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United States Rivers

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Canadian River

StatesColorado (3 mi), New Mexico (342 mi), Oklahoma (478 mi), Texas (268 mi)
Length1,091.3 miles
Watershed Length*9,661 miles
MouthArkansas River Gulf of Mexico


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Name Distance
from Mouth
Alamocitos Creek6931025
Alamosa Creek8391414
Alamosa Creek675779
Antelope Creek5941648
Atarque Creek8254747
Barton Creek5171717
Bear Creek5832525
Big Blue Creek6043560
Big Creek5961919
Big Timber Creek5091717
Bonita Creek6251616
Buckhead Creek1871515
Buggy Creek2622828
Canadian Sandy Creek1454171
Carrizo Creek9311919
Carros Creek8062121
Cheyenne Creek671242
Chical Creek8461717
Chicken Creek5453030
Chico Creek9833535
Chicorica Creek1,0273282
Cimarron River98869322
Coal Creek4569348
Corral Creek6521717
Cottonwood Creek5891717
Cottonwood Creek6611616
Crow Creek1,0153333
Curtis Creek1,0141919
Deer Creek31964102
Dixon Creek5831981
East Amarillo Creek6333131
Emachaya Creek201818
Hackberry Creek4291717
Hill Creek5921616
Home Ranch Creek5252222
Horse Creek7242323
Horse Creek5322546
Horse Creek5141631
Indian Creek6571934
Indian Creek5402626
La Cinta Creek85571116
Lagartija Creek9001515
Lahey Creek6461616
La Manga Creek8502828
Las Arches Creek7082121
Little River106127200
Longtown Creek392727
McDowell Creek6181717
Mill Creek503636
Minneosa Creek7116060
Moore Creek5761733
Mora River914128302
Mosquito Creek4591515
North Canadian River394863,588
Ocate Creek98155110
Pajarito Creek81076118
Parker Creek6681717
Pedarosa Creek6942020
Plum Creek6131330
Pond Creek1722020
Powwow Creek4151515
Punta de Agua Creek68267696
Red Bluff Creek4611717
Red Deer Creek5106181
Revuelto Creek78143177
Reynolds Creek5602945
Rica Creek6691919
Rio del Plano9953232
Rock Creek5882424
Romero Creek7002727
Sand Creek6551717
Sauz Creek9692121
Scipio Creek672323
Sierrita de la Cruz Creek6533249
Spring Creek5762727
Tallahone Creek5523636
Taloka Creek121818
Tecovas Creek6443030
Tinaja Creek1,0192727
Trail Creek3591515
Trail Creek4101515
Trujillo Creek72044117
Turkey Creek4162036
Vermejo River1,00570132
Walnut Creek2022948
West Amarillo Creek6353232
White Deer Creek5654646
Willow Creek1,0241616
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* Note: Watershed is mostly rivers/streams 15+ miles in length.

Data from United States Geological Survey