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United States Rivers

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River count665
River miles21,175

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Name Length
Agate Creek24.124
Andy Creek16.617
Animas River88.3258
Antelope Creek14.314
Antelope Creek (Bijou Creek tributary)40.440
Antelope Creek (Grape Creek tributary)18.136
Antelope Creek (South Rush Creek tributary)19.920
Anthracite Creek10.729
Apache Creek17.117
Apishapa River139.1208
Arapaho Creek16.316
Arikaree River148381
Arikaree River - North Fork50.250
Arkansas River362.94,980
Arkansas River - East Fork20.621
Bachicha Creek35.636
Badger Creek (Arkansas River tributary)33.634
Badger Creek (South Platte River tributary)98.799
Basin Creek14.515
Battle Creek (Little Snake River tributary)0.40
Battle Creek (Republican River - South Fork tributary)55
Bear Creek (Cucharas River tributary)21.622
Bear Creek (Dolores River tributary)13.914
Bear Creek (South Platte River tributary)45.868
Bear River18.619
Beaver Creek (Arkansas River tributary)2275
Beaver Creek (Bonny Creek tributary)48.749
Beaver Creek (Dolores River tributary)3256
Beaver Creek (Green River tributary)15.415
Beaver Creek (Gunnison River tributary)20.721
Beaver Creek (Los Pinos River tributary)26.727
Beaver Creek (Rio Grande - South Fork tributary)16.517
Beaver Creek (Roaring Fork tributary)18.418
Beaver Creek (San Miguel River tributary)24.725
Beaver Creek (South Platte River tributary)165.1481
Big Blue Creek28.929
Big Creek (Elk River tributary)20.921
Big Creek (Plateau Creek tributary)16.517
Big Creek - South Fork (Big Creek (North Platte River tributary))16.717
Big Dominguez Creek30.248
Big Dry Creek (South Platte River tributary)42.643
Big Dry Creek (South Platte River tributary)16.917
Big Gypsum Creek20.721
Big Sandy Creek210.8734
Big Spring Creek31.871
Big Springs Creek15.616
Big Thompson River79.1219
Big Thompson River - North Fork22.723
Big Timber Creek44.745
Bijou Creek45.4488
Bitter Creek (White River (Green River tributary))7.68
Black Squirrel Creek63.6102
Black Sulphur Creek21.736
Blue Creek (Dolores River tributary)18.634
Blue Creek (Gunnison River tributary)3.633
Blue River64.683
Bonny Creek52.5101
Boswell Creek5.86
Boulder Creek31.5170
Boxelder Creek43.186
Box Elder Creek82134
Brackett Creek23.123
Breckenridge Creek30.3119
Browns Creek15.516
Brush Creek18.819
Buck Creek26.927
Buckhorn Creek32.549
Buffalo Creek (Arkansas River tributary)14.815
Buffalo Creek (Grizzly Creek tributary)19.520
Buffalo Creek (Republican River - South Fork tributary)59.860
Buzzard Creek37.437
Cabin Creek1414
Cache la Poudre River127.2416
Cache La Poudre River - North Fork59.2160
Cache la Poudre River - South Fork2727
Caddoa Creek55.355
Calamity Creek15.716
Canadian River (Arkansas River tributary)3.38
Canadian River (North Platte River tributary)55.556
Canyon Creek (Colorado River tributary)15.716
Canyon Creek (Vermillion Creek tributary)10.611
Capitol Creek14.414
Carr Creek16.717
Carrol Creek16.131
Cascade Creek15.115
Castle Creek1919
Cat Creek (Clay Creek tributary)13.814
Cat Creek (San Juan River tributary)14.414
Cathedral Creek13.814
Cattle Creek24.224
Cebolla Creek49.567
Cedar Creek60.6129
Cement Creek17.417
Chacuaco Creek58.8161
Chalk Creek27.327
Chedsey Creek21.436
Cherry Creek (La Plata River tributary)27.528
Cherry Creek (Republican River - South Fork tributary)0.81
Cherry Creek (South Platte River tributary)47.9107
Cheyenne Creek (Arkansas River tributary)6.87
Chicago Creek1414
