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United States Rivers

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River count1,689
River miles56,969

Large Bodies of Water


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Name Length
Adams Bayou22.322
Adams Creek27.253
Agua Azul Creek20.621
Agua de Piedra Creek21.922
Agua Dulce Creek47.764
Agua Poquita Creek25.425
Akin Creek1818
Alabama Creek22.623
Alamito Creek85246
Alamito Creek - North Fork20.320
Alamito Creek - South Fork15.716
Alamocitos Creek9.525
Alamocitos Creek - East Prong15.616
Alamo Creek2020
Alamo de Cesario Creek19.720
Alamosa Creek779
Alarm Creek1717
Alazan Bayou13.534
Alkali Creek20.821
Allen Creek (Cedar Creek (Trinity River tributary))14.915
Allen Creek (East Yegua Creek tributary)15.415
Allens Creek18.118
Alligator Creek26.527
Alligator Creek1616
Alum Creek20.320
Amaladeros Creek16.116
Anderson Creek55.176
Angelina River207.41,029
Angelina River - East Fork37.538
Antelope Creek16.448
Antelope Creek - East Fork16.416
Antelope Creek (Oak Creek tributary)15.516
Antelope Creek - West Fork15.115
Antibust Creek4.85
Appurceon Creek23.123
Aquilla Creek59.2125
Aransas Creek20.521
Aransas River62.7178
Arenosa Creek (Elm Creek - East Fork (Chacon Creek tributary))18.118
Arenosa Creek (Garcitas Creek tributary)38.238
Armstrong Creek1717
Arroyo Negro25.765
Ash Creek (Richland Creek tributary)23.888
Ash Creek (Trinity River - West Fork tributary)17.117
Atascosa River105409
Atascoso Creek20.120
Attoyac River116.6247
Auds Creek18.519
Austin Bayou33.634
Ayish Bayou63.7139
Bachelor Creek18.318
Bald Eagle Creek17.217
Baldridge Creek17.518
Ballard Creek18.435
Barkman Creek24.725
Barnett Creek (Long King Creek tributary)15.215
Barnett Creek (Middle Sulphur River tributary)15.816
Barnhardt Creek14.515
Barons Creek17.317
Barrel Springs Creek16.216
Barton Creek (Canadian River (Arkansas River tributary))16.517
Barton Creek (Colorado River tributary)49.750
Barton Creek (Palo Pinto Creek tributary)32.148
Bartons Creek20.521
Bassett Creek9.864
Bastrop Bayou27.161
Batiste Creek27.528
Battle Creek (Big Sandy Creek (Hubbard Creek tributary))56.478
Battle Creek (Red River of the South - Prairie Dog Town Fork tributary)27.844
Bayou Carrizo36.772
Bayou Creek16.617
Bayou La Nana37.638
Bayou Loco (Angelina River tributary)32.833
Bayou Loco (Angelina River tributary)4.239
Beals Creek81205
Bear Creek (Ayish Bayou tributary)26.126
Bear Creek (Big Sandy Creek (Village Creek (Neches River tributary)))19.520
Bear Creek (Canadian River (Arkansas River tributary))25.325
Bear Creek (Maravillas Creek tributary)22.623
Bear Creek (Neches River tributary)18.318
Bear Creek (North Llano River tributary)20.838
Bear Creek (Onion Creek (Colorado River tributary))1717
Bear Creek (Red Oak Creek tributary)25.425
Bear Creek (South Mayde Creek tributary)1834
Bear Creek (Trinity River - Clear Fork tributary)21.221
Bear Creek (Trinity River - West Fork tributary)1253
Bearpen Creek16.617
Beason Creek19.219
Beaver Creek (Catfish Creek tributary)16.416
Beaver Creek (Llano River tributary)12.937
Beaver Creek (Red River of the South tributary)17.317
Beaver Creek (Wichita River tributary)137.2342
Beaver Dam Creek22.623
Beaver River17.9588
Becerra Creek50.150
Bedias Creek54.3229
Bee Bayou21.722
Beech Creek42.6105
Bee House Creek10.426
Belknap Creek18.895
Bennett Creek2121
Berry Creek33.634
Berrys Creek15.616
Bessies Creek52.152
Big Bear Creek24.725
Big Blue Creek3560
Big Boggy Creek24.324
Big Brown Creek15.516
Big Brushy Creek (Clarks Creek tributary)31.532
Big Brushy Creek (Kings Creek (Cedar Creek (Trinity River tributary)))21.321
Big Cleveland Creek2061
Big Cottonwood Creek19.520
Big Cow Creek65.8169
Big Coyote Creek23.824
Big Creek (Brazos River tributary)34.561
Big Creek (Canadian River (Arkansas River tributary))18.719
Big Creek (Mussel Run Creek tributary)47.6130
Big Creek (Navasota River tributary)24.525
Big Creek (Neches River tributary)1717
Big Creek (South Sulphur River tributary)1717
Big Creek (Trinity River tributary)23.323
Big Creek (Trinity River tributary)33.433
Big Creek (Trinity River - West Fork tributary)23.423
Big Creek (White Oak Creek (Sulphur River tributary))1818
Big Cypress Bayou47.8698
Big Cypress Creek (Big Cypress Bayou tributary)86194
Big Cypress Creek (Turkey Creek (Village Creek (Neches River tributary)))35.653
Big Elkhart Creek29.129
Big Elm Creek62.8148
Big Fivemile Creek15.415
Big Fossil Creek21.321
Big Iron Ore Creek24.424
Big Onion Creek27.127
Big Pine Creek18.663
Big Rocky Creek25.626
Big Saline Creek22.523
Big Sandy Creek (Big Creek (Mussel Run Creek tributary))19.219
Big Sandy Creek (Colorado River tributary)24.925
Big Sandy Creek (Hubbard Creek tributary)29.5144
Big Sandy Creek (North Sulphur River tributary)2626
Big Sandy Creek (Sabine River tributary)57.958
Big Sandy Creek (Village Creek (Neches River tributary))63.883
Big Sandy Creek (Waggoner Branch tributary)56.798
Big Silver Creek39.740
Big Sunday Creek27.163
Big Timber Creek17.317
Big Walnut Run23.624
Billiams Creek20.621
Billys Creek15.516
Biloxi Creek28.556
Birch Creek (Yegua Creek tributary)16.517
Bitter Creek (Brazos River - Clear Fork tributary)33.534
Bitter Creek (Brazos River tributary)18.819
Bitter Creek (Sweetwater Creek (Brazos River - Clear Fork tributary))2626
Black Bayou (Twelvemile Bayou tributary)32.353
Black Creek (Nueces River tributary)47.988
Black Creek (Pine Island Bayou tributary)24.224
Black Creek (San Miguel Creek tributary)38.639
Black Cypress Bayou23.5140
Black Cypress Creek45.4116
Black Fork Creek15.516
Black Hills Creek15.516
Black Slough6.261
Blancas Creek23.2145
Blanco Creek (Frio River tributary)51.388
Blanco Creek (Mission River tributary)60.6105
Blanco River91.5130
Blanket Creek43.268
Blocker Creek21.421
Blue Creek (Colorado River tributary)26.627
Blue Creek (Rio Grande tributary)19.419
Blue Hole Creek18.318
Bluff Creek (Brazos River - Clear Fork tributary)1717
Bluff Creek (Colorado River tributary)16.717
Bluff Creek (Colorado River tributary)23.924
Bluff Creek (Elm Creek (Colorado River tributary))41.977
Bluff Creek (Red Deer Creek tributary)19.620
Blythe Creek24.324
Boggy Creek (Beaver Creek (Wichita River tributary))17.718
Boggy Creek (Big Cypress Creek tributary)38.739
Boggy Creek (Brazos River tributary)26.658
Boggy Creek (Trinity River tributary)39.540
Bois d'Arc Creek (North Llano River tributary)15.616
Bois d'Arc Creek (Red River of the South tributary)68.185
Bois d'Arc Creek (Trinity River tributary)14.633
Bonita Creek16.316
Bonito Creek21.221
Borrego Creek34.858
Bosque River5.6456
Bow Creek21.922
Bowles Creek (Neches River tributary)22.122
Bowles Creek (Striker Creek tributary)22.422
Bowman Creek15.616
Box Creek (Neches River tributary)26.126
Box Creek (Trinity River tributary)23.824
Brady Creek93.6173
Brays Bayou31.532
Brazos River937.410,855
Brazos River - Clear Fork307.11,930
Brazos River - Double Mountain Fork212.8601
Brazos River - Double Mountain Fork - North Fork105.8130
Brazos River - Salt Fork185.7691
Briar Creek (Chambers Creek tributary)28.529
Briar Creek (Rush Creek (Richland Creek tributary))15.716
Briar Creek (Salt Creek (Brazos River tributary))17.618
Brier Creek22.322
Bronco Creek15.516
Brooks Creek17.317
