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North Dakota

River count351
River miles15,307

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Name Length
Adobe Wall Creek1616
Alkali Creek (Bennie Peer Creek tributary)14.815
Alkali Creek (Grand River - North Fork tributary)45.6144
Alkali Creek (Missouri River tributary)14.815
Andrews Creek22.222
Antelope Creek67.267
Antelope Creek (Charbonneau Creek tributary)25.425
Antelope Creek (Heart River tributary)67.968
Antelope Creek (Knife River tributary)22.748
Antelope Creek (Missouri River tributary)21.444
Antelope Creek - South Branch (Wild Rice River tributary)25.325
Antelope Creek - West Branch (Knife River tributary)24.925
Antelope Creek (Wild Rice River tributary)4570
Apple Creek64.9183
Apple Creek - East Branch42.843
Apple Creek - West Branch42.242
Ash Creek21.822
Bacon Creek24.224
Badger Creek30.230
Baldhill Creek71.572
Battle Creek25.826
Bear Creek (James River tributary)5656
Bear Creek (Little Missouri River tributary)13.914
Bear Creek (Little Missouri River tributary)17.317
Bear Den Creek40.240
Beaver Creek (Buffalo Creek (Heart River tributary))15.115
Beaver Creek (Goose River tributary)64.264
Beaver Creek (Heart River tributary)24.324
Beaver Creek (Heart River tributary)32.633
Beaver Creek (James River tributary)4576
Beaver Creek (Little Missouri River tributary)73.5159
Beaver Creek (Missouri River tributary)122249
Beaver Creek (Missouri River tributary)17.117
Beaver Creek (Missouri River tributary)39.139
Beaver Creek - South Branch (Missouri River tributary)61.662
Beaver Holes Creek16.316
Beicegel Creek47.648
Bennett Creek23.223
Bennie Peer Creek44.894
Big Muddy Creek84.2210
Blackfoot Creek0.919
Blacktail Creek (Little Missouri River tributary)27.457
Blacktail Creek (Little Muddy River tributary)23.123
Bois de Sioux River28.328
Bone Hill Creek43.744
Boundary Creek43.644
Boxelder Creek (Cannonball River tributary)22.322
Boxelder Creek (Little Missouri River tributary)6.415
Boyce Creek19.720
Brady Creek25.926
Branch Knife River58.659
Brush Creek25.125
Brushy Creek24.925
Buffalo Creek (Beaver Creek (James River tributary))30.631
Buffalo Creek (Grand River - North Fork tributary)61.161
Buffalo Creek (Heart River tributary)26.141
Buffalo Creek (Little Beaver Creek tributary)2.83
Buffalo Creek (Maple River (Sheyenne River tributary))45.746
Bull Creek23.524
Bullion Creek52.152
Bull Run Creek2727
Bummer Creek16.316
Burnt Creek47.748
Cannonball Creek16.523
Cannonball River351.31,816
Cantapeta Creek6.252
Cantapeta Creek - North Branch23.524
Cantapeta Creek - Northwest Branch22.222
Cart Creek54.454
Cash Creek15.516
Cedar Creek296.8754
Cedar Creek - North Fork13.614
Chanta Peta Creek56.957
Chanta Peta Creek34.453
Chanta Peta Creek - East Fork18.619
Charbonneau Creek57.4125
Charbonneau Creek - West Branch21.822
Charlie Bob Creek14.815
Cheney Creek14.414
Cherry Creek75.1143
Chilton Creek20.220
Cinnamon Creek14.414
Clarks Creek18.619
Clear Creek (Beaver Creek (Missouri River tributary))18.318
Clear Creek (Tobacco Garden Creek tributary)28.629
Coal Bank Creek41.341
Coal Creek (Heart River tributary)18.919
Coal Creek (Knife River tributary)15.916
Cold Turkey Creek32.633
Cole Creek38.739
Coon Creek13.714
Corral Creek (Jim Creek tributary)16.416
Corral Creek (Little Beaver Creek tributary)5.15
Corral Creek (Little Missouri River tributary)15.516
Cottonwood Creek88.889
Cow Creek36.136
Coyote Creek (Knife River tributary)19.820
Coyote Creek (Little Missouri River tributary)27.928
Crooked Creek (Cedar Creek tributary)23.724
Crooked Creek (Grand River - North Fork tributary)0.71
Crooked Creek (Knife River tributary)63.864
Crooked Creek (Wild Rice River tributary)30.430
Crosby Creek14.845
Crown Butte Creek15.315
C S Creek6.87
Cut Bank Creek (Deep River tributary)42.643
Cut Bank Creek (Deep River tributary)89.2107
Dantz Creek19.620
Davis Creek32.232
