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United States Rivers

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River count301
River miles9,431

Large Bodies of Water


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Name Length
Aikman Creek20.120
Anderson River51.882
Anderson River - Middle Fork30.631
Back Creek17.117
Baugo Creek25.425
Beanblossom Creek51.752
Bear Creek18.519
Beaver Creek (Iroquois River tributary)10.911
Beaver Creek (White River - East Fork tributary)2626
Beech Creek15.115
Bell Creek16.316
Big Blue River84.7212
Big Creek (Muscatatuck River tributary)45.145
Big Creek (Pigeon Creek (Ohio River tributary))15.516
Big Creek (Tippecanoe River tributary)22.923
Big Creek (Wabash River tributary)31.748
Big Lick Creek20.521
Big Pine Creek50.977
Big Raccoon Creek87.9175
Big Shawnee Creek20.533
Big Walnut Creek64.878
Birch Creek16.717
Black Creek (Salamonie River tributary)1515
Black Creek (White River tributary)2626
Black River19.820
Blue Creek26.126
Blue River (Eel River tributary)22.523
Blue River - Middle Fork (Ohio River tributary)18.519
Blue River (Ohio River tributary)76.8142
Blue River - South Fork (Ohio River tributary)31.131
Blue River - West Fork (Ohio River tributary)15.616
Boggs Creek21.622
Bogus Run15.415
Brandywine Creek42.643
Brooks Creek17.217
Brouilletts Creek15.115
Browns Wonder Creek15.115
Buck Creek (Big Blue River tributary)1515
Buck Creek (Ohio River tributary)29.742
Buck Creek - South Fork (Ohio River tributary)12.112
Buck Creek (Sugar Creek (Driftwood River tributary))27.728
Buck Creek (White River tributary)23.540
Burnett Creek22.122
Busseron Creek38.651
Busseron Creek - West Fork12.312
Campbells Run16.717
Carpenter Creek25.926
Cedar Creek3253
Chippewanuck Creek15.616
Christiana Creek7.78
Cicero Creek42.663
Clear Creek (Salt Creek (White River - East Fork tributary))19.419
Clear Creek (Wabash River tributary)6.57
Clear Creek (Wabash River tributary)18.218
Clifty Creek41.7104
Clifty Creek - Middle Branch11.211
Clifty Creek - North Branch14.114
Coal Creek33.7109
Coal Creek - East Fork21.421
Coal Creek - North Fork21.722
Cobbs Fork16.216
Coles Creek16.216
Conns Creek19.319
Cool Creek16.216
Coon Creek (Sugar Creek (Iroquois River tributary))0.91
Cornstalk Creek1616
Crooked Creek (Ohio River tributary)23.223
Crooked Creek (Wabash River tributary)24.925
Croys Creek17.417
Cypress Creek19.419
Deep River28.228
Deer Creek (Mill Creek (Eel River tributary))28.929
Deer Creek (Mississinewa River tributary)16.517
Deer Creek - South Fork (Wabash River tributary)17.518
Deer Creek (Wabash River tributary)55.787
Driftwood River15.8362
Duck Creek18.719
Eagle Creek39.183
Eel River54.9272
Eel River94.5169
Eightmile Creek27.227
Elkhart River48.3131
Elkhart River - North Branch18.619
Elkhart River - South Branch19.319
Fall Creek58.3107
Fall Fork17.918
Fawn River28.829
First Creek26.326
Fishback Creek18.318
Fish Creek26.627
Flat Creek20.521
Flatrock Creek13.213
Flatrock River99.6527
Fly Creek15.916
Fourteenmile Creek23.423
Graham Creek53.672
Grand Calumet River - East Branch1010
Grand Calumet River - West Branch (easterly flow)3.13
Grand Calumet River - West Branch (westerly flow)0.20
Great Miami River2.1404
Greens Fork32.933
Greenville Creek8.79
Guthrie Creek3148
Haw Creek21.722
Hogan Creek0.653
Honey Creek (Tippecanoe River tributary)16.617
Honey Creek (Wabash River tributary)26.627
Hunley Creek15.115
