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United States Rivers

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River count303
River miles9,240

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Name Length
Adobe Creek13.614
Agua Verde Creek14.615
Alder Creek1616
Antelope Creek (Colorado River tributary)21.722
Antelope Creek (Martinez Wash tributary)16.529
Apache Creek (Gila River tributary)12.813
Aqua Fria River128.1545
Aravaipa Creek58.5147
Arrastre Creek14.815
Ash Creek (Aqua Fria River tributary)34.950
Ash Creek (Gila River tributary)25.526
Ash Creek (Milk Creek tributary)10.911
Ash Creek - North Fork (San Carlos River tributary)10.911
Ash Creek (Salt River tributary)16.316
Ash Creek (San Carlos River tributary)17.257
Ash Creek (San Pedro River tributary)14.915
Ash Creek - South Fork (San Carlos River tributary)15.929
Ash Creek (Trout Creek tributary)10.511
Aztec Creek1111
Babocomari River32.933
Banning Creek14.114
Bear Creek (Blue River (San Carlos River tributary))12.623
Bear Creek (Paige Creek tributary)10.410
Beaver Creek (Black River tributary)13.714
Beaver Creek (Verde River tributary)9.455
Benny Creek10.110
Big Bonito Creek41.5119
Big Bug Creek29.842
Big Sandy River56.1405
Bill Williams River47.3541
Bishop Creek22.923
Bitter Creek (Big Sandy River tributary)13.914
Bitter Creek (Gila River tributary)1111
Black Canyon Creek20.187
Black Creek60.2101
Black Creek - West Fork21.221
Black River114.4493
Black River - East Fork - North Fork30.241
Black River - West Fork22.222
Blind Indian Creek11.812
Blue River (San Carlos River tributary)25.448
Blue River (San Francisco River tributary)54.4214
Bog Creek11.211
Bonita Creek52.969
Bonito Creek2020
Boulder Creek (Aqua Fria River tributary)20.621
Boulder Creek (Burro Creek tributary)3046
Boulder Creek (Cottonwood Creek (Salt River tributary))1010
Bright Angel Creek1919
Brown Creek2121
Bumble Bee Creek10.711
Burnt Corral Creek12.412
Burro Creek70.3187
Campaign Creek17.618
Campbell Blue Creek22.422
Camp Creek18.819
Canyon Creek53.495
Carrizo Creek64.4182
Cataract Creek122.9123
Cedar Creek16.369
Chaiyahi Creek11.311
Champion Creek12.613
Chase Creek13.514
Cherry Creek (Hassayampa River tributary)10.911
Cherry Creek (Verde River tributary)15.816
Chevelon Creek86147
Cibecue Creek48.186
Cienega Creek (Ash Creek (Aqua Fria River tributary))14.915
Cienega Creek (Eagle Creek tributary)22.222
Cienega Creek (Pantano Wash tributary)48.163
Clear Creek (Blue River (San Francisco River tributary))12.312
Clear Creek (Colorado River tributary)11.311
Clear Creek (Little Colorado River tributary)69141
Clover Creek1313
Coal Creek17.317
Coffee Creek11.712
Cold Creek13.724
Colorado River722.88,949
Conger Creek17.217
Coon Creek13.714
Copper Creek16.717
Corduroy Creek36.737
Corn Creek13.614
Corral Creek10.310
Cottonwood Creek (Date Creek tributary)16.717
Cottonwood Creek (Gila River tributary)12.112
Cottonwood Creek (Kanab Creek tributary)10.410
Cottonwood Creek (Salt River tributary)17.127
Cow Creek17.317
Coyote Creek (Black River - East Fork - North Fork tributary)10.511
Coyote Creek (Little Colorado River tributary)41.542
Crystal Creek17.518
Date Creek46.677
Date Creek - North Fork1414
Deer Creek21.722
Deer Creek (Aravaipa Creek tributary)16.517
Deer Creek (Rye Creek tributary)12.913
Diamond Creek (Colorado River tributary)25.926
Diamond Creek (White River - North Fork tributary)22.235
Dry Beaver Creek18.418
Dry Prong Creek15.415
Eagle Creek60180
East Cedar Creek24.725
East Clear Creek38.939
East Eagle Creek14.815
East Verde River54.3114
Ellison Creek11.612
Ellison Creek11.311
Fall Creek10.410
Firebox Creek13.313
Fish Creek (Black River tributary)14.615
Fish Creek (Salt River tributary)15.115
Flash Creek10.410
Foote Creek11.512
Fork Rock Creek18.719
Fort Pearce Wash9.910
Fossil Creek20.135
Fourmile Creek1515
Francis Creek24.538
Freezeout Creek12.513
Gila River514.35,729
Gold Creek11.211
Gomez Creek7.224
Gooseberry Creek16.617
Gothic Creek5.56
Granite Creek3751
Grant Creek11.411
Greenback Creek17.818
Green Valley Creek15.716
Growler Wash50.951
Gun Creek26.627
Gypsum Creek14.615
Hackberry Creek (Big Bug Creek tributary)11.812
Hackberry Creek (San Carlos River tributary)15.516
Haigler Creek22.533
Hall Creek11.922
Harden Cienega Creek9.29
Hardscrabble Creek15.115
Harrison Creek11.512
Harshaw Creek15.516
Hassayampa River117.1251
Havasu Creek9132
Hess Creek11.712
Hoodoo Wash58.859
Horse Creek11.111
Horseshoe Creek12.212
House Rock Wash31.832
