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United States Rivers

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River count477
River miles16,283

Large Bodies of Water


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Name Length
Agua Blanca Creek18.318
Alameda Creek45.445
Alamo Creek24.224
Alamo River5959
Alder Creek14.615
Aliso Creek19.920
Amargosa River139139
American River29.9463
American River - Middle Fork62.4155
American River - Middle Fork - North Fork18.819
American River - North Fork88.6244
American River - Silver Fork20.120
American River - South Fork86.8189
Antelope Creek31.483
Antelope Creek - North Fork15.816
Antelope Creek - South Fork18.118
Applegate River3.717
Ash Creek (McCloud River tributary)21.121
Ash Creek (Pit River tributary)41.978
Austin Creek1630
Battle Creek16.697
Battle Creek - North Fork3151
Battle Creek - South Fork29.630
Bautista Creek19.720
Bear Creek (Cache Creek tributary)29.630
Bear Creek - North Fork (Sacramento River tributary)12.212
Bear Creek (Sacramento River tributary)20.850
Bear Creek (San Joaquin River - South Fork tributary)11.411
Bear Creek (San Joaquin River tributary)74.3115
Bear Creek - South Fork (Sacramento River tributary)1717
Bear River (Eastern Pacific Ocean tributary)24.825
Bear River (Feather River tributary)75149
Beaver Creek (Klamath River tributary)12.312
Beaver Creek (Stanislaus River - North Fork tributary)20.521
Beegum Creek17.818
Big Chico Creek46.246
Big Creek16.316
Big Indian Creek1717
Big Kimshew Creek13.914
Big Pine Creek12.312
Big River4264
Big River - South Fork2222
Big Sandy Creek (Salinas River tributary)21.221
Big Sandy Creek (San Joaquin River tributary)12.513
Big Sulphur Creek22.639
Big Sur River15.816
Black Butte River24.424
Black Rascal Creek13.914
Blue Creek24.825
Bluff Creek25.325
Bodie Creek9.29
Boulder Creek11.612
Bridalveil Creek1212
Browns Creek24.525
Brush Creek13.514
Bubbs Creek16.416
Buckeye Creek (Gualala River - South Fork tributary)1919
Buckeye Creek (Robinson Creek tributary)19.934
Buena Vista Creek11.111
Bull Creek15.115
Bull Run Creek12.412
Burch Creek8.422
Burney Creek33.133
Burns Creek27.227
Butt Creek26.927
Butte Creek93113
Cache Creek87.3156
Cache Creek - North Fork39.139
Cahuilla Creek18.719
Calaveras River52.2157
Calaveras River - North Fork26.344
Calaveras River - South Fork860
Caliente Creek43.8108
Camp Creek30.631
Canyon Creek (North Yuba River tributary)22.823
Canyon Creek (Trinity River tributary)23.223
Carmel River39.239
Carneros Creek11.311
Carson River - East Fork46.762
Carson River - West Fork26.126
Cedar Creek14.915
Chalone Creek19.119
Chamise Creek1313
Cherry Creek27.777
Cherry Creek - East Fork14.414
Cherry Creek - North Fork16.917
Cherry Creek - West Fork17.818
Chihuahua Creek12.913
Chiquito Creek22.222
Cholame Creek37.437
Chowchilla River54.572
Chowchilla River - East Fork17.918
Clark Fork18.619
Clarks Creek13.714
Clavey River31.343
Clear Creek60.961
Clear Creek25.726
Clover Creek29.830
Cold Fork29.930
Colorado River235.9236
Convict Creek18.131
Corbin Creek13.914
Cosumnes River52.7263
Cosumnes River - Middle Fork44.770
Cosumnes River - North Fork49.680
Cosumnes River - South Fork25.325
Cottonwood Creek20.220
Cottonwood Creek - Middle Fork45.964
Cottonwood Creek - North Fork25.325
Cottonwood Creek (Sacramento River tributary)22.6223
Cottonwood Creek - South Fork64.294
