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United States Rivers

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River count595
River miles19,135

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Name Length
Adams Creek (Deep Fork tributary)15.315
Adams Creek (Verdigris River tributary)21.522
Alabama Creek15.816
Anderson Creek (Cimarron River tributary)20.621
Anderson Creek (Jackfork Creek tributary)15.716
Arkansas River328.311,667
Arkansas River - Salt Fork175.81,175
Ash Creek (Arkansas River tributary)2121
Ash Creek (Jones Creek tributary)2020
Bad Creek2121
Ballard Creek11.812
Barney Creek22.623
Barnitz Creek8.977
Baron Fork37.151
Bayou Manard16.717
Bear Creek (Deep Fork tributary)2929
Bear Creek (Washita River tributary)22.523
Beaty Creek13.714
Beaver Creek (Arkansas River tributary)33.952
Beaver Creek (Cimarron River tributary)10.245
Beaver Creek (Red River of the South tributary)88233
Beaver Creek (Sans Bois Creek tributary)16.817
Beaver Creek (Washita River tributary)25.826
Beaver River269.7933
Bellcow Creek20.521
Bent Creek21.762
Big Antelope Creek15.616
Big Cabin Creek61.2148
Big Cabin Creek - West Fork15.916
Big Creek (Black Fork (Poteau River tributary))1313
Big Creek (Verdigris River tributary)36.153
Big Eagle Creek20.921
Big Kiowa Creek17.117
Big Sandy Creek (Muddy Boggy Creek tributary)15.816
Big Sandy Creek (Washita River tributary)15.616
Big Skin Bayou3535
Big Wildhorse Creek25.125
Birch Creek (Bird Creek (Verdigris River tributary))22.422
Birch Creek (Pond Creek (Caney River tributary))8.89
Bird Creek (Little River (Canadian River (Arkansas River tributary)))15.315
Bird Creek (Verdigris River tributary)102.6323
Birds Nest Creek25.726
Bitter Creek (Chikaskia River tributary)2532
Bitter Creek (Red River of the South - Salt Fork tributary)32.332
Bitter Creek (Skeleton Creek tributary)21.221
Bitter Creek (Washita River tributary)3.941
Black Bear Creek (Arkansas River tributary)116.5192
Black Bear Creek (Wildhorse Creek tributary)22.823
Black Fork (Little River (Red River of the South tributary))31.732
Black Fork (Poteau River tributary)31.344
Blue Beaver Creek30.230
Blue Creek10.244
Blue River141.1250
Bluff Creek (Chikaskia River tributary)11.612
Boggy Creek (Arkansas River - Salt Fork tributary)18.819
Boggy Creek (Washita River tributary)32.633
Boggy Creek (Wolf Creek (North Canadian River tributary))19.419
Bois d'Arc Creek40.941
Bokchito Creek15.716
Bokchito Creek19.219
Boktuklo Creek17.718
Brazil Creek54.272
Brier Creek17.417
Brown Creek17.818
Browns Creek16.717
Brush Creek (Big Creek (Verdigris River tributary))16.416
Brush Creek (Spavinaw Creek tributary)17.117
Brushy Creek45.6100
Brushy Creek (Sallisaw Creek tributary)15.415
Buck Creek (Caney River tributary)24.124
Buck Creek (Clear Boggy Creek tributary)15.716
Buck Creek (Kiamichi River tributary)38.939
Buck Creek (Little River (Red River of the South tributary))14.715
Buck Creek (North Boggy Creek tributary)16.517
Buck Creek (Red River of the South - Prairie Dog Town Fork tributary)3.54
Buck Creek (Sand Creek (Eliza Creek tributary))18.919
Buckeye Creek21.622
Buckhead Creek15.215
Buffalo Creek2.22
Buffalo Creek (Cimarron River tributary)5299
Buffalo Creek (Jackfork Creek tributary)23.123
Buffalo Creek (Mountain Fork tributary)23.924
Buffalo Creek (Red River of the South - North Fork tributary)20.821
Buggy Creek28.328
Bule Creek1818
Bullard Creek2.73
Bull Creek (Beaver River tributary)18.619
Bull Creek (Elm Creek (Red River of the South - Elm Fork tributary))17.117