Indiana Harbor and Ship Canal4.117
Indian Creek (Great Miami River tributary)13.814
Indian Creek (Ohio River tributary)69.296
Indian Creek (Ohio River tributary)18.819
Indian Creek (Sugar Creek (Wabash River tributary))15.415
Indian Creek (Tippecanoe River tributary)19.419
Indian Creek (Wabash River tributary)15.716
Indian Creek (White River - East Fork tributary)59.677
Indian Creek (White River tributary)31.632
Indian Kentuck Creek29.346
Indian Kentucky Creek - West Fork16.316
Iroquois River48.1119
Jordan Creek (Eel River tributary)15.616
Jordan Creek (Vermilion River - North Fork - Middle Branch (Wabash River tributary))11.411
Kankakee River74.9293
Killbuck Creek28.529
Kilmore Creek26.527
Kokomo Creek16.517
Lambs Creek16.817
Lattas Creek17.718
Laughery Creek82.8113
Laughery Creek - South Fork11.712
Leatherwood Creek (Big Raccoon Creek tributary)1818
Leatherwood Creek (White River - East Fork tributary)19.820
Lewis Creek21.221
Lick Creek (Fall Creek tributary)25.926
Lick Creek (Lost River tributary)24.124
Lick Creek (White River tributary)16.917
Limberlost Creek17.518
Little Blue River (Big Blue River tributary)48.248
Little Blue River (Ohio River tributary)36.737
Little Buck Creek15.716
Little Calumet River - East Arm23.244
Little Calumet River (easterly flow)19.792
Little Calumet River (westerly flow)3.44
Little Cedar Creek20.621
Little Cicero Creek19.920
Little Creek15.916
Little Deer Creek13.814
Little Eagle Creek11.612
Little Eagle Creek14.314
Little Elkhart River22.823
Little Flatrock River24.224
Little Four Mile Creek12.412
Little Graham Creek18.619
Little Indian Creek11.512
Little Indian Creek15.215
Little Kankakee River20.921
Little Oil Creek11.311
Little Pigeon Creek42.759
Little Pine Creek18.619
Little Pipe Creek13.313
Little Potato Creek20.721
Little Raccoon Creek36.453
Little Raccoon Creek - South Fork16.517
Little River22.850
Little Salamonie River12.412
Little Salt Creek (Salt Creek (White River - East Fork tributary))15.415
Little Salt Creek (Salt Creek (Whitewater River tributary))14.414
Little Sand Creek16.216
Little Shawnee Creek1212
Little Sugar Creek22.322
Little Vermilion River (Wabash River tributary)20.821
Little Walnut Creek13.113
Little Wea Creek14.815
Loblolly Creek7.525
Loon Creek15.415
Lost River88.4113
Lye Creek7.428
Maria Creek2323
Martindale Creek28.629
Maumee River28.1230
Mill Creek - East Fork (Eel River tributary)12.613
Mill Creek (Eel River tributary)47.889
Mill Creek (Tippecanoe River tributary)24.825
Mill Creek (Wabash River tributary)20.220
Mississinewa River108.7164
Mud Creek (Fall Creek tributary)22.322
Mud Creek (Tippecanoe River tributary)16.817
Mud Creek (Wildcat Creek tributary)1633
Muddy Fork2323
Mud Pine Creek25.626
Muscatatuck River54.2326
Muscatatuck River - Vernon Fork89.4139
Nettle Creek0.81
Nolands Fork35.636
North Hogan Creek24.224
Ohio River352.88,443
Oil Creek19.931
Otter Creek (Muscatatuck River - Vernon Fork tributary)32.232
Otter Creek - North Branch (Wabash River tributary)20.721
Otter Creek (Wabash River tributary)29.951
Patoka River167.1220
Patoka River - South Fork16.917
Paw Paw Creek20.821
Pigeon Creek (Ohio River tributary)47.963
Pigeon Creek (Pigeon River (St. Joseph River (Lake Michigan tributary)))37.838
Pigeon River (St. Joseph River (Lake Michigan tributary))25.495
Pipe Creek (Wabash River tributary)49.162
Pipe Creek (White River tributary)34.134
