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United States Rivers

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Sabine River

StatesLouisiana (266 mi), Texas (520 mi)
Length520.0 miles
Watershed Length*2,970 miles
MouthGulf of Mexico


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Name Distance
from Mouth
Adams Bayou72222
Bayou Anacoco11357170
Bayou Castor2623158
Bayou Grand Cane2613148
Bayou La Nana201956
Bayou San Miguel2024059
Bayou San Patricio2274865
Bayou Scie2022323
Bayou Toro1543272
Big Cow Creek7966169
Big Sandy Creek4085858
Black Slough339661
Bridge Creek1051515
Brushy Creek722020
Caddo Creek5189131
Caddo Creek3162121
Caney Creek982525
Clemar Creek2502525
Cow Bayou2422339
Cow Bayou53030
Cypress Creek484156
Eightmile Creek3212846
Garrison Creek2691717
Glade Creek3931717
Grand Saline Creek4682929
Harris Creek4142525
Hawkins Creek3701515
Hoggs Bayou2971818
Irons Bayou3103838
Jackson Creek3032020
Lake Fork Creek4397897
Little Cow Creek1193147
McBee Creek5021919
McFaddin Creek2761616
Mill Creek4892727
Moody Creek3871616
Murvaul Creek2864672
Nichols Creek553939
Old River881531
Palo Gaucho Bayou1953070
Patroon Bayou2113737
Potters Creek3272121
Prairie Creek3822222
Quicksand Creek1002644
Rabbit Creek3653434
Sabine River - Cowleech Fork5204444
Sabine River - South Fork5161951
Sandy Creek1482121
Sixmile Creek2882727
Slaydons Creek672727
Socagee Creek27726114
Tenaha Bayou2532109
Trout Creek1081717
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* Note: Watershed is mostly rivers/streams 15+ miles in length.

Data from United States Geological Survey