Bull Creek (Verdigris River tributary)18.919
Bullwacker Creek26.326
Bunch Creek15.916
Buncombe Creek16.917
Butler Creek (Caney River tributary)1515
Butler Creek (Dirty Creek tributary)18.118
Buzzard Creek11.126
Cache Creek (Arkansas River tributary)22.738
Cache Creek (Red River of the South tributary)10.3679
Caddo Creek (Blue River tributary)15.415
Caddo Creek (Washita River tributary)66.482
California Creek29.229
Campbell Creek14.915
Camp Creek (Arkansas River tributary)1515
Camp Creek (Bent Creek tributary)22.523
Camp Creek (Black Bear Creek (Arkansas River tributary))28.228
Camp Creek (Kiowa Creek tributary)17.417
Canadian River (Arkansas River tributary)478.44,151
Canadian Sandy Creek4171
Candy Creek17.818
Cane Creek (Cloud Creek tributary)26.527
Cane Creek (Rock Creek (Rolling Fork tributary))44
Caney Boggy Creek29.344
Caney Creek (Cedar Creek tributary)1515
Caney Creek (Clear Boggy Creek tributary)18.318
Caney Creek (Illinois River tributary)23.524
Caney Creek (Marble Creek tributary)16.817
Caney Creek (Muddy Boggy Creek tributary)16.517
Caney River117.9466
Carrizozo Creek1.52
Caston Creek17.718
Cavalry Creek20.120
Cave Creek1616
Cedar Creek31.365
Cherokee Sandy Creek18.919
Cheyenne Creek2020
Chickasaw Creek15.516
Chigley Sandy Creek16.517
Chikaskia River49.5187
Chilocco Creek20.721
Chimney Creek18.418
Chiquita Creek15.115
Chisholm Creek23.123
Chouteau Creek24.424
Chun Creek2222
Cimarron River417.42,218
Clark Creek4.121
Clay Creek4.153
Clear Boggy Creek131.8299
Clear Creek (Beaver River tributary)30.931
Clear Creek (Beaver River tributary)24.174
Clear Creek (Bird Creek (Verdigris River tributary))2323
Clear Creek (Mud Creek (Red River of the South tributary))18.218
Clear Creek (Neosho River tributary)15.716
Clear Creek - North Fork (Beaver River tributary)26.627
Clear Creek (Red River of the South tributary)15.716
Clear Creek - South Fork (Beaver River tributary)23.423
Clear Creek (Tenmile Creek tributary)1616
Cloud Creek25.352
Cloudy Creek27.127
Coal Creek (Cache Creek (Arkansas River tributary))15.415
Coal Creek (Canadian River (Arkansas River tributary))69348
Coal Creek (Clear Boggy Creek tributary)19.720
Coal Creek (Wolf Creek (Deep Fork tributary))22.122
Cobb Creek4681
Cold Springs Creek34.535
Coldwater Creek (Arkansas River - Salt Fork tributary)28.149
Coldwater Creek (Beaver River tributary)26.164
Concharty Creek23.123
Coody Creek17.918
Coon Creek (Caney River tributary)22.523
Coon Creek (Caney River tributary)10.511
Coon Creek (Kiowa Creek tributary)23.924
Cooper Creek (Cimarron River tributary)43.343
Cooper Creek (Sand Creek (Crooked Creek (Arkansas River - Salt Fork tributary)))10.310
Corrumpa Creek11.411
Cotton Creek17.217
Cottonwood Creek (Arkansas River - Salt Fork tributary)24.124
Cottonwood Creek (Cimarron River tributary)22.322
Cottonwood Creek (Cimarron River tributary)53.9111
Cottonwood Creek (Polecat Creek (Pond Creek (Arkansas River - Salt Fork tributary)))19.620
Cottonwood Creek (Turkey Creek (Red River of the South - Salt Fork tributary))16.617
Council Creek22.723
Cow Creek (Beaver Creek (Red River of the South tributary))43.544
Cow Creek (Black Bear Creek (Arkansas River tributary))24.725
Cowpen Creek15.616
Criner Creek19.119
Crooked Creek (Arkansas River - Salt Fork tributary)37.876
Crooked Creek (Cimarron River tributary)5.45
Croton Creek16.316
Crutcho Creek17.217
Curl Creek19.520
Cypress Creek23.123
Day Creek12.828
Deadman Creek22.723
Dead Warrior Creek16.416
Deep Creek28.646
Deep Fork242.9626
Deep Red Creek83.1209
