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United States Rivers

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River count398
River miles11,807

Large Bodies of Water


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Name Length
Adler Creek34.454
Ahtanum Creek24.562
Ahtanum Creek - North Fork21.822
Ahtanum Creek - South Fork15.415
Alkali Flat Creek46.547
Alpowa Creek25.125
American River24.625
Andrews Creek12.412
Antoine Creek20.220
Asotin Creek15.558
Asotin Creek - North Fork18.318
Bacon Creek13.714
Beckler River13.827
Big Beaver Creek17.818
Big Creek12.913
Big Muddy Creek11.111
Big Quilcene River19.820
Bingham Creek14.915
Black River29.742
Bogachiel River48.7121
Bonaparte Creek31.832
Boulder Creek (Chewuch River tributary)7.618
Boulder Creek (Kettle River tributary)3.122
Boulder Creek - North Fork (Chewuch River tributary)10.711
Boulder Creek - South Fork (Kettle River tributary)19.319
Boulder River14.414
Bumping River32.757
Butter Creek11.612
Buttermilk Creek2.613
Buttermilk Creek - East Fork10.511
Cabin Creek11.111
Calawah River10.673
Calawah River - North Fork25.125
Calawah River - South Fork22.537
Calispell Creek12.727
Calispell Creek - North Fork14.114
Canniwai Creek30.330
Canyon Creek (Lewis River tributary)18.819
Canyon Creek (Nooksack River - North Fork tributary)16.216
Canyon Creek (Stillaguaimish River - South Fork tributary)11.712
Canyon River20.821
Cape Labelle Creek10.711
Carbon River33.471
Caribou Creek21.321
Cascade River18.819
Cedar Creek (Salmon Creek (Cowlitz River tributary))14.615
Cedar River51.752
Chamokane Creek29.429
Chehalis River141.9750
Chehalis River - South Fork33.834
Chelan River55.5113
Cherry Creek1.843
Chewelah Creek2.323
Chewelah Creek - North Fork20.721
Chewuch River48.3110
Chimacum Creek13.313
Chiwana River42.943
Chiwaukum Creek11.912
Cispus River42.286
Cispus River - North Fork15.315
Clallam River14.515
Clear Creek15.916
Clearwater Creek12.412
Clearwater River (Queets River tributary)39.640
Clearwater River (White River (Puyallup River tributary))7171
Cle Elum River3838
Cloquallum Creek2424
Clover Creek13.914
Coal Creek35.135
Coleman Creek25.526
Columbia River7487,630
Colville River57.6174
Company Creek11.612
Cook Creek14.715
Copalis River25.325
Cottonwood Creek (Colville River tributary)13.413
Cottonwood Creek (Rock Creek (Palouse River tributary))32.633
Cow Creek52.152
Coweeman River36.737
Cowiche Creek7.955
Cowiche Creek - North Fork19.620
Cowiche Creek - South Fork27.427
Cowlitz River127595
Cowlitz River - Clear Fork17.918
Cowlitz River - Muddy Fork14.214
Crab Creek152.4301
Crow Creek17.417
Day Creek12.813
Deadman Creek (Little Spokane River tributary)22.723
Deadman Creek (Snake River tributary)13.148
Decker Creek16.517
Deep Creek (Columbia River tributary)13.526
Deep Creek - South Fork (Columbia River tributary)12.112
Deep Creek (Spokane River tributary)23.624
Deep River11.712
Deer Creek (Lewis River tributary)24.124
Deer Creek (Little Spokane River tributary)16.116
Deer Creek (Stillaguaimish River - North Fork tributary)24.424
Deschutes River53.654
Diamond Fork13.814
Dickey River8.328
Dickey River - East Fork19.419
Diobsud Creek11.712
Dosewallips River3030
Douglas Creek51.251
Downey Creek10.911
Dragoon Creek31.532
Dry Creek (Satus Creek tributary)25.826
Dry Creek (Walla Walla River tributary)35.235
Duckabush River25.726
Dungeness River31.549
Duwamish River5.4107
Early Winters Creek16.817
East Foster Creek24.525
Eightmile Creek18.318
Elk Creek19.119
Elwha River44.244
Entiat River56.884
Eureka Creek11.512
Finney Creek25.526
Foster Creek1.943
George Creek24.525
