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United States Rivers

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South Carolina

River count213
River miles6,751

Large Bodies of Water


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Name Length
Allison Creek20.621
Ashepoo River55.656
Ashley River5555
Bear Creek15.516
Bear Island Creek8.828
Beaufort River1717
Beaver Creek15.415
Beaverdam Creek (Saluda River tributary)1515
Beaverdam Creek (Turkey Creek (Stevens Creek tributary))21.822
Beech Creek32.432
Big Cedar Creek24.437
Big Creek1616
Big Generostee Creek18.819
Big Pine Tree Creek20.420
Big Swamp Branch15.616
Big Wateree Creek24.424
Black Creek (Combahee River tributary)15.415
Black Creek (Edisto River - North Fork tributary)22.222
Black Creek (Great Pee Dee River tributary)105.6142
Black Mingo Creek2626
Black River156.8357
Broad River (Atlantic Ocean tributary)25.3117
Broad River (Congaree River tributary)106.4989
Brown Creek3.13
Buck Creek13.413
Buffalo Creek (Broad River tributary)6.77
Bullock Creek25.746
Bull Swamp15.115
Bull Swamp Creek22.523
Bush River39.239
Calhoun Creek22.422
Camp Creek17.818
Camping Creek16.116
Cane Creek (Catawba River tributary)22.738
Cane Creek (Little River (Keowee River tributary))20.621
Cannons Creek19.419
Catawba Creek0.61
Catawba River62.1325
Cattle Creek20.420
Caw Caw Swamp17.317
Cedar Creek (Congaree River tributary)33.551
Cedar Creek (Great Pee Dee River tributary)2020
Chattooga River (Tugaloo River tributary)40.440
Chauga River31.331
Cherokee Creek17.317
Cheves Creek1515
Clark Fork20.420
Clouds Creek27.127
Colonels Creek20.120
Combahee River55.7254
Coneross Creek31.231
Congaree Creek2828
Congaree River52.41,771
Cooper River29.995
Cooper River - East Branch8.99
Cooper River - West Branch14.414
Coosawhatchie River59.374
Coosaw River15.716
Cow Castle Creek19.620
Crane Creek16.416
Crooked Creek (Great Pee Dee River tributary)26.226
Crowders Creek11.712
Cuffytown Creek27.528
Dean Swamp Creek21.421
Deep Creek (Seneca River tributary)2.353
Deep Creek (Thompson Creek tributary)15.616
Douglas Swamp20.821
Duncan Creek34.134
Dutchman Creek17.518
Dutchmans Creek15.816
Eastatoe Creek17.317
Edisto River101.3586
Edisto River - North Fork96.5159
Edisto River - South Fork108.7183
Eighteenmile Creek26.226
Enoree River109.4168
Fairforest Creek51.451
Fishburne Creek19.319
Fishing Creek5776
Fishing Creek - South Fork18.819
Flat Creek17.417
Four Hole Swamp62.882
Fourmile Branch16.116
Gills Creek20.420
Goodland Creek15.716
Goose Creek16.517
Grannies Quarter Creek18.619
Great Pee Dee River169.81,425
Green Swamp15.616
Gum Swamp Branch15.415
Gum Swamp Creek4.95
Halfway Swamp Creek1818
Hard Labor Creek28.629
Hellers Creek16.717
Hencoop Creek16.817
High Hill Creek18.919
Hollow Creek19.119
Horn Creek20.420
Horse Creek19.734
Horsepasture River1.92
Indian Creek24.424
Indian Field Swamp19.620
Jeffries Creek41.660
Juniper Creek18.318
Keowee River24.9108
Kings Creek16.216
Kingston Lake20.521
Lake Swamp (Lynches River tributary)24.725
Lake Swamp (Sparrow Swamp tributary)28.128
Lawsons Fork Creek31.131
Leith Creek1.41
Lemon Creek19.520
Little Cedar Creek12.513
Little Generostee Creek13.914
Little Horse Creek14.214
Little Lynches River3737
Little Pee Dee River126.7169
Little River (Broad River (Congaree River tributary))37.351
Little River (Keowee River tributary)2748
Little River (Saluda River tributary)41.742
Little River (Savannah River tributary)62129
Little River - West Fork (Broad River (Congaree River tributary))13.413
Little Rocky Creek17.718
Little Salkehatchie River61.581
Little Saluda River24.768
Little Sandy River14.615
Little Stevens Creek10.826
Little Sugar Creek0.61
Long Cane Creek44.945
Lower Three Runs29.930
Lumber River17.317
Lynches River179.6343
Marks Creek3.94
McAlpine Creek2.12
Middle Saluda River19.219
Middle Swamp1818
Middle Tyger River39.540
Mill Creek25.726
Mulyn Creek7.423
Naked Creek17.317
New River31.532
Ninety Six Creek15.415
North Pacolet River17.818
North Rabon Creek13.614
North Saluda River28.328
North Santee River17.934
North Tyger River35.775
Oolenoy River15.115
Pacolet River50.4140
Pee Dee River7.414
Pocotaligo River32.569
Polk Swamp20.640
Pudding Swamp28.349
Rabon Creek13.646
Rantowles Creek5.925
Reedy Creek15.315
Reedy River75.5122
Rocky Bluff Swamp2020
Rocky Creek35.153
Rocky River50.184
Salkehatchie River59.886
Saluda River157.8605
Sammy Swamp21.121
Sandy River28.343
Santee River130.82,615
Savannah River293.81,295
Sawneys Creek21.622
Scape Ore Swamp35.956
Seneca River21264
Shaw Creek3737
Shoe Heel Creek3.13
Six and Twenty Creek22.823
Sixmile Creek8.89
Sleepy Creek15.616
South Edisto River19.4605
South Pacolet River27.528
South Rabon Creek18.919
South Saluda River33.568
South Tyger River48.649
Sparrow Swamp40.469
Spears Creek27.327
Stevens Creek38.8216
Stono River26.952
Sugar Creek13.316
Swift Creek (Black Creek (Great Pee Dee River tributary))17.217
Swift Creek (Wateree River tributary)20.921
Thicketty Creek36.136
Thompson Creek50.985
Three and Twenty Creek27.928
Tinker Creek15.215
Toby Creek1515
Toms Creek17.518
Toxaway River9.719
Tugaloo River49.9122
Tulifiny River14.915
Turkey Creek (Broad River (Congaree River tributary))28.829
Turkey Creek (Saluda River tributary)18.819
Turkey Creek (Stevens Creek tributary)37.986
Twelvemile Creek15.215
Twelvemile Creek (Catawba River tributary)11.721
Twelvemile Creek (Seneca River tributary)24.324
Twentyfive Mile Creek28.629
Tyger River47.2240
Upper Three Runs30.145
Waccamaw River97.4118
Wadmacon Creek16.416
Wambaw Creek16.116
Wando River2525
Wateree River93.3679
Waxhaw Creek99
Whippy Swamp11.111
Whitewater River77
Wilson Creek1717

Note: Lengths are for the part of the river/watershed within the boundary of this state.

Note: Mostly rivers/streams 15+ miles in length.

Data from United States Geological Survey