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South Dakota

River count700
River miles25,089

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Name Length
Alkali Creek (Belle Fourche River tributary)67.768
Alkali Creek (Elk Creek tributary)19.119
Alkali Creek (Moreau River - South Fork tributary)16.216
American Creek14.114
American Crow Creek3250
American Crow Creek - North Fork18.218
American Horse Creek41.842
Antelope Creek (Battle Creek (Moreau River - South Fork tributary))22.623
Antelope Creek (Elk Creek tributary)32.933
Antelope Creek (Keya Paha River tributary)51.552
Antelope Creek (Little Missouri River tributary)14.515
Antelope Creek (Missouri River tributary)35.449
Antelope Creek (Rabbit Creek tributary)71.471
Antelope Creek (Rapid Creek tributary)19.520
Archambault Creek15.916
Arnett Creek15.516
Artichoke Creek53.854
Ash Creek (Bad River tributary)17.718
Ash Creek (Bad River tributary)25.726
Ash Creek (Cherry Creek tributary)22.769
Ash Creek (Cheyenne River tributary)40.741
Ash Creek - East Branch (Cherry Creek tributary)19.520
Ash Creek (Hat Creek tributary)15.716
Ash Creek (Vermillion River tributary)16.517
Ash Creek - West Branch (Cherry Creek tributary)27.227
Bachelor Creek25.526
Bad Horse Creek1515
Badlands Creek4.735
Bad River156.91,492
Bad River - North Fork50.9141
Bad River - South Fork36.1203
Baptist Creek14.515
Battle Creek (Cheyenne River tributary)81.2127
Battle Creek (Moreau River - South Fork tributary)41.698
Bean Blossom Creek18.519
Bear Butte Creek65.3100
Bear Creek (Cheyenne River tributary)24.124
Bear Creek (Moreau River tributary)25.2100
Bear Creek (Niobrara River tributary)2.63
Bear-in-the-Lodge Creek105.3179
Beaver Creek (Beaver Dam Creek - Middle Branch tributary)19.219
Beaver Creek (Big Sioux River tributary)49.449
Beaver Creek (Cheyenne River tributary)52.553
Beaver Creek (Cheyenne River tributary)1642
Beaver Creek (Crow Creek (Redwater River tributary))17.818
Beaver Creek - East Fork (Moreau River tributary)14.414
Beaver Creek (James River tributary)4949
Beaver Creek (Moreau River tributary)10.925
Beaver Creek (Split Rock Creek tributary)16.817
Beaver Dam Creek17.998
Beaver Dam Creek - East Branch26.426
Beaver Dam Creek - Middle Branch19.439
Beaver Dam Creek - West Branch15.516
Beaver Trap Creek15.415
Beef Creek17.417
Belle Fourche River191.61,644
Beverly Creek19.419
Big Buffalo Creek25.726
Big Coulee Creek15.115
Big Hollow Creek31.231
Big Meadow Creek1717
Big Nasty Creek79.396
Big Prairie Dog Creek39.640
Big Sioux River4181,413
Big Spring Creek14.414
Black Dog Creek27.628
Blackfoot Creek16.316
Black Horse Butte Creek64.5146
Black Pipe Creek76.3145
Blacktail Creek30.380
Blacktail Creek - North Fork12.312
Blacktail Creek - South Branch20.120
Blacktail Creek - South Fork17.417
Blind Creek21.221
Blood Run00
Bloom Creek16.517
Bois de Sioux River5.25
Boxelder Creek (Cheyenne River tributary)137.8152
Boxelder Creek (Grand River - South Fork tributary)21.922
Boxelder Creek (Little Missouri River tributary)9.910
Box Spring Creek16.116
Brave Bull Creek3757
Brave Bull Creek - West Fork19.620
Bridger Creek49.449
Brookfield Creek21.321
Brule Creek4181
Brush Creek (Cheyenne River tributary)15.716
Brush Creek (Grand River - South Fork tributary)14.715
Brush Creek (Indian Creek (Hat Creek tributary))1.41
Brush Creek (Plum Creek (Bad River tributary))22.623
Brushy Creek48.286