Pipe Creek (Whitewater River tributary)20.621
Pleasant Run Creek16.717
Plummer Creek1872
Pond Creek17.518
Prairie Creek (Coal Creek tributary)17.217
Prairie Creek - North Fork (White River tributary)18.719
Prairie Creek (Salamonie River tributary)15.916
Prairie Creek - South Fork (White River tributary)12.913
Prairie Creek (Sugar Creek (Wabash River tributary))24.925
Prairie Creek (Wabash River tributary)1919
Prairie Creek (White River tributary)8.340
Raccoon Creek18.919
Redwood Creek18.719
Richland Creek38.854
Ripley Creek18.719
Rock Creek (Wabash River tributary)25.926
Rock Creek (Wabash River tributary)3030
Salamonie River83.9144
Salt Creek (Little Calumet River - East Arm tributary)21.221
Salt Creek - Middle Fork (White River - East Fork tributary)22.344
Salt Creek - North Fork (White River - East Fork tributary)49.249
Salt Creek - South Fork (White River - East Fork tributary)21.622
Salt Creek (White River - East Fork tributary)47.7176
Salt Creek (Whitewater River tributary)27.842
Sand Creek61.3134
Sand Creek - Muddy Fork18.218
Silver Creek (Eel River tributary)16.316
Silver Creek (Ohio River tributary)38.762
Silver Creek (Whitewater River - East Fork tributary)17.217
Sixmile Creek (Big Blue River tributary)21.221
Sixmile Creek (Muscatatuck River - Vernon Fork tributary)17.518
Sixmile Creek (Wabash River tributary)15.616
Slough Creek15.942
Smothers Creek1818
Solomon Creek16.316
South Hogan Creek28.328
St. Joseph River (Lake Michigan tributary)41.8352
St. Joseph River (Maumee River tributary)41.7122
St. Marys River40.567
Stoney Creek4.24
Stony Creek2020
Stotts Creek3.532
Stotts Creek - North Prong11.111
Stotts Creek - South Prong16.917
Stucker Fork15.616
Sugar Creek (Driftwood River tributary)83.7135
Sugar Creek (Iroquois River tributary)17.218
Sugar Creek (Wabash River tributary)8.69
Sugar Creek (Wabash River tributary)15.516
Sugar Creek (Wabash River tributary)95.2270
Sugar Creek - Walnut Fork (Wabash River tributary)28.150
Sugar Mill Creek24.424
Sulphur Creek17.417
Symons Creek17.918
Tanners Creek12.442
Tanners Creek - East Fork16.917
Tanners Creek - West Fork12.613
Tippecanoe River180.7331
Trimble Creek18.118
Turkey Creek (Elkhart River tributary)28.128
Turkey Creek (Mud Creek (Wildcat Creek tributary))17.417
Turkey Creek (Pigeon River (St. Joseph River (Lake Michigan tributary)))15.816
Turkey Run14.515
Turman Creek3333
Veale Creek18.619
Vermilion River - North Fork - Middle Branch (Wabash River tributary)1.713
Vermilion River - North Fork (Wabash River tributary)417
Vermilion River (Wabash River tributary)10.632
Wabash River459.36,733
Walnut Creek17.818
Wea Creek21.136
Weesau Creek1515
White Creek28.149
White Creek - East Fork20.721
White Lick Creek50.3115
White Lick Creek - East Fork23.624
White Lick Creek - West Fork29.630
White Lick Creek - West Fork11.912
White River370.43,455
White River - East Fork192.61,871
Whitewater River93.4367
Whitewater River - Dry Fork7.47
Whitewater River - East Fork41.471
Whitewater River - East Fork - Middle Fork12.112
Wildcat Creek93.5275
Wildcat Creek - Middle Fork35.752
Wildcat Creek - South Fork52.7132
Williams Creek18.118
Wolf Creek16.116
Wyaloosing Creek19.838
Yellow Creek16.216
Yellow River63.179
Youngs Creek23.524

Note: Lengths are for the part of the river/watershed within the boundary of this state.

Note: Mostly rivers/streams 15+ miles in length.

Data from United States Geological Survey