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United States Rivers

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River count776
River miles25,486

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Name Length
Adams Creek19.319
Alexander Dry Creek25.626
Allen Creek33.550
Alum Creek1818
Antelope Creek (Big Sandy Creek (Cimarron River tributary))17.417
Antelope Creek (Kansas River tributary)20.821
Antelope Creek (South Cottonwood River tributary)15.215
Appanoose Creek30.931
Arikaree River33
Arkansas River441.411,044
Arkansas River - Salt Fork60.81,272
Ash Creek (Arkansas River tributary)56.957
Ash Creek (Solomon River - North Fork tributary)15.315
Ash Creek (Solomon River - South Fork tributary)15.315
Asher Creek2.932
Bachelor Creek (Labette Creek tributary)18.118
Bachelor Creek (Walnut Creek (Verdigris River tributary))27.728
Bacon Creek24.224
Badger Creek (Chapman Creek tributary)17.217
Badger Creek (Neosho River tributary)15.716
Baehr Creek16.617
Battle Creek (Prosser Creek tributary)15.916
Battle Creek (Republican River - South Fork tributary)17.618
Bazine Dry Creek43.744
Bear Creek16.553
Bear Creek - East Branch16.216
Bear Creek - West Branch20.521
Beaver Creek (Arkansas River tributary)13.923
Beaver Creek (Chikaskia River tributary)15.916
Beaver Creek (Crooked Creek (Solomon River - North Fork tributary))16.517
Beaver Creek (Republican River tributary)21.121
Beaver Creek (Sappa Creek tributary)143.6359
Beaver Creek (Smoky Hill River tributary)2626
Beaver Creek (Solomon River - North Fork tributary)14.3104
Bee Creek2323
Bemis Creek20.220
Big Blue River88.9841
Big Cedar Creek16.416
Big Creek (Neosho River tributary)35.135
Big Creek (Neosho River tributary)6.864
Big Creek - North Fork (Smoky Hill River tributary)47.765
Big Creek - North Fork (Smoky Hill River tributary)20.621
Big Creek (Smoky Hill River tributary)221.2385
Big Creek (Verdigris River tributary)2.53
Big Hill Creek53.153
Big Nemaha River - South Fork31.498
Big Sandy Creek (Arkansas River - Salt Fork tributary)18.719
Big Sandy Creek (Cimarron River tributary)30.4217
Big Sugar Creek37.295
Big Timber Creek (Prairie Dog Creek tributary)32.432
Big Timber Creek (Republican River - South Fork tributary)28.629
Big Timber Creek (Smoky Hill River tributary)71.991
Big Timber Creek (Solomon River - North Fork tributary)18.218
Bird Creek15.315
Bissell Creek16.116
Bitter Creek (Chikaskia River tributary)14.924
Black Kettle Creek29.329
Black Vermillion River52.1185
Black Vermillion River - North Fork25.225
Blaze Fork33.133
Blood Creek26.927
Bloody Creek17.117
Blue River7.427
Bluff Creek (Chikaskia River tributary)71.3197
Bluff Creek (Cimarron River tributary)76.2199
Bluff Creek (Rock Creek (Neosho River tributary))16.817
Bluff Creek - West Branch (Chikaskia River tributary)18.619
Boot Creek16.416
Bourbonais Creek15.415
Bow Creek139.8183
Bowman Creek16.116
Boxelder Creek21.722
Browns Creek35.536
Brush Creek (Cow Creek (Spring River tributary))15.616
Brush Creek (Owl Creek (Saline River tributary))17.217
Brush Creek (Spring River tributary)20.621
Buck Creek15.816
Buckeye Creek (Cottonwood River tributary)16.517
Buckeye Creek (Solomon River tributary)22.422
Buckner Creek105.9325
Buffalo Creek (Republican River tributary)52.8177
Buffalo Creek (Smoky Hill River tributary)18.619
Buffalo Creek (Verdigris River tributary)5.240
Bullard Creek16.139
Bull Creek (Cow Creek (Arkansas River tributary))20.320
Bull Creek (Marais des Cygnes River tributary)37.3101
Bullfoot Creek29.545
Burntwood Creek2.73
Burr Oak Creek23.924
Cactus Creek22.823
Calf Creek20.921
Caney River62.6233