Buffalo Creek (Clarks Fork Creek tributary)2222
Buffalo Creek (Grand River - North Fork tributary)1.31
Buffalo Creek (Keya Paha River tributary)9.910
Buffalo Creek (Skunk Creek tributary)18.737
Bull Creek (Belle Fourche River tributary)30.455
Bull Creek (Cheyenne River tributary)16.917
Bull Creek (Cheyenne River tributary)30.831
Bull Creek (Cheyenne River tributary)30.831
Bull Creek (Choteau Creek tributary)1414
Bull Creek (Frog Creek (Moreau River - South Fork tributary))15.816
Bull Creek (Grand River - South Fork tributary)45.345
Bull Creek (Minnechaduza Creek tributary)1414
Bull Creek (Missouri River tributary)86.8144
Bull Creek - West Branch (Missouri River tributary)36.937
Bull Creek (White River tributary)3434
Bullhead Run24.424
Burnt Creek24.825
Burnt Rock Creek14.314
Butcher Creek (Grand River - South Fork tributary)21.221
Butcher Creek (Red Scaffold Creek tributary)23.924
Butte Creek41.141
Buzzard Creek (Bad River tributary)37.938
Buzzard Creek (Pass Creek tributary)33.359
Cabin Creek19.119
Cady Creek1616
Cain Creek (James River tributary)73.4131
Cain Creek (White River tributary)38.238
Campbell Creek27.227
Camp Creek (Sulphur Creek tributary)19.119
Camp Creek (Vermillion River tributary)16.817
Castle Creek45.145
Cedar Bluff Creek18.619
Cedar Boy Creek16.116
Cedar Breaks Creek26.326
Cedar Creek (Cheyenne River tributary)22.322
Cedar Creek (Missouri River tributary)4069
Cedar Creek - South Branch (Missouri River tributary)14.515
Cedar Creek - South Fork (Missouri River tributary)14.414
Chantier Creek15.616
Chapelle Creek52.892
Charlie Creek2626
Cherry Creek125.41,074
Cheyenne River320.86,213
Choteau Creek105.4119
Clarks Fork Creek29.2115
Coal Bank Creek (Big Nasty Creek tributary)17.117
Coal Bank Creek (Boxelder Creek (Little Missouri River tributary))0.30
Coal Creek28.228
Cobb Creek36.537
Coffee Creek (Little White River tributary)18.819
Coffee Creek (Twelvemile Creek - South Fork tributary)18.919
Cold Brook26.827
Cold Springs Creek88
Colton Creek20.521
Cone Tree Creek20.921
Corn Creek (Black Pipe Creek tributary)1919
Corn Creek (Turtle Creek (Bear-in-the-Lodge Creek tributary))36.436
Cottonwood Creek (Bad River - South Fork tributary)48.9101
Cottonwood Creek (Belle Fourche River tributary)15.315
Cottonwood Creek (Black Pipe Creek tributary)15.616
Cottonwood Creek (Black Pipe Creek tributary)17.117
Cottonwood Creek (Cheyenne River tributary)36.436
Cottonwood Creek (Cheyenne River tributary)53.954
Cottonwood Creek (Cheyenne River tributary)45.386
Cottonwood Creek (Grand River tributary)24.825
Cottonwood Creek (Grand River tributary)25.726
Cottonwood Creek (Keya Paha River tributary)7.27
Cottonwood Creek (Moreau River - North Fork tributary)16.817
Cottonwood Creek (Moreau River tributary)30.130
Cottonwood Creek (Plum Creek (Bad River tributary))18.619
Cottonwood Creek (West Plum Creek tributary)16.617
Cottonwood Creek (White River tributary)5353
Cottonwood Creek (White River tributary)53.4113
Cottonwood Creek (White River tributary)28.245
Coyote Creek22.122
Craven Creek29.530
Crooked Creek (Cheyenne River tributary)16.235
Crooked Creek (Grand River - North Fork tributary)39.640
Crooked Creek (Plum Creek (Cheyenne River tributary))16.316
Crooked Creek - South Fork (Cheyenne River tributary)18.519
Crooked Elm Creek16.116
Crow Creek (Belle Fourche River tributary)26.627
Crow Creek (Lost Creek (Lac qui Parle River - West Branch tributary))14.314