Cow Creek15192
Coyote Creek (Dry Creek (Mokelumne River tributary))13.113
Coyote Creek (Eastern Pacific Ocean tributary)34.434
Cuyama River112.3155
Deadman Creek11.812
Deep Creek23.442
Deer Creek65.265
Deer Creek (Cosumnes River tributary)43.544
Deer Creek (Sacramento River tributary)62.863
Deer Creek (Yuba River tributary)27.928
Dibble Creek16.830
Dibble Creek - North Fork12.913
Digger Creek20.220
Dillon Creek14.426
Dillon Creek - North Fork11.812
Dinkey Creek29.229
Dobbyn Creek3.914
Dry Creek (Bear River tributary)34.735
Dry Creek (Mokelumne River tributary)47.193
Dutch Flat Creek11.311
East Austin Creek14.314
East Creek16.216
East Walker River22.2127
Eel River200.2778
Eel River - Middle Fork71.3113
Eel River - North Fork35.766
Eel River - South Fork106.9248
Elder Creek29.465
Elder Creek - North Fork1717
Elder Creek - South Fork1919
Elk Creek (Eastern Pacific Ocean tributary)13.814
Elk Creek (Eel River - Middle Fork tributary)17.518
Elk Creek (Klamath River tributary)2222
Elliott Creek13.213
Estrella River27.8139
Fall River2323
Fall River24.525
Falls Creek24.625
Feather River72.21,241
Feather River - Middle Fork95.5193
Feather River - Middle Fork - Little North Fork17.918
Feather River - North Fork99.9636
Feather River - North Fork - East Branch18.2210
Feather River - South Fork44.344
Feather River - West Branch46.761
Fish Creek (Kern River - South Fork tributary)23.423
Fish Creek (San Joaquin River - Middle Fork tributary)20.420
French Camp Slough6.179
Fresno River70.170
Garcia River36.637
Garzas Creek32.332
Goddard Creek10.611
Golden Trout Creek1919
Green Creek10.811
Greenhorn Creek16.216
Greenwood Creek1717
Grider Creek16.316
Grindstone Creek34.735
Griswold Creek13.113
Gualala River3.5110
Gualala River - South Fork36.5106
Gualala River - Wheatfield Fork27.928
Hames Creek14.615
Hatchet Creek18.919
Hat Creek48.649
Hayfork Creek54.454
Haypress Creek11.612
Holcomb Creek18.919
Honcut Creek2.972
Hoods Creek17.217
Hooker Creek17.317
Horton Creek17.134
Hot Creek19.231
Huasna River1818
Hueruero Creek21.922
Hulls Creek18.218
Hurdygurdy Creek16.416
Illilouette Creek12.212
Illinois River - East Fork9.19
Indian Creek (Caliente Creek tributary)16.416
Indian Creek (Feather River - North Fork - East Branch tributary)51.5151
Indian Creek (Klamath River tributary)19.419
Indian Creek (Navarro River tributary)1414
Indian Creek (Trinity River tributary)14.314
Jackass Creek1717
Jenny Creek3.94
Jesus Maria Creek18.118
Jolon Creek1111
Kaiser Creek15.215
Kaweah River33.7132
Kaweah River - East Fork22.523
Kaweah River - Marble Fork15.516
Kaweah River - Middle Fork14.815
Kaweah River - North Fork21.421
Kaweah River - South Fork24.324
Kern River128.8358
Kern River - South Fork100.1135
Keys Creek13.614
Kings Creek11.411
Kings River98.6334
Kings River - Middle Fork3546
Kings River - North Fork40.370
Kings River - South Fork42.287
Klamath River211.91,350
Kosk Creek17.317
La Brea Creek7.324
La Brea Creek - North Fork16.817
Larabee Creek18.418
Las Aquilas Creek13.514
Last Chance Creek43.587
Las Virgenes Creek11.612
Lawrence Creek16.416
Lewis Creek33.734
Lily Creek11.612
Little Antelope Creek17.818
Little Butte Creek20.220
Little Cow Creek38.453
Little Creek13.614
Little Grizzly Creek11.612
Littlejohns Creek17.556
Little Kern River24.424
Little Poso Creek12.913
Little Shasta River25.926
Little Sulphur Creek16.416
Little Sur River15.516