Browns Creek21.922
Brushy Creek (Big Creek (Mussel Run Creek tributary))25.425
Brushy Creek (Big Sandy Creek (Waggoner Branch tributary))25.726
Brushy Creek (Murvaul Creek tributary)26.126
Brushy Creek (Navasota River tributary)27.528
Brushy Creek (Neches River tributary)27.327
Brushy Creek (Plum Creek (San Marcos River tributary))1616
Brushy Creek (Sandy Creek (Mustang Creek tributary))24.525
Brushy Creek (San Gabriel River tributary)78.3148
Brushy Creek (Spring Creek (San Jacinto River tributary))16.332
Brushy Creek (Sulphur River tributary)22.788
Brushy Creek (Trinity River - West Fork tributary)27.127
Brushy Creek (West Caddo Creek tributary)23.524
Brushy Elm Creek19.219
Brushy Slough7.231
Buck Creek (Biloxi Creek tributary)2727
Buck Creek (Cedar Creek (Elm Creek (Brazos River - Clear Fork tributary)))17.618
Buck Creek (Frio River tributary)30.330
Buck Creek (Isle du Bois Creek tributary)22.422
Buck Creek (Palo Pinto Creek tributary)22.222
Buck Creek (Red River of the South - Prairie Dog Town Fork tributary)52.471
Buck Creek - South Fork (Red River of the South - Prairie Dog Town Fork tributary)18.318
Buckners Creek38.761
Buffalo Bayou64.7256
Buffalo Creek (Brazos River - Clear Fork tributary)23.423
Buffalo Creek (Cherokee Creek tributary)20.521
Buffalo Creek (Colorado River tributary)16.216
Buffalo Creek - North Fork (Wichita River tributary)16.116
Buffalo Creek (Paint Creek (Brazos River - Clear Fork tributary))18.218
Buffalo Creek (Trinity River - East Fork tributary)2020
Buffalo Creek (Upper Keechi Creek tributary)47.548
Buffalo Creek (Wichita River tributary)33.850
Buford Branch1717
Bugby Creek16.216
Bulger Creek17.518
Bull Creek (Beals Creek tributary)25.325
Bull Creek (Colorado River tributary)29.229
Bull Creek (Colorado River tributary)74.8203
Bull Creek (Navasota River tributary)16.216
Bullhead Creek21.121
Bull Hide Creek20.320
Bull Wagon Creek22.122
Burnt Branch17.618
Bush Knob Creek27.928
Bynum Creek2020
Cabeza Creek38.138
Caddo Creek (Brazos River tributary)39.339
Caddo Creek (Neches River tributary)22.923
Caddo Creek (Sabine River tributary)8.8131
Caddo Creek (Sabine River tributary)21.121
Caiman Creek25.985
Calaveras Creek24.725
Calf Creek18.919
Caliche Creek16.917
California Creek88.9183
Cameron Creek27.728
Camp Creek (Big Elm Creek tributary)20.320
Camp Creek (Home Creek tributary)16.416
Camp Creek (Wichita River tributary)15.716
Camp Lake Slough20.921
Canadian River (Arkansas River tributary)267.72,808
Caney Creek (Bedias Creek tributary)44.244
Caney Creek (Brazos River tributary)18.919
Caney Creek (Cedar Creek (Trinity River tributary))18.318
Caney Creek (Gulf of Mexico tributary)133.9213
Caney Creek (Lake Creek (San Jacinto River - West Fork tributary))20.921
Caney Creek (Little Cypress Creek (Little Cypress Bayou tributary))16.917
Caney Creek (Neches River tributary)29.730
Caney Creek (Piney Creek (Neches River tributary))15.516
Caney Creek (Red River of the South tributary)33.734
Caney Creek (Sabine River tributary)24.825
Caney Creek (San Jacinto River - East Fork tributary)55.3114
Caney Creek (Tehuacana Creek (Trinity River tributary))23.123
Canoe Bayou17.317
Canyon Creek21.522
Capote Creek21.641
Carricitos Creek18.118
Carrizitos Creek36.151
Carrizo Creek (Rita Blanca Creek tributary)38.539
Carrizo Creek (Soldier Slough tributary)21.822
Carroll Creek16.917
Carters Creek22.322
Castleman Creek18.819
Catfish Creek4785
Catlett Creek15.616
Cave Creek16.617
Cedar Bayou47.447
Cedar Creek (Brazos River tributary)24.424
Cedar Creek (Brazos River tributary)49.772
Cedar Creek (Colorado River tributary)43.7124
Cedar Creek (Colorado River tributary)15.215
Cedar Creek (Elm Creek (Brazos River - Clear Fork tributary))34.890
Cedar Creek (Navasota River tributary)32.232
Cedar Creek (Neches River tributary)26.946
Cedar Creek - North Fork (Old River (Neches River tributary))18.719
Cedar Creek (Old River (Neches River tributary))3.838
Cedar Creek (Pulliam Creek tributary)16.917
Cedar Creek (San Bernard River tributary)15.916
Cedar Creek - South Fork (Old River (Neches River tributary))15.115
Cedar Creek (Tehuacana Creek (Trinity River tributary))16.116
Cedar Creek (Trinity River tributary)62.4318
Cedar Creek (Yegua Creek tributary)29.530
Cedar Lake Creek24.825
Celery Creek1818
Cerrito Creek17.638
Chacon Creek (Palo Blanco Creek tributary)22.2168
Chacon Creek (Rio Grande tributary)24.825
Chacon Creek (San Miguel Creek tributary)29.530
Chambers Creek69.4373
Chambers Creek - East Fork9.227
Chambers Creek - North Fork3865
Chambers Creek - South Fork29.246
Champion Creek5.359
Champion Creek - North Fork23.223
Champion Creek - South Fork30.130
Chaparrosa Creek31.990
Chaparrosa Creek - East Prong18.819
Charamusca Creek18.819
Cherokee Bayou18.755
Cherokee Creek42.563
Cheyenne Creek1.542
Chiamon Bayou18.118
Chicken Bayou15.716
Chicken Creek29.930
Childress Creek25.125
Chiltipin Creek (Aransas River tributary)41.942
Chiltipin Creek (San Fernando Creek (Gulf of Mexico tributary))3939
China Creek (Adams Creek tributary)26.226
China Creek (Brazos River - Clear Fork tributary)18.137
Chinquapin Creek16.316
Chiquita Creek11.111
Chocolate Bayou (Gulf of Mexico tributary)31.632
Chocolate Bayou (Gulf of Mexico tributary)38.338
Chocolate Swale17.518
Choctaw Creek44.284
Christmas Creek27.528
Chucareto Creek21.259
Chueco Creek20.721
Cibolo Creek (Frio River tributary)60.160
Cibolo Creek (Palo Blanco Creek tributary)35.235
Cibolo Creek (Rio Grande tributary)4949
Cibolo Creek (San Antonio River tributary)159.8238
Cienega Creek34.635
Cita Creek2.144
Clapps Creek17.117
Clarks Creek32.382
Clear Creek (Brazos River tributary)2323
Clear Creek (Colorado River tributary)25.745
Clear Creek (Gulf of Mexico tributary)42.743
Clear Creek (Pecan Bayou (Colorado River tributary))15.115
Clear Creek (Sandies Creek tributary)2036
Clear Creek (Trinity River - Elm Fork tributary)69.4125
Clear Creek - West Fork (Colorado River tributary)19.620
Clear Fork Creek23.423
Cobb Creek2323
Cobb Jones Creek1616
Cochino Bayou18.218
Coffee Mill Creek16.617
Coldwater Creek (Beaver River tributary)139.3197
Coleto Creek26.9175
Colmena Creek18.619
Colony Creek21.622
Colorado River898.47,390
Comal River2.638
Comanche Creek (Llano River tributary)20.921
Comanche Creek (Pecos River tributary)44.493
Comanche Creek (Turkey Creek (Soldier Slough tributary))21.197
Concho River62927
Cooks Slough1818
Coon Creek21.522
Cooper Creek (Brazos River - Double Mountain Fork tributary)16.116
Cooper Creek (Brazos River - Double Mountain Fork tributary)17.618
Copano Creek30.531
Copperas Creek (North Llano River tributary)3.632
Copperas Creek (Peach Creek (Guadalupe River tributary))20.621
Copperas Creek (Rush Creek (Duncan Creek tributary))38.156
Corn Creek18.919
Corral Creek16.617
Coryell Creek28.829
Cottonwood Creek (Big Creek (Mussel Run Creek tributary))21.522
Cottonwood Creek (Bois d'Arc Creek (Trinity River tributary))18.418
Cottonwood Creek (Brazos River - Clear Fork tributary)45.245
Cottonwood Creek (Brazos River - Clear Fork tributary)2020
Cottonwood Creek (Canadian River (Arkansas River tributary))16.517
Cottonwood Creek (Canadian River (Arkansas River tributary))15.716
Cottonwood Creek (Chambers Creek - East Fork tributary)17.618