Houston Creek (Tonto Creek (Salt River tributary))15.115
Houston Creek (Verde River tributary)1010
Hundred and Ninetythree Mile Creek10.110
Indian Creek16.116
Indian Creek (Aqua Fria River tributary)13.614
Jackrabbit Creek6.16
Johnson Wash25.225
Kaibito Creek42.743
Kanab Creek74.2110
Knight Creek34.535
KP Creek13.213
La Barge Creek17.117
Little Blue Creek19.119
Little Bonito Creek17.918
Little Colorado River3611,140
Little Colorado River - South Fork13.313
Little Diamond Creek12.412
Little Squaw Creek12.513
Little Trough Creek10.110
Lost Creek21.822
Lyda Creek1010
Lynx Creek21.622
Marsh Creek10.711
Martinez Creek18.519
Martinez Wash4.552
Middle Cedar Creek14.815
Middle Prong Creek11.211
Milk Creek9.621
Minnehaha Creek13.213
Mud Creek1212
Muddy Creek12.112
Nash Creek17.734
Navajo Creek (Arizona)71.3125
New River6092
Ninemile Creek12.613
Nokai Creek18.719
Nutrioso Creek33.846
Oak Creek (Aravaipa Creek tributary)1212
Oak Creek (Canyon Creek tributary)16.817
Oak Creek (Hassayampa River tributary)10.711
Oak Creek (Tonto Creek (Salt River tributary))14.214
Oak Creek (Verde River tributary)51.3102
Oak Creek - West Fork (Verde River tributary)16.216
Oljato Wash12.913
Pacheta Creek19.720
Paige Creek18.629
Pantano Wash23103
Paradise Creek12.412
Paria River3232
Park Creek16.116
Pigeon Creek1525
Pinal Creek31.431
Pine Creek (Burro Creek tributary)15.916
Pine Creek (East Verde River tributary)21.421
Pine Creek (Salt River tributary)13.113
Pine Creek (Sycamore Creek (Verde River tributary))10.511
Pinto Creek36.267
Pinto Creek - West Fork12.813
Piute Creek20.427
Point of Pines Creek18.229
Poland Creek1212
Potrero Creek13.614
Puerco River94.4196
Rattlesnake Creek22.322
Red Creek14.414
Red Raven Wash60.761
Reference Point Creek19.319
Reservation Creek19.219
Rillito River12.1115
Rincon Creek17.317
Rock Creek12.613
Rock House Creek13.614
Rousensock Creek11.211
Rudd Creek12.212
Rye Creek1831
Salome Creek26.337
Salt Creek (Cibecue Creek tributary)15.816
Salt Creek (Gila River tributary)25.125
Salt River194.12,648
San Carlos River38.6232
San Cristobal Wash74.5125
San Francisco River59.7314
San Pedro River160.6415
San Simon River7878
Santa Cruz River112.9291
Santa Cruz Wash19.8107
Santa Maria River11.188
Santa Rosa Wash86.787
Sawmill Creek (Black River tributary)1629
Sawmill Creek (Salt River tributary)25.826
Sei Billikoon1212
Sevenmile Wash28.373
Sheep Creek14.625
Sheep Creek - South Fork10.110
Shinumo Creek12.412
Show Low Creek31.732
Silver Creek46.199
Silver Creek (Aqua Fria River tributary)14.715
Skunk Creek31.732
Slate Creek1010
Soap Creek718
Soap Creek - South Fork10.511
Soldier Camp Creek10.410
Sonoita Creek33.949
Sontag Creek1010
Spring Creek (Cibecue Creek tributary)22.523
Spring Creek (Oak Creek tributary)22.534
Spring Creek (Tonto Creek (Salt River tributary))21.131
Squaw Creek (Aqua Fria River tributary)18.819
Squaw Creek (Big Bonito Creek tributary)10.410
Squaw Creek (Blue River (San Francisco River tributary))13.632
Strayhorse Creek12.513
Sycamore Creek (Aqua Fria River tributary)2222
Sycamore Creek (Sevenmile Wash tributary)2222
Sycamore Creek (Tonto Creek (Salt River tributary))10.310
Sycamore Creek (Verde River tributary)34.845
Tangle Creek12.813
Tank Creek11.612
Tapeats Creek14.314
Thomas Creek7.519
Tonto Creek (Big Bonito Creek tributary)25.325
Tonto Creek (Salt River tributary)74.7301
Tortilla Creek18.335
Trout Creek54.5113
Tsitah Wash18.819
Turkey Creek (Aravaipa Creek tributary)1111
Turkey Creek (Black Canyon Creek tributary)31.845
Turkey Creek (Black River tributary)25.826
Turkey Creek (Pigeon Creek tributary)10.310
Turkey Creek (Point of Pines Creek tributary)10.811
Verde River190.9775
Virgin River3545
Wahweap Creek3.74
Walnut Creek10.110
Water Canyon Creek10.110
Weaver Creek12.613
Webber Creek14.715
West Canyon Creek16.228
West Cedar Creek12.913
West Chevelon Creek33.249
West Clear Creek37.553
Wet Beaver Creek27.628
Wet Bottom Creek20.420
White River18.1207
White River - East Fork31.845
White River - North Fork49.5144
Wickiup Creek15.816
Wilder Creek15.816
Willow Creek (Black River tributary)15.628
Willow Creek (Clear Creek (Little Colorado River tributary))3333
Willow Creek (Eagle Creek tributary)27.156
Willow Creek (Granite Creek tributary)13.514
Wolf Creek12.713
Woods Canyon Creek11.311
Workman Creek10.210
Zuñi River63.664

Note: Lengths are for the part of the river/watershed within the boundary of this state.

Note: Mostly rivers/streams 15+ miles in length.

Data from United States Geological Survey