Deer Creek (Arkansas River - Salt Fork tributary)44.377
Deer Creek (Canadian River (Arkansas River tributary))63.9102
Deer Creek (Coal Creek (Canadian River (Arkansas River tributary)))18.919
Deer Creek (Cottonwood Creek tributary)33.634
Deer Creek (Mud Creek (Red River of the South tributary))15.215
Deer Creek (Red River of the South - Elm Fork tributary)24.324
Delaware Creek (Bird Creek (Verdigris River tributary))27.528
Delaware Creek (Clear Boggy Creek tributary)33.148
Dirty Creek49.7121
Dirty Creek - South Fork16.617
Doe Creek (Chikaskia River tributary)20.621
Doe Creek (Cimarron River tributary)18.919
Dog Creek35.952
Double Spring Creek17.518
Driftwood Creek40.358
Dry Beaver Creek17.618
Dry Cimarron River1.62
Duck Creek28.228
Duck Pond Creek41.542
Dugout Creek (Beaver River tributary)16.617
Dugout Creek (Cimarron River tributary)15.215
Dumpling Creek16.316
Eagle Chief Creek76.6135
East Barnitz Creek2929
East Beaver Creek15.916
East Bitter Creek (Bitter Creek (Chikaskia River tributary))6.77
East Bitter Creek (Bitter Creek (Washita River tributary))15.816
East Cache Creek130.7243
East Clay Creek24.925
East Griever Creek14.815
East Mud Creek14.314
East Otter Creek21.922
Eliza Creek8.5106
Elk Creek (Dirty Creek tributary)15.616
Elk Creek (Red River of the South - North Fork tributary)92163
Elk River11.614
Elm Creek (Beaver River tributary)15.916
Elm Creek (Cimarron River tributary)15.215
Elm Creek (Deep Creek tributary)17.417
Elm Creek (Red River of the South - Elm Fork tributary)12.930
Emachaya Creek1818
Euchee Creek25.125
Evansville Creek13.413
Finn Creek1717
Fish Creek (Caney River tributary)15.215
Fish Creek (Red River of the South - Elm Fork tributary)19.620
Fivemile Creek1717
Flint Creek13.914
Fly Creek1.62
Fourche Maline70.1114
Fourmile Creek (Neosho River tributary)7.88
Fourmile Creek (Verdigris River tributary)15.816
Fourteenmile Creek27.327
Frazier Creek18.919
Frisco Creek18.638
Frisco Creek - North Fork19.319
Gaines Creek60.2203
Gates Creek25.626
Georges Fork2121
Glasses Creek18.519
Glen Creek19.119
Glover River33.177
Glover River - East Fork22.422
Glover River - West Fork2121
Gooden Creek17.718
Goose Creek15.616
Grave Creek1515
Graves Creek17.317
Gray Horse Creek17.518
Greasy Creek20.521
Greenleaf Creek (Arkansas River - Salt Fork tributary)21.221
Greenleaf Creek (Arkansas River tributary)2323
Griever Creek22.838
Guy Sandy Creek23.423
Gypsum Creek33.634
Hackberry Creek (Arkansas River - Salt Fork tributary)2.22
Hackberry Creek (Canadian River (Arkansas River tributary))17.217
Hackberry Creek (Palo Duro Creek tributary)20.320
Hackberry Creek (Skeleton Creek tributary)2020
Hanubby Creek16.416
Haystack Creek48.248
Headquarters Creek16.116
Hickory Creek (Caddo Creek tributary)15.516
Hickory Creek (Red River of the South tributary)39.439
Hog Creek18.118
Hogshooter Creek24.525
Holson Creek21.722
Home Creek1616
Hominy Creek (Bird Creek (Verdigris River tributary))73.595
Hominy Creek (Coal Creek (Canadian River (Arkansas River tributary)))1515
Honey Creek (Neosho River tributary)10.811
Honobia Creek21.121
Horse Branch28.328
Horse Creek (Deep Red Creek tributary)26.426
Horse Creek (Deer Creek (Canadian River (Arkansas River tributary)))20.521
Horse Creek (Red River of the South tributary)18.318
Horse Creek (Skeleton Creek tributary)15.616
Houston Creek1616
Hoyle Creek25.325
Illinois River103.5203
Indian Creek (Cimarron River tributary)20.120
Indian Creek (Kiowa Creek tributary)12.813
Indian Creek (North Canadian River tributary)18.919
Island Bayou46.163
