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United States Rivers

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River count453
River miles14,528

Large Bodies of Water


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Name Length
Abiqua Creek30.931
Agency Creek13.614
Alder Creek18.318
Alsea River47.9144
Alsea River - South Fork20.120
Althouse Creek19.119
Amazon Creek22.923
Antelope Creek (Little Butte Creek tributary)20.734
Antelope Creek (Trout Creek tributary)19.319
Applegate River52.683
Badger Creek (Tygh Creek tributary)23.824
Badger Creek (Warm Springs River tributary)19.319
Bakeoven Creek20.738
Baldface Creek12.613
Balm Creek14.5109
Barnes Valley Creek19.520
Battle Creek17.918
Beach Creek19.620
Bear Creek (Bridge Creek tributary)19.520
Bear Creek (Crooked River tributary)37.738
Bear Creek (Rogue River tributary)26.743
Bear Creek (Silvies River tributary)29.329
Bear Creek (Wallowa River tributary)25.225
Beaver Creek (Clatskanie River tributary)25.125
Beaver Creek (Crabtree Creek tributary)17.518
Beaver Creek (Crooked River tributary)22.1114
Beaver Creek (Grande Ronde River tributary)20.320
Beaver Creek (Mill Creek (Willamette River tributary))13.213
Beaver Creek (Nestucca River tributary)3.115
Beaver Creek - North Fork (Crooked River tributary)6.918
Beaver Creek - South Fork (Crooked River tributary)28.729
Beaver Creek (Warm Springs River tributary)29.429
Beaverdam Creek1111
Belshaw Creek14.214
Big Antelope Creek45.2115
Big Butte Creek12.112
Big Creek14.414
Big Elk Creek30.931
Big Marsh Creek17.518
Big River12.412
Big Sheep Creek39.670
Birch Creek (Snake River tributary)21.321
Birch Creek (Umatilla River tributary)16.255
Black Canyon Creek10.911
Black Creek1515
Boulder Creek (South Umpqua River tributary)1111
Boulder Creek (White River tributary)11.812
Brice Creek18.218
Bridge Creek29.749
Briggs Creek1616
Brush Creek12.813
Buck Hollow Creek38.539
Bull Creek11.311
Bull Run River2843
Bully Creek61.594
Burnt River85.5207
Burnt River - North Fork31.231
Burnt River - South Fork17.718
Butte Creek (John Day River tributary)28.729
Butte Creek (Pudding River tributary)37.538
Butter Creek70.4101
Buzzard Creek31.832
Calapooia River81.682
Calapooya Creek37.337
Camas Creek3866
Camp Creek (Burnt River tributary)7.822
Camp Creek (Crooked River tributary)18.719
Camp Creek (John Day River - Middle Fork tributary)16.617
Camp Creek (Mill Creek (Umpqua River tributary))21.221
Canton Creek17.317
Canyon Creek29.229
Castle Creek1616
Castle Rock Fork12.513
Catching Creek14.214
Catherine Creek32.461
Catherine Creek - North Fork11.712
Cavitt Creek17.117
Cedar Creek (Sandy River tributary)14.715
Cedar Creek (Williams River tributary)13.113
Chehalem Creek14.615
Cherry Creek11.512
Chesnimnus Creek28.559
Chetco River5797
Chetco River - North Fork13.614
Chetco River - South Fork13.614
Clackamas River84.3167
Clackamas River - North Fork14.515
Clark Creek17.918
Clatskanie River32.357
Clear Creek (Pine Creek tributary)17.217
Clear Creek (White River tributary)12.913
Clover Creek32.432
Collawash River12.927
Columbia River307.510,100
Coos River20187
Coos River - South Fork31.686
Copeland Creek13.814
Coquille River36.4335
Coquille River - East Fork36.336
Coquille River - Middle Fork43.8106
Coquille River - North Fork54.6115
Coquille River - South Fork63.5184
Corbin Creek15.516
Cottonwood Creek (John Day River - North Fork tributary)23.323