Germany Creek13.614
Glade Creek45.172
Glade Creek - East Branch26.527
Gold Creek14.815
Goodell Creek13.313
Goodman Creek15.616
Grande Ronde River38.359
Granite Creek13.223
Granite Creek - West Fork9.39
Grays River31.932
Gray Wolf River17.117
Green River (Duwamish River tributary)85.8101
Green River (Toutle River - North Fork tributary)37.337
Greenwater River24.424
Hall Creek24.925
Hamma Hamma River17.818
Hangman Creek58.489
Hanson Creek13.313
Hawk Creek26.827
Hoh River57.478
Hoh River - South Fork20.921
Hoko River25.526
Hoquiam River15.840
Hoquiam River - East Fork24.124
Huckleberry Creek15.315
Humptulips River38.8107
Humptulips River - East Fork32.332
Humptulips River - West Fork35.435
Icicle Creek32.844
Illobot Creek16.416
Imbler Creek18.218
Ingalls Creek15.115
Iron Creek11.211
Jack Creek11.612
Jackman Creek11.912
Jim Creek14.915
Johnson Creek13.914
Joseph Creek8.59
Kalama River45.245
Kettle River33.856
Klickitat River95.1231
Lacamas Creek (Cowlitz River tributary)22.222
Lacamas Creek (Washougal River tributary)16.717
Lake River13.941
Le Clerc Creek1.317
Le Clerc Creek - East Branch15.415
Lewis River90.5254
Lewis River - East Fork43.343
Lightning Creek12.513
Lincoln Creek13.313
Little Beaver Creek14.515
Little Klickitat River26.543
Little Naches River14.232
Little North River16.617
Little Pend Oreille River35.335
Little Quilcene River13.313
Little Rattlesnake Creek13.413
Little Spokane River52.3123
Little Wenatchee River24.725
Little White Salmon River21.321
Lmuma Creek22.623
Logy Creek18.519
Lost Creek23.323
Lost River21.833
Loup Loup Creek2020
Lower Crab Creek48.6350
Lower Salmon Creek14.515
Mad River27.227
Manastash Creek8.730
Manastash Creek - South Fork2121
Mashel River23.423
Matheny Creek20.921
McDonald Creek15.516
Meadow Creek16.717
Menatchee Creek11.812
Methow River91.7316
Mill Creek (Colville River tributary)18.719
Mill Creek (Little Klickitat River tributary)16.416
Mill Creek (Walla Walla River tributary)36.637
Mineral Creek15.716
Mission Creek18.819
Moclips River12.227
Moclips River - North Fork15.115
Mox Chehalis Creek17.217
Muck Creek21.922
Muddy River18.447
Mule Dry Creek27.628
Naches River45.6302
Naneum Creek34.560
Napeequa River17.918
Naselle River29.830
Nason Creek27.227
Nespelem River25.526
Newaukum Creek15.315
Newaukum - North Fork20.821
Newaukum - South Fork30.330
Nile Creek13.914
Ninemile Creek23.423
Nisqually River77.2152
Nooksack River39.5174
Nooksack River - Middle Fork19.820
Nooksack River - North Fork41.958
Nooksack River - South Fork41.742
North Nemah River13.714
North River60.492
Ohanapecosh River16.116
Okanogan River83308
Olequa Creek18.834
Omak Creek25.826
Palouse River123503
Palouse River - South Fork4646
Park Creek19.941
Pataha Creek55.656
Penawawa Creek18.118
Pend Oreille River71.1171
Peshastin Creek18.534
Pilchuck Creek23.724
Pilchuck River41.341
Pine Creek (Columbia River tributary)30.531
Pine Creek (Lewis River tributary)11.411
Pine Creek (Rock Creek (Palouse River tributary))5454
Pine Creek (Walla Walla River tributary)4.85
Priest River - Lower West Branch5.96
Puyallup River46.9320
Pysht River17.217
Queets River55160
Quillayute River5.9223
Quinault River70.5104
Quinault River - North Fork18.318
Raft River10.528
Raft River - North Fork17.317
Raging River16.116
Railroad Creek20.621
Rapid River13.213
Rattlesnake Creek25.639
Rebel Flat Creek31.532
Reecer Creek1717
Rock Creek (Chehalis River tributary)1313
Rock Creek (Columbia River tributary)16.116
Rock Creek (Columbia River tributary)28.128
Rock Creek (Crab Creek tributary)24.725
Rock Creek (Hangman Creek tributary)30.831
Rock Creek (Palouse River tributary)56.2161