Ivanhoe Creek10.110
Jack Creek26.226
Jackfork Creek34.2101
Jackson Creek21.421
James Fork19.720
Jones Creek13.333
Keel Creek12.336
Keno Creek14.915
Kiamichi River178.1606
Kingfisher Creek48.8149
Kiowa Creek (Beaver River tributary)35.5125
Kiowa Creek - North Fork (North Fork Creek tributary)9.49
Kizer Creek17.417
Lagoon Creek26.326
Lake Creek (Cobb Creek tributary)17.718
Lake Creek (Eagle Chief Creek tributary)16.216
Leader Creek33.734
Lee Creek17.744
Lick Creek25.425
Lightning Creek18.519
Little Beaver Creek41.642
Little Beaver Creek (Beaver Creek (Arkansas River tributary))18.118
Little Cabin Creek34.234
Little Caney River20.338
Little Deep Fork Creek53.770
Little Deep Red Creek35.135
Little Deer Creek17.317
Little Driftwood Creek11.118
Little Eagle Chief Creek22.122
Little Elk Creek38.438
Little Hauani Creek15.816
Little Hominy Creek21.622
Little Lee Creek25.826
Little Mule Creek6.67
Little Post Oak Creek27.127
Little River (Canadian River (Arkansas River tributary))126.7200
Little River (Red River of the South tributary)147.1584
Little Sallisaw Creek22.322
Little Sandy Creek (Sandy Creek (Arkansas River - Salt Fork tributary))11.216
Little Sans Bois Creek17.918
Little Stillwater Creek1616
Little Turkey Creek16.216
Little Vian Creek15.516
Little Washita River39.640
Little West Blue Creek20.721
Little Wewoka Creek23.423
Little Wolf Creek14.815
Long Branch22.523
Long Creek (Cimarron River tributary)2323
Long Creek (Fourche Maline tributary)21.822
Long Creek (Kiamichi River tributary)16.517
Long Creek (Red River of the South - North Fork tributary)1818
Longtown Creek26.727
Lost Creek (Chikaskia River tributary)17.918
Lost Creek (Neosho River tributary)11.411
Lost Poteau River5.418
Lukfata Creek18.919
Lyon Creek21.421
Main Creek21.321
Mammoth Creek1.11
Marble Creek8.425
McGee Creek50.370
Medicine Creek32.132
Medicine Lodge River14.472
Middle Bird Creek18.819
Mill Creek (Canadian River (Arkansas River tributary))36.336
Mill Creek (Washita River tributary)41.241
Mineral Bayou17.518
Mingo Creek15.315
Mission Creek (Caney River tributary)20.721
Mission Creek (East Cache Creek tributary)15.215
Moccasin Creek17.417
Montezuma Creek25.125
Mosquito Creek1515
Mountain Fork (Little River (Red River of the South tributary))77143
Mountain Fork (Sans Bois Creek tributary)19.319
Mud Creek (Little River (Red River of the South tributary))19.219
Mud Creek (North Jackfork Creek tributary)16.917
Mud Creek (Red River of the South tributary)68.2191
Muddy Boggy Creek174.8832
Neosho River155.5721
Ninemile Beaver Creek24.925
Ninemile Creek (East Cache Creek tributary)17.317
Ninemile Creek (Washita River tributary)17.117
North Boggy Creek51.483
North Canadian River485.92,589
North Carrizo Creek7.27
North Fork Creek0.310
North Jackfork Creek11.328
North Mud Creek28.428
North Persimmon Creek2323
North Stillwater Creek17.117
Norwood Creek21.121
Nuyaka Creek23.624
Oak Creek (Washita River tributary)15.115
Oak Creek (Washita River tributary)24.525
Oil Creek21.922
Okmulgee Creek16.416
One Creek18.919
Onion Creek22
Opossum Creek18.418
Osage Creek44.244
Otter Creek (Kingfisher Creek tributary)26.226
Otter Creek (Red River of the South - North Fork tributary)23.793
Otter Creek (Skeleton Creek tributary)32.533
Owl Creek1818
Palo Duro Creek (Beaver River tributary)19.955
Panther Creek16.416
Pawpaw Creek19.720
Peaceable Creek31.954
Pecan Creek (Arkansas River tributary)24.324
Pecan Creek (Ranger Creek tributary)15.516
Pecan Creek (Saddle Mountain Creek tributary)1717
Pecan Creek (West Cache Creek tributary)3333