Canville Creek31.431
Captain Creek32.733
Carnahan Creek14.915
Carr Creek29.129
Carry Creek31.331
Carter Creek15.516
Catlin Creek17.317
Cavalry Creek37.6123
Cedar Creek (Caney River tributary)15.616
Cedar Creek (Cottonwood River tributary)16.432
Cedar Creek (Delaware River tributary)8.346
Cedar Creek (Grouse Creek tributary)1515
Cedar Creek (Kansas River tributary)20.521
Cedar Creek (Pottawatomie Creek tributary)3434
Cedar Creek (Saline River tributary)18.919
Cedar Creek (Solomon River - North Fork tributary)16112
Chapman Creek73.5114
Cherry Creek (Mill Creek - North Fork (Little Blue River tributary))15.415
Cherry Creek (Neosho River tributary)35.951
Cherry Creek (Owl Creek tributary)2525
Cherry Creek (Republican River - South Fork tributary)2020
Chetopa Creek21.722
Cheyenne Creek (Arkansas River tributary)8.69
Cheyenne Creek (Smoky Hill River tributary)19.620
Chikaskia River109.4607
Chilocco Creek7.68
Cimarron River190.21,062
Cimarron River - North Fork119.2168
Clark Creek3.14
Clarks Creek66.684
Clear Creek (Mud Creek (Cottonwood River tributary))29.530
Clear Creek (Smoky Hill River tributary)16.517
Clear Creek (Turkey Creek (Big Nemaha River - South Fork tributary))16.517
Clear Fork25.726
Coal Creek (Cottonwood River tributary)19.520
Coal Creek (Indian Creek (Vermillion Creek tributary))15.816
Coal Creek (Neosho River tributary)21.321
Coal Creek (Smoky Hill River tributary)26.426
Coal Creek (Solomon River tributary)28.729
Coal Creek (Wakarusa River tributary)15.215
Cocklebur Creek2626
Cole Creek17.117
Coon Creek (Arkansas River tributary)95.6191
Coon Creek (Caney River tributary)4.55
Coon Creek (Cedar Creek (Cottonwood River tributary))15.616
Coon Creek (Little Blue River tributary)41.942
Cooper Creek (Sand Creek (Crooked Creek (Arkansas River - Salt Fork tributary)))10.110
Cottonwood Creek (Pawnee River tributary)17.718
Cottonwood Creek (Pawnee River tributary)24.725
Cottonwood Creek (Sandy Creek (Arkansas River - Salt Fork tributary))18.118
Cottonwood River126.8646
Cottonwood River - South Fork39.971
Covert Creek38.739
Cow Creek (Arkansas River tributary)112.2268
Cow Creek (Coon Creek (Arkansas River tributary))22.322
Cow Creek (Smoky Hill River tributary)20.220
Cow Creek (Spring River tributary)20.794
Cowskin Creek49.950
Cox Creek18.118
Cris Creek17.518
Crooked Creek (Arkansas River - Salt Fork tributary)5.315
Crooked Creek (Cimarron River tributary)139.6187
Crooked Creek (Neosho River tributary)27.427
Crooked Creek (Solomon River - North Fork tributary)17.334
Crooked Creek (Solomon River - South Fork tributary)15.115
Crooked Creek (Stranger Creek tributary)2424
Cross Creek50.168
Crow Creek1111
Darr Creek18.619
Day Creek29.730
Deep Creek2020
Deer Creek (Hackberry Creek (Labette Creek tributary))15.816
Deer Creek (Neosho River tributary)36.153
Deer Creek (Solomon River - North Fork tributary)65.9171
Delaware River93.7315
Devils Creek20.521
Diamond Creek32.933
Dog Creek16.817
Downer Creek23.223
Doyle Creek38.438
Dragoon Creek53.292
Driftwood Creek1763
Driftwood Creek - North Fork15.716
Driftwood Creek - South Fork25.425
Drum Creek29.730
Dry Creek53.854
Dry Walnut Creek5050
Dry Wood Creek - West Fork24.242
Duck Creek (Elk River (Verdigris River tributary))1515
Duck Creek (Marais des Cygnes River tributary)28.729
Duck Creek (Saw Log Creek tributary)25.626
Duck Creek (Smoky Hill River tributary)2020
Duck Creek (Turkey Creek (Neosho River tributary))15.616
Durechen Creek1919
Dutch Creek15.516
Eagle Creek (Neosho River tributary)39.239
Eagle Creek (Paradise Creek tributary)31.231
Eagle Creek (Smoky Hill River tributary)22.823