Cottonwood Creek (Mulberry Creek (Red River of the South - Prairie Dog Town Fork tributary))15.415
Cottonwood Creek (North Wichita River tributary)15.215
Cottonwood Creek (Peyton Creek tributary)1616
Cottonwood Creek (Red River of the South - Salt Fork tributary)17.417
Cottonwood Creek (Tehuacana Creek (Trinity River tributary))2642
Cottonwood Creek (Wind River tributary)27.127
Cottonwood Creek (York Creek tributary)17.718
Coushatta Creek16.817
Cow Bayou (Brazos River tributary)11.151
Cow Bayou (Sabine River tributary)29.930
Cow Creek (Old River (Nueces River tributary))27.127
Cow Creek (Rio Grande tributary)17.718
Cowhouse Creek111.1154
Coyote Creek1149
Crabapple Creek28.929
Cramer Creek13.313
Crawfish Creek25.125
Crooked Creek15.516
Crosstimber Creek19.119
Croton Creek61.591
Crows Nest Creek22.840
Crystal Creek - East Fork (San Jacinto River - West Fork tributary)19.620
Crystal Creek (San Jacinto River - West Fork tributary)6.726
Crystal Creek (Terlingua Creek tributary)2525
Cuchara Creek15.516
Cummins Creek (Chambers Creek tributary)23.323
Cummins Creek (Colorado River tributary)63.864
Curry Creek2020
Cuthand Creek54.1133
Cypress Creek (Blanco River tributary)15.716
Cypress Creek (Guadalupe River tributary)18.318
Cypress Creek (Pedernales River tributary)2626
Cypress Creek (Sabine River tributary)40.556
Cypress Creek (Spring Creek (San Jacinto River tributary))52.674
Cypress Creek (Village Creek (Neches River tributary))43.860
Daggett Creek15.415
Dance Bayou20.320
Dark Canyon Creek16.316
Darrs Creek20.220
Davidson Creek58.777
Davis Creek16.116
Days Creek4.95
Deadman Creek3474
Deboldin Creek16.617
Deep Creek (Brazos River tributary)17.718
Deep Creek (Colorado River tributary)60.360
Deep Creek (Rough Branch tributary)24.124
Deep Creek (San Saba River tributary)3.336
Deer Creek29.930
Delaware River63.964
Denton Creek (Peach Creek (Guadalupe River tributary))15.616
Denton Creek (Trinity River - Elm Fork tributary)106.3181
Desert Creek16.617
Devils River99.8311
Dickey Creek18.218
Dinner Creek19.820
Dixon Creek19.481
Dockum Creek26.426
Doe Run15.115
Dogwood Creek16.116
Dolan Creek38.138
Dolores Creek (Los Olmos Creek (Nueces River tributary))28.646
Dolores Creek (Rio Grande tributary)33.4178
Donahoe Creek55.275
Double Bayou - East Fork2727
Dove Creek35.435
Drakes Branch15.716
Dry Comal Creek35.536
Dry Devils River (Devils River tributary)59.760
Dry Devils River (Devils River tributary)55.3113
Dry Frio River62.963
Dry Hollow Creek16.116
Dry Lipan Creek28.154
Dry Salt Creek22.523
Duck Creek (Brazos River - Salt Fork tributary)56.299
Duck Creek (Clear Creek (Trinity River - Elm Fork tributary))19.520
Duck Creek (Concho River tributary)27.528
Duck Creek (Little Wichita River tributary)23.724
Duck Creek (Navasota River tributary)33.133
Duck Creek (Trinity River - East Fork tributary)23.423
Duck Creek - West Prong (Brazos River - Salt Fork tributary)16.817
Duck Pond Creek5.96
Dudleys Creek15.516
Duffau Creek25.526
Dugout Creek21.321
Duncan Creek20.1120
Dunman Creek19.119
Dutchman Creek16.216
Eagle Creek (Brazos River tributary)1616
Eagle Creek (Oak Creek tributary)16.116
East Amarillo Creek31.431
East Belknap Creek17.733
East Bernard Creek11.327
East Bosque River18.919
East Caddo Creek30.130
East Caney Creek16.116
East Carancahua Creek38.939
East Cheyenne Creek15.215
East China Creek18.919
East Copperas Creek12.713
East Deep Creek13.313
East Dixon Creek16.517
East Elm Creek23.524
East Frio River22.623
East Kings Creek16.517
East Metate Creek18.819
East Mill Creek34.935
East Mustang Creek25.225
East Navidad River2626
East Rita Blanca Creek22.222
East Sandy Creek13.814
East Squirrel Creek13.514
East Yegua Creek48.964
Ecleto Creek65.882
Eighteenmile Creek17.117
Eightmile Creek28.346
El Barrosa Creek17.618
Elizabeth Creek21.421
Elm Creek (Brazos River - Clear Fork tributary)77.1191
Elm Creek (Brazos River tributary)43.6126
Elm Creek (Chacon Creek tributary)52.4129
Elm Creek (Cibolo Creek (San Antonio River tributary))15.716
Elm Creek (Colorado River tributary)43.1210
Elm Creek (Colorado River tributary)3232
Elm Creek - East Fork (Chacon Creek tributary)13.632
Elm Creek (Frio River tributary)27.928
Elm Creek (Las Moras Creek tributary)30.831
Elm Creek (Medina River tributary)17.417
Elm Creek (Pecan Bayou (Colorado River tributary))16.316
Elm Creek (Quihi Creek tributary)15.916
Elm Creek (Red River of the South - Elm Fork tributary)35.453
Elm Creek (Rio Grande tributary)37.365
Elm Creek (Sandies Creek tributary)31.331
Elm Creek (San Saba River tributary)16.817
Elm Creek (Sulphur River tributary)9.730
Elm Creek (West Caddo Creek tributary)16.917
Elm Creek (West Yegua Creek tributary)16.116
El Moro Creek27.127
Elm Waterhole Creek14.915
Ennis Creek29.129
Escondido Creek26.326
Espada Creek21.722
Esperanza Creek27.528
Espio Creek20.921
Evans Creek25.526
Everett Creek16.116
Fall Creek (Brazos River tributary)1717
Fall Creek (Colorado River tributary)16.617
Farmers Creek30.731
Farrer Creek26.126
Fifteenmile Creek22.387
First Creek17.117
Fish Creek (Brazos River - Clear Fork tributary)16.917
Fish Creek (Brazos River tributary)23.524
Fish Creek (Mountain Creek (Trinity River - West Fork tributary))1515
Fish Creek (Red River of the South tributary)3.835
Fish Creek (Valley Creek tributary)24.825
Five Mile Creek24.124
Fivemile Creek (Bull Creek (Colorado River tributary))15.516
Fivemile Creek (Pecos River tributary)15.716
Fivemile Creek (Trinity River tributary)17.117
Fivemile Creek (Twelvemile Creek tributary)15.315
Flat Creek (Black Cypress Creek tributary)24.625
Flat Creek (Clear Creek (Trinity River - Elm Fork tributary))14.915
Flat Creek (Neches River tributary)19.920
Flat Cypress Creek15.816
Flat Fork Creek49.2107
Flat Rock Creek (North Elm Creek (Elm Creek (Brazos River tributary)))15.816
Flat Rock Creek (Sycamore Creek - East Fork tributary)1818
Flint Creek17.918
Forest Creek23.539
Foyle Creek26.326
Frazier Creek4265
Fresno Creek (Rio Grande tributary)23.423
Fresno Creek (Rio Grande tributary)21.622
Frio River261.82,113
Frisco Creek58.158
Gageby Creek39.540
Gail Creek2525
Galinda Creek19.820
Gallinas Creek17.918
Gallina Slough16.316
Galvan Creek22.540
Gap Creek16.817
Garcitas Creek50.4104
Garrett Creek24.124
Garrison Creek2.63
Gasconades Creek4.937
Gato Creek (Muela Creek tributary)15.616
Gato Creek (Salado Creek (San Casimiro Creek tributary))28.545
Gavett Creek37.538
Gentry Creek21.121
Geronimo Creek14.631
Gibbons Creek28.829
Gibson Creek17.317
Gilbert Creek27.628
Gilhula Creek19.920
Gilleland Creek31.932
Givens Creek2828
Glade Creek17.317
Glen Creek17.635
Godwin Creek17.233
Goldenrod Creek19.219
Golondrina Creek21.722
Good Creek39.157
Graham Creek21.622
Grand Saline Creek29.429
Grape Creek (Brazos River - Double Mountain Fork tributary)21.321
Grape Creek (Colorado River tributary)20.721
Grape Creek (Colorado River tributary)31.748
Grape Creek - East Fork (North Concho River tributary)17.417
Grape Creek (North Concho River tributary)9.144
Grape Creek - West Fork (North Concho River tributary)17.718
Grapevine Creek25.125
Grassy Creek (Brazos River tributary)18.619
Grassy Creek (Red River of the South - Prairie Dog Town Fork tributary)14.915
Grays Creek1818
Green Branch29.429
Green Creek26.627
Green River21.321
Greens Bayou43.464
