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United States Rivers

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River count542
River miles19,346

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Name Length
Al Hopkins Creek14.214
Antelope Creek (Hat Creek tributary)1753
Antelope Creek (Missouri River tributary)16.617
Antelope Creek (Niobrara River tributary)4444
Aowa Creek31.674
Arikaree River5.76
Arkeketa Creek14.515
Ash Creek (Little Blue River tributary)17.918
Ash Creek (Niobrara River tributary)1616
Ash Creek (Republican River tributary)13.914
Ash Creek (South Loup River tributary)28.228
Ash Creek (White River tributary)5.436
Baker Creek1919
Balls Branch15.215
Barngrover Creek24.725
Battle Creek33.233
Bazile Creek70.3121
Bean Creek14.114
Bear Creek (Beaver Creek (Big Blue River - West Fork tributary))16.116
Bear Creek (Big Blue River tributary)28.745
Bear Creek (Niobrara River tributary)42.442
Beaver Creek (Big Blue River - West Fork tributary)118.7135
Beaver Creek (Loup River tributary)130.8196
Beaver Creek (Missouri River tributary)30.731
Beaver Creek (Niobrara River tributary)21.922
Beaver Creek (Republican River tributary)31.932
Beaver Creek (Sappa Creek tributary)104.4104
Beaver Creek (South Loup River tributary)15.516
Beaver Creek (White River tributary)3434
Bell Creek43.944
Big Blue River267.52,854
Big Blue River - North Branch34.750
Big Blue River - West Fork182.4546
Big Blue River - West Fork - North Branch45.846
Big Bordeaux Creek25.926
Big Cedar Creek32.933
Big Cottonwood Creek45.161
Big Creek28.328
Big Indian Creek48.368
Big Nemaha River20473
Big Nemaha River - Middle Branch32.347
Big Nemaha River - North Fork77.7205
Big Nemaha River - South Fork30.2153
Big Papillion Creek39.358
Big Sandy Creek (Little Blue River tributary)107.9254
Big Sandy Creek (Niobrara River tributary)33.333
Big Sandy Creek - South Fork (Little Blue River tributary)53.253
Big Timber Creek (Republican River - South Fork tributary)1.72
Bills Creek1616
Birdwood Creek17.266
Birdwood Creek - North Fork24.124
Blackbird Creek448
Blackbird Creek23.123
Blacksnake Creek23.423
Blackwood Creek6289
Blakely Creek1717
Bloody Creek18.418
Bloody Run14.114
Bloody Run Creek15.415
Blue Creek57.958
Boardman Creek46.547
Bobtail Creek13.914
Bogus Creek16.416
Bohemian Creek17.633
Bone Creek (Long Pine Creek tributary)3861
Bone Creek (Platte River tributary)22.923
Bordeaux Creek12.964
Bow Creek47.5164
Box Butte Creek52.553
Breslau Creek12.532
Brush Creek (Indian Creek (Hat Creek tributary))2.73
Brush Creek (Niobrara River tributary)23.423
Brushy Creek6.933
Buckley Creek1515
Buffalo Creek (Elkhorn River tributary)19.319
Buffalo Creek (Elm Creek (Platte River tributary))85.8125
Buffalo Creek (Keya Paha River tributary)4.85
Buffalo Creek (Little Blue River tributary)15.315
Buffalo Creek (Platte River tributary)30.330
Bull Creek (Lone Tree Creek tributary)15.315
Bull Creek (Minnechaduza Creek tributary)2.73
Burntwood Creek16.316
Burton Creek29.530
Butterfly Creek14.214
Cache Creek36.336
Calamus River116.4175
Calf Creek79.179
Callahan Creek17.518
Camp Creek15.516
Cat Creek15.616
Cedar Creek (Big Blue River tributary)21.321
Cedar Creek (Cedar River tributary)37.691
Cedar Creek (Elkhorn River tributary)3356
Cedar Creek (Medicine Creek tributary)2626
Cedar Creek (North Loup River tributary)19.119
Cedar Creek (North Platte River tributary)15.215
Cedar Creek (Platte River tributary)1414
Cedar Creek (South Loup River tributary)14.515
Cedar River90.9319
Center Creek37.738
Chadron Creek2525
Clark Creek13.714
Clatonia Creek1818
Clear Creek (Mud Creek tributary)85.686
Clear Creek (Platte River tributary)4949
