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New Mexico

River count315
River miles10,688

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Name Length
Agua Chiquita Creek37.237
Aguilar Creek15.516
Alamocita Creek27.227
Alamo Creek6.721
Alamosa Creek14.114
Alamosa Creek (Rio Grande tributary)62.362
Alamosa Creek (Taiban Creek tributary)58.258
Alamos Creek31.231
Alona Creek9.227
Amargo Creek35.153
Animas River3636
Apache Creek (East Rita Blanca Creek tributary)3838
Apache Creek (Gila River tributary)1111
Archuleta Creek14.715
Arroyo Chico33.663
Arroyo del Macho96.2136
Atarque Creek46.947
Baca Spring Creek22.623
Banderitas Creek16.617
Barranca Creek37.938
Bear Creek33.734
Beaver Creek14.615
Berrenda Creek35.836
Berrendo Creek17.417
Bitter Creek (Gila River tributary)6.36
Black Canyon Creek25.626
Black Creek2.93
Blanca Creek20.120
Blue Creek37.337
Bluewater Creek55.455
Bob Wells Creek19.219
Buckhorn Creek23.924
Bueyeros Creek17.518
Bull Canyon Creek22.222
Bull Creek17.117
Bushnell Creek15.315
Cabresto Creek2525
Cabresto Creek1818
Cameron Creek2424
Campbell Blue Creek0.30
Cañada Ancha14.815
Cañada Bonita24.925
Cañada de la Entranas19.520
Cañada de Ojo Sarco14.615
Cañada los Apaches29.930
Canadian River (Arkansas River tributary)341.92,695
Canyon Creek14.414
Carrizo Creek (Arroyo del Macho tributary)19.419
Carrizo Creek (Canadian River (Arkansas River tributary))19.319
Carrizo Creek (Rita Blanca Creek tributary)82124
Carrizozo Creek46.446
Carros Creek20.821
Cebolla Creek20.721
Cedar Creek23.924
Centerfire Creek17.117
Cerrososo Creek3737
Chaco River106171
Charco Creek37.538
Cherisco Creek17.317
Cherry Creek19.620
Chical Creek17.417
Chico Creek35.435
Chicorica Creek28.178
Chloride Creek16.416
Cibolo Creek16.216
Cienega Creek14.414
Cieneguilla Creek19.419
Cimarron River69.2322
Coal Creek3.13
Coal Creek15.315
Conchas River84119
Corazon Creek21.121
Corrumpa Creek74.9137
Corrumpa Creek - North Branch1515
Costilla Creek40.941
Cottonwood Creek17.554
Cow Creek30.147
Coyote Creek (Little Colorado River tributary)3.84
Coyote Creek (Mora River tributary)46.263
Coyote Creek (Navajo River tributary)0.61
Coyote Creek (Rio Puerco (Rio Chama tributary))1515
Cramer Creek66
Crooked Creek41.942
Crow Creek32.933
Cuchillo Negro Creek40.593
Cuervo Creek46.664
Curtis Creek19.419
Deep Creek18.519
Delaware River8.38
Diamond Creek27.245
Dry Cimarron River110.8169
Duck Creek23.165
Eagle Creek20.339
Eagle Creek7070
El Rito3636
Embudo Creek12.886
Encinal Creek16.216
Entrania Creek17.317
Escondido Creek10.863
Esteros Creek26.126
Farmington Glade2626
Frances Creek20.521
Galisteo Creek55.355
Gallegos Creek20.120
Gallegos Creek18.318
Gallinas Creek3045
Gallinas River63.6124
Garcia Creek27.327
Gila River106.5969
Gila River - East Fork27.6116
Gila River - Middle Fork3766
Gila River - West Fork37.2122
Harden Cienega Creek5.66
Indian Creek (Chaco River tributary)49.550
Indian Creek (Gila River - Middle Fork tributary)14.515
Indian Creek (Rocky Arroyo tributary)17.618
Jaralosa Creek2222
Jemez River49.1199
Jemez River - East Fork22.222
La Cinta Creek71.4116
Lagartija Creek1515
La Jara Creek50.450
La Jara Creek16.517
La Jencia Creek24.825
La Manga Creek27.528
La Plata River26.126
Largo Creek67.4152
Las Animas Creek40.641
Latir Creek15.315
LeFebres Creek13.814
Leon Creek17.818
Little Creek (Eagle Creek tributary)18.719
Little Creek (Gila River - West Fork tributary)18.519
Long Creek (Purgatoire River tributary)9.49
Los Pinos River13.614
Mancos River4.14
Mangas Creek28.529
Mangas Creek25.225
Manuelitas Creek19.319
Mesita Creek13.614
Middle Ponil Creek23.924
Mimbres River99.7254
Mimbres River - East Fork1515
Mineral Creek17.317
Minneosa Creek28.228
Mogollon Creek29.830
Monia Creek26.263
Mora River127.7302
Moras Creek17.918
Mule Creek14.114
Mule Creek18.751
Navajo River1872
Negrito Creek1343
Negrito Creek - North Fork13.213
Negrito Creek - South Fork16.817
North Cottonwood Creek26.226
North Percha Creek17.818
North Ponil Creek26.627
North Seco Creek15.616
