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United States Rivers

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Cheyenne River

StatesSouth Dakota (321 mi), Wyoming (110 mi)
Length430.8 miles
Watershed Length*11,624 miles
MouthMissouri River Gulf of Mexico


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Name Distance
from Mouth
Alkali Creek3343939
Antelope Creek43186467
Ash Creek894141
Battle Creek19581127
Bear Creek1692424
Beaver Creek2385353
Beaver Creek317142686
Belle Fourche River1125313,700
Black Thunder Creek39380284
Boggy Creek3561414
Boxelder Creek156138152
Bridger Creek844949
Brush Creek11616
Bull Creek1473131
Bull Creek1331717
Bull Creek683131
Cedar Breaks Creek1122626
Cedar Creek2012222
Cherry Creek531251,074
Cheyenne River - Dry Fork43189204
Cottonwood Creek435454
Cottonwood Creek2163636
Cottonwood Creek3024892
Crooked Creek1521635
Deep Creek995353
Deep Creek463030
Elk Creek130148267
Fall River253851
Fishgut Creek92344
French Creek20693116
Frog Creek4161616
Harding Creek702020
Hat Creek28391471
Herbert Creek123838
Hermaphrodite Creek294762
Horse Creek4191313
Horsehead Creek26183118
Indian Creek1842424
Keyton Creek4181414
Lame Johnny Creek2273535
Lance Creek339110883
Little Cottonwood Creek443838
Lodgepole Creek37389226
Luis Creek871414
Minneconjou Creek111346
Mixes Food Creek952626
Moss Agate Creek3141429
Mule Creek3351616
Narcelle Creek892463
Paradis Creek122525
Pine Creek1102222
Plum Creek2861414
Plum Creek5160197
Rapid Creek172129222
Red Shirt Creek2041818
Robbers Roost Creek3273030
Rousseau Creek7441
Rudy Creek2542108
Sage Creek1604273
Sand Creek2392222
Sansarc Creek164265
Snyder Creek3633535
Spotted Bear Creek74333
Spring Creek177148163
Straighthead Creek672020
Tahc’a Okute Wakpa2102525
Tahc’a Okute Wakpa C’ikala2101616
Tepee Creek107833
Timber Creek913232
Wagonhound Creek4201616
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* Note: Watershed is mostly rivers/streams 15+ miles in length.

Data from United States Geological Survey