Pennington Creek37.738
Persimmon Creek15.150
Pine Creek26.352
Polecat Creek (Arkansas River tributary)73.496
Polecat Creek (Pond Creek (Arkansas River - Salt Fork tributary))32.852
Pond Creek (Arkansas River - Salt Fork tributary)63.3186
Pond Creek (Canadian River (Arkansas River tributary))19.520
Pond Creek (Caney River tributary)25.735
Pony Creek35.836
Post Oak Creek2681
Potapo Creek19.820
Poteau River97.3396
Powwow Creek14.915
Pryor Creek59.960
Quapaw Creek27.828
Quartermaster Creek33.453
Quartermaster Creek - North Branch2020
Rabb Creek17.818
Rainy Mountain Creek41.567
Ranch Creek15.115
Ranger Creek5.221
Red Bluff Creek16.617
Red Creek19.520
Red Fork Creek55
Redhorse Creek17.518
Redoubt Creek17.317
Red River of the South568.17,459
Red River of the South - Elm Fork56.2178
Red River of the South - North Fork184.2793
Red River of the South - Salt Fork90.6240
Red Rock Creek83.2117
Riddle Creek12.212
Roaring Creek20.521
Robinson Creek (Deep Fork tributary)16.717
Robinson Creek (Rolling Fork tributary)9.29
Rock Creek (Coal Creek (Canadian River (Arkansas River tributary)))16.917
Rock Creek (Kiamichi River tributary)1919
Rock Creek (Kiamichi River tributary)17.317
Rock Creek (Muddy Boggy Creek tributary)1515
Rock Creek (Neosho River tributary)17.918
Rock Creek (Polecat Creek (Arkansas River tributary))22.623
Rock Creek (Rolling Fork tributary)12.316
Rock Creek (Sand Creek (Eliza Creek tributary))1616
Rock Creek (Washita River tributary)27.151
Rock Creek (Washita River tributary)19.319
Rock Creek (Wolf Creek (North Canadian River tributary))15.616
Rush Creek (Washita River tributary)60.761
Rush Creek (Washita River tributary)16.617
Saddle Mountain Creek23.841
Sallisaw Creek47.986
Salt Creek20.621
Salt Creek (Arkansas River tributary)66.366
Salt Creek (Cimarron River tributary)17.718
Salt Creek (Cimarron River tributary)29.354
Salt Creek (Deep Fork tributary)25.626
Salt Creek (Deep Fork tributary)18.819
Salt Creek (Keel Creek tributary)23.624
Salt Creek (Little River (Canadian River (Arkansas River tributary)))39.640
Salt Creek (Sweetwater Creek tributary)1.92
Salt Creek (Verdigris River tributary)21.421
Salt Creek (Washita River tributary)20.420
Salty Creek4.55
Sanatag Creek15.115
Sand Creek25.626
Sand Creek (Beaver River tributary)15.516
Sand Creek (Beaver River tributary)43.544
Sand Creek (Buffalo Creek (Cimarron River tributary))27.828
Sand Creek (Cimarron River tributary)19.219
Sand Creek (Cimarron River tributary)1818
Sand Creek (Cimarron River tributary)20.320
Sand Creek (Coldwater Creek (Arkansas River - Salt Fork tributary))20.721
Sand Creek (Crooked Creek (Arkansas River - Salt Fork tributary))27.838
Sand Creek (Eagle Chief Creek tributary)19.920
Sand Creek (Eliza Creek tributary)62.698
Sand Creek (North Canadian River tributary)16.817
Sand Creek (Wild Horse Creek tributary)1919
Sandstone Creek23.524
Sandy Creek (Arkansas River - Salt Fork tributary)21.737
Sandy Creek (Blue River tributary)18.819
Sandy Creek - East Fork (Red River of the South tributary)12.112
Sandy Creek (Post Oak Creek tributary)27.828
Sandy Creek (Red River of the South tributary)42.368
Sandy Creek - West Fork (Red River of the South tributary)13.113
Sandy Creek (Wildhorse Creek tributary)16.517
Sans Bois Creek77.3113
Sassafras Creek16.617
Scipio Creek23.223
Seneca Creek9.29
Shoo Fly Creek8.79
Simon Creek21.321
Sincere Creek20.220
Sixmile Creek (Beaver River tributary)23.824
Sixmile Creek (Mountain Fork (Little River (Red River of the South tributary)))3.94