Crow Creek (Missouri River tributary)75.8293
Crow Creek (Redwater River tributary)12.430
Crow Timber Creek15.315
Cut Meat Creek53.684
Darling Creek19.920
Davis Creek14.414
Dawson Creek38.238
Deadman Creek14.414
Deadmans Creek25.626
De Bell Creek23.824
Deep Bank Creek38.138
Deep Creek (Cheyenne River tributary)29.730
Deep Creek (Cheyenne River tributary)52.653
Deep Creek (Moreau River tributary)61101
Deer Creek (Grand River tributary)19.820
Deer Creek (Medary Creek tributary)36.637
Deer Creek (Plum Creek (Cheyenne River tributary))14.615
Dirt Lodge Creek41.778
Dirty Womans Creek15.516
Dog Butte Creek20.320
Dog Ear Creek76.1130
Double X Creek19.620
Dove Creek40.741
Dry Elm Creek15.616
Dry House Creek14.915
Dry Run (Firesteel Creek (James River tributary))19.720
Dry Run (James River tributary)5959
Dry Run (Willow Creek (Elm River (James River tributary)))2323
Duck Creek (Grand River - South Fork tributary)17.618
Duck Creek (Hat Creek tributary)29.830
Dupree Creek39.940
Eagle Creek31.532
Eagle Nest Creek38.138
East Badlands Creek14.615
East Brule Creek20.521
East Cottonwood Creek14.515
East Elm Creek51.852
East Horse Creek22.122
East Irish Creek14.114
East Killdeer Creek27.427
East Pearl Creek19.720
East Tepee Creek10.511
East Thunder Hawk Creek19.419
East Twin Butte Creek - East Fork9.925
East Twin Butte Creek - West Fork14.915
East Union Creek15.415
East White Horse Creek15.115
Eightmile Creek35.736
Elce Creek22.422
Elk Creek148.4267
Elm Creek (Bear Creek (Moreau River tributary))50.651
Elm Creek (Belle Fourche River tributary)83.5318
Elm Creek (Crow Creek tributary)79.6114
Elm Creek (Sulphur Creek tributary)19.319
Elm Creek - West Fork (Crow Creek tributary)34.535
Elm Creek (Wolf Creek (James River tributary))20.821
Elm River (James River tributary)80.8162
Emanuel Creek67.388
Enemy Creek55.455
Fall River851
False Bottom Creek34.935
Felix Creek24.324
Fifteen Creek20.320
Firesteel Creek (Grand River tributary)69.985
Firesteel Creek (James River tributary)93.7168
Firesteel Creek - West Branch (James River tributary)54.555
Fisher Creek14.815
Fishgut Creek23.244
Fivemile Creek16.116
Flandreau Creek12.813
Flat Creek36.236
Flint Creek2626
Flint Rock Creek5875
Flint Rock Creek - South Fork17.117
Foot Creek7171
Fortyeight Mile Creek12.913
Foster Creek68.969
Fourmile Creek (Battle Creek (Moreau River - South Fork tributary))33.934
Fourmile Creek (Belle Fourche River tributary)31.231
Fox Creek19.920
French Creek92.7116
French Creek - South Fork23.524
Frog Creek (Moreau River - South Fork tributary)25.341
Frog Creek (Vermillion River tributary)17.618
Frozen Horse Creek12.913
Frozen Man Creek34.551
Frozen Man Creek (Sulphur Creek tributary)2240
Gallup Creek21.221
Gap Creek32.733
Goose Creek (Moreau River - North Fork tributary)15.115
Goose Creek (Moreau River tributary)19.520
Grace Coolidge Creek27.828
Grand River181.21,958
Grand River - North Fork82.5917
Grand River - South Fork147.1748
Grass Creek29.930
Gray Eagletail Creek13.914
Green Grass Creek38.438
Grindstone Creek36.837
Grouse Creek23.223
Handboy Creek2222
Hans Creek14.214
Harding Creek19.620
Hart Creek19.520
Hat Creek45.4147
Hay Creek (Belle Fourche River tributary)32.833
Hay Creek (Cedar Creek tributary)27.427
Hay Creek (Moreau River - South Fork tributary)21.922
Hay Creek (Moreau River - South Fork tributary)19.219
Hay Creek (Redwater River tributary)2323