Chicken Creek17.918
Chico Creek53.7173
Chicorica Creek4.44
Cimarron River17.3261
Cimarron River (Gunnison River tributary)21.946
Cimarron River - North Fork50117
Clay Creek33.362
Clear Creek (Rio Grande tributary)5.440
Clear Creek (Roan Creek tributary)24.424
Clear Creek (South Platte River tributary)66.2143
Clear Creek - West Fork (South Platte River tributary)13.914
Cliff Creek7.37
Coach (Coates) Creek14.722
Coal Creek (Anthracite Creek tributary)18.218
Coal Creek (Boulder Creek tributary)3652
Coal Creek (White River (Green River tributary))20.621
Cochetopa Creek63103
Colorado River305.77,801
Comanche Creek81.4134
Conejos River92.6174
Costilla Creek14.114
Cottonwood Creek (Beaver Creek (South Platte River tributary))18.318
Cottonwood Creek (Colorado River tributary)14.214
Cottonwood Creek (Currant Creek tributary)28.428
Cottonwood Creek (Pawnee Creek tributary)22.422
Cottonwood Creek (White River (Green River tributary))18.318
Cow Creek (Lodgepole Creek (South Platte River tributary))22.222
Cow Creek (Owl Creek tributary)13.714
Cow Creek (Smoky Hill River - North Fork tributary)13.914
Cow Creek (Uncompahgre River tributary)24.625
Cow Creek (West Muddy Creek tributary)14.314
Coyote Creek (Navajo River tributary)17.117
Coyote Creek (Rock Creek tributary)43.343
Craig Creek16.416
Crestone Creek15.115
Criswell Creek16.316
Cross Creek17.217
Crow Creek (South Platte River tributary)83.8242
Crystal Creek15.215
Crystal River36.236
Cucharas River74.9137
Culebra Creek37.681
Curecanti Creek21.522
Currant Creek36.565
Currant Creek24.224
Dale Creek11.120
Darby Creek14.314
Dead Horse Creek27.289
Deep Creek (Colorado River tributary)20.320
Deep Creek (Elk River tributary)14.314
Deer Creek (Morapos Creek tributary)15.115
Deer Creek (South Platte River - North Fork tributary)21.522
Devil Creek22.823
Dirty George Creek11.912
Disappointment Creek68.586
Dolores Creek17.918
Dolores River229.3969
Douglas Creek26.397
Dripping Rock Creek25.726
Dry Creek4157
Duck Creek35.435
Dugout Creek35.636
Eagle River60.6162
East Beaver Creek15.215
East Bijou Creek88.1213
East Carrizo Creek15.916
East Cherry Creek23.824
East Creek20.242
East Douglas Creek31.746
East Elk Creek13.614
East Lake Creek16.617
Eastman Creek17.918
East McElmo Creek14.815
East Muddy Creek13.814
East Paradox Creek17.618
East Rifle Creek18.819
East River38.279
East Salt Creek44.344
East Timberlake Creek9.810
Egeria Creek31.545
Eightmile Creek29.630
Elk Creek (Colorado River tributary)4.239
Elk Creek (Conejos River tributary)17.117
Elk Creek (South Platte River - North Fork tributary)22.422
Elkhead Creek56.557
Elk River34.2102
Elk River - North Fork15.215
El Poso Creek14.715
Embargo Creek18.619
Escalante Creek19.654
Escalante Creek - North Fork18.519
Eureka Creek (Big Spring Creek tributary)20.721
Eureka Creek (Black Sulphur Creek tributary)14.615
Evacuation Creek5.726
Fall River17.217
First Creek16.917
Fish Creek (Dale Creek tributary)8.99
Fish Creek (Trout Creek (Yampa River tributary))37.437
Fish Creek (Twin Creek tributary)1414
Fish Creek (West Dolores River tributary)14.114
Flag Creek25.626
Florida River61.679
Fortification Creek43.961
Fountain Creek75.3206
Fourmile Creek (Arkansas River tributary)53.2117
Fourmile Creek (Boulder Creek tributary)15.315
Fourmile Creek (Little Snake River tributary)35.671
Fourmile Creek (Roaring Fork River tributary)1515
Fourmile Creek (San Juan River tributary)15.415
Fourmile Creek (South Platte River - South Fork tributary)31.847
Fox Creek17.918
Fraser River32.763