Griffin Creek15.115
Grindstone Creek2525
Groesbeck Creek15.192
Grove Creek22.923
Guadalupe Creek15.516
Guadalupe River425.22,933
Guadalupe River - North Fork28.228
Guadalupe River - South Fork28.228
Guayule Creek24.725
Gum Creek21.722
Gum Tree Branch15.215
Gunsolus Creek30.831
Gyp Creek (Brazos River - Double Mountain Fork tributary)22.222
Gyp Creek (Brazos River tributary)16.617
Hackberry Creek (Aquilla Creek tributary)26.326
Hackberry Creek (Beals Creek tributary)22.978
Hackberry Creek (Maravillas Creek tributary)17.217
Hackberry Creek (Nueces River tributary)18.418
Hackberry Creek (Palo Duro Creek tributary)18.118
Hackberry Creek (Red River of the South - Prairie Dog Town Fork tributary)19.820
Hackberry Creek (Washita River tributary)1717
Haggerty Creek17.935
Halls Bayou20.320
Hamilton Creek22.723
Hardin Slough4.34
Harmon Creek18.919
Harris Creek (Sabine River tributary)24.925
Harris Creek (South Bosque River tributary)15.315
Hart Creek1717
Hasting Creek21.922
Hawkins Creek15.415
Hay Creek19.920
Heath Creek15.816
Henderson Creek15.816
Henson Creek15.716
Hickory Creek (Llano River tributary)22.840
Hickory Creek (Neches River tributary)31.932
Hickory Creek (Trinity River - Elm Fork tributary)15.554
Hickory Creek (Village Creek (Neches River tributary))37.783
Hill Creek (Canadian River (Arkansas River tributary))16.416
Hill Creek (Old River (Nueces River tributary))22.823
Hog Creek (Brazos River tributary)16.717
Hog Creek (Concho River tributary)16.316
Hog Creek (Pecan Bayou (Colorado River tributary))18.519
Hog Creek (Pond Creek tributary)18.519
Hog Creek (South Bosque River tributary)46.446
Hoggs Bayou18.318
Hog Marsh Creek25.125
Hogpen Creek16.216
Holliday Creek53.571
Holmsley Creek1919
Home Creek51.6134
Home Ranch Creek22.322
Hondo Creek (Frio River tributary)87.1364
Hondo Creek (San Antonio River tributary)16.717
Honey Creek (Llano River tributary)18.418
Honey Creek (Llano River tributary)15.315
Honey Creek (Trinity River - East Fork tributary)2121
Hooks Bayou15.816
Hord Creek21.922
Hords Creek43.844
Horse Creek (Canadian River (Arkansas River tributary))24.846
Horse Creek (Canadian River (Arkansas River tributary))22.923
Horse Creek (Canadian River (Arkansas River tributary))16.231
Horse Creek (Palo Duro Creek (Beaver River tributary))3333
Horse Creek (Salt Creek (Red River of the South - Prairie Dog Town Fork tributary))15.516
Horsepen Creek27.728
Hot Springs Creek17.918
Huana Creek23.323
Hubbard Creek74.3315
Hubbard Creek - Salt Prong31.247
Hubbard Creek - Salt Prong - North Fork16.216
Hughes Creek19.319
Hullem Creek27.427
Hurricane Bayou35.335
Hurricane Creek18.318
Imperialist Creek28.128
Independence Creek64.689
Independence Creek - North Fork2424
Indian Creek (Canadian River (Arkansas River tributary))26.226
Indian Creek (Canadian River (Arkansas River tributary))18.634
Indian Creek (Colorado River tributary)16.617
Indian Creek (Donahoe Creek tributary)19.419
Indian Creek (Isle du Bois Creek tributary)19.620
Indian Creek (Jim Ned Creek tributary)18.418
Indian Creek (Kiowa Creek tributary)6.67
Indian Creek (Leon River tributary)3030
Indian Creek (Nueces River tributary)27.127
Indian Creek (Pilot Grove Creek tributary)23.839
Indian Creek (Red River of the South - Prairie Dog Town Fork tributary)15.816
Indian Creek (Red River of the South - Prairie Dog Town Fork tributary)28.128
Indian Creek (Rio Grande tributary)1515
Indian Creek (Rush Creek (Trinity River tributary))16.116
Indian Creek (West Nueces River tributary)24.925
Ioni Creek (Brazos River tributary)3232
Ioni Creek (Neches River tributary)23.323
Irish Creek15.516
Iron Creek25.425
Iron Ore Creek18.919
Irons Bayou38.238
Irons Creek20.420
Island Creek16.617
Isle du Bois Creek15.1109
Ivanhoe Creek2020
Jaboncillo Creek (Chucareto Creek tributary)23.123
Jaboncillo Creek (Dolores Creek (Los Olmos Creek (Nueces River tributary)))1717
Jaboncillos Creek51.752
Jack Creek18.819
Jackson Creek (New Year Creek tributary)19.720
Jackson Creek (Sabine River tributary)2020
James Bayou10.5108
James River37.677
Jasper Creek17.918
Jenkins Creek1919
Jerrys Branch16.817
Jim Bayou32.733
Jimmys Creek15.115
Jim Ned Creek92.3188
Jim Ned Creek - South Fork18.118
Johns Creek22.923
Johnson Creek (Guadalupe River tributary)24.625
Johnson Creek (Llano River tributary)19.419
Johnson Creek (Striker Creek tributary)24.124
Johnson Fork28.729
Jonah Creek37.437
Jones Creek (Colorado River tributary)3030
Jones Creek (Trinity River - West Fork tributary)19.219
Jordan Creek1233
Juniper Creek15.516
Keechi Creek9.659
Keechi Creek - East Fork24.424
Keechi Creek - West Fork25.425
Keechie Creek20.538
Kelly Creek26.827
Kelsey Creek16.717
Kent Creek23.924
Kickapoo Creek (Bedias Creek tributary)18.619
Kickapoo Creek (Brazos River tributary)29.329
Kickapoo Creek (Colorado River tributary)4.520
Kickapoo Creek (Concho River tributary)49.868
Kickapoo Creek (Cuthand Creek tributary)20.721
Kickapoo Creek (Little Wichita River - North Fork tributary)27.327
Kickapoo Creek (Neches River tributary)5454
Kimball Creek27.928
Kings Creek (Brazos River - Clear Fork tributary)31.263
Kings Creek (Cedar Creek (Trinity River tributary))46.6123
Kiowa Creek (Beaver River tributary)53.897
Kiowa Creek (Middle Concho River tributary)18.719
Kiowa Creek - North Fork (North Fork Creek tributary)9.710
Knob Creek20.120
Kuy Creek26.126
Laborcitas Creek26.727
Lacy Creek45.746
Lacy Fork18.218
Lagarto Creek6092
Lagunillas Creek35.335
Lahey Creek15.716
Lake Creek (Brazos River tributary)62.162
Lake Creek (Brushy Creek (San Gabriel River tributary))15.115
Lake Creek (Little Wichita River tributary)25.325
Lake Creek (McDonald Creek tributary)18.118
Lake Creek (Palo Pinto Creek tributary)18.118
Lake Creek (San Jacinto River - West Fork tributary)63.3115
Lake Creek (South Sulphur River tributary)16.617
Lake Fork Creek78.497
Lampasas River136.2348
Langford Creek15.916
Langham Creek15.716
La Para Creek17.217
La Parita Creek43.5106
Larrison Creek (Bedias Creek tributary)30.430
Larrison Creek (Neches River tributary)29.930
Las Animas Creek16.216
Las Arches Creek20.921
Las Moras Creek (Rio Grande tributary)42.273
Las Moras Creek (San Saba River tributary)1833
Las Raices Creek58.4144
Lavaca River117.8738
Leona River108.7228
Leon Creek (Comanche Creek tributary)48.949
Leon Creek (Llano River tributary)1515
Leon Creek (Medina River tributary)56.557
Leon River300.51,104
Leon River - North Fork18.819
Leon River - South Fork39.439
Leopard Creek15.616
Lillus Creek17.117
Lilly Creek20.736
Lindsey Creek29.730
Line Creek15.415
Linnville Bayou40.779
Lipan Creek (Atascosa River tributary)19.920
Lipan Creek (Concho River tributary)39.8119
Little Aquilla Creek16.116
Little Bear Creek1616
Little Bernard Creek15.816
Little Blanco Creek17.217
Little Blanco River2323
Little Brady Creek1616
Little Brazos River85.4117
Little Bull Creek20.420
Little Caney Creek15.215
Little Cedar Creek (Cedar Creek (Brazos River tributary))21.822
Little Cedar Creek (Navasota River tributary)16.917
Little Cleveland Creek17.718
Little Concho Creek24.725
Little Cottonwood Creek17.718
Little Cow Creek31.447
Little Coyote Creek13.714
Little Creek (Mill Creek (Socagee Creek tributary))2.73
Little Creek (Sabinal River tributary)17.217