Cottonwood Creek (Malheur River tributary)35.953
Cottonwood Creek (Otis Creek tributary)26.927
Cove Creek10.911
Cow Creek (Imnaha River tributary)2020
Cow Creek (Jordan Creek tributary)50.862
Cow Creek (South Umpqua River tributary)77115
Cow Creek - West Fork23.524
Coyote Creek31.832
Crabtree Creek39.457
Crane Creek26.727
Crescent Creek29.147
Crooked Creek30.5213
Crooked River129.2556
Crooked River - North Fork49.650
Crooked River - South Fork4545
Crow Creek20.621
Dairy Creek10.589
Dairy Creek - East Fork2525
Dairy Creek - West Fork2828
Days Creek16.717
Deadwood Creek23.123
Deep Creek17.317
Deer Creek (Illinois River tributary)15.716
Deer Creek (John Day River - North Fork tributary)13.113
Deer Creek (John Day River - South Fork tributary)12.513
Deer Creek (Powder River tributary)12.913
Deer Creek (South Yamhill River tributary)21.722
Deer Creek (Wallowa River tributary)56.256
Deschutes River255.51,532
Desolation Creek21.522
Dixie Creek7.720
Dixie Creek - North Fork12.112
Drift Creek (Alsea River tributary)30.130
Drift Creek (Siletz River tributary)22.723
Dry Creek (Antelope Creek (Little Butte Creek tributary))12.913
Dry Creek (Antelope Creek (Rock Creek tributary))5.717
Dry Creek (Crooked Creek tributary)53.881
Dry Creek - East Fork (Antelope Creek (Rock Creek tributary))10.911
Dry Creek (Fifteenmile Creek tributary)16.917
Dry Creek (Jordan Creek tributary)20.521
Dry Creek (Owyhee River tributary)43.844
Dry Creek (Pine Creek (Walla Walla River tributary)))23.423
Dry River88.388
Eagle Creek (Clackamas River tributary)26.326
Eagle Creek (Powder River tributary)40.552
East Beaver Creek11.712
East Birch Creek18.218
East Camp Creek13.714
Eightmile Creek35.654
Elk Creek (Rogue River tributary)22.823
Elk Creek (South Umpqua River tributary)15.415
Elk Creek (Umpqua River tributary)49.362
Elk River31.932
Emigrant Creek32.933
Euchre Creek14.414
Evans Creek39.272
Evans Creek - West Fork19.319
Fall Creek33.456
Field Creek18.719
Fifteenmile Creek54.3125
Fish Creek (North Umpqua River tributary)21.321
Fish Creek (Pine Creek (Snake River tributary))13.313
Fivemile Creek18.619
Five Points Creek13.213
Five Rivers23.646
Floras Creek13.413
Fly Creek17.217
French Pete Creek1414
Gates Creek29.930
Grande Ronde River44.5618
Granite Creek15.816
Grave Creek39.239
Griffin Creek15.916
Grindstone Creek27.828
Grouse Creek17.618
Grub Creek13.814
Hamilton Creek17.217
Hog Creek1212
Hood River12.572
Hood River - East Fork31.131
Hood River - West Fork15.728
Horse Creek23.223
Horse Heaven Creek15.415
Hot Springs Fork14.515
Hubbard Creek1414
Hunter Creek2020
Hurricane Creek18.919
Illinois River56.2219
Illinois River - East Fork15.261
Imnaha River73.3229
Indian Creek (Grande Ronde River tributary)22.823
Indian Creek (John Day River - Middle Fork tributary)1414
Indian Creek (Lake Creek (Suislaw River tributary))22.723
Indigo Creek8.121
Indigo Creek - East Fork12.613
Jackson Creek (Owyhee River tributary)8.69
Jackson Creek (South Umpqua River tributary)25.425
Jefferson Creek12.713
Jenny Creek18.330
John Day River284.81,243
John Day River - Middle Fork75.1144
John Day River - North Fork113.2445
John Day River - South Fork60.7110
Johnson Creek26.426
Jordan Creek56.6139
Joseph Creek40.4148
Jumpoff Joe Creek22.335
Keene Creek11.812
Keeney Creek17.417
Kilchis River18.118
Kings River2.32
Klamath River44.1103
Klaskanine River2.929
Klaskanine River - North Fork12.513
Klaskanine River - South Fork13.113
Ladd Creek16.917
