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United States Rivers

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Republican River

StatesKansas (163 mi), Nebraska (292 mi)
Length455.1 miles
Watershed Length*6,094 miles
MouthKansas River Gulf of Mexico


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Name Distance
from Mouth
Arikaree River455157390
Ash Creek3511414
Beaver Creek1222121
Beaver Creek1773232
Blackwood Creek3756289
Blakely Creek1601717
Buffalo Creek10853177
Burntwood Creek4071919
Center Creek2313838
Coon Creek3463535
Cottonwood Creek1751717
Crooked Creek1962222
Crow Creek2482020
Crum Creek3071616
Deer Creek3187474
Driftwood Creek36438116
Elk Creek3084040
Elk Creek792541
Elm Creek1912828
Elm Creek852843
Farmers Creek2121616
Five Creek432853
Flag Creek2642929
Foster Creek2811414
Frenchman Creek376165463
Hicks Creek1921515
Huntress Creek40218
Indian Creek4112121
Indian Creek2002222
Little Cottonwood Creek2371414
Madison Creek181515
Mall Creek272222
Medicine Creek32896192
Methodist Creek2561717
Middle Creek1771818
Milrose Creek2711818
Muddy Creek30959148
Muddy Creek4033131
Mulberry Creek563535
Parsons Creek663131
Peats Creek613535
Prairie Dog Creek253246334
Rebecca Creek2421717
Red Willow Creek351126126
Republican River - North Fork4555656
Republican River - South Fork424172789
Rock Creek4391818
Rope Creek2632323
Salt Creek9142118
Sand Creek1721515
Sappa Creek2691501,095
School Creek2781818
Scribner Creek671919
Silver Creek3332121
Spring Creek2824075
Swartz Creek2942121
Thompson Creek217863
Turkey Creek2952454
Turkey Creek2455050
Walnut Creek2123030
White Rock Creek14197176
Willow Creek1892424
Wolf Creek1052525
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* Note: Watershed is mostly rivers/streams 15+ miles in length.

Data from United States Geological Survey