Little Croton Creek (Brazos River tributary)31.131
Little Croton Creek (Croton Creek tributary)29.229
Little Cypress Bayou46.8174
Little Cypress Creek (Big Cypress Creek (Turkey Creek (Village Creek (Neches River tributary))))17.117
Little Cypress Creek (Cypress Creek (Sabine River tributary))15.916
Little Cypress Creek (Cypress Creek (Spring Creek (San Jacinto River tributary)))21.822
Little Cypress Creek (Little Cypress Bayou tributary)57.9127
Little Devils River23.123
Little Duck Creek15.215
Little Elm Creek (Big Elm Creek tributary)21.121
Little Elm Creek (Elm Creek (Brazos River - Clear Fork tributary))24.625
Little Elm Creek (Trinity River - Elm Fork tributary)35.775
Little Grape Creek16.416
Little Hackberry Creek15.516
Little Indian Creek1515
Little Linnville Bayou17.738
Little Llano River16.416
Little Mustang Creek16.316
Little Pecan Bayou16.316
Little Pine Creek (Big Pine Creek tributary)15.616
Little Pine Creek (Big Pine Creek tributary)28.529
Little Pine Island Bayou58.258
Little Pin Oak Creek16.717
Little Pond Creek3030
Little Quicksand Creek1818
Little Red River50.967
Little River1082,304
Little Saline Creek17.718
Little Salt Creek16.416
Little San Bernard River17.818
Little Sandy Creek27.365
Little Silver Creek16.216
Little Sunday Creek16.416
Little Tehuacana Creek (Tehuacana Creek (Brazos River tributary))15.616
Little Tehuacana Creek (Tehuacana Creek (Trinity River tributary))16.316
Little Timber Creek16.917
Little Walnut Run12.613
Little White Rock Creek16.116
Little Wichita River81.7558
Little Wichita River - Dry Fork27.427
Little Wichita River - East Fork43.360
Little Wichita River - Middle Fork35.936
Little Wichita River - North Fork71153
Little Wichita River - South Fork3789
Live Oak Bayou36.297
Live Oak Creek (Buckners Creek tributary)22.723
Liveoak Creek (Colorado River tributary)17.918
Live Oak Creek - East Branch (Hondo Creek tributary)17.217
Live Oak Creek (Frio River tributary)18.318
Live Oak Creek (Hondo Creek (Frio River tributary))13.531
Liveoak Creek (Leona River tributary)29.129
Live Oak Creek (Pecos River tributary)4343
Live Oak Creek (Pedernales River tributary)15.616
Live Oak Creek (West Nueces River tributary)17.217
Llano River116.5827
Lodge Creek18.619
Lola Creek552
Lone Tree Creek15.916
Lone Wolf Creek16.617
Long Creek (Beaver Creek tributary)28.929
Long Creek (Brazos River tributary)15.816
Long Creek (Deadman Creek tributary)19.319
Long Creek (Little Wichita River tributary)26.527
Long King Creek39.173
Longs Branch16.416
Long Tom Creek19.119
Lorence Creek7.634
Los Lingos Creek21.121
Los Olmos Creek (Gulf of Mexico tributary)66.6157
Los Olmos Creek (Nueces River tributary)28.1125
Los Olmos Creek (Rio Grande tributary)44.363
Lost Creek (Big Sunday Creek tributary)19.219
Lost Creek (Trinity River - West Fork tributary)22.422
Lower Keechi Creek44.261
Lucas Creek23.524
Lucy Creek23.924
Lytle Creek18.218
Macho Creek45.865
Maha Creek30.130
Mailtrail Creek16.817
Mammoth Creek25.526
Manahuilla Creek3838
Manson Creek20.120
Maravillas Creek93.6212
Marcado Creek15.716
Marcelinas Creek31.732
Marschall Creek17.317
Martin Branch21.421
Martin Creek16.517
Martinez Creek26.342
Marys Creek1818
Matonoso Creek18.118
Maverick Creek16.316
Maxon Creek48.448
Maxwell Creek1717
Maynard Creek17.518
McBee Creek19.119
McClellan Creek97.8116
McCoy Creek16.416
McCullum Creek38.639
McDonald Creek2442
McDowell Creek1717
McFaddin Creek16.216
McKenzie Creek21.722
McManus Creek17.317
McTennel Creek16.416
Medina River132.4333
Medina River - North Prong34.434
Medina River - West Prong1515
Medio Creek (Medina River tributary)25.826
Medio Creek (Mission River tributary)77.895
Melhomes Creek24.825
Melon Creek38.939
Melton Branch15.916
Menard Creek51.151
Mercer Creek22.823
Meridian Creek3252
Mesquite Creek (Bull Creek (Colorado River tributary))30.531
Mesquite Creek (Lampasas River tributary)15.916
Mesquite Creek (Little Wichita River - South Fork tributary)15.916
Mesquite Creek (Palo Blanco Creek tributary)16.216
Metate Creek24.243
Mexican Creek (Millers Creek tributary)17.217
Mexican Creek (Red River of the South - Prairie Dog Town Fork tributary)23.223
Middle Alamosa Creek32.232
Middle Beaver Creek37.638
Middle Belknap Creek18.519
Middle Bernard Creek35.936
Middle Bosque River40.741
Middle Caddo Creek15.115
Middle Cheyenne Creek14.314
Middle Concho River79.7123
Middle Dixon Creek19.520
Middle Kickapoo Creek18.118
Middle Kings Creek14.915
Middle Mustang Creek1717
Middle Pease River70168
Middle Sulphur River32.163
Middle Valley Prong32.833
Middle Yegua Creek62116
Mill Creek (Bluff Creek (Elm Creek (Colorado River tributary)))17.735
Mill Creek (Brazos River - Clear Fork tributary)16.717
Mill Creek (Brazos River tributary)18.192
Mill Creek (Chambers Creek tributary)36.436
Mill Creek (Cherokee Bayou tributary)20.721
Mill Creek (Choctaw Creek tributary)20.521
Mill Creek (Guadalupe River tributary)19.219
Mill Creek (Red River of the South tributary)20.921
Mill Creek (Sabine River tributary)27.327
Mill Creek (Socagee Creek tributary)30.934
Mill Creek (Spring Creek (San Jacinto River tributary))30.330
Miller Creek26.827
Millers Creek61.2100
Minnas Creek3232
Minneosa Creek31.732
Mission River26.5304
Mitchell Creek1717
Mixon Creek17.317
Monia Creek1313
Montell Creek1515
Mooar Creek24.725
Moody Creek15.516
Moore Creek16.533
Morgan Creek63.8108
Morral Bayou20.921
Moss Creek25.726
Mound Creek (Lake Creek (San Jacinto River - West Fork tributary))15.415
Mound Creek (San Bernard River tributary)22.422
Mountain Creek (Colorado River tributary)18.519
Mountain Creek (Red River of the South - Prairie Dog Town Fork tributary)23.824
Mountain Creek (Red River of the South tributary)1515
Mountain Creek (South Leon River tributary)19.119
Mountain Creek (Trinity River - West Fork tributary)41.388
Mucorrera Creek19.419
Mud Creek (Angelina River tributary)71.697
Mud Creek (Elm Creek (Colorado River tributary))24.625
Mud Creek (Little Brazos River tributary)15.916
Mud Creek (Lorence Creek tributary)11.426
Mud Creek (Red River of the South tributary)32.633
Mud Creek (Sycamore Creek (Rio Grande tributary))23.123
Muddy Cedar Creek21.421
Muddy Creek (Trinity River - East Fork tributary)18.218
Muela Creek23.239
Mujares Creek23.924
Mukewater Creek30.751
Mula Creek18.919
Mulberry Creek (Brazos River - Clear Fork tributary)62.184
Mulberry Creek (Little Sandy Creek tributary)16.116
Mulberry Creek (North Concho River tributary)25.225
Mulberry Creek (Red River of the South - Prairie Dog Town Fork tributary)71.5126
Mulberry Creek (West Navidad River tributary)19.319
Mule Creek (Colorado River tributary)2020
Mule Creek (Paint Creek (Brazos River - Clear Fork tributary))29.129
Mule Creek (Pease River tributary)18.418
Mule Creek (Ruiz Creek tributary)15.916
Murvaul Creek45.572
Mussel Run Creek4.3134
Mustang Bayou42.743
Mustang Creek (Brushy Creek (San Gabriel River tributary))24.224
Mustang Creek (Colorado River tributary)12.458
Mustang Creek (Colorado River tributary)20.137
Mustang Creek - East Fork (Colorado River tributary)15.816
Mustang Creek (Forest Creek tributary)15.616
Mustang Creek (Little Elm Creek (Trinity River - Elm Fork tributary))19.920
Mustang Creek (Navidad River tributary)18.6272
Mustang Creek (Nolan River tributary)18.619