Herbert Creek37.538
Herd Camp Creek27.828
Hermaphrodite Creek47.462
Hidewood Creek34.434
High Bank Creek55.856
Hilderbrand Creek18.819
Hollow Creek29.630
Holt Creek (Keya Paha River tributary)1.62
Horse Creek (Belle Fourche River tributary)59.8277
Horse Creek (Grand River - North Fork tributary)27.327
Horse Creek (Grand River - South Fork tributary)14.915
Horse Creek (Little White River tributary)21.522
Horse Creek (Sulphur Creek tributary)3535
Horse Creek (White River tributary)28.529
Horsehead Creek77112
Hosupa Creek21.121
Hot Brook15.916
Howes Creek2020
Hump Creek4444
Hurley Creek20.420
Indian Creek (Bad River tributary)37.761
Indian Creek (Cheyenne River tributary)23.624
Indian Creek (Hat Creek tributary)14.425
Indian Creek (Horse Creek tributary)46.2203
Indian Creek (Rabbit Creek tributary)14.915
Indian River17.117
Irish Creek34.449
Iron Creek17.618
Iron Dog Creek32.533
Isanti Creek21.822
James River471.13,357
Jim Creek50.551
Joe Creek14.815
Johnny Creek (Brushy Creek tributary)21.121
Johnny Creek (White River tributary)20.521
Johnson Creek20.821
Jones Creek35.636
Jorgenson River25.555
Jug Creek17.417
Kaiser Creek16.416
Keya Paha River71.4322
Knife Creek14.515
La Belle Creek15.716
Lac qui Parle River1.8117
Lac qui Parle River - West Branch10.2116
Lake Creek (Cottonwood Creek (Bad River - South Fork tributary))34.434
Lake Creek (Little White River tributary)33.534
Lame Johnny Creek34.835
Lance Creek35.636
Landing Creek23.624
Larvie Creek16.817
Lilly Creek13.914
Limekiln Creek4.34
Line Creek (Beaver Creek (Cheyenne River tributary))4.85
Line Creek (Thunder Butte Creek tributary)34.835
Little Bear Creek24.324
Little Cheyenne Creek30.931
Little Cottonwood Creek (Cheyenne River tributary)38.438
Little Cottonwood Creek (Cottonwood Creek (Cheyenne River tributary))1212
Little Dog Creek16.717
Little Emanuel Creek20.521
Little Minnesota River66.4121
Little Missouri River76.2230
Little Moreau River4848
Little Nasty Creek19.219
Little Oak Creek (Grand River tributary)1919
Little Oak Creek (Little White River tributary)16.817
Little Prairie Dog Creek23.724
Little Soldier Creek13.714
Little Turtle Creek51.275
Little Vermillion River47.247
Little White River232.1530
Little Willow Creek1515
Little Wolf Creek23.824
Lodgepole Creek4747
Lone Tree Creek (Bull Creek (Missouri River tributary))20.320
Lone Tree Creek (Cottonwood Creek (Bad River - South Fork tributary))17.718
Lone Tree Creek (Elk Creek tributary)13.814
Lone Tree Creek (Grand River - North Fork tributary)7.58
Lone Tree Creek (Hermaphrodite Creek tributary)14.114
Lonetree Creek (Horse Creek (Belle Fourche River tributary))1414
Lonetree Creek (James River tributary)20.549
Lonetree Creek - South Branch (James River tributary)28.829
Lonetree Creek (South Indian Creek tributary)13.313
Lone Well Creek1818
Long Creek (Vermillion River tributary)56.195
Long Creek (White River tributary)25.425
Long Hollow Creek16.331
Lost Creek (Keya Paha River tributary)10.110
Lost Creek (Lac qui Parle River - West Branch tributary)18.348
Lost Creek (Wolf Creek (Turtle Creek tributary))46.947
Lost Dog Creek19.620
Louis Creek17.217
Louse Creek16.416
Luis Creek14.314
Lute Creek12.412
Madden Creek4.55
Maple River (Elm River (James River tributary))15.315
Marne Creek22.823
Masdon Creek22.823
Matter Creek15.516
Meadow Creek (Grand River tributary)17.217
Meadow Creek (Moreau River tributary)35.335