Freezeout Creek17.131
Frenchman Creek24.8136
Frenchman Creek - North Fork56.156
Frenchman Creek - South Fork28.629
Frijole Creek15.816
Froze Creek17.618
Fryingpan River42.356
Garfield Creek15.716
Geary Creek38.939
Geneva Creek14.815
George Creek23.323
Good Spring Creek1717
Goose Creek (Rio Grande tributary)19.520
Goose Creek (Smoky Hill River tributary)10.110
Goose Creek (South Platte River tributary)14.815
Gordon Creek (Arikaree River tributary)58.458
Gordon Creek (Cache la Poudre River tributary)15.415
Gore Creek18.619
Government Creek18.819
Graneros Creek17.718
Granite Creek9.19
Grape Creek59.295
Greenhorn Creek45.780
Green River42.52,098
Grizzly Creek (Colorado River tributary)17.317
Grizzly Creek (North Platte River tributary)5676
Gunnison River164.41,751
Gunnison River - North Fork37.6138
Gypsum Creek23.123
Hackberry Creek23.824
Hamilton Creek21.722
Happy Canyon Creek22.440
Hardscrabble Creek18.749
Hell Creek (Arikaree River tributary)42.166
Hell Creek (Republican River - South Fork tributary)6565
Henson Creek18.318
Hermosa Creek30.130
High Creek (Fourmile Creek (Arkansas River tributary))15.816
High Creek (Fourmile Creek (South Platte River - South Fork tributary))1515
Homestake Creek13.914
Horse Creek (Arkansas River tributary)128.9407
Horse Creek (Box Elder Creek tributary)15.115
Horse Creek - North Fork (Arkansas River tributary)1515
Horse Creek (South Platte River tributary)469
Horsefly Creek28.428
Hot Creek14.414
Hot Springs Creek15.616
Huerfano River112.8336
Hunter Creek15.616
Igo Creek18.619
Illinois River71.4115
Indian Creek (Boxelder Creek tributary)18.619
Indian Creek (Kannah Creek tributary)16.517
Jack Creek2020
Jefferson Creek14.715
Jerry Creek19.820
Jimmy Camp Creek23.824
Johnny Creek24.625
Johnson Creek (Laramie River tributary)1111
Junction Creek15.415
Kannah Creek30.362
Kannah Creek - North Fork14.715
Kelso Creek15.415
Kerber Creek23.824
Kimball Creek21.121
King Creek13.714
King Solomon Creek15.215
Kiowa Creek122.5327
Kramer Creek23.123
Ladder Creek49.469
Ladder Creek - North Fork19.920
La Jara Creek78.793
Lake Creek (Arkansas River tributary)14.314
Lake Creek (Big Sandy Creek tributary)1515
Lake Creek (Eagle River tributary)2.128
Lake Creek (North Platte River - North Fork tributary)28.428
Lake Fork64.6101
Landsman Creek72.873
La Plata River45.473
Laramie River43.498
La Sal Creek12.713
Lay Creek34.835
Left Hand Creek3434
Leopard Creek1414
Leroux Creek16.517
Lickdab Creek23.323
Lightner Creek15.916
Lime Creek13.814
Little Bear Creek16.917
Little Beaver Creek (Beaver Creek (Sappa Creek tributary))21.421
Little Cimarron River24.525
Little Crow Creek19.6137
Little Dolores River3434
Little Dominguez Creek17.918
Little Fountain Creek24.324
Little Grizzly Creek3369
Little Horse Creek54.955
Little Muddy Creek20.120
Little Owl Creek23.624
Little Simpson Creek1.72
Little Snake River112.9311
Little Snake River - Middle Fork17.533
Little Snake River - North Fork11
Little Snake River - South Fork18.218
Little Spring Creek18.118
Little Thompson River51.652
Lodgepole Creek (South Platte River tributary)4.126
Lone Pine Creek13.950
Lone Tree Creek (Fivemile Creek (Laramie River tributary))1.11
Lone Tree Creek (South Platte River tributary)64.7217
Long Branch45.345
Long Creek (North Rush Creek tributary)18.418
Long Creek (Purgatoire River tributary)15.716
Los Pinos Creek24.625
Los Pinos River65.9156
Lost Canyon Creek29.630
Lost Creek40.541
Main Elk Creek20.921
Mancos River81.499
Marshall Creek15.616
Martinez Creek15.916
Marvine Creek15.215
McElmo Creek50.766
