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United States Rivers

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Ouachita River

StatesArkansas (369 mi), Louisiana (179 mi)
Length548.2 miles
Watershed Length*6,268 miles
MouthBlack River Gulf of Mexico


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Name Distance
from Mouth
Bayou Bartholomew152365789
Bayou D'Arbonne131110602
Bayou de Butte1611717
Bayou de Loutre14678117
Beach Branch3371616
Big Brushy Creek1962323
Big Fork5161515
Board Camp Creek5251616
Boeuf River24218825
Brushy Creek3271717
Caddo River36882115
Cecil Creek1711515
Champagnolle Creek2535873
Cypress Creek911818
Cypress Creek3364242
Deceiper Creek3373434
Deer Creek458622
DeLisle Creek3741616
De Roche Creek3692222
Ecore Fabre Bayou3001515
Freeo Creek3043975
Glazypeau Creek4261515
Irons Fork5301919
L'Aigle Creek21556117
Lapoile Creek2011818
L'Eau Frais Creek3543434
Little Mazarn Creek4162929
Little Missouri River323150706
Locust Bayou2742748
Mazarn Creek4203535
Mill Creek3481717
Moro Creek230109197
Ouachita River - North Fork4442963
Ouachita River - South Fork4454242
Prairie Bayou3831717
Rawson Creek221616
Saline Bayou3611616
Saline River1972021,049
Shiloh Creek1762121
Smackover Creek25672193
South Lapile Creek1883535
Tulip Creek3092685
Two Bayou2893131
Two Bayou2891335
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* Note: Watershed is mostly rivers/streams 15+ miles in length.

Data from United States Geological Survey