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United States Rivers

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River count399
River miles11,984

Large Bodies of Water


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Name Length
Ai Creek15.616
Alum Creek58.674
Alum Creek - West Branch15.616
Anderson Fork3131
Ashtabula River26.857
Ashtabula River - East Branch13.514
Ashtabula River - West Branch16.416
Auglaize River112.8820
Aurora Branch18.819
Bad Creek31.231
Baker Fork20.821
Bantas Fork18.118
Bean Creek1010
Bear Creek (Black Creek (River Raisin tributary))12.212
Bear Creek (Great Miami River tributary)16.316
Beaver Creek (Buck Creek tributary)17.618
Beaver Creek (Lake Erie tributary)17.918
Beaver Creek (Maumee River tributary)2870
Beaver Creek (Tiffin River tributary)26.927
Big Beaver Creek22.322
Big Creek (Cuyahoga River tributary)16.617
Big Creek (Grand River tributary)17.818
Big Darby Creek87.8187
Big Threemile Creek15.115
Big Walnut Creek75.4197
Black Creek17.330
Black Fork19.319
Blacklick Creek31.231
Black River15.7190
Black River - East Branch66.378
Black River - East Fork1212
Black River - West Branch54.978
Blanchard River103.5218
Blue Creek (Auglaize River tributary)38.739
Blue Creek (Swan Creek tributary)16.416
Blues Creek23.624
Bokengehalas Creek17.818
Bokes Creek41.241
Bradford Creek2020
Breakneck Creek18.719
Bridge Creek15.415
Broken Sword Creek37.237
Brush Creek (Cutoff Ditch tributary)16.416
Brush Creek (Tiffin River tributary)28.629
Brushy Fork21.722
Buck Creek24.842
Buck Run15.716
Buckskin Creek18.619
Buffalo Creek16.717
Bull Creek15.415
Caesar Creek35.794
Caesar Creek - North Branch1212
Caesar Creek - South Branch15.415
Campaign Creek2323
Captina Creek25.853
Captina Creek - North Fork11.912
Captina Creek - South Fork1515
Cedar Creek26.627
Chagrin River51.993
Chagrin River - East Branch22.322
Chappel Creek22.623
Chippewa Creek20.434
Clear Creek (Great Miami River tributary)15.816
Clear Creek (Hocking River tributary)24.625
Clear Fork7.17
Compton Creek22.523
Conneaut Creek24.424
Conotton Creek45.387
Cowan Creek23.323
Cranberry Creek24.424
Crane Creek29.329
Cranenest Fork10.711
Crooked Creek (Pee Pee Creek tributary)15.115
Crooked Creek (Wills Creek tributary)17.618
Cross Creek30.931
Cutoff Ditch8.842
Cuyahoga River86.5213
Cuyahoga River - East Branch16.216
Cuyahoga River - West Branch1717
Deer Creek75.6113
Dog Creek29.429
Doughty Creek21.522
Duck Creek - East Fork (Ohio River tributary)32.347
Duck Creek (Mahoning River tributary)15.215
Duck Creek - Middle Fork (Ohio River tributary)1515
Duck Creek (Ohio River tributary)23.4105
Duck Creek - West Fork (Ohio River tributary)34.334
Dyes Fork18.919
Eagle Creek (Blanchard River tributary)22.623
Eagle Creek - East Fork (Ohio River tributary)17.518
Eagle Creek (Mahoning River tributary)27.728
Eagle Creek (Ohio River tributary)14.850
Eagle Creek (St. Joseph River (Maumee River tributary))19.620
Eagle Creek - West Fork (Ohio River tributary)17.217
Elk Creek16.216
Elk Fork23.123
Federal Creek16.633
Federal Creek - Sharps Fork16.216
Fish Creek1111
Flatrock Creek39.640
Flat Run19.119
Four Mile Creek41.551
French Creek18.418
Frink Run17.217
Fulton Creek25.125
Grand River109176
Grass Run16.717
Great Miami River158.11,000
Great Miami River - North Fork13.113
Great Miami River - South Fork14.314
Green Creek21.622
Greenville Creek35.749
Greenville Creek - West Branch12.813
Hagerman Creek17.217
Hewett Fork18.318
Hoaglin Creek2727
Hocking River102.2302
Hog Creek19.319
Honey Creek - East Fork (Great Miami River tributary)10.811
Honey Creek (Great Miami River tributary)10.935
Honey Creek (Sandusky River tributary)48.764
Honey Creek - West Fork (Great Miami River tributary)13.313
Huron River14.8118
Huron River - East Branch31.732
Huron River - West Branch54.572
Ice Creek1616
Indian Creek (Great Miami River tributary)24.825
Indian Fork15.516
Indian Guyan Creek33.834
Jelloway Creek15.528
Jennings Creek22.133
Jerome Fork14.715
Jonathan Creek34.350
Kent Run15.916
Killbuck Creek81.5103
Kokosing River64.1143
Kokosing River - North Branch23.524
