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United States Rivers

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River count326
River miles10,195

Large Bodies of Water


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Name Length
Aarons Creek15.616
Accokeek Creek15.415
Accotink Creek27.843
Allen Creek28.228
Appomattox River157.1384
Aquia Creek29.429
Ararat River12.636
Assamoosick Swamp22.823
Back Creek (Jackson River tributary)41.657
Back Creek (New River tributary)2020
Back Creek (Potomac River tributary)25.358
Back Creek (Roanoke River tributary)26.226
Banister River78.9142
Barbours Creek17.718
Beaver Creek (Holston River - South Fork tributary)14.815
Beaverdam Creek (Goose Creek - North Fork (Potomac River tributary))17.818
Beaverdam Creek (Laurel Creek tributary)1.92
Beverly Run15.816
Big Bluewing Creek9.610
Big Chestnut Creek28.428
Big Horse Creek3.43
Big Lickinghole Creek15.127
Big Moccasin Creek55.656
Big Otter River40.9126
Big Reed Island Creek57.7170
Birch Creek18.819
Blackwater Creek (Clinch River tributary)9.510
Blackwater Creek (James River tributary)10.532
Blackwater River (Chowan River tributary)83.8187
Blackwater River - North Fork (Roanoke River tributary)12.513
Blackwater River (Roanoke River tributary)58.1124
Blackwater River - South Fork (Roanoke River tributary)6.26
Blackwater Swamp22.939
Bluestone Creek27.443
Bluestone River20.437
Briery Branch15.916
Briery Creek20.821
Broad Run (Occoquan River tributary)38.254
Broad Run (Potomac River tributary)18.919
Buffalo Creek (Appomattox River tributary)21.121
Buffalo Creek (Big Otter River tributary)16.216
Buffalo Creek (Maury River tributary)16.116
Buffalo River31.532
Bullpasture River25.926
Bull Run3045
Burks Fork26.527
Bush River22.556
Butcher Creek20.621
Butterwood Creek19.319
Byrd Creek22.623
Calfpasture River4163
Carter Run21.421
Catawba Creek4444
Catoctin Creek14.147
Catoctin Creek - North Fork14.515
Catoctin Creek - South Fork18.619
Cat Point Creek20.120
Cedar Creek40.641
Cedar Run37.437
Chalk Mine Run521
Chestnut Creek24.124
Chickahominy River87.9106
Christians Creek3333
Chuckatuck Creek15.816
Clear Fork22.823
Clinch River147.5525
Clinch River - North Fork26.927
Copper Creek60.761
Country Line Creek0.30
Cove Creek18.919
Cowpasture River84.3144
Craig Creek84141
Cranes Nest River25.526
Cripple Creek31.632
Crooked Creek27.928
Cub Creek23.524
Cypress Swamp17.818
Dan River106.7594
David Creek17.417
Deep Creek (Appomattox River tributary)30.247
Deep Creek (James River tributary)20.120
Diascund Creek17.818
Difficult Creek20.120
Difficult Run15.916
Dismal Creek28.328
Dragon Swamp36.236
Dry Fork (Tug Fork tributary)11.712
Dry River22.523
Dry Run15.215
Dunlap Creek2626
Elk Creek (Big Otter River tributary)25.526
Elk Creek (New River tributary)23.824
Falling Creek23.524
Falling River36.187
Falling River - South Fork16.817
Fisher River0.91
Flat Creek (Appomattox River tributary)3434
Flat Creek (Big Otter River tributary)15.916
Flat Rock Creek2020
Fountains Creek43.761
Fox Creek18.519
Genito Creek8.120
Gills Creek26.727
Goose Creek - North Fork (Potomac River tributary)13.331
Goose Creek (Potomac River tributary)54.2109
Goose Creek (Roanoke River tributary)40.741
Grassy Creek8.89
Greasy Creek30.831
Great Creek27.427
Great Run16.717
Great Wicomico River1515
Guest River35.636
Hardware River23.354
Hardware River - North Fork11.411
Hardware River - South Fork18.819
Harris Creek22.923
Hatcher Run21.321
Hawksbill Creek19.920
Hazel River47.976
Helton Creek7.68
Herring Creek1919
Hogue Creek17.317
Holston River - North Fork135250
Holston River - South Fork52.7135
Hoskins Creek20.420
Hunting Quarter Swamp16.717
Hyco River23.137
Indian Creek (Powell River tributary)23.524
Isaacs Creek15.115
Island Creek2.93
Ivy Creek21.522
Jackson River96.5214
James River348.42,325
Johns Creek39.540
Kettle Run15.816
Kimberling Creek21.522
Knox Creek1818
Laurel Creek (Holston River - North Fork tributary)20.521
Laurel Creek (Holston River - South Fork tributary)68
Laurel Fork (Big Reed Island Creek tributary)22.723
Laurel Fork (Potomac River - South Branch - North Fork tributary)16.116
Lawsons Creek15.516
Leatherwood Creek21.622
Levisa Fork36.1196
Lick Creek1717
Little Back Creek15.616
Little Bluestone Creek1616
Little Bull Run15.115
Little Calfpasture River23.524
Little Falling River15.916
Little Genito Creek12.112
Little Lickinghole Creek1212
Little Nottoway River14.715
Little Otter River27.728