Dayton Creek20.821
Dead Colt Creek24.424
Dead Horse Creek1515
Deep Creek - East Fork (Little Missouri River tributary)26.727
Deep Creek (Knife River tributary)42.442
Deep Creek (Little Missouri River tributary)47.3101
Deep Creek - West Fork (Little Missouri River tributary)26.827
Deep River21.3267
Deepwater Creek3939
Des Lacs River76.677
Dogtooth Creek48160
Douglas Creek - East Branch22.623
Douglas Creek - Middle Branch34.777
Douglas Creek - West Branch19.820
Duck Creek (Beaver Creek (Little Missouri River tributary))6.57
Duck Creek (Cedar Creek tributary)89.189
Duck Creek (Heart River tributary)16.316
Egg Creek54.555
Eightmile Creek26.326
Elk Creek (Beaver Creek (Little Missouri River tributary))3652
Elk Creek - East Branch (Beaver Creek (Little Missouri River tributary))15.716
Elk Creek (Wild Rice River tributary)9.610
Elm Creek33.333
Elm River (James River tributary)32.9182
Elm River - North Branch (Red River of the North tributary)39.740
Elm River (Red River of the North tributary)91.9155
Elm River - South Branch (Red River of the North tributary)23.223
First Creek23.123
Fivemile Creek21.321
Flat Creek45.546
Forest River81.1178
Forest River - Middle Branch35.936
Forest River - North Branch35.836
Forest River - South Branch25.526
Fourmile Creek31.732
Franks Creek27.327
Garner Creek48.467
Garner Creek - North Fork18.619
Goodman Creek3131
Goose Creek14.314
Goose River178463
Goose River - Middle Branch5555
Goose River - North Branch47.748
Goose River - South Branch52107
Government Creek (Heart River tributary)40.964
Government Creek (Little Missouri River tributary)22.322
Grand River - North Fork74.2343
Green River98182
Green River - South Fork2020
Gumbo Creek14.915
Hagel Creek20.821
Hailstone Creek50.982
Hanley Wash6.622
Hans Creek17.918
Hawk Creek24.324
Hay Creek (Apple Creek tributary)16.517
Hay Creek (Cedar Creek tributary)18.919
Haymarsh Creek16.116
Hazen Brook20.721
Heart Butte Creek52.152
Heart River290.81,249
Heart River - South Branch35.559
Horse Creek (Little Missouri River tributary)1818
Horse Creek (Little Missouri River tributary)16.316
Horse Creek (Yellowstone River tributary)32.533
Horsehead Creek25.225
Indian Creek21.743
Indian Creek (Little Missouri River tributary)16.617
Iron Dog Creek2.32
James River304.21,010
Jim Creek32.549
Joe Bush Creek18.318
Johny Creek6.26
Kelly Creek28.428
Kinneman Creek17.618
Knife River233.4880
Knutson Creek31.632
La Belle Creek99
Leaf on the Hill Creek29.530
Lightning Creek38.438
Little Antelope Creek22.723
Little Beaver Creek36.336
Little Beaver Creek (Beaver Creek (Little Missouri River tributary))27.528
Little Beaver Creek (Little Missouri River tributary)17.525
Little Deep Creek95.596
Little Goose River36.236
Little Heart River43.265
Little Heart River - Southeast Branch21.922
Little Knife River33.534
Little Knife River58.959
Little Missouri River365.82,031
Little Muddy Creek1919
Little Muddy River97.6188
Little Muddy River - East Fork30.931
Little Pipestem Creek31.131
Little South Pembina River55.355
Livingston Creek15.916
Lonesome Creek20.621
Lone Tree Creek (Grand River - North Fork tributary)21.522
Long Creek16.216
Long Lake Creek63.2110
Long Lake Creek - West Branch22.723
Louse Creek58.8112
Magpie Creek32.232
Malnourie Creek1414
Maple Creek4242
Maple River (Elm River (James River tributary))91.4149
Maple River (Sheyenne River tributary)197.9300
Maple River - South Branch (Sheyenne River tributary)17.718
Maple River - South Fork (Elm River (James River tributary))15.516
Miller Creek22.523
Minneapolis Flats Creek25.325
Missouri River352.110,074
Moccasin Creek34.835
Morris Creek25.726
Mud Creek26.443
Muskrat Creek15.516
North Cedar Creek37.337
North Creek15.115
Northfork Creek28.328
North Fork Sheyenne River27.528
Norwegian Creek26.126
Oak Creek (Missouri River tributary)21.421
Oak Creek (Souris River tributary)3333
Oak Creek (Willow Creek (Souris River tributary))40.841