Meathook Creek1515
Medary Creek4279
Medicine Creek (Bad River tributary)37.237
Medicine Creek (Missouri River tributary)127.4250
Medicine Creek - North Fork (Missouri River tributary)25.225
Medicine Knoll Creek74.9141
Medicine Knoll Creek - South Fork6666
Medicine Root Creek51126
Mexican Creek34.535
Middle Creek (Belle Fourche River tributary)20.621
Middle Creek (Cherry Creek tributary)28.829
Middle Creek (Grand River - South Fork tributary)14.815
Middle Pearl Creek3636
Mill Iron Creek19.419
Minnechaduza Creek18.132
Minneconjou Creek13.446
Minneconjou Creek - East Fork22.222
Minneconjou Creek - West Fork10.511
Minnesota River27.1459
Mission Creek23.423
Missouri River50524,533
Mitchell Creek50.5100
Mixes Food Creek25.626
Moccasin Creek42.8114
Monighan Creek2121
Moreau River2902,262
Moreau River - North Fork86.9160
Moreau River - South Fork135.8472
Morris Creek3052
Mosquito Creek1616
Moss Agate Creek13.522
Moss Agate Creek - South Fork8.18
Mud Creek (Bad River tributary)13.714
Mud Creek (Big Sioux River tributary)24.825
Mud Creek (Big Sioux River tributary)15.115
Mud Creek (James River tributary)1717
Mud Creek (James River tributary)79.479
Mud Creek (Red Scaffold Creek tributary)1919
Mud Creek (Yellow Bank River - South Fork tributary)21.522
Mud Elm Creek21.321
Mule Creek24.224
Murphy Creek19.119
Nail Creek23.924
Narcelle Creek24.463
Narcelle Creek - West Branch18.919
Newton Fork14.715
Ninemile Creek (Belle Fourche River tributary)27.327
Ninemile Creek (Big Sioux River tributary)2323
No Flesh Creek33.233
No Heart Creek23.724
No Moccasin Creek39.139
{no name}5.957
North Buffalo Creek18.418
North Cottonwood Creek16.416
North Deer Creek48.994
North Indian Creek39.691
North Wolf Creek32.592
Nowlin Creek16.316
Oak Creek (Missouri River tributary)78.478
Oak Creek (White River tributary)93.7185
Oat Creek99
O'Donald Creek13.914
Okobojo Creek80.380
Owl Creek (Belle Fourche River tributary)79.780
Owl Creek (Dog Ear Creek tributary)24.324
Palmer Creek15.415
Paradis Creek24.625
Pass Creek (Beaver Creek (Cheyenne River tributary))20.120
Pass Creek (White River tributary)70.1129
Pattee Creek18.318
Patterson Creek13.914
Pearl Creek (Cain Creek (James River tributary))21.757
Pearl Creek (James River tributary)72169
Pearl Creek - South Fork (James River tributary)61.161
Pease Creek30.330
Peck Creek19.720
Peggy Creek25.425
Peg Munky Run17.818
Phister Creek16.717
Pierre Creek23.223
Pine Creek (Cheyenne River tributary)21.522
Pine Creek (Little White River tributary)18.264
Pine Creek - North Branch (Little White River tributary)22.523
Pine Creek - South Branch (Little White River tributary)2323
Pine Creek (Sulphur Creek tributary)34.735
Pine Spring Creek14.314
Pipestone Creek31.832
Pitan Creek14.615
Platte Creek58.977
Platte Creek - East Fork17.718
Pleasant Valley Creek22.422
Plum Creek (Bad River tributary)63.3161
Plum Creek (Cedar Creek tributary)1.31
Plum Creek (Cheyenne River tributary)60197
Plum Creek (Cheyenne River tributary)14.314
Plum Creek (Grand River tributary)17.217
Plum Creek (James River tributary)26.126
Plum Creek (Little Missouri River tributary)8.48
Poeno Creek14.414
Ponca Creek93.2135
Pony Creek31.131
Pooley Creek23.323
Porcupine Creek (Black Pipe Creek tributary)17.317
Porcupine Creek (North Indian Creek tributary)20.420
Porcupine Creek (White River tributary)75.676
Potato Creek48.749
Prairie Creek19.820
Pretty Creek1515