McIntyre Creek19.219
McKenzie Creek14.715
Mesa Creek2.128
Mesa Creek - North Fork10.611
Mesa Creek - South Fork15.716
Michigan Creek22.437
Michigan River68.9198
Michigan River - South Fork13.814
Middle Beaver Creek (Beaver Creek (Sappa Creek tributary))41.277
Middle Bijou Creek34.464
Middle Boulder Creek13.714
Middle Creek (North Saint Charles River tributary)15.415
Middle Creek (Saguache Creek tributary)13.614
Middle Creek (Trout Creek (Yampa River tributary))19.520
Middlemist Creek43.544
Middle Plum Creek17.818
Middle Rush Creek38.939
Middle Saint Vrain Creek17.718
Milk Creek49.782
Mill Creek14.915
Miners Creek13.914
Missouri Creek20.320
Monitor Creek19.720
Monument Creek (Carrol Creek tributary)15.215
Monument Creek (Fountain Creek tributary)36.637
Morapos Creek26.241
Morrison Creek21.622
Mud Creek46.872
Muddy Creek (Bijou Creek tributary)70.9105
Muddy Creek (Colorado River tributary)60.581
Muddy Creek (Greenhorn Creek tributary)16.917
Muddy Creek (Gunnison River - North Fork tributary)1.455
Muddy Creek (Huerfano River tributary)19.419
Muddy Creek (Rule Creek tributary)30.855
Mule Creek24.925
Mustang Creek (Apishapa River tributary)40.841
Mustang Creek (South Rush Creek tributary)38.338
Mustang Creek (Two Butte Creek tributary)17.217
Naturita Creek31.253
Navajo River3855
Nelson Creek15.816
Newcomb Creek14.214
North Abeyta Creek15.616
North Boulder Creek17.818
North Butte Creek40.140
North Carrizo Creek12127
North Clear Creek20.821
North Clear Creek17.217
North East Creek21.622
North Hardscrabble Creek14.615
North Lone Pine Creek17.518
North Pawnee Creek36.855
North Platte River47.3680
North Platte River - North Fork37.366
North Plum Creek1010
North Rush Creek3167
North Saint Charles River6.522
North Saint Vrain Creek31.532
North Sand Creek14.615
North Turkey Creek13.714
Oak Creek (Arkansas River tributary)31.532
Oak Creek (Yampa River tributary)38.138
Ohio Creek26.727
Owl Creek51.5107
Parachute Creek14.747
Parachute Creek - East Fork14.414
Parachute Creek - Middle Fork519
Parachute Creek - West Fork1313
Park Creek16.917
Pass Creek14.314
Pauline Creek15.315
Pawnee Creek46.5225
Peck Creek1818
Piceance Creek57.994
Piedra River42.5181
Piedra River - East Fork1616
Piedra River - Middle Fork15.415
Pine Creek16.917
Piney River28.228
Pinkham Creek15.415
Pinos Creek13.814
Pintada Creek27.728
Plateau Creek (Beaver Creek (Dolores River tributary))23.524
Plateau Creek (Colorado River tributary)50.3104
Plum Bush Creek16.961
Plum Bush Creek - East Fork1919
Plum Bush Creek - West Fork25.325
Plum Creek (Chacuaco Creek tributary)27.628
Plum Creek (Two Butte Creek tributary)2566
Poitrey Creek20.120
Poncha Creek15.616
Pond Creek (Dead Horse Creek tributary)16.116
Pond Creek (Dead Horse Creek tributary)45.445
Porter Creek16.144
Pot Creek8.69
Potter Creek21.141
Potty Brown Creek13.914
Purgatoire River195.9569
Purgatoire River - Middle Fork77
Purgatoire River - North Fork19.219
Purgatoire River - South Fork20.120
Quartz Creek18.919
Ralston Creek3232
Ranch Creek15.415
Raton Creek14.515
Rattlesnake Creek (Beaver Creek (South Platte River tributary))25.526
Rattlesnake Creek (East Bijou Creek tributary)27.928
Rawhide Creek14.314
Razor Creek24.224
Red Creek19.319
Red Dirt Creek (Muddy Creek (Colorado River tributary))2020
Red Dirt Creek (Rock Creek (Colorado River tributary))6.151
Red Mountain Creek14.314
Redstone Creek16.316
Reed Springs Creek16.817
Renegade Creek2.88
Republican River - North Fork45.546
Republican River - South Fork118.2640
Rifle Creek11.462
Rio Blanco33.751