Sixmile Creek (North Canadian River tributary)18.619
Sixteenmile Creek1818
Skeleton Creek75.2186
Skinny Creek17.718
Sleeping Bear Creek18.719
Snake Creek (Arkansas River tributary)35.736
Snake Creek (Cimarron River tributary)17.818
Snake Creek (East Cache Creek tributary)28.929
Snake Creek (Spring Creek (Neosho River tributary))15.516
Snow Creek7.78
South Carrizo Creek22.923
South Persimmon Creek12.212
South Turkey Creek16.517
Spavinaw Creek39.470
Spring Brook Creek29.530
Spring Creek (Elk Creek (Red River of the South - North Fork tributary))14.532
Spring Creek (Neosho River tributary)43.959
Spring Creek (Salt Creek (Cimarron River tributary))24.625
Spring Creek (Washita River tributary)19.920
Spring River21.121
Starvation Creek18.318
Stidham Creek19.720
Stillwater Creek43.977
Stink Creek18.418
Stinking Creek (Red River of the South - North Fork tributary)1818
Stinking Creek (Washita River tributary)2162
Sugar Creek (Rainy Mountain Creek tributary)25.325
Sugar Creek (Washita River tributary)3333
Sugarloaf Creek13.313
Sulphur Creek17.518
Suttle Creek22.422
Sweetwater Creek (Red River of the South - North Fork tributary)19.622
Sycamore Creek9.510
Tahoe Creek18.719
Taloka Creek17.618
Tar Creek12.412
Tenmile Creek41.758
Tepee Creek (Beaver River tributary)3434
Tepee Creek (Red River of the South - North Fork tributary)22.823
Tesesquite Creek13.413
Thompson Creek16.917
Timber Creek2020
Tonkawa Creek14.915
Traders Creek2121
Trail Creek (Canadian River (Arkansas River tributary))15.415
Trail Creek (Canadian River (Arkansas River tributary))15.215
Trail Creek (Kingfisher Creek tributary)17.918
Trail Creek (Spring Creek (Elk Creek tributary))17.618
Turkey Creek (Arkansas River - Salt Fork tributary)3030
Turkey Creek (Canadian River (Arkansas River tributary))19.736
Turkey Creek (Cimarron River tributary)86.887
Turkey Creek (Little River (Red River of the South tributary))15.415
Turkey Creek (North Canadian River tributary)19.520
Turkey Creek (Red River of the South - North Fork tributary)19.419
Turkey Creek (Red River of the South - Salt Fork tributary)56.1101
Turkey Creek (Washita River tributary)20.621
Turtle Creek18.418
Twentyfive Mile Creek19.720
Uncle Johns Creek29.830
Verdigris River142.21,189
Vian Creek26.442
Wagon Creek2626
Walnut Bayou33.680
Walnut Branch15.115
Walnut Creek (Canadian River (Arkansas River tributary))29.348
Walnut Creek (Deep Fork tributary)16.416
Walnut Creek - North Fork (Canadian River (Arkansas River tributary))18.418
Walnut Creek (Walnut Bayou tributary)25.125
Washita River537.31,920
Waterhole Creek17.718
West Barnitz Creek38.839
West Beaver Creek19.119
West Bitter Creek2121
West Cache Creek72.9426
West Clay Creek24.124
West Creek21.221
West Mud Creek16.216
West Mud Creek30.931
West Otter Creek28.548
Wewoka Creek60.9122
Whiskey Creek22.222
Whitegrass Creek36.436
Whitehorse Creek24.224
White Oak Creek16.717
White Shield Creek19.720
Whitewater Creek (Neosho River tributary)16.817
Wildhorse Creek69.1129
Wild Horse Creek (Arkansas River - Salt Fork tributary)26.846
Wild Horse Creek (Cimarron River tributary)17.317
Willow Creek (Beaver River tributary)19.920
Willow Creek (Cimarron River tributary)18.418
Wilson Creek15.816
Winter Camp Creek26.226
Wolf Creek (Deep Fork tributary)1941
Wolf Creek (North Canadian River tributary)53.2163
Yashau Creek20.120
Yellowstone Creek22.322

Note: Lengths are for the part of the river/watershed within the boundary of this state.

Note: Mostly rivers/streams 15+ miles in length.

Data from United States Geological Survey