Rabbit Creek130.3275
Randall Creek16.817
Rapid Creek128.5222
Rattlesnake Creek57.858
Red Butte Creek14.414
Red Coat Creek37.838
Red Earth Creek5151
Red Owl Creek67.2110
Red Scaffold Creek55.8114
Red Shirt Creek17.718
Redstone Creek112.7154
Red Stone Creek33.233
Redwater Creek (Moreau River tributary)31.632
Redwater Creek (Redwater River tributary)6.815
Redwater Creek (White River tributary)38.939
Redwater River32.7182
Red Willow Creek22.723
Ree Creek43.243
Rieger Creek23.724
Rock Creek (Grand River tributary)35.135
Rock Creek (James River tributary)107.1130
Rock Creek (Keya Paha River tributary)3838
Roundup Creek14.715
Rousseau Creek3.841
Rousseau Creek - East Branch1616
Rousseau Creek - West Branch21.421
Rudy Creek41.5108
Rudy Creek - East Fork26.527
Runs Close Creek15.916
Rush Creek1717
Saddle Creek23.739
Sage Creek41.673
Sage Creek - Middle Fork13.814
Sage Creek - South Fork17.918
Sand Creek (Cheyenne River tributary)22.122
Sand Creek (James River tributary)97.3123
Sand Creek (Keya Paha River tributary)44.244
Sand Creek (Moreau River - South Fork tributary)45.245
Sand Creek (Thunder Creek tributary)26.827
Sansarc Creek41.765
Sansarc Creek - North Fork23.624
Sarah Laribee Creek1616
Scabby Creek15.315
Sedlano Creek20.120
Settin Up Creek25.325
Shadley Creek16.717
Shaefer Creek43.959
Shaw Creek16.216
Sheep Creek (Grand River - South Fork tributary)19.219
Sheep Creek (Moreau River - North Fork tributary)24.925
Shortfoot Creek19.920
Shue Creek46.547
Silver Creek25.526
Sioux Creek16.717
Sixmile Creek44.745
Skull Creek18.519
Skunk Creek63.2174
Skunk Creek - West Branch23.724
Slate Creek28.829
Slaughter Creek17.634
Slim Butte Creek47.748
Slim Buttes Creek12.948
Slip-up Creek25.726
Smith Creek87.5103
Smith Creek - East Fork15.616
Snake Creek (Grand River - South Fork tributary)16.717
Snake Creek (Grand River tributary)35.335
Snake Creek (James River tributary)118.1337
Snake Creek (Missouri River tributary)21.522
Snake Creek - North Fork (James River tributary)54.655
Snake Creek (Saddle Creek tributary)15.215
Snake Creek - South Fork (James River tributary)123.8219
Snatch Creek33.233
Soft Water Creek22.945
Soldier Creek (Inyan Kara Creek tributary)1.62
Soldier Creek (Missouri River tributary)1717
South Chapelle Creek39.540
South Creek (Bad River tributary)24.124
South Creek (Indian Creek (Bad River tributary))23.524
South Creek (West Plum Creek tributary)13.814
South Indian Creek33.547
South Long Hollow Creek14.615
South Sulphur Creek31.431
South Willow Creek1414
Spearfish Creek46.547
Split Rock Creek27.6120
Spook Creek14.815
Spotted Bear Creek3.233
Spotted Bear Creek - East Fork1717
Spotted Bear Creek - West Fork12.813
Spring Creek (Bear Butte Creek tributary)34.935
Spring Creek (Bear-in-the-Lodge Creek tributary)23.724
Spring Creek (Big Sioux River tributary)25.626
Spring Creek (Cheyenne River tributary)148.1163
Spring Creek (Frozen Man Creek (Sulphur Creek tributary))17.518
Spring Creek (Missouri River tributary)103.2103
Spring Creek (Moreau River - North Fork tributary)16.517
Spring Creek (White River tributary)22.623
Spur Creek19.319
Standing Cloud Creek15.215
Station Elm Creek25.325
Stink Creek40.273
Stinkingwater Creek24.424
Stinking Water Creek2424
Stockade Beaver Creek1.21
Stony Butte Creek (Brushy Creek tributary)17.117
Stony Butte Creek (Medicine Creek (Missouri River tributary))35.636
Stony Run17.117
Straighthead Creek2020