Eagletail Creek2626
East Asher Creek13.313
East Beaver Creek23.223
East Bitter Creek (Bitter Creek (Chikaskia River tributary))9.510
East Bridge Creek18.719
East Buffalo Creek (Republican River tributary)17.117
East Buffalo Creek (Verdigris River tributary)18.819
East Cedar Creek29.830
East Cow Creek1414
East Creek1818
East Elkhorn Creek23.223
East Emma Creek2141
East Holland Creek18.218
East Kill Creek15.516
East Kiowa Creek17.733
East Oak Creek17.918
East Pipe Creek16.316
East Plum Creek12.713
East Prairie Creek16.717
East Spring Creek (Hackberry Creek (Smoky Hill River tributary))29.630
East Spring Creek (Saline River tributary)22.623
East Turkey Creek17.718
East Twin Creek11.211
Eff Creek20.120
Eightmile Creek (Marais des Cygnes River tributary)26.426
Eightmile Creek (Walnut River tributary)26.126
Elk Creek (Delaware River tributary)37.738
Elk Creek (Prairie Dog Creek tributary)1818
Elk Creek (Republican River tributary)24.541
Elk Creek (Solomon River - North Fork tributary)25.626
Elk Creek - West Fork (Republican River tributary)16.617
Elkhorn Creek5.646
Elk River (Neosho River tributary)19.419
Elk River (Verdigris River tributary)95.2233
Elm Creek - East Branch (Republican River tributary)1515
Elm Creek (Limestone Creek tributary)18.619
Elm Creek (Marais des Cygnes River tributary)42.142
Elm Creek (Medicine Lodge River tributary)17.358
Elm Creek (Neosho River tributary)16.917
Elm Creek (Neosho River tributary)2242
Elm Creek (Pottawatomie Creek tributary)19.119
Elm Creek (Republican River tributary)28.243
Elm Creek (Saw Log Creek tributary)19.219
Elm Creek (Solomon River - South Fork tributary)2626
Emma Creek4.978
Fall Creek34.334
Fall River90.9261
Fall River - East Branch25.926
Fall River - West Branch24.525
Fancy Creek16.181
Fancy Creek - North Fork15.616
First Cow Creek19.419
First Creek17.317
Fisher Creek18.118
Five Creek27.953
Five Creek - North Branch24.725
Fivemile Creek22.723
Flat Rock Creek28.867
Fly Creek2424
Forrester Creek19.741
Forrester Creek - North Fork21.722
Fossil Creek22.422
Fourmile Creek (Big Nemaha River - South Fork tributary)8.89
Fourmile Creek (Neosho River tributary)1515
Fourmile Creek (Neosho River tributary)10.511
Fourmile Creek (Neosho River tributary)23.524
Fourmile Creek (Walnut River tributary)25.225
Fourmile Creek (Whitewater River tributary)19.419
Fourmile Creek (Wolf Creek (Saline River tributary))15.916
Fox Creek17.217
French Creek (North Cottonwood River tributary)17.518
French Creek (Vermillion Creek tributary)23.123
Frog Creek16.216
Goose Creek (Silver Creek (Ninnescah River - North Fork tributary))21.221
Goose Creek (Smoky Hill River tributary)39.840
Goose Creek (Smoky Hill River tributary)24.424
Grouse Creek75.5129
Gyp Creek17.818
Gypsum Creek (Smoky Hill River tributary)56.5107
Gypsum Creek - West Branch (Smoky Hill River tributary)16.517
Gypsum Creek (Whitewater River - West Branch tributary)17.731
Hackberry Creek (Arkansas River - Salt Fork tributary)18.118
Hackberry Creek (Labette Creek tributary)20.737
Hackberry Creek - Middle Branch (Smoky Hill River tributary)88.488
Hackberry Creek - North Branch (Smoky Hill River tributary)5454
Hackberry Creek (Pawnee River tributary)53.479
Hackberry Creek (Republican River - South Fork tributary)27.828
Hackberry Creek (Smoky Hill River tributary)79.9303
Hackberry Creek - South Branch (Smoky Hill River tributary)51.251
Halfday Creek1616
Happy Creek16.817
Henry Creek (Solomon River tributary)1616
Henry Creek (Whitewater River tributary)16.917
Hickory Creek (Little Walnut River tributary)24.825