Mustang Creek - North Fork (Colorado River tributary)14.414
Mustang Creek (Nueces River tributary)18.118
Mustang Creek (Plum Creek (Leon River tributary))17.818
Mustang Creek (Sulphur River tributary)30.931
Mustang Creek (Waxahachie Creek tributary)17.918
Mustang Creek - West Fork (Colorado River tributary)15.115
Naconiche Creek32.147
Nails Creek32.733
Nash Creek15.716
Navasota River205.5628
Navidad River83.3486
Neches River409.83,123
Neddy Creek17.317
Neils Creek20.420
Nelson Creek26.627
New Bayou15.158
New Year Creek32.352
Nichols Creek38.839
Ninemile Creek25.526
Nolan Creek10.145
Nolan River42.761
Nolton Creek28.328
Noodle Creek34.334
Noriacitas Creek16.216
North Bee House Creek1616
North Boggy Creek16.917
North Bosque River122.8320
North Bosque River - North Fork17.918
North Bosque River - South Fork18.118
North Caney Creek29.129
North Cita Creek13.814
North Concho River114.6318
North Cow Bayou19.419
North Creek23.423
North Croton Creek70.994
North Elm Creek (Big Elm Creek tributary)25.826
North Elm Creek (Elm Creek (Brazos River tributary))38.354
North Fish Creek13.213
North Fork Creek10.320
North Gasconades Creek19.219
North Grape Creek26.827
North Groesbeck Creek42.242
North Hickory Creek22.122
North Llano River59.4162
North McClellan Creek18.318
North Nolan Creek13.814
North Paint Creek18.341
North Palo Duro Creek (Beaver River tributary)73.974
North Palo Duro Creek (Red River of the South - Prairie Dog Town Fork tributary)23.824
North Paluxy River30.531
North Pease River83.2327
North Rocky Creek12.312
North Simms Creek18.218
North Sulphur River49.7111
Northup Creek19.920
North Valley Prong4040
North Wichita River136.6331
Nueces River448.64,563
Nueces River - East Prong13.313
Oak Creek67.399
Old Nueces River Channel9.664
Old River (Brazos River tributary)35.135
Old River (Neches River tributary)2.941
Old River (Nueces River tributary)4.932
Old River (Nueces River tributary)5.428
Old River (Trinity River tributary)22.923
Oliver Creek23.524
Olmos Creek1515
Onion Creek (Brady Creek tributary)18.118
Onion Creek (Colorado River tributary)79.6149
Onion Creek (Little Wichita River tributary)31.247
Opossum Creek (Frio River tributary)15.415
Opossum Creek (Willis Creek tributary)18.118
Owl Creek22.222
Oxbow Creek16.216
Oyster Creek135.5136
Paint Creek (Brazos River - Clear Fork tributary)79.3409
Paint Creek (Red River (Pecan Bayou (Colorado River tributary)))19.319
Paint Creek (South Llano River tributary)31.932
Palo Alto Creek1616
Palo Blanco Creek67.4162
Palo Blanco Creek38.6225
Palo Duro Creek (Beaver River tributary)64.7270
Palo Duro Creek (Red River of the South - Prairie Dog Town Fork tributary)74.198
Palo Gaucho Bayou29.570
Palo Pinto Creek64.9259
Palo Pinto Creek - South Fork26.444
Paluxy River35.4190
Panther Branch15.516
Panther Creek (Colorado River tributary)26.326
Panther Creek (Holliday Creek tributary)17.518
Panther Creek (Red River of the South tributary)19.620
Panther Springs Creek15.115
Papalote Creek23.624
Paradise Creek45.445
Parker Creek (Canadian River (Arkansas River tributary))16.617
Parker Creek (Red River of the South - Prairie Dog Town Fork tributary)2424
Parkers Creek26.727
Parsons Slough15.115
Patrick Creek16.316
Patroon Bayou37.237
Peach Creek (Caney Creek (San Jacinto River - East Fork tributary))42.743
Peach Creek (Guadalupe River tributary)56.4170
Peach Creek (Navasota River tributary)19.820
Peach Creek (San Bernard River tributary)29.129
Pease River95.7710
Pecan Bayou (Colorado River tributary)120.1633
Pecan Bayou - North Prong (Colorado River tributary)2525
Pecan Bayou (Red River of the South tributary)52.653
Pecan Bayou - South Prong (Colorado River tributary)22.823
Pecan Creek (Battle Creek (Big Sandy Creek (Hubbard Creek tributary)))21.221
Pecan Creek (Colorado River tributary)18.819
Pecan Creek (Little Elm Creek (Trinity River - Elm Fork tributary))19.720
Pecan Creek (Llano River tributary)19.520
Pecan Creek (San Gabriel River tributary)17.518
Pecan Creek (South Concho River tributary)25.826
Pecan Creek (White Rock Creek (Ash Creek tributary))17.317
Pecos River443.5889
Pedarosa Creek20.420
Pedernales River129.8276
Peña Blanca Creek17.217
Peña Colorado Creek32.933
Peña Creek2525
Pen Branch23.524
Pendencia Creek17.818
Penitas Creek18.519
Perdido Creek (Coleto Creek tributary)22.523
Perdido Creek (Pinto Creek tributary)18.118
Perdiz Creek29.429
Perico Creek1.21
Petronila Creek39.8104
Peyton Creek27.443
Picosa Creek37.158
Piedra Creek19.620
Pilot Grove Creek41.5132
Pine Creek43.644
Pine Island Bayou92.9224
Piney Creek (Brazos River tributary)21.622
Piney Creek (Colorado River tributary)16.416
Piney Creek (Neches River tributary)83.9117
Pinoak Creek32.633
Pin Oak Creek (Colorado River tributary)20.537
Pin Oak Creek (Cottonwood Creek (Tehuacana Creek (Trinity River tributary)))16.116
Pin Oak Creek (Little Brazos River tributary)15.516
Pin Oak Creek (Richland Creek tributary)40.841
Pinto Creek47.881
Placedo Creek33.834
Plum Creek (Brazos River - Clear Fork tributary)31.131
Plum Creek (Canadian River (Arkansas River tributary))12.730
Plum Creek - Clear Fork (San Marcos River tributary)27.628
Plum Creek (Leon River tributary)26.244
Plum Creek (San Marcos River tributary)55.7121
Plum Creek (Trinity River - West Fork tributary)19.319
Plum Creek - West Fork (San Marcos River tributary)21.522
Plum Creek (Wolf Creek (North Canadian River tributary))16.817
Plummer Creek16.316
Plummers Creek2121
Poesta Creek28.829
Pompey Creek24.324
Pond Creek4695
Pond Creek - West Fork16.517
Ponton Creek16.416
Pony Creek (Paluxy River tributary)18.318
Pooles Creek18.118
Porters Creek17.217
Post Oak Creek20.420
Pot Rack Creek15.415
Potters Creek20.821
Prairie Branch15.115
Prairie Creek (Big Cypress Creek (Big Cypress Bayou tributary))18.619
Prairie Creek (Neches River tributary)13.629
Prairie Creek (Sabine River tributary)21.722
Puenta Suelas Creek15.415
Pulliam Creek29.962
Punta de Agua Creek66.1247
Purgatory Creek20.120
Quapaw Creek17.718
Quarry Creek15.516
Quicksand Creek25.944
Quihi Creek18.234
Quinta Creek16.416
Quintania Creek22.222
Quitaque Creek48.770
Rabbit Creek34.234
Rabbs Bayou26.326
Rabbs Creek34.535
Raggedy Creek20.821
Rainy Creek18.919
Ramirena Creek31.932
Ranch Creek23.939
Rancheros Creek27.427
Range Creek19.419
Rattlesnake Creek25.425
Raven Creek16.216
Red Bank Creek (Colorado River tributary)20.120
Red Bank Creek (Home Creek tributary)15.215
Red Bank Creek (Jim Ned Creek tributary)15.315
Red Bayou19.419
Red Bluff Creek (Dry Devils River (Devils River tributary))40.941
Red Bluff Creek (Medina River tributary)15.115
Red Creek (Concho River tributary)24.424
Red Creek (North Paint Creek tributary)2323
Red Deer Creek60.981
Redmud Creek27.628
Red Mud Creek29.630
Red Oak Creek42.190
Red River of the South622.17,872
Red River of the South - North Fork89.4380
Red River of the South - Prairie Dog Town Fork172.11,082
Red River of the South - Salt Fork113.7175
Red River (Pecan Bayou (Colorado River tributary))14.534
Reiser Creek15.415
Remadura de Sandia Creek18.318
Renderbrook Creek20.320
Resley Creek34.434
Retama Creek16.647
Reubes Creek17.217
Reynolds Creek28.745
Reynolds Creek - West Fork16.316
Rica Creek19.419
Rice Creek2121
Richardson Creek23.439
Richland Creek92.4666