Lake Branch12.613
Lake Creek (John Day River - North Fork tributary)11.527
Lake Creek (Mill Creek (Umpqua River tributary))30.531
Lake Creek (Suislaw River tributary)40.887
Lawson Creek1515
Laying Creek17.518
Lewis and Clark River29.630
Lightning Creek25.425
Little Antelope Creek24.424
Little Applegate River22.523
Little Butte Creek17.294
Little Butte Creek - North Fork16.316
Little Butte Creek - South Fork27.127
Little Butter Creek30.631
Little Deschutes River104.3151
Little Eagle Creek1111
Little Fall Creek22.523
Little Luckiamute River27.127
Little Malheur River31.431
Little Minam River15.916
Little Muddy Creek12.913
Little Nestucca River22.923
Little North Santiam River28.629
Little Pudding River22.222
Little River33.250
Little Sandy River15.115
Little Sheep Creek30.230
Lobster Creek22.523
Long Creek38.438
Long Prairie Creek14.915
Long Tom River56.9112
Lookingglass Creek (Grande Ronde River tributary)1818
Lookingglass Creek (South Umpqua River tributary)12.944
Lostine River31.431
Lost River61.794
Louse Creek12.412
Luckiamute River61.789
Malheur River189.8709
Malheur River - North Fork62.494
Malheur River - South Fork42.269
Marys River4378
Matson Creek11.912
McKay Creek (Crooked River tributary)19.620
McKay Creek (Dairy Creek tributary)25.626
McKay Creek - North Fork (Umatilla River tributary)11.812
McKay Creek (Umatilla River tributary)38.951
McKenzie River88.3181
McKenzie River - South Fork37.752
Meacham Creek36.436
Meadow Creek25.425
Metolius River4170
Miami River15.716
Middle Creek (Coquille River - North Fork tributary)24.324
Middle Creek (Cow Creek (South Umpqua River tributary))14.114
Middle Santiam River38.569
Middle Willow Creek1515
Milk Creek24.224
Mill Creek (Columbia River tributary)8.222
Mill Creek - North Fork (Columbia River tributary)13.714
Mill Creek (South Yamhill River tributary)23.123
Mill Creek (Umpqua River tributary)11.363
Mill Creek (Warm Springs River tributary)2626
Mill Creek (Willamette River tributary)26.540
Miller Creek13.233
Millicoma River981
Millicoma River - East Fork24.236
Millicoma River - West Fork35.736
Milton Creek21.121
Minam River50.767
Mohawk River2727
Molalla River52.4249
Molalla River - North Fork17.818
Mosby Creek21.922
Mud Creek23.939
Muddy Creek (John Day River tributary)20.420
Muddy Creek (Marys River tributary)34.835
Muddy Creek (Willamette River - East Channel tributary)57.270
Mud Flat Creek19.219
Multnomah Channel21.962
Murderers Creek25.826
Myrtle Creek (Coquille River - Middle Fork tributary)19.135
Myrtle Creek (Silvies River tributary)19.520
Myrtle Creek (South Umpqua River tributary)0.743
Necanicum River22.823
Nehalem River127.7202
Nehalem River - North Fork25.526
Nestucca River59.697
North Myrtle Creek18.719
North Pine Creek17.217
North Powder River2525
North Santiam River93.1122
North Scappoose Creek12.613
North Umpqua River106.5255
North Yamhill River33.734
Ochoco Creek39.239
Olalla Creek17.818
Otis Creek19.246
Owens Creek15.628
Owyhee River70.4798
Owyhee River - North Fork9.611
Palomino Creek26.827
Peacock Creek11.512
Pine Creek (John Day River tributary)16.617
Pine Creek (Malheur River tributary)31.932
Pine Creek (Salmon Creek tributary)16.116
Pine Creek (Snake River tributary)34.682
Pine Creek (Walla Walla River tributary)3558
Pistol River22.422
Pleasant Creek13.614
Pole Creek2746
Potamus Creek1919
Powder River153.2377
Pritchard Creek13.432
Pudding River64.1155
Quartz Creek13.914