Kokosing River - South Branch12.713
Kopp Creek1515
Leading Creek3446
Leatherwood Creek30.631
Lees Creek1930
Lees Creek - Middle Fork11.211
Lick Creek30.330
Licking River30.4239
Licking River - Clear Fork14.114
Licking River - Lake Fork13.714
Licking River - North Fork46.5115
Licking River - Otter Fork21.722
Licking River - South Fork40.671
Little Auglaize River47214
Little Beaver Creek14.8117
Little Beaver Creek - Middle Fork42.655
Little Beaver Creek - Middle Fork - East Branch12.312
Little Beaver Creek - North Fork17.618
Little Beaver Creek - West Fork29.630
Little Black Creek12.613
Little Chippewa Creek13.113
Little Cuyahoga River11.712
Little Darby Creek45.983
Little Four Mile Creek9.610
Little Hocking River20.441
Little Hocking River - West Branch20.921
Little Jelloway Creek12.913
Little Leading Creek12.412
Little Miami River111.2503
Little Miami River - East Fork85.8125
Little Miami River - East Fork - West Fork13.113
Little Miami River - North Fork15.916
Little Monday Creek15.616
Little Muchinippi Creek11.311
Little Muskingum River62.999
Little Muskingum River - Clear Fork25.325
Little Olive Green Creek11.912
Little Raccoon Creek41.942
Little Rush Creek20.521
Little Sandusky River1414
Little Sandy Creek12.312
Little Scioto River (Ohio River tributary)42.959
Little Scioto River (Scioto River tributary)30.831
Little Short Creek11.211
Little Tymochtee Creek (Tymochtee Creek tributary)17.117
Little Tymochtee Creek (Tymochtee Creek tributary)1515
Little Wakatomika Creek13.313
Little Walnut Creek14.314
Little Yankee Run14.915
Loramie Creek40.155
Lost Creek - East Branch (Great Miami River tributary)1313
Lost Creek (Great Miami River tributary)15.729
Lost Creek (Mud Creek tributary)16.416
Ludlow Creek16.517
Maddox Creek26.126
Mad River65.9108
Mahoning River95237
Mahoning River - West Branch34.935
Massies Creek10.336
Massies Creek - North Fork14.114
Massies Creek - South Fork1212
Maumee River109.31,600
McGuire Creek12.927
McGuire Creek - North Fork13.614
McMahon Creek29.129
Meander Creek2525
Meigs Creek25.244
Middle Creek6.564
Mile Creek15.315
Mile Run13.814
Mill Creek (Grand River tributary)33.333
Mill Creek (Ohio River tributary)28.545
Mill Creek (Scioto River tributary)50.174
Mill Creek (Walhonding River tributary)19.319
Mill Creek - West Fork (Ohio River tributary)16.617
Millers Fork15.315
Mississinewa River9.29
Mohican River27.9213
Mohican River - Black Fork64.886
Mohican River - Clear Fork39.940
Mohican River - Lake Fork14.259
Monday Creek28.544
Morrison Creek15.816
Mosquito Creek39.640
Moxahala Creek31.882
Muchinippi Creek19.231
Mud Creek10.427
Muddy Creek32.533
Muddy Fork30.130
Muskellunge Creek27.528
Muskingum River112.12,020
Nettle Creek19.620
Newman Creek18.919
Nimishillen Creek15.160
Nimishillen Creek - East Branch13.313
Nimishillen Creek - Middle Branch17.618
Nimishillen Creek - West Branch14.214
North Powell Creek1818
North Turkeyfoot Creek21.922
Oak Run16.917
O'Bannon Creek16.416
Ohio Brush Creek60126
Ohio Brush Creek - Little West Fork11.612
Ohio Brush Creek - Middle Fork9.831
Ohio Brush Creek - West Fork24.236
Ohio River449.48,189
Olentangy River95.9173
Olive Green Creek24.937
Ottawa Creek23.423
Ottawa River19.948
Ottawa River50.8122
Packer Creek27.728
Paint Creek111.7390
Paint Creek - East Fork2020
Paint Creek - North Fork51.974
Painter Creek20.320
Panther Creek17.618
Pee Pee Creek15.230
Pickerel Creek15.415
Pigeon Creek17.518
Pine Creek51.852
Piney Fork15.816
Pipe Creek16.416
Plum Creek (Ottawa River tributary)19.720
Plum Creek (Rocky River - West Branch tributary)17.818
Portage River41.6231
Portage River - East Branch26.126
Portage River - Middle Branch15.857
Portage River - North Branch32.332
Portage River - South Branch31.658
Potato Run15.115
Powell Creek7.225
Prairie Creek2574
Prairie Creek - West Branch4.832
Price Creek16.416
Pusheta Creek15.916
Pymatuning Creek34.635
Raccoon Creek (Lake Erie tributary)19.920
Raccoon Creek (Licking River - South Fork tributary)30.531
Raccoon Creek (Ohio River tributary)114.1197
Rattlesnake Creek49.496
