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United States Rivers

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River count241
River miles6,386

Large Bodies of Water


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Name Length
Abagadasset River1515
Alder Stream21.321
Allagash River71.8153
Allagash Stream23.924
Androscoggin River119.8637
Aroostook River106.4392
Austin Stream15.215
Back River16.316
Bartlett Stream15.816
Baskahegan Stream (lower section)23.443
Baskahegan Stream (upper section)19.920
Bear River14.615
Beaver Brook9.134
Beaver Brook - East Branch12.112
Beaver Brook - West Branch13.113
Big Black River29.985
Big Brook29.429
Big Musquash Stream529
Big Musquash Stream - East Branch16.116
Big Musquash Stream - West Branch8.28
Big Wilson Stream25.325
Birch Stream27.728
Black Stream17.618
Bog Brook16.316
Brailey Brook22.623
Captain Ambrose Bear Stream16.116
Carrabassett River38.982
Carrabassett River - West Branch12.312
Cathance River17.131
Caucomgomoc Stream19.637
Chandler River24.124
Charles River1.317
Chemquasabamticook Stream31.632
Chimenticook Stream15.616
Cobbosseecontee Stream18.519
Cold River15.516
Cold Stream15.415
Crooked River (Machias River (Atlantic Ocean tributary))11.712
Crooked River (Songo River tributary)5858
Cupsuptic River29.830
Cuxabexis Stream17.317
Damariscotta River18.919
Dead Brook17.518
Dead Cambridge River10.726
Dead River (Androscoggin River tributary)21.321
Dead River (Kennebec River tributary)45.9166
Dead River - North Branch (Kennebec River tributary)2121
Dead River - South Branch (Kennebec River tributary)26.927
Dead Stream2345
Dead Stream - West Branch21.722
Dennys River23.123
Depot Stream3030
Dyer Brook15.215
Dyer River20.220
East Cathance Stream13.614
Eastern River1414
East Machias River35.836
Ellis River24.638
Ellis River - West Branch13.514
Falls Brook15.315
Fifteenmile Stream17.317
Fish River70.1107
Fish Stream25.425
Fore River4.119
Gilman Stream4.230
Great Works River30.330
Great Works Stream22.923
Greenlaw Stream18.819
Hardscrabble River8.244
Hemlock Stream1616
Higgins Stream21.121
Indian River1616
Kenduskeag Stream41.942
Kennebago River42.572
Kennebec River165.61,614
Kennebunk River17.818
Kezar River14.815
Kibby Stream15.616
Kingsbury Stream19.620
Lemon Stream15.215
Little Androscoggin River53.770
Little Black River2929
Little Machias River17.718
Little Madawaska River42.743
Little Magalloway River12.212
Little Molunkus Stream14.715
Little Ossipee River35.936
Little River (Presumpscot River tributary)18.819
Little River (Salmon Falls River tributary)21.321
Little Spencer Stream17.217
Long Pond Stream15.916
Loon Stream17.818
Machias River (Aroostook River tributary)35.569
Machias River (Atlantic Ocean tributary)59.9171
Machias River - South Branch (Aroostook River tributary)14.414
Macwahoc Stream25.225
Magalloway River40.152
Main Stream Sebasticook River30.931
Marsh Stream33.548
Marsh Stream - North Branch14.114
Martin Stream (Kennebec River tributary)22.923
Martin Stream (Nezinscot River tributary)15.516
Martin Stream (Sebasticook River - East Branch tributary)23.223
Mattagodus Stream18.218
Mattakeunk Stream16.532
Mattakeunk Stream - East Branch15.716
Mattamiscontis Stream14.730
Mattawamkeag River50.6391
Mattawamkeag River - East Branch 36.136
Mattawamkeag River - West Branch52.793
Medomak River39.439
Medunkeunk Stream19.419
Meduxnekeag River23.154
Meduxnekeag River - North Branch25.144
Meduxnekeag River - South Branch15.215
Millinocket Stream13.514
Mollidgewock Brook1.41