Rio Chama812
Rio Chamita4.34
Rio de los Pinos19.820
Rio Grande197.6832
Rio Grande - South Fork2154
Rio San Antonio26.346
Rito Alto Creek18.619
Rito Blanco17.518
Rito Seco14.715
Rito Seco8.79
Roan Creek45.7127
Roaring Fork20.739
Roaring Fork River68.3287
Roc Creek14.515
Rock Creek47.9163
Rock Creek (Arkansas River tributary)20.721
Rock Creek (Cebolla Creek tributary)1717
Rock Creek (Coal Creek (Boulder Creek tributary))15.516
Rock Creek (Colorado River tributary)25.777
Rock Creek (Kiowa Creek tributary)26.827
Rock Creek (Smoky Hill River - North Fork tributary)14.715
Roubideau Creek41.699
Rule Creek (Arkansas River tributary)71.8127
Rule Creek (Trout Creek (Horse Creek (South Platte River tributary)))14.615
Running Creek36.637
Rush Creek (Arkansas River tributary)14.114
Rush Creek (Big Sandy Creek tributary)116.6376
Ryan Creek4.75
Sage Creek (Yampa River tributary)16.517
Saguache Creek88.5131
Saguache Creek - Middle Fork14.515
Saint Charles River64.6167
Saint Louis Creek14.414
Saint Vrain Creek32.3314
Salado Creek2828
Saltado Creek14.314
Salt Creek (Arkansas River tributary)20.420
Salt Creek (Colorado River tributary)3.687
Salt Creek (Florida River tributary)17.518
Salt Creek (Purgatoire River tributary)1414
Sand Arroyo Creek66.867
Sand Creek (Beaver Creek (South Platte River tributary))47109
Sand Creek (Boxelder Creek tributary)10.410
Sand Creek (Crow Creek (South Platte River tributary))20.721
Sand Creek (Fountain Creek tributary)18.919
Sand Creek (Laramie River tributary)17.518
Sand Creek (Middle Beaver Creek tributary)35.836
Sand Creek (Pawnee Creek tributary)14.615
Sand Creek (Republican River - South Fork tributary)48.148
Sand Creek (South Platte River tributary)14.615
Sand Creek (Spring Creek (Stinking Water Creek tributary))26.426
Sandy Creek (Smoky Hill River - North Fork tributary)36.637
San Francisco Creek28.854
Sangre de Cristo Creek35.958
San Isabel Creek1717
San Isidro Creek16.725
San Juan River60.51,089
San Juan River - East Fork12.613
San Juan River - West Fork1818
San Luis Creek60.5135
San Miguel River83.4324
Santa Clara Creek25.225
Sarvis Creek18.619
Second Creek2525
Sevenmile Creek16.416
Sheep Creek (Cache La Poudre River - North Fork tributary)16.316
Sheep Creek (Saguache Creek tributary)14.214
Sheephorn Creek14.915
Shell Creek (Vermillion Creek tributary)15.616
Simpson Creek26.628
Sixmile Creek15.415
Slater Creek36.537
Slate River23.624
Smith Fork2727
Smoky Hill River57315
Smoky Hill River - North Fork85.6167
Snowmass Creek22.837
Soap Creek23.323
Soldier Creek14.314
South Arkansas River24.640
South Beaver Creek26.226
South Beaver Creek1.72
South Boulder Creek40.140
South Clear Creek13.313
South Hardscrabble Creek16.116
South Ladder Creek42.643
South Lone Pine Creek18.318
South Oak Creek14.214
South Pawnee Creek28.152
South Platte River348.54,697
South Platte River - Middle Fork49.773
South Platte River - North Fork52.2127
South Platte River - South Fork45.2116
South Plum Creek1313
South Rush Creek50.7109
South Saint Vrain Creek2947
Spotwood Creek44
Spring Creek (Disappointment Creek tributary)17.217
Spring Creek - East Branch (Republican River - South Fork tributary)58.759
Spring Creek (Lone Tree Creek (South Platte River tributary))4242
Spring Creek (Los Pinos River tributary)23.624
Spring Creek (Pawnee Creek tributary)34.935
Spring Creek (Republican River - South Fork tributary)60.3119
Spring Creek (Taylor River tributary)18.919
Spring Creek (Uncompahgre River tributary)20.521
Spring Creek (Yampa River tributary)26.827