Hickory Creek (Marais des Cygnes River tributary)18.519
Hickory Creek (Neosho River tributary)2626
Hicks Creek1.82
Hill Creek19.920
Hitchen Creek17.417
Holland Creek18.356
Homer Creek26.827
Horseshoe Creek28.328
Humboldt Creek1717
Hundred and Ten Mile Creek39.4131
Huntress Creek218
Iantha Creek21.822
Independence Creek29.229
Indian Creek (Arkansas River - Salt Fork tributary)18.318
Indian Creek (Big Sandy Creek (Cimarron River tributary))9.827
Indian Creek (Blue River tributary)19.520
Indian Creek (Fall River tributary)23.924
Indian Creek (Neosho River tributary)19.319
Indian Creek (Smoky Hill River tributary)37.437
Indian Creek (Solomon River - South Fork tributary)16.517
Indian Creek (Vermillion Creek tributary)20.837
Irish Creek20.420
Jacob Creek1616
Jarvis Creek15.516
Johns Creek17.117
Johnson Draw17.818
Joy Creek14.915
Kahola Creek15.916
Kansas River172.612,301
Keiger Creek3131
Kentucky Creek19.520
Kill Creek29.645
Kill Creek17.718
Kiowa Creek11.385
Kisiwa Creek31.331
Labette Creek61.5142
Ladder Creek5.15
Lairds Creek16.216
Lake Creek26.895
Lake Creek - Middle Fork18.919
Lake Creek - North Fork22.723
Lake Creek - South Fork26.345
Landon Creek25.325
Lawrence Creek18.719
Leban Creek21.421
Lebo Creek15.916
Lightning Creek59.175
Lime Creek17.217
Limestone Creek (Lightning Creek tributary)1616
Limestone Creek (Little Osage River tributary)15.215
Limestone Creek (Solomon River tributary)52.7144
Lindsey Creek25.425
Little Arkansas River122.7429
Little Beaver Creek (Beaver Creek (Arkansas River tributary))8.89
Little Beaver Creek (Beaver Creek (Sappa Creek tributary))105.3133
Little Blue River45.1355
Little Caney River16.4110
Little Cherry Creek15.415
Little Cheyenne Creek16.116
Little Coon Creek52.273
Little Cow Creek3434
Little Cross Creek17.417
Little Deer Creek17.117
Little Delaware River24.124
Little Driftwood Creek12.546
Little Grasshopper Creek18.218
Little Labette Creek25.526
Little Mule Creek33.634
Little Oak Creek23.123
Little Osage River46.8263
Little Sandy Creek (Big Sandy Creek (Cimarron River tributary))32.933
Little Sandy Creek (Sandy Creek (Arkansas River - Salt Fork tributary))38.365
Little Soldier Creek37.137
Little Stranger Creek17.718
Little Sugar Creek2222
Little Walnut Creek15.415
Little Walnut River32.499
Little Walnut River - North Branch20.420
Little Walnut River - South Branch21.622
Long Branch (Sappa Creek tributary)30.931
Long Branch (Walnut Creek - North Fork (Arkansas River tributary))27.427
Long Creek (Marais des Cygnes River tributary)22.439
Long Creek (Neosho River tributary)34.334
Lost Creek (Cow Creek (Arkansas River tributary))23.123
Lost Creek (Kansas River tributary)15.816
Lost Creek (Little Osage River tributary)16.216
Lost Creek (Salt Creek (Solomon River tributary))16.316
Lost Creek (Solomon River - South Fork tributary)25.425
Lost Creek (Solomon River tributary)15.616
Lucky Creek15.415
Lyon Creek67.4139
Lyon Creek - West Branch23.423
Madison Creek15.315
Mall Creek2222
Marais des Cygnes River168.11,324
Marmaton River66.5185
Marsh Creek (Buffalo Creek (Republican River tributary))10.738
Martin Creek (Cottonwood River tributary)17.317
Martin Creek (Neosho River tributary)1616
McDowell Creek23.824
Medicine Creek (Solomon River - North Fork tributary)20.621
Medicine Creek (Solomon River - South Fork tributary)28.829
Medicine Creek (Solomon River - South Fork tributary)34.334
Medicine Lodge River115.9310
Meridian Creek1818
Middle Beaver Creek (Beaver Creek (Sappa Creek tributary))4040
Middle Beaver Creek (West Beaver Creek tributary)34.134
Middle Buffalo Creek17.117
Middle Caney Creek42.843
Middle Cedar Creek29.830
