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United States Rivers

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White River

StatesNebraska (139 mi), South Dakota (442 mi)
Length580.6 miles
Watershed Length*4,300 miles
MouthMissouri River Gulf of Mexico


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Name Distance
from Mouth
Ash Creek518536
Bear-in-the-Lodge Creek264105179
Beaver Creek4473434
Big Cottonwood Creek5064561
Big Hollow Creek3153131
Black Dog Creek272828
Black Pipe Creek19676145
Blacktail Creek3963080
Bohemian Creek4701833
Bordeaux Creek4661364
Bull Creek1083434
Cain Creek3023838
Cedar Bluff Creek3861919
Chadron Creek4902525
Cottonwood Creek3292845
Cottonwood Creek1345353
Cottonwood Creek7553113
Craven Creek2493030
Davis Creek491414
Dead Horse Creek5002020
Dog Ear Creek6676130
Eagle Nest Creek2533838
East Horse Creek3592222
Fifteen Creek2422020
Grass Creek3513030
Horse Creek1242929
Indian Creek5141616
Johnny Creek1192121
Kaiser Creek1151616
Larvie Creek1861717
Limekiln Creek4401616
Little Cottonwood Creek5252964
Little Dog Creek801717
Little White River127232530
Lone Tree Creek4894778
Long Creek2472525
Lost Dog Creek2712020
Louis Creek951717
Madden Creek4661616
Medicine Root Creek30751126
Mill Iron Creek641919
Mission Creek722323
No Moccasin Creek403939
Oak Creek8594185
O'Donald Creek1461414
Palmer Creek3101515
Pass Creek22470129
Pitan Creek1011515
Porcupine Creek3327676
Potato Creek2824949
Red Butte Creek251414
Red Stone Creek2103333
Redwater Creek2973939
Roundup Creek1511515
Runs Close Creek1821616
Sedlano Creek842020
Slim Butte Creek4044848
Soldier Creek5492424
Spring Creek3252323
Thunder Creek577299
Trunk Butte Creek5021919
West Horse Creek3672323
White Clay Creek40179152
White Clay Creek5371630
White Thunder Creek1036262
Williams Creek912323
Willow Creek3821026
Wind Creek3152727
Wounded Knee Creek346100116
Yukmi Creek1681818
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* Note: Watershed is mostly rivers/streams 15+ miles in length.

Data from United States Geological Survey