Quartzville Creek30.631
Rattlesnake Creek57.175
Red Blanket Creek21.922
Rhea Creek43.744
Rickreall Creek3434
Roaring River1414
Rock Creek (lower John Day River tributary)81.898
Rock Creek (Myrtle Creek (Coquille River - Middle Fork tributary))15.616
Rock Creek (Nehalem River tributary)29.129
Rock Creek (North Umpqua River tributary)19.720
Rock Creek (Tualatin River tributary)20.120
Rock Creek (upper John Day River tributary)25.425
Rogue River218.6950
Rogue River - Middle Fork19.241
Rogue River - South Fork27.669
Rowe Creek12.913
Row River21.594
Rudio Creek17.718
Salmonberry River19.920
Salmon Creek (Chesnimnus Creek tributary)14.631
Salmon Creek (Willamette River - Middle Fork tributary)23.639
Salmon River (Eastern Pacific Ocean tributary)25.926
Salmon River (Sandy River tributary)36.937
Salt Creek99
Sandy River57.4166
Santiam River12.2404
Scappoose Creek6.519
Scholfield Creek17.217
Seekseequa Creek20.821
Sharps Creek14.414
Shitike Creek3434
Siletz River68.791
Silver Creek20.135
Silver Creek - North Fork14.915
Silvies River119.3265
Silvies River - East Fork31.431
Silvies River - West Fork3333
Sixes River33.133
Slate Creek7.68
Smith River90.9165
Smith River - North Fork36.937
Smith River - North Fork13.526
Smith River - West Fork17.518
Snake River234.63,288
Snider Creek1212
Snipe Creek12.513
Soldier Creek22.862
South Myrtle Creek23.223
South Santiam River65.6270
South Umpqua River103.9387
South Yamhill River64.5146
Spencer Creek14.114
Spring Creek20.120
Squaw Creek1.62
Steamboat Creek26.244
Stinkingwater Creek24.424
Strawberry Creek13.614
Sucker Creek26.326
Suislaw River109.4251
Suislaw River - North Fork27.227
Summit Creek1818
Sutton Creek16.517
Swamp Creek27.628
Tenmile Creek (Eastern Pacific Ocean tributary)12.112
Tenmile Creek (Lookingglass Creek (South Umpqua River tributary))13.714
Tent Creek21.622
Thirtymile Creek41.261
Thirtymile Creek - East Fork2020
Thomas Creek43.143
Tillamook River20.921
Tincup Creek12.613
Tioga Creek2020
Toppin Creek38.238
Topy Creek15.115
Trask River19.353
Trask River - North Fork11.912
Trask River - South Fork9.122
Trask River - South Fork - East Fork12.913
Trout Creek51.271
Tualatin River85.1224
Tumalo Creek18.519
Tygh Creek20.244
Umatilla River89.2366
Umpqua River109.71,110
Union Creek15.315
Upper Rock Creek12.913
Walla Walla River10.7200
Walla Walla River - North Fork19.219
Walla Walla River - South Fork26.126
Wallowa River56.2169
Warm Springs River52.7127
Wasson Creek19.520
Wenaha River21.922
West Birch Creek20.420
West Little Owyhee River63.1101
White River49118
Whitewater River16.617
Wildhorse Creek3434
Wiley Creek18.118
Willamette River187.52,537
Willamette River - Coast Fork39.7146
Willamette River - East Channel4.274
Willamette River - Middle Fork84.7239
Willamette River - Middle Fork - North Fork51.151
Willamina Creek22.923
Williams River21.635
Willow Creek (Columbia River tributary)78122
Willow Creek (Deschutes River tributary)33.534
Willow Creek (Malheur River tributary)61.677
Wilson River36.537
Wolf Creek (Beaver Creek (Crooked River tributary))1717
Wolf Creek (Powder River tributary)99
Wolf Creek (Suislaw River tributary)27.628
Yachats River17.317
Yamhill River11.3191
Yaquina River58.990
Youngs River28.857
Zigzag River14.314

Note: Lengths are for the part of the river/watershed within the boundary of this state.

Note: Mostly rivers/streams 15+ miles in length.

Data from United States Geological Survey