Middle Creek (Cottonwood River tributary)36.737
Middle Creek (Marais des Cygnes River tributary)40.340
Middle Creek (Marais des Cygnes River tributary)3131
Middle Creek (Marais des Cygnes River tributary)3838
Middle Emma Creek20.320
Middle Kiowa Creek16.917
Middle Limestone Creek24.925
Middle Oak Creek26.927
Middle Pipe Creek22.523
Middle Shoo Fly Creek22.623
Mill Creek (Big Blue River tributary)18.118
Mill Creek - East Branch (Kansas River tributary)15.516
Mill Creek (Kansas River tributary)18.519
Mill Creek (Kansas River tributary)35.7101
Mill Creek (Little Blue River tributary)61.1199
Mill Creek (Marmaton River tributary)21.622
Mill Creek - North Fork (Little Blue River tributary)26.742
Mill Creek - South Branch (Kansas River tributary)20.536
Mill Creek - South Fork (Little Blue River tributary)24.224
Mill Creek - West Branch (Kansas River tributary)28.829
Mine Creek22.422
Mission Creek (Big Blue River tributary)8.38
Mission Creek (Kansas River tributary)31.632
Missouri River119.114,296
Moores Branch8.89
Mortimer Creek19.620
Mound Branch17.618
Mud Creek (Big Creek - North Fork (Smoky Hill River tributary))17.618
Mud Creek (Cottonwood River tributary)26.656
Mud Creek (Kansas River tributary)19.319
Mud Creek (Smoky Hill River tributary)27.628
Muddy Creek (Delaware River tributary)31.749
Muddy Creek (Kansas River tributary)19.920
Muddy Creek (Walnut River tributary)29.830
Mulberry Creek (Arkansas River tributary)62.963
Mulberry Creek (Republican River tributary)35.235
Mulberry Creek (Saline River tributary)48.3137
Mulberry Creek (Solomon River tributary)16.617
Mule Creek69.169
Munkers Creek20.521
Myer Creek17.217
Neosho River307.52,350
Nescatunga Creek23.624
Ninemile Creek2828
Ninnescah River56.5461
Ninnescah River - North Fork109.8194
Ninnescah River - South Fork107.3171
North Beaver Creek27.528
North Big Creek31.532
North Caney Creek27.327
North Cedar Creek14.414
North Cottonwood River38.956
North Elm Creek (Big Blue River tributary)18.418
North Elm Creek (Medicine Lodge River tributary)14.515
North Sugar Creek24.825
North Wea Creek20.521
Oak Creek (Smoky Hill River tributary)17.918
Oak Creek (Solomon River - North Fork tributary)36.8127
Old Maids Fork21.238
One Hundred and Fortytwo Mile Creek3555
Onion Creek33.233
Osage Creek0.20
Ottawa Creek5.789
Otter Creek (Caney River tributary)2020
Otter Creek (Fall River tributary)14.647
Otter Creek - North Branch (Fall River tributary)19.620
Otter Creek (Solomon River - North Fork tributary)1717
Otter Creek - South Branch (Fall River tributary)12.312
Otter Creek (Walnut Creek (Arkansas River tributary))22.422
Owl Creek (Neosho River tributary)4590
Owl Creek (Saline River tributary)16.434
Oxide Creek16.316
Page Creek24.124
Paint Creek25.445
Painter Creek29.530
Paradise Creek89.8121
Parsons Creek3131
Pawnee Creek (Paint Creek tributary)19.920
Pawnee Creek (White Rock Creek tributary)21.722
Pawnee River197.7778
Pawpaw Creek18.819
Peace Creek49.349
Peats Creek34.635
Peyton Creek16.216
Pickle Creek25.826
Pipe Creek34.3102
Pleasant Run Creek22.222
Plotner Creek24.825
Plum Creek (Cow Creek tributary)25.826
Plum Creek (Deer Creek (Solomon River - North Fork tributary))12.340
Plum Creek (Pawnee River tributary)24.525
Plum Creek (Smoky Hill River tributary)70.571
Plum Creek (Solomon River tributary)28.128
Polecat Creek21.321
Pole Creek16.416
Pond Creek (Arkansas River - Salt Fork tributary)5.36
Pond Creek (Smoky Hill River tributary)19.920
Poney Creek44
Pony Creek20.420
Porcupine Creek18.218
Pottawatomie Creek84.9249
Pottawatomie Creek - South Fork4444
Prairie Creek3.340