Steels Fork58.789
Steels Fork - West Branch30.330
Stinking Water Creek19.419
Stollsteimer Creek24.440
Stoner Creek18.118
Strawberry Creek23.724
Surface Creek2121
Surveyor Creek7272
Sweetwater Creek21.221
Tabeguache Creek35.135
Talamantes Creek16.617
Tallahassee Creek10.575
Tarryall Creek68.6106
Taylor River48.287
Tecolate Creek17.818
Tenmile Creek18.519
Texas Creek (Arkansas River tributary)26.527
Texas Creek (Taylor River tributary)19.720
Timberlake Creek11.435
Timpas Creek72.573
Tobe Creek1919
Tomichi Creek71.8249
Tongue Creek11.658
Trail Creek14.915
Trementina Creek27.227
Trinchera Creek (Purgatoire River tributary)24.424
Trinchera Creek (Rio Grande tributary)27.486
Troublesome Creek25.548
Troublesome Creek - East Fork22.923
Trout Creek (Horse Creek (South Platte River tributary))28.243
Trout Creek (South Platte River - Middle Fork tributary)23.624
Trout Creek (Yampa River tributary)42.9100
Turkey Creek (Arkansas River tributary)3838
Turkey Creek (Bear Creek (South Platte River tributary))8.122
Turkey Creek (Huerfano River tributary)17.317
Turkey Creek (San Juan River tributary)13.714
Turners Creek18.318
Turtle Creek16.116
Twin Creek15.730
Two Butte Creek152.2307
Twomile Creek31.231
Uncompahgre River79.6165
Ute Creek22.322
Ute Creek16.116
Vallecito Creek23.824
Vega Creek61.562
Ventero Creek14.114
Vermillion Creek52.495
Walton Creek16.116
Ward Creek13.914
Weminuche Creek23.123
West Beaver Creek18.919
West Bijou Creek84.484
West Carrizo Creek53.799
West Cherry Creek20.735
West Clay Creek14.615
West Creek (Dolores River tributary)26.226
West Creek (Horse Creek (South Platte River tributary))22.322
West Dolores River3549
West Douglas Creek25.325
West Elk Creek19.820
West Fourmile Creek17.818
West Kiowa Creek18.819
West Lake Creek9.49
West Mud Creek25.526
West Muddy Creek25.540
West Rifle Creek12.713
West Salt Creek3939
West Timberlake Creek1414
Wetzel Creek31.732
White River (Green River tributary)124.3642
White River - North Fork (Green River tributary)33.148
White River - South Fork (Green River tributary)38.739
Whitewater Creek18.519
White Woman Creek27.327
Wildcat Creek36.837
Wild Horse Creek (Big Sandy Creek tributary)4545
Wild Horse Creek (South Pawnee Creek tributary)23.524
Williams Creek (Fountain Creek tributary)26.827
Williams Creek (Huerfano River tributary)20.521
Williams Creek (Piedra River tributary)21.121
Williams Fork (Colorado River tributary)33.834
Williams Fork - East Fork (Yampa River tributary)34.334
Williams Fork - South Fork (Yampa River tributary)19.720
Williams Fork (Yampa River tributary)27.6123
Willow Creek (Colorado River tributary)35.836
Willow Creek (Elk River tributary)17.217
Willow Creek (Gunnison River tributary)2020
Willow Creek (Illinois River tributary)2424
Willow Creek (Lake Fork tributary)18.218
Willow Creek (Little Crow Creek tributary)34.434
Willow Creek (Little Snake River tributary)14.114
Willow Creek (Little Snake River tributary)24.424
Willow Creek (Smoky Hill River tributary)6.16
Willow Creek (Smoky Hill River tributary)30.531
Wilson Creek (Fourmile Creek (Arkansas River tributary))29.730
Wilson Creek (Middle Bijou Creek tributary)29.229
Wilson Creek (Milk Creek tributary)15.716
Wolf Creek (Comanche Creek tributary)52.452
Wolf Creek (White River (Green River tributary))47.548
Woody Creek14.915
Yampa River242.71,287
Yellow Creek24.725

Note: Lengths are for the part of the river/watershed within the boundary of this state.

Note: Mostly rivers/streams 15+ miles in length.

Data from United States Geological Survey