte River tributary)39.898
Sage Creek (North Platte River tributary)38.238
Sage Creek (North Platte River tributary)11.524
Sage Creek (Old Woman Creek tributary)29.342
Sage Creek (Shoshone River tributary)45.145
Sage Creek (Shoshone River tributary)25.241
Sage Creek - South Fork16.416
Sage Creek - South Fork (North Platte River tributary)12.913
Sage Hen Creek3353
Salt Creek (Powder River tributary)97.2329
Salt Creek (Stockade Beaver Creek tributary)27.628
Salt River81.9182
Salt Wells Creek74.4145
Sand Creek (Antelope Creek tributary)63.5154
Sand Creek (Badwater Creek tributary)14.515
Sand Creek (Boxelder Creek tributary)3.74
Sand Creek (Laramie River tributary)31.932
Sand Creek (Little Medicine Bow River tributary)18.118
Sand Creek (Little Snake River tributary)50.6115
Sand Creek (North Platte River tributary)28.529
Sand Creek (North Platte River tributary)25.225
Sand Creek (North Platte River tributary)12.813
Sand Creek (Nowood River tributary)30.531
Sand Creek (South Redwater Creek tributary)27.4109
Sand Creek (Sybille Creek tributary)420
Savery Creek35.9122
Savery Creek - East Fork13.313
Savery Creek - North Fork21.822
Saylor Creek14.815
School Creek13.313
Sevenmile Creek22.422
Seventysix Creek12.713
Shaw Creek14.615
Shawnee Creek13.642
Shawnee Creek - East Fork13.714
Shawnee Creek - West Fork14.715
Sheep Creek (Beaver Creek (Cheyenne River tributary))27.528
Sheep Creek (Little Muddy Creek tributary)15.816
Sheep Creek (North Platte River tributary)14.314
Sheep Creek (Slate Creek tributary)16.131
Shell Creek (Bighorn River tributary)55.3134
Shell Creek (Vermillion Creek tributary)47.147
Shoal Creek17.618
Short Creek (North Thompson Creek tributary)77
Shoshone River75.4580
Shoshone River - North Fork65.3242
Shoshone River - South Fork70.4102
Shurtleff Creek13.514
Shute Creek38.553
Shute Creek - South Fork14.114
Silver Creek (East Fork River tributary)9.524
Silver Creek - North Fork (East Fork River tributary)14.114
Silver Creek (Poison Creek (Red Canyon Creek tributary))15.616
Silver Springs Creek17.832
Silver Springs Creek - North Branch13.914
Silver Tip Creek10.711
Simpson Creek0.313
Sixmile Creek14.314
Skull Creek (Oil Creek tributary)53.654
Skull Creek (Sand Creek (Little Snake River tributary))19.419
Skunk Creek17.334
Slate Creek25.457
Slough Creek13.317
Smith Creek1515
Smiths Fork (Bear River tributary)57.1104
Smiths Fork (Blacks Fork tributary)38.4160
Smiths Fork - East Fork (Blacks Fork tributary)10.310
Smiths Fork - West Fork (Blacks Fork tributary)10.210
Snake River153.81,249
Snyder Creek34.935
Soap Creek18.519
Soda Butte Creek15.523
Soda Creek13.113
Soldier Creek (Goose Creek tributary)27.327
Soldier Creek (Inyan Kara Creek tributary)20.220
Soldier Creek (Powder River tributary)13.313
Sour Creek17.818
Sourdough Creek13.413
South Badger Creek10.110
South Beaver Creek (Beaver Creek (Cheyenne River tributary))47.760
South Beaver Creek (Beaver Creek (Green River tributary))31.131
South Bitch Creek13.213
South Buffalo Fork2727
South Chugwater Creek21.334
South Clear Creek14.615
South Cottonwood Creek40.641
South Crow Creek21.922
South French Creek15.315
South Horse Creek27.828
South Leigh Creek1111
South Lodgepole Creek2626
South Piney Creek56.875
South Piney Creek23.924
South Redwater Creek23.6163
South Rock Creek19.219
South Spring Creek22.422
South Tongue River14.915
Spotted Horse Creek33.534
Spotwood Creek9.29
Spread Creek17.345
Spread Creek - North Fork12.913
Spread Creek - South Fork1515
Spring Creek13.914
Spring Creek (Antelope Creek tributary)37.337
Spring Creek (Chugwater Creek tributary)13.514
Spring Creek (Crow Creek (Salt River tributary))17.918
Spring Creek (Green River tributary)10.811
Spring Creek (Greybull River tributary)27.728
Spring Creek (Horse Creek (Little Powder River tributary))14.515
Spring Creek (Horseshoe Creek (North Platte River tributary))19.119
Spring Creek (Little Medicine Bow River tributary)19.520
Spring Creek (Little Powder River tributary)23.924
Spring Creek (Lodgepole Creek (South Platte River tributary))27.227
Spring Creek (North Platte River tributary)5.556
Spring Creek (Nowood River tributary)24.625
Spring Creek (Rock Creek (Muddy Creek (Blacks Fork tributary)))15.115
Spring Creek (Sage Creek (Old Woman Creek tributary))1313
Spring Creek (Snake River tributary)12.913
Squaw Creek (Baldwin Creek tributary)14.214
Squaw Creek (Horse Creek (Little Powder River tributary))14.515
Squirrel Creek88
S R Creek14.615
Stinking Creek39.540
Stinking Water Creek22.623
St. Marys Creek30.644
Stockade Beaver Creek84.6129
Stonepile Creek13.614
Strawberry Creek15.415
Stump Creek5.76
Sugar Creek34.949
Sulphur Creek (Bear River tributary)26.244