Little Truckee River34.334
Little Van Duzen River18.218
Little Walker River15.516
Llagas Creek3131
Lone Tree Creek16.717
Long Prairie Creek4.14
Los Angeles River51.652
Los Banos Creek9.642
Los Gatos Creek55.889
Los Muertos Creek13.929
Lost River18.919
Lower Rock Creek14.345
Lyle Fork13.814
Mad River114114
Malibu Creek13.425
Mammoth Creek12.112
Manzana Creek20.120
Mariposa Creek46.146
Mark West Creek3030
Martis Creek13.213
Mattole River70.683
Mattole River - North Fork12.212
McCarty Creek12.913
McCloud River76.6147
McGee Creek (Convict Creek tributary)1313
McGee Creek (Horton Creek tributary)17.217
Merced River145277
Merced River - North Fork19.219
Merced River - South Fork45.662
Middle Tuolumne River32.232
Middle Yuba River55.455
Mill Creek (Kings River tributary)32.933
Mill Creek (Pit River - South Fork tributary)1430
Mill Creek (Sacramento River tributary)56.857
Mill Creek (Thomes Creek tributary)16.316
Mill Creek (Trinity River tributary)16.316
Mission Creek21.522
Moffett Creek24.625
Mojave River70.7113
Mokelumne River74.2552
Mokelumne River - Middle Fork29.457
Mokelumne River - North Fork64.565
Mokelumne River - South Fork27.528
Mono Creek27.928
Mud Creek (McCloud River tributary)17.417
Mud Creek (Sacramento River tributary)22.797
Mulkey Creek11.912
Murrieta Creek13.729
Nacimiento River66.266
Napa River57.869
Navajo Creek16.216
Navarro River28.6105
Navarro River - North Fork6.725
Navarro River - North Fork - South Branch18.218
New River65.165
New River21.421
Nordheimer Creek12.613
North Honcut Creek24.669
North Yuba River61.1124
Noyo River34.835
Oak Run Creek26.326
Oat Creek22.422
Old Cow Creek36.637
Onion Valley Creek12.513
Orestimba Creek26.456
Orestimba Creek - North Fork12.713
Orestimba Creek - South Fork16.617
Outlet Creek21.522
Owens River198364
Pajaro River29.5241
Pancho Rico Creek28.428
Panoche Creek45.345
Parker Creek13.213
Parks Creek20.721
Paynes Creek34.334
Pescadero Creek26.627
Petes Creek16.116
Pine Creek (Klamath River tributary)21.321
Pine Creek (Lower Rock Creek tributary)14.815
Pine Creek (Reeds Creek tributary)18.619
Piru Creek71.490
Pit River206.4674
Pit River - North Fork21.535
Pit River - South Fork3666
Piute Creek (San Joaquin River - South Fork tributary)13.614
Piute Creek ( Tuolumne River tributary)17.718
Poso Creek88.2115
Quien Sabe Creek1515
Rancheria Creek (Navarro River tributary)37.237
Rancheria Creek (Tuolumne River tributary)24.324
Rattlesnake Creek14.715
Reading Creek17.718
Red Bank Creek42.442
Red Cap Creek2121
Red Clover Creek30.230
Redwood Creek65.365
Reeds Creek21.640
Return Creek14.915
Rice Fork22.723
Roaring River16.817
Robinson Creek25.460
Rock Creek (Kern River tributary)13.113
Rock Creek (Littlejohns Creek tributary)21.339
Rock Creek (Lower Rock Creek tributary)15.816
Rock Creek (Mud Creek (Sacramento River tributary))28.428
Rockpile Creek22.623
Rose Creek14.314
Rough Creek8.318
Rubicon River5874
Rubicon River - South Fork16.216
Rush Creek (Feather River - North Fork - East Branch tributary)12.813
Rush Creek (Trinity River tributary)14.515
Russian River116.3216
Sacramento River370.34,322
Salinas River183.4659
Salmon Creek (Eel River - South Fork tributary)13.213
Salmon Creek (Kern River tributary)10.310
Salmon River19.6132
Salmon River - North Fork36.937
Salmon River - South Fork39.540
Salt Creek (Eel River - North Fork tributary)11.612