North Seven Rivers2121
Oak Grove Creek14.615
Ocate Creek54.6110
Pajarito Creek75.5118
Palomas Creek2490
Palomas Creek - North Fork22.923
Palomas Creek - South Fork23.524
Patos Creek20.420
Pecos River527.52,155
Pedroso Creek22.422
Percha Creek25.744
Perico Creek47.748
Pinabetes Creek45.663
Pine Cienega Creek17.932
Plaza Larga Creek31.3134
Pojoaque Creek6.636
Pojoaque River5.156
Ponil Creek18.7122
Poverty Creek21.136
Pueblo Creek24.224
Puerco River78.4116
Puerco River - South Fork35.135
Punta de Agua Creek1450
Rafael Creek27.828
Raton Creek18.719
Rayado Creek44.790
Red River27.245
Revuelto Creek42.8177
Rinconada Creek16.917
Rio Bonito39.858
Rio Brazos26.727
Rio Cebolla23.423
Rio Cebolla23.524
Rio Chama120.2524
Rio Chamita13.914
Rio Chiquito19.119
Rio Chupadero14.815
Rio de Arenas16.817
Rio de las Trampas18.819
Rio de las Vacas26.927
Rio del Oso15.916
Rio de los Pinos21.321
Rio del Plano32.132
Rio de Truchas2323
Rio Felix94.6164
Rio Fernando de Taos23.524
Rio Gallina37.838
Rio Grande475.25,238
Rio Grande del Rancho2862
Rio Guadalupe13.764
Rio Hondo19.219
Rio Hondo86.4260
Rio Lucero17.217
Rio Medio19.920
Rio Moquino4.240
Rio Mora20.420
Rio Nambe14.114
Rio Nutria37.838
Rio Nutrias41.141
Rio Ojo Caliente24.6106
Rio Paguate24.664
Rio Peñasco116.5209
Rio Pescado43.965
Rio Pueblo25.626
Rio Pueblo de Taos32.2135
Rio Puerco (Rio Chama tributary)25.541
Rio Puerco (Rio Grande tributary)224.7518
Rio Quemado15.516
Rio Ruidoso36.175
Rio Salado (Jemez River tributary)31.231
Rio Salado (Rio Grande tributary)83.2202
Rio San Antonio32.854
Rio San Jose83.6181
Rio Santa Barbara13.714
Rio Tesuque15.516
Rio Tusas46.346
Rio Vallecitos3535
Rito Creek21.985
Rito de la Olla14.515
Rito de los Frijoles14.414
Rito de Tierra Amarilla24.925
Rito Seco5.15
Rocky Arroyo33.351
Sacaton Creek18.118
Salado Creek (Cimarron River tributary)20.921
Salado Creek (Palomas Creek tributary)19.620
Salado Creek (Pecos River tributary)32.833
Salado Creek (Rio Bonito tributary)18.619
Salado Creek (Rio Puerco (Rio Grande tributary))19.520
Salitre Creek13.814
Salt Creek55.6228
Saltpeter Creek17.718
San Antonio Creek32.132
Sand Creek17.618
San Francisco River103.9362
San Ignacio Creek23.624
San Isidro Creek8.113
San Jon Creek2727
San Juan River134.3579
San Miguel Creek29.730
San Simon River16.717
Santa Clara Creek25.125
Santa Cruz River12.248
Santa Fe River50.371
San Vicente Arroyo37.3139
Sapello River46.866
Sapillo Creek20.521
Sauz Creek21.421
Sawmill Creek1414
Seboyeta Creek18.719
Seboyetita Creek16.817
Seco Creek (La Cinta Creek tributary)1331
Seco Creek (Rio Grande tributary)25.341
Seneca Creek66.197
Sloan Creek16.617
South Carrizo Creek2.32
South Cottonwood Creek10.611
South Diamond Creek18.118
South Ponil Creek15.740
Spring Creek (Corrumpa Creek tributary)18.819
Spring Creek (Pecos River tributary)14.615
Squaw Creek27.327
Sweetwater Creek25.225
Taiban Creek20.997
Taylor Creek17.317
Tecolote Creek56.577
Tesesquite Creek0.71
Tierra Blanca Creek36.236
Tierra Blanca Creek (Red River of the South - Prairie Dog Town Fork tributary)14.414
Tinaja Creek26.527
Tramperos Creek77.8170
Travesser Creek41.542
Trementina Creek1.11
Tres Hermanos Creek20.921
Trinchera Creek (Purgatoire River tributary)7.58
Trout Creek16.116
Truchas Creek28.929
Trujillo Creek13.440
Tularosa River42.586
Turkey Creek (Gila River tributary)17.618
Turkey Creek (Poverty Creek tributary)14.515
Una de Gato Creek31.131
Urraca Creek18.418
Van Bremmer Creek43.644
Ventero Creek1.31
Vermejo River70.2132
Walnut Creek30.230
Webb Creek18.318
Whitewater Creek (San Francisco River tributary)19.820
Whitewater Creek (San Vicente Arroyo tributary)26.727
Willow Creek (Canadian River (Arkansas River tributary))15.916
Willow Creek (Rio Chama tributary)37.137
Wolf Creek23.423
Yeso Creek47.748
Zeufeldt Arroyo21.837
Zuñi River34.5137

Note: Lengths are for the part of the river/watershed within the boundary of this state.

Note: Mostly rivers/streams 15+ miles in length.

Data from United States Geological Survey