Prairie Dog Creek225.4313
Prairie Dog Creek - North Fork37.137
Prosser Creek13.830
Pumpkin Creek34.434
Ralston Creek18.919
Rattlesnake Creek - East Fork (Salt Creek (Arkansas River tributary))25.726
Rattlesnake Creek (Salt Creek (Arkansas River tributary))189.6273
Rattlesnake Creek (Salt Creek (Solomon River tributary))24.454
Rattlesnake Creek - South Branch (Salt Creek (Arkansas River tributary))28.729
Rebecca Creek9.810
Red Fork Creek11.111
Redoubt Creek0.40
Red Rock Creek16.617
Republican River1632,353
Republican River - South Fork49.2143
Riddle Creek17.918
Riley Creek20.120
Robidoux Creek42.962
Rock Creek (Big Nemaha River - South Fork tributary)9.910
Rock Creek (Buckner Creek tributary)17.317
Rock Creek (Caney River tributary)20.821
Rock Creek (Cottonwood River - South Fork tributary)15.516
Rock Creek (Elk River (Verdigris River tributary))17.818
Rock Creek (Elm Creek (Neosho River tributary))19.520
Rock Creek (Marais des Cygnes River tributary)18.919
Rock Creek (Marais des Cygnes River tributary)16.517
Rock Creek (Neosho River tributary)23.741
Rock Creek - North Branch (Walnut River tributary)15.616
Rock Creek (Verdigris River - North Branch tributary)16.717
Rock Creek (Vermillion Creek tributary)49.672
Rock Creek (Walnut River tributary)5066
Rose Creek (Little Blue River tributary)35.135
Rose Creek (Smoky Hill River tributary)21.421
Roys Creek14.815
Running Turkey Creek20.821
Rush Creek16.316
Sac Creek22.523
Saline River396.91,287
Saline River - North Fork46.947
Saline River - North Fork32.232
Saline River - South Fork7474
Salt Creek (Arkansas River tributary)3939
Salt Creek (Arkansas River tributary)17290
Salt Creek (Elk River (Verdigris River tributary))16.717
Salt Creek (Fall River tributary)2323
Salt Creek (Marais des Cygnes River tributary)54.755
Salt Creek (Republican River tributary)42.3118
Salt Creek (Saline River tributary)24.324
Salt Creek (Smoky Hill River tributary)8.828
Salt Creek (Solomon River tributary)94.4198
Salty Creek26.226
Sand Arroyo Creek48.348
Sand Creek (Big Sandy Creek (Cimarron River tributary))21.922
Sand Creek (Chikaskia River tributary)60.360
Sand Creek (Chikaskia River tributary)3535
Sand Creek (Little Arkansas River tributary)28.729
Sand Creek (Little Arkansas River tributary)16.216
Sand Creek (Little Arkansas River tributary)28.629
Sand Creek (Ninnescah River tributary)21.722
Sand Creek (Pawnee River tributary)19.319
Sand Creek (Pawnee River tributary)29.429
Sand Creek (Smoky Hill River - North Fork tributary)31.932
Sand Creek (Smoky Hill River tributary)25.425
Sand Creek (Solomon River - South Fork tributary)17.417
Sand Creek (Solomon River - South Fork tributary)4747
Sand Creek (Solomon River - South Fork tributary)15.415
Sand Creek (Solomon River tributary)19.119
Sand Creek (Walnut Creek (Arkansas River tributary))32.432
Sand Creek (White Woman Creek tributary)27.227
Sandy Creek (Arkansas River - Salt Fork tributary)18.4115
Sandy Creek (Old Maids Fork tributary)16.517
Sandy Creek (Smoky Hill River - North Fork tributary)23.223
Sandy Creek (Verdigris River tributary)26.627
Sappa Creek79.7820
Sappa Creek - Middle Fork115.5116
Sappa Creek - North Fork74190
Sappa Creek - South Fork142.9143
Saw Log Creek83.5128
Sawmill Creek34.635
Scribner Creek1919
Scull Creek15.516
Second Cow Creek24.625
Second Creek16.116
Sellens Creek32.933
Sevenmile Creek22.623
Sharpes Creek15.115
Sharps Creek26.727
Shawnee Creek20.521
Shelter Creek15.616
Shoal Creek (Spring River tributary)7.58
Shoo Fly Creek9.789
Shorts Creek15.415
Shunganunga Creek19.620
Silver Creek (Bluff Creek (Chikaskia River tributary))16.717