Clear Creek (Wahoo Creek tributary)2020
Clearwater Creek40.140
Clifford Creek23.423
Cob Creek17.217
Cole Creek14.414
Coon Branch19.119
Coon Creek (Logan Creek Dredge tributary)18.418
Coon Creek (Republican River tributary)35.235
Cottonwood Creek (Keya Paha River tributary)11.211
Cottonwood Creek (Little Blue River tributary)44.444
Cottonwood Creek (Loup River tributary)18.118
Cottonwood Creek (Middle Loup River tributary)14.214
Cottonwood Creek (Niobrara River tributary)26.844
Cottonwood Creek (Republican River tributary)17.417
Cottonwood Creek (South Loup River tributary)22.222
Cottonwood Creek (Wahoo Creek tributary)2525
Cow Creek13.814
Cow Creek (Lodgepole Creek (South Platte River tributary))37.538
Craven Creek14.715
Crooked Creek21.822
Crooked Creek (Republican River tributary)21.522
Crow Creek9.39
Crum Creek15.716
Cub Creek43.844
Cuming Creek38.338
Daily Branch13.614
Dane Creek18.519
Davis Creek32.833
Dead Horse Creek20.220
Deep Creek18.218
Deep Holes Creek23.423
Deer Creek (Elkhorn River tributary)15.215
Deer Creek (Middle Loup River tributary)22.422
Deer Creek (Niobrara River tributary)19.620
Deer Creek (Republican River tributary)7474
Deer Creek - South Branch (South Logan Creek tributary)20.921
Deer Creek (South Logan Creek tributary)23.645
Deer Creek (South Loup River tributary)2323
Dirty Creek15.816
Dismal River72162
Dismal River - North Fork38.839
Dismal River - South Fork2323
Dog Creek27.828
Driftwood Creek37.975
Driftwood Creek - North Fork28.829
Driftwood Creek - South Fork88
Dry Cedar Creek18.318
Dry Creek52.853
Dry Sandy Creek35.135
Dry Spottedtail Creek2323
Duck Creek (Sand Creek (Wahoo Creek tributary))14.114
Eagle Creek21.359
Eagle Creek - East Branch16.817
Eagle Creek - Middle Branch21.321
East Ash Creek1515
East Bow Creek20.220
Elder Creek2828
Elk Creek (Little Blue River tributary)34.434
Elk Creek (Missouri River tributary)35.850
Elk Creek (Oak Creek (Salt Creek tributary))16.216
Elk Creek (Prairie Dog Creek tributary)0.61
Elk Creek (Republican River tributary)40.240
Elk Creek (South Loup River tributary)31.532
Elkhorn River286.81,900
Elkhorn River - North Branch28.428
Elkhorn River - North Fork81.3200
Elkhorn River - North Fork - West Branch19.119
Elkhorn River - South Fork76.276
Elkhorn River - South Fork28.428
Elm Creek (North Loup River tributary)16.917
Elm Creek (Platte River tributary)39.5164
Elm Creek (Republican River tributary)27.628
Elm Creek (Shell Creek tributary)14.915
Elm Creek (Spring Creek (Republican River tributary))16.416
Evergreen Creek40.440
Fairfield Creek32.533
Farmers Creek15.916
Fish Creek18.719
Flag Creek29.129
Flat Creek (Big Blue River - West Fork tributary)30.931
Flat Creek (Little Blue River tributary)16.216
Foster Creek14.414
Fourmile Creek (Big Nemaha River - South Fork tributary)14.715
Fourmile Creek (Platte River tributary)15.716
Fox Creek2424
Freeman Creek17.317
French Creek19.520
Frenchman Creek140.3327
Giles Creek17.618
Goose Creek68.569
Gordon Creek154.1154
Gracie Creek16.917
Greenwood Creek2929
Haines Branch20.120
Halfbreed Creek1414
Haskell Creek17.618
Hat Creek45.2240
Hawthorne Creek16.817
Hays Creek24.224
Hay Springs Creek43.443
Hemingford Creek42.743
Hickman Branch17.417
Hicks Creek12.613
Holt Creek (Elkhorn River tributary)60.561
Holt Creek (Keya Paha River tributary)26.627
Hooker Creek16.216
Hooper Creek23.624
Horse Creek (Loup River tributary)18.218
Horse Creek (North Platte River tributary)7.946
Horsehead Creek66
Horseshoe Creek4.44
Howe Creek17.518
Humbug Creek22.238
Humbug Creek - South Branch15.415
Indian Creek (Big Blue River tributary)28.629
Indian Creek (Big Blue River - West Fork tributary)45.245