Molunkus Stream35.676
Moose River83.398
Mopang Stream22.923
Mousam River29.744
Mousam River - Middle Branch13.814
Munsungan Stream17.718
Musquacook Stream20.120
Narraguagus River55.381
Narraguagus River - West Branch25.225
Nequasset Brook17.718
Nesowadnehunk Stream21.922
New Stream15.941
Nezinscot River15.170
Nezinscot River - East Branch19.419
Nezinscot River - West Branch19.820
Nonesuch River25.225
Northwest River1616
Olamon Stream22.623
Old Course Saco River21.954
Old Stream24.625
Orange River12.913
Ossipee River13.413
Oyster River13.914
Passadumkeag River48.248
Passagassawakeag River28.428
Pemaquid River23.924
Penobscot River109.41,818
Penobscot River - East Branch74.8204
Penobscot River - North Branch26.326
Penobscot River - South Branch38.238
Penobscot River - West Branch116.4301
Pine Stream18.519
Piscataqua River (Atlantic Ocean tributary)13.1108
Piscataqua River (Presumpscot River tributary)13.213
Piscataquis River65.4386
Piscataquis River - East Branch13.914
Piscataquis River - West Branch22.122
Pleasant River14.214
Pleasant River (Atlantic Ocean tributary)44.856
Pleasant River - East Branch (Piscataquis River tributary)32.444
Pleasant River - Middle Branch (Piscataquis River tributary)11.812
Pleasant River (Piscataquis River tributary)15.295
Pleasant River - West Branch (Piscataquis River tributary)35.636
Pocwock Stream18.418
Presque Isle Stream2251
Presque Isle Stream - North Branch15.816
Presque Isle Stream - West Branch13.213
Prestile Stream2626
Presumpscot River44.7184
Pushaw Stream2065
Rapid River21.193
Red River15.716
Roach River20.721
Royal River40.541
Russell Stream25.225
Sabattus River16.116
Saco River86.9200
Saint Croix Stream20.521
Saint John River - Northwest Branch14.615
Salmon Falls River43.195
Salmon Stream2525
Sam Ayers Stream15.516
Sandy River72.3119
Sandy Stream26.226
Sandy Stream - West Branch15.115
Sawtelle Brook16.817
Scarborough River3.729
Schoodic Stream16.817
Scopan Stream19.419
Sebasticook River43.5163
Sebasticook River - East Branch26.750
Sebec River22.473
Seboeis River28.245
Seboeis Stream9.541
Seboeis Stream - East Branch13.313
Seboeis Stream - West Branch18.118
Sevenmile Stream15.215
Sheepscot River67.8113
Sheepscot River - West Branch24.925
Shepards River10.310
Ship Pond Stream9.726
Skagrock Brook16.617
Songo River1977
Souadabscook Stream20.921
South Brook19.319
Spencer Stream2457
St. Croix River74.7141
St. Francis River40.673
St. George River55.685
Stillwater River11.4104
St. John River1621,249
St. John River - Baker Branch49.388
St. John River - Little Southwest Branch30.931
St. John River - Southwest Branch63.4183
Stratton Brook1515
Stroudwater River15.315
Sunday River14.114
Sunkhaze Stream2727
Swift Cambridge River15.315
Swift River27.227
Temple Stream15.215
Tomah Stream3737
Trout Brook11.923
Trout Brook - South Branch11.411
Tunk Stream20.120
Turner Brook16.316
Twomile Brook3.825
Twomile Brook - North Branch11.812
Twomile Brook - South Branch9.810
Union River21.877
Union River - East Branch21.635
Union River - Middle Branch13.814
Union River - West Branch20.120
Violette Stream16.316
Wallagrass Stream2121
Wassataquoik Stream27.928
Webb River2222
Webster Brook9.433
Wesserunsett Stream15.629
Wesserunsett Stream - East Branch1313
Western Little River11.211
Wild River4.95
Wilson Stream16.517
Wytopitlock Stream25.526

Note: Lengths are for the part of the river/watershed within the boundary of this state.

Note: Mostly rivers/streams 15+ miles in length.

Data from United States Geological Survey