Silver Creek (Grouse Creek tributary)38.138
Silver Creek (Ninnescah River - North Fork tributary)46.267
Sixmile Creek (Smoky Hill River tributary)27.227
Sixmile Creek (Wakarusa River tributary)16.717
Skunkie Arroyo9.925
Slate Creek (Arkansas River tributary)66.782
Slate Creek (West Creek (Verdigris River tributary))22.923
Smoky Hill River519.57,283
Smoky Hill River - North Fork109.2177
Smoots Creek34.635
Snake Creek (Big Timber Creek (Smoky Hill River tributary))1919
Snake Creek (Cimarron River tributary)8.99
Snipe Creek18.819
Snow Creek16.917
Soldier Creek (Dragoon Creek tributary)18.118
Soldier Creek (Kansas River tributary)76.8130
Soldier Creek (Medicine Lodge River tributary)17.718
Solomon River183.62,990
Solomon River - North Fork287.31,241
Solomon River - South Fork292.3751
South Beaver Creek42.442
South Big Creek25.726
South Bow Creek43.544
South Cedar Creek23.223
South Cottonwood River28.444
South Elm Creek6.726
South Elm Creek - West Branch19.520
South Gypsum Creek14.915
South Ladder Creek2.63
South Owl Creek20.420
South Wea Creek26.647
Spillman Creek20.274
Spillman Creek - North Branch18.218
Spillman Creek - South Branch11.712
Spring Branch15.916
Spring Brook Creek15.415
Spring Creek (Arkansas River tributary)16.316
Spring Creek (Big Blue River tributary)27.928
Spring Creek (Big Creek (Smoky Hill River tributary))34.434
Spring Creek (Bluff Creek (Chikaskia River tributary))23.423
Spring Creek (Buckner Creek tributary)19.820
Spring Creek (Buffalo Creek (Republican River tributary))15.716
Spring Creek (Bullfoot Creek tributary)15.315
Spring Creek (Chikaskia River tributary)15.215
Spring Creek (Chikaskia River tributary)20.420
Spring Creek (Crooked Creek (Cimarron River tributary))22.222
Spring Creek (Deer Creek (Solomon River - North Fork tributary))23.524
Spring Creek (Fall River tributary)25.826
Spring Creek (Gypsum Creek tributary)19.419
Spring Creek (Hackberry Creek (Pawnee River tributary))25.125
Spring Creek (Huntress Creek tributary)15.516
Spring Creek (Medicine Lodge River tributary)1616
Spring Creek (Mulberry Creek (Saline River tributary))29.869
Spring Creek (Neosho River tributary)17.518
Spring Creek (Ninnescah River tributary)17.918
Spring Creek (Salt Creek (Solomon River tributary))15.816
Spring Creek (Shoo Fly Creek tributary)17.618
Spring Creek (Slate Creek (Arkansas River tributary))15.415
Spring Creek (Solomon River - North Fork tributary)35.836
Spring Creek (Solomon River - South Fork tributary)21.321
Spring Creek (Solomon River - South Fork tributary)15.315
Spring Creek (Straight Creek tributary)22.823
Spring River21.6165
Straight Creek23.947
Stranger Creek93196
Sugar Creek19.319
Sugar Creek - South Fork16.316
Swede Creek15.315
Switzler Creek20.521
Sycamore Creek16.216
Table Rock Creek23.824
Tar Creek6.97
Tauy Creek4.846
Tauy Creek - East Fork1717
Tauy Creek - West Fork23.924
Ten Mile Creek16.617
Thomas Creek22.322
Thompson Creek (Medicine Lodge River tributary)17.918
Thompson Creek (Smoky Hill River tributary)2323
Threemile Creek16.517
Timber Creek43.259
Tonganoxie Creek17.518
Trego Creek20.821
Troublesome Creek16.416
Turkey Creek (Big Nemaha River - South Fork tributary)1548
Turkey Creek (Little Arkansas River tributary)40.461
Turkey Creek (Medicine Lodge River tributary)2121
Turkey Creek (Neosho River tributary)31.447
Turkey Creek (Smoky Hill River tributary)15.215
Turkey Creek (Smoky Hill River tributary)32.291
Turkey Creek (Smoky Hill River tributary)16.7111
Turkey Creek (Spring River tributary)0.61
Turkey Creek (Walnut River tributary)1515
Turkey Creek - West Branch (Smoky Hill River tributary)24.324