Salt Creek (Sacramento River tributary)17.818
San Antonio Creek (Calaveras River - South Fork tributary)32.633
San Antonio Creek (Eastern Pacific Ocean tributary)33.433
San Antonio River60.672
San Benito River110.6181
San Diego River50.573
San Dieguito River22.375
San Domingo Creek19.620
San Felipe Creek48.749
San Gabriel River60.274
San Gorgonio River26.827
San Jacinto River42.262
San Joaquin River341.42,642
San Joaquin River - Middle Fork26.647
San Joaquin River - North Fork17.718
San Joaquin River - South Fork51.476
San Juan Creek (Eastern Pacific Ocean tributary)23.223
San Juan Creek (Estrella River tributary)57.474
San Lorenzo Creek46.180
San Lorenzo River29.429
San Luis Rey River70.295
San Luis Rey River - West Fork11.512
San Marcos Creek13.614
San Mateo Creek26.827
San Onofre Creek16.517
Santa Ana River98.5130
Santa Clara River82.6250
Santa Margarita River30.8140
Santa Maria Creek17.518
Santa Maria River24.6281
Santa Paula Creek16.517
Santa Rosa Creek15.616
Santa Ynez River93.3121
Santiago Creek3131
San Vicente Creek22.422
San Ysabel Creek35.353
Scott River57.6110
Scott River - East Fork16.617
Scott River - South Fork11.612
Sespe Creek61.562
Shasta River59.6106
Shovel Creek15.215
Silver Creek22.149
Silver Creek - South Fork26.527
Silver King Creek15.115
Sisquoc River57.9102
Slab Creek12.613
Slate Creek28.428
Smith River26.1126
Smith River - Middle Fork27.528
Smith River - North Fork14.615
Smith River - South Fork41.358
Sonoma Creek34.535
Soquel Creek18.418
Sour Grass Creek13.614
South Cow Creek3131
South Dobbyn Creek10.310
South Honcut Creek26.927
South Mokelumne River15.4568
South Yuba River65.566
Spanish Creek28.929
Spring Creek12.813
Squaw Valley Creek31.532
Stanislaus River94.3301
Stanislaus River - Middle Fork47.666
Stanislaus River - North Fork44.178
Stanislaus River - South Fork48.549
Stony Creek76.5153
Stony Creek - Middle Fork15.229
Stony Creek - North Fork13.413
Stony Creek - South Fork13.313
Stuart Fork22.322
Susan River69.7120
Sutter Creek32.933
Swauger Creek14.314
Sweetwater River58.859
Swift Creek16.817
Tectah Creek1515
Tehachapi Creek20.220
Temecula Creek3280
Tenaya Creek13.814
Ten Mile River7.261
Ten Mile River - Middle Fork16.416
Ten Mile River - North Fork16.917
Ten Mile River - South Fork20.320
Thomes Creek66.896
Thompson Creek12.312
Tomki Creek23.123
Tres Pinos Creek27.670
Trinity River166.1507
Trinity River - North Fork2828
Trinity River - South Fork87.4142
Truckee River37.685
Tuolumne River152464
Tuolumne River - North Fork35.836
Tuolumne River - South Fork29.362
Van Duzen River75.3137
Virginia Creek16.416
Walker Basin Creek2828
Walnut Creek13.614
Warm Springs Creek1515
Warner Creek8.520
Warthan Creek33.433
Weber Creek21.221
West Walker River53.669
Whitewater River66114
Willow Creek (Ash Creek (Pit River tributary))24.925
Willow Creek (Klamath River tributary)18.118
Willow Creek - North Fork (San Joaquin River tributary)26.627
Willow Creek (San Joaquin River tributary)734
Willow Creek (Susan River tributary)33.950
Wilson Creek16.735
Wolf Creek22.623
Wooley Creek2323
Wyandotte Creek17.117
Yager Creek14.843
Yager Creek - North Fork12.212
Yellow Creek25.325
Yosemite Creek13.213
Yuba River39.9313

Note: Lengths are for the part of the river/watershed within the boundary of this state.

Note: Mostly rivers/streams 15+ miles in length.

Data from United States Geological Survey