Sulphur Creek (Shoshone River tributary)22.623
Sundance Creek30.230
Sunlight Creek32.232
Sweetwater Creek14.515
Sweetwater Creek15.215
Sweetwater River238.3658
Swift Creek14.114
Sybille Creek42.3228
Sybille Creek - South Fork27.828
Teapot Creek30.663
Tensleep Creek16.894
Teton Creek7.58
Thompson Creek (Little Missouri River tributary)29.247
Thorofare Creek29.843
Three Bar Creek1.92
Threemile Creek (Belle Fourche River tributary)26.527
Threemile Creek (Rock Creek (Medicine Bow River tributary))24.341
Timber Creek21.622
Tincup Creek3.33
Tisdale Creek18.218
TL Creek12.813
Tongue River60.5588
Tosi Creek19.720
Tough Creek14.815
Tower Creek14.314
Trabing Dry Creek21.522
Trail Creek (Belle Fourche River tributary)13.614
Trail Creek (Hanging Woman Creek tributary)3.917
Trail Creek (Little Powder River tributary)15.616
Trail Creek (Shoshone River tributary)13.814
Trail Creek (Teton River tributary)77
Trapper Creek19.720
Troublesome Creek21.922
Trout Creek (Little Wind River tributary)26.827
Trout Creek (Nowood River tributary)12.913
Trout Creek (Porcupine Creek (Bighorn River tributary))10.811
Trout Creek (Shoshone River - North Fork tributary)15.716
Trout Creek (Yellowstone River tributary)1414
Turner Creek28.141
Twentymile Creek - East Fork (Lightning Creek tributary)13.413
Twentymile Creek (Lightning Creek tributary)66.995
Twentymile Creek (Wild Horse Creek tributary)1717
Twin Creek (Bear River tributary)28.960
Twin Creek (Little Popo Agie River tributary)41.642
Twin Creek (Pass Creek tributary)13.714
Twin Creek - South Fork (Bear River tributary)17.618
Van Tassell Creek18.118
Vermillion Creek15.2123
Vermillion Creek - North Fork15.115
Wagon Hound Creek40.841
Wagonhound Creek (Cheyenne River tributary)16.416
Wagonhound Creek (Cottonwood Creek (Bighorn River tributary))22.322
Wagonhound Creek (Medicine Bow River tributary)25.826
Walker Creek58.777
Wallace Creek43.566
Wall Creek14.515
Wallows Creek20.921
Warm Spring Creek25.140
Warm Spring Creek - South Fork 14.615
Warm Springs Creek13.313
Wasatch Creek3.33
West Alkali Creek20.434
West Bluegrass Creek19.520
West Kirby Creek12.713
West Muddy Creek15.816
West Pass Creek5.215
West Sage Hen Creek19.520
West Tensleep Creek18.218
Whistle Creek40.157
Whistle Creek - West Branch16.517
White Creek14.214
Whitehorse Creek16.416
White Tail Creek22.623
Whitetail Creek (Belle Fourche River tributary)15.916
Whitetail Creek (Belle Fourche River tributary)13.714
Whitmeyer Creek16.617
Whoopup Creek16.817
Wiggins Fork34.448
Wildcat Creek (Horse Creek (Little Powder River tributary))33.354
Wildcat Creek - Jamison Prong20.721
Wildcat Creek (Lodgepole Creek tributary)31.331
Wildcat Creek (Prairie Dog Creek tributary)15.415
Wild Cow Creek20.621
Wild Horse Creek (Belle Fourche River tributary)15.716
Wild Horse Creek - Middle Prong (Powder River tributary)2525
Wild Horse Creek - North Prong (Powder River tributary)15.215
Wild Horse Creek (Powder River tributary)79.4153
Willow Creek (Arch Creek tributary)15.415
Willow Creek (Fivemile Creek (Laramie River tributary))18.118
Willow Creek (Greybull River tributary)14.915
Willow Creek (Hams Fork tributary)16.617
Willow Creek (Hoback River tributary)21.321
Willow Creek (Little Snake River tributary)2.93
Willow Creek (New Fork River tributary)26.847
Willow Creek (Nowood River tributary)14.915
Willow Creek (Powder River - South Fork tributary)23.942
Willow Creek (Powder River tributary)32.232
Willow Creek (Red Canyon Creek (Bighorn River tributary))1313
Willow Creek (Salt River tributary)14.114
Willow Creek (Skunk Creek tributary)16.917
Willow Creek (Smiths Fork (Blacks Fork tributary))18.318
Willow Creek (Sweetwater River tributary)21.522
Willow Creek (Sweetwater River tributary)18.819
Willow Creek (Walker Creek tributary)18.519
Willow Creek - West Branch (Sand Creek (Little Snake River tributary))32.232
Willow Creek (Wind River tributary)15.115
Wind Creek (Antelope Creek (Cheyenne River tributary))10.147
Wind Creek (Belle Fourche River tributary)36.436
Wind Creek - North Fork (Antelope Creek (Cheyenne River tributary))17.417
Wind Creek - South Fork (Antelope Creek (Cheyenne River tributary))1919
Wind River192.41,908
Wind River - East Fork36.4109
Wolf Creek26.827
Wood River34.463
Wood River - Middle Fork13.514
Wood River - South Fork14.815
Wyatte Creek12.913
Yellow Creek36.240
Yellowstone River118.210,237
Yellowstone River - Clarks Fork65.5242
Youngs Creek (Tongue River tributary)4.97
Young Woman Creek30.130

Note: Lengths are for the part of the river/watershed within the boundary of this state.

Note: Mostly rivers/streams 15+ miles in length.

Data from United States Geological Survey