Rattlesnake Creek - West Branch16.216
Riley Creek28.929
Rock Creek1616
Rocky Ford (Portage River - Middle Branch tributary)25.826
Rocky Fork Creek15.716
Rocky Fork (Licking River tributary)22.923
Rocky Fork (Little Scioto River (Ohio River tributary))16.116
Rocky Fork (Mohican River - Black Fork tributary)21.321
Rocky Fork (Paint Creek tributary)27.828
Rocky River12.2109
Rocky River - East Branch3939
Rocky River - West Branch39.858
Rush Creek (Hocking River tributary)32.153
Rush Creek (Scioto River tributary)4646
Salt Creek - Middle Fork26.544
Salt Creek (Muskingum River tributary)30.831
Salt Creek (Scioto River tributary)48.3125
Salt Fork21.622
Salt Lick Creek32.476
Sand Fork18.519
Sandusky River133.4539
Sandy Creek45135
School Creek15.415
Scioto Brush Creek42.757
Scioto Brush Creek - South Fork1414
Scioto River2391,926
Scippo Creek21.522
Second Creek16.416
Sevenmile Creek41.993
Shade River18.897
Shade River - East Branch23.524
Shade River - Middle Branch31.732
Shade River - West Branch22.623
Shaw Creek20.420
Shenango River4.270
Short Creek25.352
Silver Creek (Honey Creek tributary)15.616
Silver Creek (St. Joseph River - East Branch (Maumee River tributary))4.44
Skull Fork17.417
South Creek15.616
South Turkeyfoot Creek32.848
Spring Creek15.916
Spring Fork20.721
Sterling Run15.315
Still Fork17.818
Stillwater Creek59.499
Stillwater River69.2171
St. Joseph River - East Branch (Maumee River tributary)618
St. Joseph River (Maumee River tributary)44.1124
St. Joseph River - West Branch (Maumee River tributary)12.312
St. Marys River57.3120
Stonelick Creek26.527
Storms Creek16.617
Straight Creek23.123
Sugar Creek - Middle Fork (Tuscarawas River tributary)17.117
Sugar Creek (Ottawa River tributary)32.533
Sugar Creek (Paint Creek tributary)41.642
Sugar Creek (Portage River tributary)27.427
Sugar Creek - South Fork (Tuscarawas River tributary)24.825
Sugar Creek (Tuscarawas River tributary)47.589
Sunday Creek29.446
Sunday Creek - West Branch16.116
Sunfish Creek (Ohio River tributary)32.633
Sunfish Creek (Scioto River tributary)30.631
Swamp Creek16.216
Swan Creek46.278
Swine Creek15.616
Sycamore Creek (Licking River - North Fork tributary)18.519
Sycamore Creek (Sandusky River tributary)29.429
Sycamore Creek (Walnut Creek (Scioto River tributary))16.416
Symmes Creek76.5114
Tenmile Creek27.828
Tiffin River54.9178
Tinkers Creek31.331
Todd Fork40103
Todd Fork - East Fork23.624
Toms Run17.417
Toussaint Creek35.536
Toussaint River6.570
Town Creek31.331
Treacle Creek16.717
Tuscarawas River132.8614
Twelvemile Creek17.718
Twin Creek50.3118
Tymochtee Creek5789
Vermilion River66.9119
Vermilion River - East Branch17.117
Vermilion River - East Fork18.919
Vermilion River - Southwest Branch16.316
Wabash River43.152
Wakatomika Creek49.263
Walhonding River23.6501
Walnut Creek (Scioto River tributary)57.688
Walnut Creek (Scioto River tributary)19.119
Wellington Creek22.623
West Jennings Creek11.211
Wheeling Creek31.632
Whetstone Creek37.958
White Eyes Creek15.916
White Oak Creek29.391
White Oak Creek - East Fork2323
White Oak Creek - North Fork23.724
Whitewater River8.949
Whitewater River - Dry Fork20.921
Whitewater River - East Fork14.119
Whitewater River - East Fork - Middle Fork4.95
Wills Creek80.4213
Wills Creek - Seneca Fork3030
Wolf Creek - East Branch - East Branch11.812
Wolf Creek - East Branch (Sandusky River tributary)31.543
Wolf Creek (Great Miami River tributary)19.920
Wolf Creek (Muskingum River tributary)2.984
Wolf Creek (Portage River tributary)15.115
Wolf Creek (Sandusky River tributary)30.374
Wolf Creek - South Branch (Muskingum River tributary)2032
Wolf Creek - South Branch - Southwest Fork (Muskingum River tributary)11.812
Wolf Creek (Tuscarawas River tributary)18.719
Wolf Creek - West Branch (Muskingum River tributary)49.249
Yankee Run16.717
Yellow Creek (Cutoff Ditch tributary)16.316
Yellow Creek (Ohio River tributary)32.733

Note: Lengths are for the part of the river/watershed within the boundary of this state.

Note: Mostly rivers/streams 15+ miles in length.

Data from United States Geological Survey