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United States Rivers

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Red River of the South

StatesArkansas (156 mi), Louisiana (280 mi), Oklahoma (568 mi), Texas (622 mi)
Length1,004.2 miles
Watershed Length*26,212 miles
MouthAtchafalaya River Gulf of Mexico


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Name Distance
from Mouth
Adams Creek8862753
Barkman Creek3882525
Bayou Cocodrie175858
Bayou Pierre15885153
Bayou Rapides893030
Bayou Rigolette9034103
Beaver Creek7911717
Beaver Creek80888233
Belknap Creek7891995
Big Pine Creek5001963
Black River29428,173
Blue River583141250
Bois d'Arc Creek5776885
Bois D'Arc Creek3423272
Brier Creek6731717
Brown Creek6021818
Bule Creek8691818
Buncombe Creek6651717
Cache Creek84110679
Cane River11630271
Caney Creek6183434
Choctaw Creek6244484
Clear Creek5101616
Cross Bayou2334842
Farmers Creek7653131
Finn Bayou3442727
Fish Creek714435
Gilbert Creek8602828
Groesbeck Creek9751592
Gypsum Creek9493434
Hickory Creek6803939
Hooks Bayou4331616
Horse Creek5411818
Island Bayou5974663
Kiamichi River517178606
Little Hauani Creek6761616
Little River3572251,201
Little Wichita River79982558
Loggy Bayou19836844
Maniece Bayou301730
Mill Creek4502121
Mountain Creek7491515
Mud Creek4313333
Mud Creek75668191
Muddy Boggy Creek554175832
Nantachie Creek1243434
Norwood Creek4532121
Panther Creek7802020
Pease River91396710
Pecan Bayou4735353
Pine Creek5294444
Red Bayou4161919
Red Creek7812020
Red River of the South - North Fork9312741,173
Red River of the South - Prairie Dog Town Fork1,0041721,100
Red River of the South - Salt Fork946204415
Saline Bayou144108446
Salt Creek7862945
Sanders Creek5465067
Sandy Creek9714281
Slough Creek5761616
Sulphur River2861751,260
Suttle Creek9022222
Walnut Bayou7283480
Walnut Bayou4121818
Wanderers Creek9554848
Washita River6495992,038
Waterhole Creek4871818
Whiskey Creek8302222
Whitegrass Creek5683636
Wichita River8341621,207
Wiggins Bayou592929
Wildhorse Creek8641919
Wilson Creek6781616
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* Note: Watershed is mostly rivers/streams 15+ miles in length.

Data from United States Geological Survey