Turtle Creek1313
Twelvemile Creek16.116
Twin Creek30.731
Verdigris River168.61,365
Verdigris River - North Branch33.250
Verdigris River - South Branch12.613
Vermillion Creek60.6211
Village Creek2020
Wakarusa River80.7156
Wakarusa River - South Branch23.624
Walker Creek43.443
Walnut Creek (Arkansas River tributary)138.9747
Walnut Creek (Big Nemaha River tributary)31.231
Walnut Creek (Flat Rock Creek tributary)22.938
Walnut Creek (Little Blue River tributary)18.719
Walnut Creek (Marais des Cygnes River tributary)4.44
Walnut Creek - Middle Fork (Arkansas River tributary)64.793
Walnut Creek - Middle Fork - North Fork (Arkansas River tributary)27.828
Walnut Creek - North Fork (Arkansas River tributary)57.5257
Walnut Creek (Ottawa Creek tributary)23.524
Walnut Creek (Republican River tributary)17.417
Walnut Creek (Solomon River tributary)19.319
Walnut Creek - South Fork (Arkansas River tributary)103.4122
Walnut Creek (Stranger Creek tributary)15.315
Walnut Creek (Verdigris River tributary)14.369
Walnut Creek (White Rock Creek tributary)17.217
Walnut River153.8785
Walnut River - West Branch28.228
Washington Creek20.220
West Asher Creek15.716
West Beaver Creek31.966
West Bridge Creek15.516
West Buffalo Creek (Republican River tributary)2020
West Buffalo Creek (Verdigris River tributary)16.116
West Cedar Creek36.737
West Chapman Creek23.323
West Creek (Salt Creek (Republican River tributary))37.137
West Creek (Verdigris River tributary)14.764
West Elkhorn Creek16.717
West Emma Creek31.532
West Fancy Creek33.849
West Holland Creek19.219
West Kiowa Creek24.441
West Limestone Creek29.272
West Marsh Creek27.628
West Oak Creek22.723
West Pipe Creek29.229
West Plum Creek15.315
West Prairie Creek19.620
West Salt Creek19.419
West Sandy Creek14.414
West Shoo Fly Creek21.522
West Spring Creek20.220
West Turkey Creek16.316
West Twin Creek15.516
White Rock Creek96.6176
White Rock Creek - North Branch16.216
Whites Creek15.816
Whitewater Creek - East Branch13.213
Whitewater River61.9191
Whitewater River - East Branch18.218
Whitewater River - West Branch23.374
White Woman Creek110.9138
White Woman Creek (Little Coon Creek tributary)2121
Wichita-Valley Center Floodway555
Wiggins Creek15.115
Wildcat Creek (Elk River (Verdigris River tributary))18.218
Wildcat Creek (Kansas River tributary)45.846
Wildcat Creek (Whitewater River - West Branch tributary)2020
Wild Horse Creek (Rattlesnake Creek (Salt Creek (Arkansas River tributary)))28.929
Wild Horse Creek (Smoky Hill River tributary)33.934
Wild Horse Creek (Walnut Creek - North Fork (Arkansas River tributary))17.518
Wild Horse Creek (Walnut Creek - North Fork (Arkansas River tributary))21.163
Willow Creek (Cimarron River tributary)5.56
Willow Creek (Smoky Hill River tributary)15.916
Willow Creek (West Creek (Verdigris River tributary))26.226
Wolf Creek - East Fork (Saline River tributary)23.724
Wolf Creek (Kansas River tributary)1515
Wolf Creek (Neosho River tributary)21.522
Wolf Creek (Ottawa Creek tributary)14.515
Wolf Creek (Republican River tributary)25.425
Wolf Creek (Saline River tributary)53.4112
Wolf Creek (Smoky Hill River tributary)18.519
Wolf Creek (Smoky Hill River tributary)1818
Wolf Creek (Solomon River - North Fork tributary)17.518
Wolf Creek - West Fork (Saline River tributary)18.519
Wolfley Creek17.317
Wolf River45.865
Wolf River - South Fork18.719
Yellowstone Creek00
Yockey Creek19.419

Note: Lengths are for the part of the river/watershed within the boundary of this state.

Note: Mostly rivers/streams 15+ miles in length.

Data from United States Geological Survey