Richland Springs Creek42.943
Rio Grande1292.94,754
Ripley Creek24.525
Rita Blanca Creek80154
Robinson Creek19.520
Rock Creek (Beaver Creek (Wichita River tributary))15.516
Rock Creek (Brazos River tributary)20.721
Rock Creek (Brazos River tributary)36.737
Rock Creek (Canadian River (Arkansas River tributary))23.824
Rock Creek (White Oak Creek (Sulphur River tributary))20.420
Rocky Cedar Creek1818
Rocky Creek (Brazos River - Double Mountain Fork tributary)16.717
Rocky Creek (Lampasas River tributary)6.736
Rocky Creek (Lavaca River tributary)35.852
Rocky Creek (Navasota River tributary)19.319
Rocky Creek (San Saba River tributary)23.924
Romero Creek2727
Rosillo Creek1919
Rosita Creek (Rio Grande tributary)18.819
Rosita Creek (San Diego Creek tributary)29.129
Rosita San Juan Creek20.220
Rough Branch6.731
Rough Creek (Brazos River - Double Mountain Fork tributary)45.675
Rough Creek (Colorado River tributary)15.115
Rough Run19.219
Rowlett Creek3452
Ruiz Creek1632
Rush Creek (Duncan Creek tributary)5.1100
Rush Creek (Palo Pinto Creek - South Fork tributary)17.317
Rush Creek (Richland Creek tributary)20.436
Rush Creek (Trinity River tributary)27.944
Russell Creek24.324
Rustlers Creek16.517
Ryo Creek15.215
Sabana River77.277
Sabinal River79.2193
Sabine Creek15.816
Sabine River5202,224
Sabine River - Cowleech Fork4444
Sabine River - South Fork18.551
Sacatosa Creek22.422
Saddle Creek20.621
Saddlers Creek17.217
Sage Creek16.416
Salado Creek (Chacon Creek (Palo Blanco Creek tributary))16.116
Salado Creek (Lampasas River tributary)27.327
Salado Creek (San Antonio River tributary)51.5120
Salado Creek (San Casimiro Creek tributary)40.686
Salitrillo Creek15.716
Salt Branch17.217
Salt Creek (Barton Creek (Palo Pinto Creek tributary))15.415
Salt Creek (Brazos River - Salt Fork tributary)1616
Salt Creek (Brazos River tributary)42.594
Salt Creek (Colorado River tributary)2929
Salt Creek (James River tributary)16.316
Salt Creek (Lola Creek tributary)22.847
Salt Creek (North Wichita River tributary)2626
Salt Creek (Pecan Bayou (Colorado River tributary))15.516
Salt Creek (Pecos River tributary)33.534
Salt Creek (Red River of the South - Prairie Dog Town Fork tributary)14.674
Salt Creek (Red River of the South tributary)29.145
Salt Creek (Smith Creek tributary)17.117
Salt Creek (Sweetwater Creek tributary)15.916
Salt Fork (Red River of the South - Prairie Dog Town Fork tributary)1616
San Ambrosia Creek37.157
San Andreas Creek22.122
San Antonio River245.11,215
San Bernard River144.4389
San Casimiro Creek14.6151
Sanchez Creek21.622
Sand Creek (Brazos River - Double Mountain Fork - North Fork tributary)2424
Sand Creek (Canadian River (Arkansas River tributary))17.317
Sand Creek (Nueces River tributary)15.516
Sand Creek (White River tributary)16.817
Sand Creek (Wolf Creek (North Canadian River tributary))2020
Sanders Creek (Navasota River tributary)22.523
Sanders Creek (Red River of the South tributary)50.267
Sanderson Creek5757
Sandia Creek18.519
San Diego Creek45.475
Sandies Creek (Guadalupe River tributary)80.3195
Sandies Creek (Navidad River tributary)15.315
Sandy Creek (Big Sandy Creek (Hubbard Creek tributary))22.823
Sandy Creek (Brazos River tributary)15.916
Sandy Creek (Cedar Creek (Colorado River tributary))18.118
Sandy Creek (Colorado River tributary)43.788
Sandy Creek (Little River tributary)18.919
Sandy Creek (Mustang Creek tributary)49.7160
Sandy Creek (Neches River tributary)28.929
Sandy Creek - West Fork (Red River of the South tributary)13.514
Sandy Fork44.444
San Felipe Creek19.319
San Fernando Creek (Gulf of Mexico tributary)45.9302
San Fernando Creek (Llano River tributary)21.922
San Francisco Creek87.9154
San Francisco Perez Creek2828
San Gabriel River62.7462
San Gabriel River - Middle Fork15.616
San Gabriel River - North Fork53.189
San Gabriel River - Russell Fork20.220
San Gabriel River - South Fork41.441
San Geronimo Creek36.637
San Jacinto River30.3813
San Jacinto River - East Fork89.7250
San Jacinto River - West Fork88.9263
San Jose Creek25.926
San Juanito Creek35.9121
San Lorenzo Creek31.632
San Marcos River85.8426
San Miguel Creek74.7206
San Pedro Creek32.533
San Roque Creek37.6101
San Saba River143.9617
Santa Clara Creek20.220
Santa Gertrudis Creek62.8118
Santa Isabel Creek47.899
Santonino Creek18.819
Santo Tomas Creek15.816
Sarco Creek24.625
Saus Creek23.323
Sauz Creek2525
Sauz Mocho Creek20.721
Savcito Creek23.824
Scatterbranch Creek19.720
Scatter Creek26.927
School Creek21.121
Scott Creek15.115
Seco Creek79.5155
Second Davidson Creek17.918
Shawnee Creek (Angelina River tributary)16.917
Shawnee Creek (Elm Creek (Sulphur River tributary))20.521
Shawnee Creek (Neches River tributary)30.631
Shepherd Creek16.416
Shoats Creek15.616
Shooter Creek16.416
Shores Creek21.622
Sierrita de la Cruz Creek32.349
Siestedero Creek1515
Silver Creek18.318
Simms Creek26.845
Sims Bayou20.921
Sink Creek18.719
Sister Grove Creek34.735
Sixmile Creek26.827
Skinout Creek20.821
Skull Creek34.434
Skunk Creek1616
Slaughter Creek1818
Slaydons Creek27.327
Slicknasty Creek17.718
Slough Creek15.716
Smith Creek (Fifteenmile Creek tributary)11.829
Smith Creek (Little Wichita River - East Fork tributary)16.817
Smoky Creek16.617
Snake Creek23.724
Socagee Creek25.5101
Socagee Creek - East Fork20.420
Socagee Creek - West Fork21.822
Soldier Slough20.6368
Sombrerito Creek19.419
Sous Creek21.539
South Beaver Creek39.139
South Bedias Creek38.338
South Boggy Creek14.715
South Bosque River28.7131
South Brady Creek28.245
South Cita Creek23.223
South Concho River57205
South Copperas Creek17.618
South Cow Bayou20.120
South Elm Creek17.918
South Fish Creek18.218
South Gasconades Creek12.613
South Grape Creek17.417
South Groesbeck Creek34.835
South Hickory Creek16.416
South Leon River39.481
South Lilly Creek15.215
South Llano River71.2103
South Mayde Creek16.150
South Mesquite Creek15.716
South Nolan Creek21.522
South Onion Creek15.215
South Palo Duro Creek69.369
South Paluxy River18.218
South Plum Creek17.417
South Prong Creek15.616
South Rocky Creek17.117
South Sulphur River83.2180
South Wichita River148.7187
South Wolf Creek15.716
Spring Creek57.658
Spring Creek (Brazos River - Clear Fork tributary)16.416
Spring Creek (Brazos River tributary)20.921
Spring Creek (California Creek tributary)17.317
Spring Creek (Canadian River (Arkansas River tributary))27.327
Spring Creek (Deadman Creek tributary)20.320
Spring Creek (Guadalupe River tributary)19.119
Spring Creek (Meridian Creek tributary)20.420
Spring Creek (Nueces River tributary)25.125
Spring Creek (Rowlett Creek tributary)18.218
Spring Creek (San Jacinto River tributary)71.2270
Spring Creek (Trinity River - Elm Fork tributary)23.123
Squaw Creek23.924
Squirrel Creek11.549
State Line Creek5.521
Steele Creek (Brazos River tributary)30.330
Steele Creek (Navasota River tributary)45.646
Steppes Creek1515
Sterling Creek36.737
Stewarts Creek16.817
Stills Creek17.618
Stinking Creek (Brazos River - Salt Fork tributary)20.320
Stinking Creek (Brazos River - Salt Fork tributary)35.736
Stouts Creek20.320
Stricklin Creek15.415
Striker Creek16.163
Sulphur Creek (Lampasas River tributary)21.622
Sulphur Creek (Nueces River tributary)3535
Sulphur River148.21,200
Supplejack Creek18.218
Swauano Creek18.519