Indian Creek (Hat Creek tributary)2932
Indian Creek (North Platte River tributary)14.214
Indian Creek (Republican River tributary)21.722
Indian Creek (Republican River tributary)20.721
Indian Creek (White River tributary)16.216
Indian Springs Creek14.114
Ives Creek17.718
Jim Creek16.517
Johnson Creek (Big Blue River - West Fork tributary)1656
Johnson Creek - North Fork (Big Blue River - West Fork tributary)21.722
Johnson Creek - South Fork (Big Blue River - West Fork tributary)18.218
Johnson Creek (Turkey Creek (Big Nemaha River - South Fork tributary))20.320
Joy Creek00
Keegan Creek14.615
Keya Paha River57.5173
Kezan Creek14.815
Kiowa Creek20.120
Lake Creek16.617
Larrabee Creek25.425
Lawrence Fork36.436
Leander Creek26.226
Liberty Creek3131
Lillian Creek23.924
Limekiln Creek12.112
Lincoln Creek143.8163
Little Bazile Creek33.233
Little Blackwood Creek27.427
Little Blue River205.31,086
Little Bordeaux Creek25.626
Little Cedar Creek20.521
Little Cottonwood Creek (Republican River tributary)13.814
Little Cottonwood Creek (White River tributary)29.464
Little Logan Creek18.619
Little Muddy Creek18.919
Little Nemaha River77.3243
Little Nemaha River - North Fork36.537
Little Nemaha River - South Fork41.441
Little Papillion Creek18.318
Little Salt Creek19.820
Little Sandy Creek57.758
Little Sandy Creek36.655
Lodgepole Creek (South Platte River tributary)180.7218
Logan Creek Dredge80.5314
Lone Tree Creek47.478
Long Branch25.626
Long Pine Creek42.3117
Looking Glass Creek27.628
Loseke Creek3247
Lost Creek (Keya Paha River tributary)11.912
Loup River70.93,313
Lute Creek2.12
Madden Creek1111
Maple Creek31.6110
Maple Creek - East Fork32.633
Maple Creek - West Fork45.746
Medicine Creek (Niobrara River tributary)25.325
Medicine Creek (Republican River tributary)95.8192
Meridian Creek25.244
Methodist Creek16.817
Middle Creek (Logan Creek Dredge tributary)29.530
Middle Creek (Pumpkin Creek tributary)14.715
Middle Creek (Republican River tributary)17.718
Middle Creek (Salt Creek tributary)25.541
Middle Creek - South Branch (Salt Creek tributary)15.215
Middle Logan Creek23.323
Middle Loup River218.81,604
Middle Loup River - Middle Branch53.854
Middle Loup River - North Branch73.6127
Middle Loup River - South Branch48.248
Middle Oak Creek19.820
Milrose Creek17.518
Minnechaduza Creek53.356
Mira Creek11.148
Mira Creek - North Branch25.325
Mira Creek - South Branch11.411
Mission Creek (Big Blue River tributary)7.98
Missouri River383.819,067
Moores Creek24.224
Mud Creek (Big Blue River tributary)30.745
Mud Creek (Cedar River tributary)14.515
Mud Creek - South Branch (South Loup River tributary)14.114
Mud Creek (South Loup River tributary)99214
Muddy Creek (Big Nemaha River tributary)51.885
Muddy Creek - East Branch (Republican River tributary)31.431
Muddy Creek (Little Nemaha River tributary)18.519
Muddy Creek (Republican River tributary)30.931
Muddy Creek (Republican River tributary)58.9148
Munson Creek20.521
Ninemile Creek22.723
Niobrara River4982,334
North Antelope Creek16.617
North Blackbird Creek13.914
North Brushy Creek1414
North Logan Creek21.522
North Loup River271.1901
North Oak Creek33.934
North Omaha Creek18.719
North Platte River215.9879
North Plum Creek27.127
North Taylor Creek13.914
Norwegian Bow Creek27.127
Oak Creek (Little Blue River tributary)22.122
Oak Creek (Middle Loup River tributary)70.270
Oak Creek (Salt Creek tributary)47.8118
Olive Branch13.814
Omaha Creek14.357
Omaha Creek Ditch461
Otoe Creek24.625
Otter Creek13.914
Owl Creek18.338
Oxbow Creek19.119
Papillion Creek15.6101
Pawnee Creek (Little Blue River tributary)51.652
Pawnee Creek (Platte River tributary)21.221
Pearl Creek24.625