Rock Island Creek20.220
Salmon Creek (Cowlitz River tributary)32.147
Salmon Creek (Lake River tributary)27.427
Salmon Creek - North Fork (Okanogan River tributary)14.815
Salmon Creek (Okanogan River tributary)1732
Salmon River14.815
Samish River30.631
Sams River16.717
Sanpoil River72.5169
Sanpoil River - West Fork24.874
Satsop River5.8152
Satsop River - East Fork15.181
Satsop River - Middle Fork34.735
Satsop River - West Fork44.465
Satus Creek55.1127
Sauk River39.1154
Sauk River - North Fork18.318
Sauk River - South Fork13.614
Scatter Creek22.923
Sheep Creek13.113
Sherman Creek2234
Sherman Creek - South Fork11.812
Simcoe Creek18.218
Similkameen River27.579
Sinking Creek20.821
Sinlahekin Creek31.651
Siouxon Creek19.620
Sitkum River14.515
Sixprong Creek19.820
Skagit River124.2447
Skokomish River7.973
Skokomish River - North Fork34.935
Skokomish River - South Fork30.330
Skookumchuck River42.643
Skykomish River29.1168
Skykomish River - North Fork29.129
Skykomish River - South Fork2047
Smith Creek31.231
Snake River175.61,069
Snohomish River20.4453
Snoqualmie River42.7223
Snoqualmie River - Middle Fork39.650
Snoqualmie River - North Fork27.227
Snoqualmie River - South Fork30.831
Sol Duc River67.968
South Deadman Creek17.818
South Prairie Creek17.818
Spokane River99.6377
Spring Creek12.813
Squilchuck Creek11.812
Stehekin River2537
Stillaguaimish River23.1215
Stillaguaimish River - North Fork50.189
Stillaguaimish River - South Fork5380
Stillwater Creek15.415
Stranger Creek12.813
Suiattle River47.759
Sullivan Creek25.425
Sultan River29.830
Swakane Creek11.712
Swale Creek33.333
Swauk Creek24.925
Tacoma Creek25.325
Tahuya River21.221
Taneum Creek13.526
Taneum Creek - North Fork12.613
Tanwax Creek14.214
Taylor River10.611
Teanaway River12.364
Teanaway River - Middle Fork16.817
Teanaway River - North Fork19.419
Teanaway River - West Fork15.716
Tenmile Creek (Nooksack River tributary)14.815
Tenmile Creek (Snake River tributary)1818
Tieton River21.860
Tieton River - North Fork15.315
Tieton River - South Fork22.823
Tilton River30.831
Toats Coulee Creek5.220
Toats Coulee Creek - South Fork14.414
Tokul Creek13.714
Tolt River8.443
Tolt River - North Fork17.317
Tolt River - South Fork16.917
Toppenish Creek76.795
Touchet River65.1130
Touchet River - North Fork19.620
Touchet River - South Fork16.216
Toutle River16.5123
Toutle River - North Fork37.174
Toutle River - South Fork31.832
Trout Creek1414
Trout Lake Creek21.922
Tshletshy Creek12.613
Tucannon River62.3118
Tunk Creek16.316
Twentymile Creek12.813
Twisp River3447
Union Flat Creek67.267
Voight Creek20.220
Waddell Creek12.412
Wallace River16.316
Walla Walla River44.8252
Ward Creek10.924
Washougal River33.550
Wenas Creek2336
Wenas Creek - North Fork13.113
Wenatchee River54.4307
West Foster Creek16.416
Whetstone Creek29.329
White Chuck River24.625
White Creek20.621
White River (Puyallup River tributary)71202
White River (Wenatchee River tributary)30.749
White River - West Fork (Puyallup River tributary)20.220
White Salmon River44.767
Willapa River4896
Willapa River - South Fork23.524
Willow Creek22.523
Wilmont Creek22.923
Wilson Creek (Crab Creek tributary)37.859
Wilson Creek (Ward Creek tributary)13.313
Wilson Creek (Yakima River tributary)18.7122
Wind River33.934
Winson Creek15.616
Wishkah - East Fork17.518
Wolf Creek16.917
Woods Creek16.917
Wynoochee River6767
Yakima River217.71,208
Yellowjacket Creek16.817

Note: Lengths are for the part of the river/watershed within the boundary of this state.

Note: Mostly rivers/streams 15+ miles in length.

Data from United States Geological Survey