Sweetwater Creek (Brazos River - Clear Fork tributary)62.288
Sweetwater Creek (Denton Creek tributary)13.729
Sweetwater Creek (Red River of the South - North Fork tributary)68106
Sweetwater Creek (Rush Creek (Duncan Creek tributary))23.939
Sycamore Creek - East Fork (Rio Grande tributary)29.748
Sycamore Creek (Richardson Creek tributary)1616
Sycamore Creek (Rio Grande tributary)60.4173
Sycamore Creek (Trinity River - West Fork tributary)17.217
Sycamore Creek - West Fork (Rio Grande tributary)19.620
Sycamore Creek (West Nueces River tributary)31.431
Table Rock Creek16.517
Tailes Creek8.330
Talking John Creek20.420
Tallahone Creek3636
Tankersley Creek15.415
Tantabogue Creek3232
Taylor Bayou18.754
Taylor Bayou - North Fork17.417
Taylor Bayou - South Fork17.718
Tebo Creek2626
Tecolate Creek14.915
Tecovas Creek29.830
Tecumseh Creek15.616
Tee Pee Creek30.430
Tehuacana Creek (Brazos River tributary)34.898
Tehuacana Creek (Hondo Creek (Frio River tributary))20.537
Tehuacana Creek (Trinity River tributary)60.8174
Tejones Creek20.521
Tenaha Bayou2.2109
Tenaha Creek18.542
Tenmile Creek3030
Tequesquite Creek19.820
Terlingua Creek85165
Terneros Creek32.648
Theuvenins Creek4747
Thickety Creek25.542
Thompson Creek28.529
Thompsons Creek20.721
Threadgill Creek24.224
Three Corrals Creek21.421
Threemile Creek1616
Tiawichi Creek15.215
Tierra Blanca Creek (Red River of the South - Prairie Dog Town Fork tributary)110.8111
Tierra Blanca Creek (Velenzuela Creek tributary)15.516
Tiger Creek14.915
Timber Creek (Jordan Creek tributary)20.821
Timber Creek (Trinity River - Elm Fork tributary)16.517
Tobacco Creek43.343
Todos Santos Creek19.219
Tom Ball Creek25.425
Tom Handle Creek14.915
Tonk Creek37.137
Tordillo Creek15.616
Tornillo Creek46.847
Torres Creek21.822
Tortuga Creek39.640
Town Creek17.417
Toyah Creek58.577
Tradinghouse Creek19.520
Tranquitas Creek24.525
Tres Palacios River60.176
Trinidad Creek16.517
Trinity River474.25,303
Trinity River - Clear Fork67.7107
Trinity River - East Fork110.2424
Trinity River - Elm Fork125.2743
Trinity River - South Fork15.516
Trinity River - West Fork2451,068
Trout Creek1228
Trujillo Creek30.576
Tule Creek56.657
Tunas Creek30.430
Turkey Creek (Ayish Bayou tributary)15.115
Turkey Creek (Beaver Creek (Wichita River tributary))17.317
Turkey Creek (Brazos River tributary)27.828
Turkey Creek (Brushy Slough tributary)23.624
Turkey Creek (Lake Fork Creek tributary)18.218
Turkey Creek (La Parita Creek tributary)19.720
Turkey Creek (Little Wichita River tributary)24.424
Turkey Creek (North Pease River tributary)3256
Turkey Creek (Pecan Bayou (Colorado River tributary))4040
Turkey Creek (Soldier Slough tributary)69.4281
Turkey Creek (Trinity River - West Fork tributary)16.517
Turkey Creek (Village Creek (Neches River tributary))52.9106
Turtle Creek25.425
Turtle Hole Creek17.417
Twelvemile Creek23.339
Upper Keechi Creek66.5114
Valentine Branch17.618
Valley Creek54.595
Van Horn Creek26.426
Velenzuela Creek8.663
Venado Creek15.315
Verde Creek (Guadalupe River tributary)16.416
Verde Creek (Hondo Creek (Frio River tributary))20.655
Victoria Creek14.915
Village Creek (Neches River tributary)54.9520
Village Creek (Trinity River tributary)25.626
Village Creek (Trinity River - West Fork tributary)36.136
Waggoner Branch10.2108
Wagon Creek23.423
Walker Creek19.219
Wallace Creek20.921
Walnut Creek (Cedar Creek (Colorado River tributary))32.533
Walnut Creek (Cedar Creek (Trinity River tributary))20.821
Walnut Creek (Colorado River tributary)22.623
Walnut Creek (Mountain Creek (Trinity River - West Fork tributary))31.331
Walnut Creek (Neches River tributary)19.419
Walnut Creek (North Concho River tributary)19.620
Walnut Creek (Spring Creek (San Jacinto River tributary))25.526
Walnut Creek (Trinity River - West Fork tributary)20.621
Walnut Run7.243
Wanderers Creek48.248
Wanders Creek15.215
Ward Creek15.716
Warren Creek19.219
Washita River61.3118
Waxahachie Creek44.178
Weaver Creek14.530
Weedy Creek28.949
West Amarillo Creek3232
West Bear Creek1717
West Belknap Creek25.125
West Bernard Creek40.456
West Caddo Creek36.792
West Carancahua Creek32.432
West Cheyenne Creek11.226
West Copperas Creek15.816
West Creek20.621
West Deep Creek19.520
West Dixon Creek25.125
West Frio River23.824
West Horse Creek14.915
West Kickapoo Creek15.716
West Las Moras Creek14.915
West Mill Creek39.139
West Mud Creek25.526
West Mustang Creek51.569
West Navidad River26.846
West Nueces River107.2197
West Pinto Creek1515
West Rita Blanca Creek12.314
West Rocky Creek24.124
West Sabinal River17.518
West Sandy Creek (Sandy Creek (Mustang Creek tributary))33.734
West Sandy Creek (San Jacinto River - West Fork tributary)16.416
West Squirrel Creek23.924
West Tehuacana Creek16.116
West Weedy Creek20.220
West Yegua Creek37.954
Wet Salt Creek21.622
Whiskey Creek16.316
White Creek1515
White Deer Creek45.746
Whitefish Creek26.727
Whiteoak Bayou25.626
Whiteoak Creek20.621
White Oak Creek (Big Cow Creek tributary)8.350
White Oak Creek (Caney Creek (San Jacinto River - East Fork tributary))16.116
White Oak Creek (Sulphur River tributary)140.1338
White River96.5138
White Rock Creek (Ash Creek (Richland Creek tributary))26.744
White Rock Creek (Trinity River tributary)47.9139
White Rock Creek (Trinity River tributary)39.640
Wichita River161.51,207
Wichita River - Middle Fork52.679
Wickson Creek33.233
Wilbarger Creek (Colorado River tributary)25.125
Wilbarger Creek (Colorado River tributary)44.845
Wildcat Creek (Colorado River tributary)30.130
Wildcat Creek (Cuthand Creek tributary)15.115
Wildcat Creek (Pease River tributary)15.315
Wild Horse Creek128.2128
Wildhorse Creek (Colorado River tributary)32.633
Wildhorse Creek (Morgan Creek tributary)22.422
Wildhorse Creek (Red River of the South tributary)18.619
Wildorado Creek16.316
Williams Creek (Cedar Creek (Trinity River tributary))20.821
Williams Creek (Tehuacana Creek (Brazos River tributary))28.428
Williamson Creek18.819
Willis Creek25.243
Willow Creek (Colorado River tributary)22.923
Willow Creek (Colorado River tributary)34.635
Willow Creek (Concho River tributary)21.221
Willow Creek (Llano River tributary)2121
Willow Creek (North Concho River tributary)15.215
Willow Creek (Paint Creek (Brazos River - Clear Fork tributary))25.726
Willow Creek (Pine Island Bayou tributary)20.848
Willow Creek (South Wichita River tributary)38.138
Willow Creek (Spring Creek (San Jacinto River tributary))20.320
Willow Oak Creek15.516
Wilson Creek (Tres Palacios River tributary)15.916
Wilson Creek (Trinity River - East Fork tributary)30.831
Wind River24.251
Winters Bayou46.146
Wolf Creek (Elm Creek (Red River of the South - Elm Fork tributary))17.918
Wolf Creek (Glen Creek tributary)17.217
Wolf Creek (Neches River tributary)24.825
Wolf Creek (North Canadian River tributary)85.9274
Wolf Creek (Paluxy River tributary)9.125
Wolfpen Creek1717
Woods Creek1818
Wright Creek20.721
Wrights Creek1616
Yegua Creek37.3373
Yellow Bayou15.516
Yellow Wolf Creek20.220
Ygnacio Creek2828
Yoledigo Creek16.216
York Creek32.851
Yorktown Creek19.119

Note: Lengths are for the part of the river/watershed within the boundary of this state.

Note: Mostly rivers/streams 15+ miles in length.

Data from United States Geological Survey