Stray Horse Creek2929
Sully Creek15.716
Sulphur Creek126305
Swan Creek (Missouri River tributary)40.164
Swan Creek (Moreau River tributary)21.622
Tahc’a Okute Wakpa24.725
Tahc’a Okute Wakpa C’ikala15.816
Tall Prairie Chicken Creek15.516
Tepee Creek7.833
Thunder Butte Creek145.5253
Thunder Creek72.399
Thunder Hawk Creek3251
Tie Creek (Little Missouri River tributary)11
Timber Creek (Antelope Creek (Missouri River tributary))13.814
Timber Creek (Cheyenne River tributary)32.232
Timber Creek (James River tributary)50.250
Trail Creek25.626
Turkey Ridge Creek52.953
Turtle Creek (Bear-in-the-Lodge Creek tributary)1450
Turtle Creek (Cherry Creek tributary)17.718
Turtle Creek (James River tributary)125.3476
Twelvemile Creek52.3145
Twelvemile Creek - South Fork42.361
Twin Butte Creek21.146
Two Nation Creek24.424
Union Creek1.729
Valley Creek38.739
Veo Creek15.916
Vermillion River96.1627
Vermillion River - East Fork98.5146
Vermillion River - West Fork108.1108
Virgin Creek57.758
Wagonhound Creek16.416
War Creek8.552
War Creek - East Branch22.122
War Creek - West Branch21.622
Waterhole Creek23.323
West Badlands Creek15.315
West Brule Creek19.319
West Bull Creek24.925
West Cottonwood Creek21.121
West Elm Creek23.2122
West Horse Creek22.823
West Pearl Creek15.916
West Pipestone Creek43.443
West Plum Creek75.3106
West Redstone Creek41.241
West Tepee Creek14.615
West Union Creek12.312
Whetstone Creek5.6112
Whetstone Creek - North Fork40.240
Whetstone Creek - South Fork51.652
Whetstone River12.792
Whetstone River - North Fork42.543
Whetstone River - South Fork37.137
White Clay Creek (Bad River tributary)37.572
White Clay Creek - East Branch (Bad River tributary)34.635
White Clay Creek (White River tributary)4265
White Hill Creek20.220
Whitehorse Creek21.742
White Horse Creek (Oak Creek (White River tributary))11.427
White Horse Creek (Wounded Knee Creek tributary)16.316
White Owl Creek42.342
White River441.83,532
White Shirt Creek27.528
White Thunder Creek61.862
Whitewater Creek40.140
White Willow Creek35.135
Whitewood Creek4747
Wilburn Creek20.821
Wild Rice Creek20.120
Williams Creek2323
Willow Creek (Bad River tributary)51.451
Willow Creek (Belle Fourche River tributary)5384
Willow Creek (Big Sioux River tributary)33.133
Willow Creek - East Branch (Missouri River tributary)24.825
Willow Creek (Elm River (James River tributary))42.465
Willow Creek (Grand River tributary)34.635
Willow Creek (Keya Paha River tributary)27.728
Willow Creek (Skunk Creek tributary)29.129
Willow Creek - West Branch (Missouri River tributary)21.622
Willow Creek - West Fork (White River tributary)1616
Willow Creek (White River tributary)9.826
Wilson Creek (Grand River - North Fork tributary)1111
Wind Creek27.427
Witcher Holes Creek28.829
Wolf Creek - East Prong (White Clay Creek (White River tributary))1111
Wolf Creek (James River tributary)7091
Wolf Creek (Missouri River tributary)2727
Wolf Creek - South Prong (White Clay Creek (White River tributary))77
Wolf Creek (Turtle Creek tributary)93.6232
Wolf Creek (White Clay Creek (White River tributary))4.923
Wounded Knee Creek84.2101
Yellow Bank River - North Fork49.249
Yellow Bank River - South Fork30.452
Yukmi Creek18.418

Note: Lengths are for the part of the river/watershed within the boundary of this state.

Note: Mostly rivers/streams 15+ miles in length.

Data from United States Geological Survey