Onemile Creek14.615
One-O-One Creek14.314
Otter Creek (Heart River tributary)19.119
Otter Creek (Knife River tributary)46.947
Otter Creek (Square Butte Creek tributary)2222
Ox Creek92.2141
Paddock Creek19.720
Painted Woods Creek48.949
Park River34.7329
Park River - Middle Branch72.9211
Park River - North Branch83.4138
Park River - South Branch83.784
Paulsen Creek18.519
Pembina River109.5255
Philbrick Creek36.352
Pickerel Lake Creek18.519
Pipestem Creek123.6180
Pitcairn Creek15.716
Pitt Creek13.814
Plum Creek (Cedar Creek tributary)21.121
Plum Creek (Cedar Creek tributary)16.216
Plum Creek (Heart River tributary)27.528
Porcupine Creek74.575
Ranch Creek15.516
Random Creek1717
Red River of the North4003,616
Red Wing Creek28.228
Rice Creek21.121
Rock Creek (Grand River tributary)7.37
Rocky Run51.952
Roger Creek22.523
Roosevelt Creek16.617
Rough Creek14.214
Rush River61.461
Rush River - Lower Branch15.516
Russian Spring Creek34.735
Salt Water Coulee33.154
Sand Creek (Beaver Creek (Missouri River tributary))29.630
Sand Creek (Little Missouri River tributary)37.260
Sand Creek (Missouri River tributary)27.928
Schaffner Creek13.714
Sevenmile Creek22.923
Sheep Creek28.529
Sherk Creek13.514
Sheyenne River589.71,147
Shortfoot Creek25.425
Silver Creek15.215
Sims Creek15.131
Sixmile Creek (Cannonball River tributary)25.626
Sixmile Creek (Missouri River tributary)16.717
Skull Creek21.722
Skunk Creek14.615
Smith Creek (Yellowstone River tributary)0.88
Snake Creek (Cannonball River tributary)27.227
Snake Creek (Mud Creek tributary)16.617
Snake Creek (Willow Creek (Souris River tributary))14.515
Soda Creek (Boxelder Creek (Little Missouri River tributary))8.48
Souris River338.11,302
South Cedar Creek16.717
Spring Creek (Alkali Creek (Grand River - North Fork tributary))51.498
Spring Creek (Beaver Creek (Missouri River tributary))17.718
Spring Creek (Bennie Peer Creek tributary)20.320
Spring Creek (Cannonball River tributary)20.521
Spring Creek (Cannonball River tributary)22.823
Spring Creek (Cherry Creek tributary)25.826
Spring Creek (Goose River tributary)30.330
Spring Creek (Government Creek (Heart River tributary))22.723
Spring Creek (Green River tributary)14.815
Spring Creek (Green River tributary)14.414
Spring Creek (Knife River tributary)123.5169
Spring Creek (Little Missouri River tributary)17.918
Spring Creek (Little Missouri River tributary)20.721
Spring Creek (Sheyenne River tributary)24.124
Spring Creek (Souris River tributary)21.421
Square Butte Creek74.4117
Squaw Creek (Little Missouri River tributary)34.935
Squaw Creek (Little Missouri River tributary)19.920
Stage Creek14.414
Stink Creek0.53
Stockyard Creek14.414
Stone Creek39.740
Stony Creek34.449
Stray Creek16.316
Sully Creek20.721
Swan Creek38.238
Sweetbriar Creek6666
Tepee Creek20.921
Third Creek15.716
Thirtymile Creek91.391
Timber Creek (Cedar Creek tributary)57.257
Timber Creek (Cedar Creek tributary)15.616
Timber Creek (Missouri River tributary)44.545
Tobacco Garden Creek60.689
Tongue River90.490
Turtle Creek (Cedar Creek tributary)17.417
Turtle Creek (Missouri River tributary)4545
Turtle River74.9199
Turtle River - North Branch46.747
Turtle River - South Branch23.624
Wannagan Creek23.423
West Cut Bank Creek18.218
White Earth Creek29.630
White Earth River88.5137
Whitetail Creek29.830
Whitmore Creek20.420
Wild Cow Creek14.715
Wild Rice Creek9.910
Wild Rice River251.4422
Williams Creek24.825
Willow Creek (Knife River tributary)16.316
Willow Creek (Souris River tributary)127389
Wilson Creek (Big Muddy Creek tributary)27.728
Wilson Creek (Grand River - North Fork tributary)2.73
Wintering River78.378
Wolf Butte Creek1515
Wolf Creek48.849
Yellowstone River17.5291

Note: Lengths are for the part of the river/watershed within the boundary of this state.

Note: Mostly rivers/streams 15+ miles in length.

Data from United States Geological Survey