Pebble Creek (Cottonwood Creek (Niobrara River tributary))16.817
Pebble Creek (Elkhorn River tributary)41.291
Pebble Creek - North Branch (Elkhorn River tributary)14.515
Pebble Creek - South Branch (Elkhorn River tributary)12.813
Pepper Creek26.727
Peterson Creek15.516
Pierce Creek16.216
Pine Creek33.333
Platte River318.58,462
Plum Creek (Big Blue River tributary)3232
Plum Creek (Big Blue River tributary)30.445
Plum Creek (Elkhorn River tributary)40.140
Plum Creek (Loup River tributary)51.852
Plum Creek (Niobrara River tributary)46.9142
Plum Creek - North Fork (Niobrara River tributary)38.138
Plum Creek (Platte River tributary)80.9108
Plum Creek - South Fork (Niobrara River tributary)16.817
Point of Rocks Creek35.483
Point of Rocks Creek - North Branch29.830
Point of Rocks Creek - South Branch18.118
Pole Creek11
Ponca Creek70.890
Pony Creek5.45
Prairie Creek (Big Blue River tributary)25.826
Prairie Creek (Platte River tributary)137.7191
Prairie Dog Creek20.821
Pumpkin Creek103.1213
Rae Creek14.515
Randall Creek3.43
Rebecca Creek7.68
Redbird Creek44.367
Red Otter Creek14.615
Red Willow Creek24.124
Red Willow Creek126.2126
Republican River292.12,438
Republican River - North Fork10.110
Republican River - South Fork4.46
Riddle Creek0.10
Rifle Creek17.417
Robidoux Creek0.30
Rock Creek19.119
Rock Creek (Big Nemaha River - South Fork tributary)10.611
Rock Creek (Elkhorn River tributary)19.219
Rock Creek (Little Blue River tributary)16.416
Rock Creek (Little Nemaha River tributary)18.719
Rock Creek (Middle Loup River tributary)13.814
Rock Creek - North Fork (Salt Creek tributary)14.615
Rock Creek (Republican River tributary)17.918
Rock Creek (Salt Creek tributary)36.251
Rope Creek23.323
Rose Creek (Little Blue River tributary)51.567
Roys Creek1.41
Rush Creek (Bohemian Creek tributary)1515
Rush Creek (Niobrara River tributary)3477
Rush Creek (North Platte River tributary)87.588
Salt Creek69.4571
Sand Canyon Creek42.242
Sand Creek (Elkhorn River tributary)1414
Sand Creek (Little Blue River tributary)39.364
Sand Creek (Little Cottonwood Creek tributary)20.921
Sand Creek (Republican River tributary)14.615
Sand Creek - South Branch (Little Blue River tributary)24.825
Sand Creek (South Loup River tributary)18.418
Sand Creek (South Loup River tributary)1515
Sand Creek (South Loup River tributary)18.919
Sand Creek (Spring Creek (Stinking Water Creek tributary))11.812
Sand Creek (Wahoo Creek tributary)32.447
Sand Draw22.623
Sappa Creek70.6175
Schaad Creek15.115
Schlagel Creek19.520
School Creek50.751
School Creek17.518
Scott Creek18.318
Shadley Creek5.56
Shaw Creek14.615
Sheep Creek (North Platte River tributary)30.731
Shell Creek111.3173
Sicily Creek19.720
Silver Creek (Pebble Creek tributary)22.222
Silver Creek (Platte River tributary)42.743
Silver Creek (Prairie Creek (Platte River tributary))29.530
Silver Creek (Republican River tributary)21.421
Silver Valley Creek15.115
Skeedee Creek15.716
Skull Creek (Calamus River tributary)22.923
Skull Creek (Platte River tributary)29.630
Snake Creek104.2236
Snake Creek - North Branch17.417
Snake Creek - South Branch30.831
Snake River125.7226
Soldier Creek23.824
South Antelope Creek1919
South Blackbird Creek29.730
South Brushy Creek11.712
South Creek28.442
South Logan Creek30.5103
South Loup River221.6696
South Omaha Creek10.624
South Papillion Creek11.712
South Platte River91.7310
Sowbelly Creek20.320
Spring Branch18.919
Spring Creek - East Branch (Loup River tributary)14.414
Spring Creek (Keya Paha River tributary)23.624
Spring Creek (Little Blue River tributary)54.254
Spring Creek (Little Cottonwood Creek (White River tributary))13.614