Little Reed Island Creek3232
Little River (Clinch River tributary)31.555
Little River (Goose Creek (Potomac River tributary))23.423
Little River (New River tributary)79.3100
Little River (New River tributary)6.87
Little River (North Anna River tributary)44.745
Little River - West Fork (New River tributary)20.320
Little Walker Creek31.732
Little Willis River15.516
Lovills Creek10.511
Maggodee Creek20.621
Maiden Spring Creek23.123
Maracossic Creek24.941
Mason Creek16.817
Massaponax Creek16.517
Matrimony Creek4.95
Mattaponi River102.9241
Matta River13.113
Maury River42.6166
Mayo Creek4.55
McClure River17.918
Mechums River26.226
Mechunk Creek19.920
Meherrin River97.1302
Middle Fork Holston River5858
Middle Meherrin River18.418
Middle River70.7104
Miles Creek17.518
Mill Creek (Calfpasture River tributary)22.322
Mill Creek (Shenandoah River - North Fork tributary)15.716
Mollys Creek18.318
Moormans River14.314
Mountain Run33.934
Mountain Run17.417
Mud Fork16.316
Namozine Creek23.323
Nansemond River22.823
Neabsco Creek1717
Newfound River22.222
New River (Kanawha River tributary)161.11,042
Ni River18.819
Nomini Creek17.117
North Anna River62.4128
North Landing River15.616
North Mayo River22.923
North Meherrin River33.734
North River55.4198
Northwest River13.614
Nottoway River158.7469
Nutbush Creek33
Occoquan River29.8166
Occupacia Creek16.717
Opequon Creek32.332
Pagan River15.115
Pamunkey Creek20.821
Pamunkey River92.3378
Passage Creek38.739
Pauls Creek8.99
Peach Bottom Creek1717
Peak Creek26.627
Pedlar River33.934
Peters Creek8.89
Piankatank River21.458
Pigg River83.9156
Piney River16.517
Piscataway Creek15.916
Pocomoke River3.54
Pohick Creek15.315
Poni River3.948
Poquoson River1414
Po River25.626
Poropotank River16.717
Possum Creek21.922
Potomac Creek17.933
Potomac River188.31,564
Potomac River - South Branch1240
Potomac River - South Branch - South Fork3.84
Potts Creek34.234
Pound River33.959
Powell River90.6190
Powell River - North Fork2525
Powell River - South Fork17.417
Powells Creek17.317
Quantico Creek14.226
Quantico Creek - South Fork11.712
Raccoon Creek19.937
Rapidan River88.2154
Rappahannock River193.7603
Rattlesnake Creek17.217
Reed Creek55.695
Reedy Creek1.52
Rivanna River42.1151
Rivanna River - North Fork1835
Rivanna River - South Fork12.953
Roanoke Creek25.325
Roanoke River2201,728
Roanoke River - North Fork30.731
Roanoke River - South Fork17.317
Robinson River34.234
Rockfish River28.740
Rockfish River - South Fork11.612
Rowanty Creek14.135
Rucker Run18.418
Russell Fork35.4113
Sandy Creek (Banister River tributary)30.531
Sandy Creek (Dan River tributary)16.416
Sandy River (Bush River tributary)12.813
Sandy River (Dan River tributary)31.244
Sandy River - South Prong (Dan River tributary)13.213
Sappony Creek25.425
Seacock Swamp23.323
Second Swamp16.416
Seneca Creek23.323
Shenandoah River36.7673
Shenandoah River - North Fork106.3265
Shenandoah River - South Fork101.5372
Sinking Creek38.639
Slate Creek18.819
Slate River48.849
Sleepy Creek7.811
Sleepy Creek - Middle Fork3.13
Smith Creek35.636
Smith River81103
Snow Creek26.843
Somerton Creek15.215
South Anna River101.9140
South Fork20.120
South Mayo River41.358
South Meherrin River2442
South River (Chalk Mine Run tributary)15.716
South River (Mattaponi River tributary)16.917
South River (Rapidan River tributary)13.814
South River (Shenandoah River - South Fork tributary)52.653
Spoon Creek16.316
Spring Creek16.617
Stewarts Creek4.213
Stinking River14.214
Stony Creek (New River tributary)16.717
Stony Creek (Nottoway River tributary)29.892
Stony Creek (Shenandoah River - North Fork tributary)28.128
Straight Fork7.88
Straightstone Creek17.317
Stuart Run18.318
Sturgeon Creek21.121
Swift Creek44.945
Swift Run17.417
Sycamore Creek15.315
Taylors Creek15.716
Thornton River2828
Three Creek47.848
Tinker Creek20.320
Toms Creek18.519
Totopotomoy Creek17.818
Totuskey Creek18.318
Tuckahoe Creek16.717
Tug Fork4.634
Turkeycock Creek16.416
Turnip Creek19.820
Tye River35.4102
Upper Machodoc Creek21.321
Walker Creek75.6129
Wallen Creek33.233
Waqua Creek23.323
Warwick River16.316
Warwick Swamp22.523
West Creek17.117
White Oak Creek1717
Whitethorn Creek18.719
Willis River6278
Wolf Creek47.871
Wreck Island Creek19.620
York River29.6665

Note: Lengths are for the part of the river/watershed within the boundary of this state.

Note: Mostly rivers/streams 15+ miles in length.

Data from United States Geological Survey