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United States Rivers

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New Hampshire

River count109
River miles2,435

Large Bodies of Water


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Name Length
Ammonoosuc River55.696
Androscoggin River59.8198
Ashuelot River66.3111
Ashuelot River - South Branch1818
Baboosic Brook12.813
Baker River37.955
Baker River - South Branch17.518
Bearcamp River2855
Beard Brook14.114
Beaver Brook (Ashuelot River tributary)8.927
Beaver Brook (Merrimack River tributary)23.323
Beebe River17.317
Beech River14.615
Bellamy River17.618
Big River12.913
Blackwater River33.133
Blow-me-down Brook16.817
Branch River12.223
Chickwolnepy Stream15.415
Chocorua River16.917
Clear Stream12.112
Cocheco (Cochecho) River38.355
Cockermouth River9.910
Cohas Brook17.117
Cold River1.41
Cold River (Bearcamp River tributary)10.410
Cold River (Connecticut River tributary)23.824
Connecticut River272.5850
Contoocook River73.6170
Dead Diamond River18.752
Dead Diamond River - East Branch12.713
Ellis River16.416
Exeter River4141
Gale River1325
Halls Stream23.123
Ham Branch11.912
Hampton River1.813
Indian River14.815
Indian Stream18.519
Isinglass River16.617
Israel River24.124
Jones Brook11.211
Lamprey River57.2182
Little Ossipee River1.62
Little River (Merrimack River tributary)8.48
Little Sugar River14.715
Lovell River1212
Mad River18.418
Magalloway River9.361
Mascoma River35.751
Merrimack River67809
Millers River - North Branch7.47
Mohawk River14.214
Mollidgewock Brook12.112
Moose River12.212
Nash Stream15.215
Nashua River10.717
Newfound River9.720
Nissitissit River6.57
North Branch River18.132
North River15.616
Nubanusit Brook12.112
Oliverian Brook13.614
Ossipee River12.1118
Otter Brook15.516
Oyster River17.718
Peabody River12.913
Pemigewasset River65.6247
Pemigewasset River - East Branch16.416
Perry Stream18.819
Phillips Brook19.720
Pine River23.838
Piscassic River14.915
Piscataqua River (Atlantic Ocean tributary)13.1317
Piscataquog River3768
Piscataquog River - Middle Branch10.611
Piscataquog River - South Branch20.531
Powwow River18.619
Rapid River1.21
Rocky Branch13.213
Saco River44.4248
Saco River - East Branch13.213
Salmon Brook (Merrimack River tributary)6.77
Salmon Brook (Pemigewasset River tributary)12.112
Salmon Falls River43.167
Shepards River1.92
Smith River27.728
Snow Brook11.712
Soucook River24.625
Souhegan River33.947
Spicket River8.48
Squam River14.515
Squamscott River748
Sugar River32.657
Sugar River - North Branch10.811
Sugar River - South Branch13.213
Suncook River38.251
Swift Diamond River20.120
Swift River26.426
Taylor River11.512
The Branch2.518
Tioga River1313
Upper Ammonoosuc River4388
Upper Ammonoosuc River - North Branch10.310
Warner River19.219
Wild Ammonoosuc River15.215
Wild River11.812
Winnicut River11.411
Winnipesaukee River21.134

Note: Lengths are for the part of the river/watershed within the boundary of this state.

Note: Mostly rivers/streams 15+ miles in length.

Data from United States Geological Survey