Spring Creek (Little Nemaha River tributary)26.827
Spring Creek (Loup River tributary)50.888
Spring Creek (Medicine Creek (Republican River tributary))1414
Spring Creek (Middle Loup River tributary)14.915
Spring Creek (Niobrara River tributary)15.315
Spring Creek (Platte River tributary)69.369
Spring Creek (Republican River tributary)40.475
Spring Creek (South Loup River tributary)2424
Spring Creek (Stinking Water Creek tributary)85.197
Spring Creek (Turkey Creek (Big Blue River tributary))17.518
Spring Creek - West Branch (Loup River tributary)22.422
Squaw Creek (Hat Creek tributary)29.429
Squaw Creek (White Clay Creek (White River tributary))1414
St. Clair Creek17.217
Steel Creek19.620
Steer Creek30.631
Stevens Creek22.923
Stinking Water Creek75.7173
Swan Creek15.876
Swan Creek - North Fork31.431
Swan Creek - South Fork28.428
Swartz Creek21.421
Sweet Creek33.534
Taylor Creek10.825
Thirtytwo Mile Creek29.761
Thirtytwo Mile Creek - West Branch31.231
Thompson Creek8.163
Thompson Creek - West Branch54.755
Timber Creek15.472
Timber Creek - North Branch29.530
Timber Creek - South Branch26.927
Todd Creek14.815
Tracy Creek18.418
Trunk Butte Creek18.619
Turkey Creek (Big Blue River tributary)133.7271
Turkey Creek (Big Nemaha River - South Fork tributary)41.897
Turkey Creek - East Branch (Republican River tributary)14.314
Turkey Creek (Middle Loup River tributary)41.542
Turkey Creek (Niobrara River tributary)17.117
Turkey Creek - North Fork (Big Blue River tributary)19.119
Turkey Creek (Republican River tributary)50.350
Turkey Creek (Republican River tributary)23.754
Turkey Creek - South Fork (Big Blue River tributary)2525
Turkey Creek - West Branch (Big Nemaha River - South Fork tributary)1934
Turkey Creek - West Branch (Republican River tributary)15.716
Turtle Creek7.750
Turtle Creek (Elkhorn River - North Fork tributary)13.614
Turtle Creek - North Branch2424
Turtle Creek - South Branch18.218
Union Creek50.3150
Union Creek - North Fork18.118
Union Creek - South Fork13.313
Verdigre Creek24.7136
Verdigre Creek - East Branch16.717
Verdigre Creek - Middle Branch2929
Verdigre Creek - North Branch41.441
Verdigre Creek - South Branch24.324
Victoria Creek23.423
Vorhees Creek18.218
Wagner Creek20.721
Wahoo Creek56.4165
Wahoo Creek - North Fork17.217
Wallace Creek2323
Walnut Creek (Big Nemaha River tributary)3.84
Walnut Creek (Little Blue River tributary)17.417
Walnut Creek (Little Sandy Creek tributary)18.719
Walnut Creek (Republican River tributary)12.312
Warbonnet Creek2545
Weeping Water Creek55.685
Weeping Water Creek - South Branch2929
Weigand Creek21.822
West Ash Creek15.315
West Birdwood Creek24.424
West Bow Creek44.645
West Buffalo Creek19.219
West Muddy Creek29.930
West Papillion Creek16.416
Whisky Creek18.819
Whistle Creek18.318
White Clay Creek (White River tributary)36.587
White Clay Creek (White River tributary)15.730
Whitehead Creek19.319
White Horse Creek21.722
White River138.8767
Whitetail Creek17.618
Wildcat Creek22.146
Wild Horse Creek28.428
Willow Creek (Elkhorn River - North Fork tributary)54.254
Willow Creek (Long Pine Creek tributary)1414
Willow Creek (Niobrara River tributary)15.916
Willow Creek (Pumpkin Creek tributary)15.415
Willow Creek (Republican River tributary)23.724
Winters Creek21.822
Wolf Creek24.124
Wolf Creek - East Prong (White Clay Creek (White River tributary))2.63
Wolf Creek - South Prong (White Clay Creek (White River tributary))7.68
Wood River219.1219
Wounded Knee Creek15.516
Yankee Creek23.423

Note: Lengths are for the part of the river/watershed within the boundary of this state.

Note: Mostly rivers/streams 15+ miles in length.

Data from United States Geological Survey