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United States Rivers

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River count453
River miles14,185

Large Bodies of Water


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Name Length
Abrams Creek2727
Alabaha River20.6130
Alapaha River178.1415
Alapahoochee River12.532
Alcovy River62.884
Allatoona Creek21.121
Allen Creek16.817
Alligator Creek48.667
Altamaha River134.13,522
Amicalola Creek30.445
Apalachee River64.487
Armuchee Creek20.880
Attapulgus Creek19.135
Auchumpkee Creek26.946
Aucilla River27.227
Aycocks Creek15.415
Barber Creek22.823
Barnetts Creek19.750
Barnetts Creek - East Branch17.818
Barnetts Creek - West Branch12.613
Bear Creek (Indian Creek (Little River (Withlacoochee River tributary)))19.419
Bear Creek (Kinchafoonee Creek tributary)2525
Bear Creek (Satilla River tributary)16.517
Beards Creek3030
Beaver Creek20.420
Beaverdam Creek (Brier Creek tributary)3838
Beaverdam Creek (Savannah River tributary)45.360
Beech Creek19.119
Big Branch19.319
Big Cedar Creek (Oconee River tributary)12.134
Big Cedar Creek (Ohoopee River tributary)18.318
Big Cotton Indian Creek24.825
Big Creek (Alapaha River tributary)841
Big Creek (Chattahoochee River tributary)26.527
Big Creek (Little River (Savannah River tributary))7.128
Big Creek (Ochlockonee River tributary)18.919
Big Creek (Ocmulgee River tributary)34.735
Big Creek (Oconee River tributary)16.216
Big Creek (Oconee River tributary)15.415
Big Creek (Ogeechee River tributary)24.424
Big Cypress Creek22.823
Big Flat Creek20.921
Big Haynes Creek23.636
Big Indian Creek (Little River (Oconee River tributary))24.224
Big Indian Creek (Ocmulgee River tributary)40.273
Big Sandy Creek (Hard Labor Creek tributary)23.323
Big Sandy Creek (Ocmulgee River tributary)21.221
Big Sandy Creek (Oconee River tributary)48.148
Big Satilla Creek55.8118
Bishop Creek15.215
Black Creek (Oconee River tributary)23.423
Black Creek (Ogeechee River tributary)16.879
Bluff Creek16.337
Boggy Creek20.521
Brasstown Creek12.713
Brazells Creek15.215
Bridge Creek29.129
Brier Creek123204
Broad River59.8354
Broad River - Middle Fork41.742
Broad River - North Fork34.835
Broad River - South Fork35.335
Brushy Creek (Brier Creek tributary)23.123
Brushy Creek (New River (Withlacoochee River tributary))15.115
Buck Creek (Flint River tributary)36.152
Buck Creek (Little Tallapoosa River tributary)16.917
Buck Creek (Savannah River tributary)16.917
Buckhead Creek36.973
Buffalo Creek (Oconee River tributary)40.761
Buffalo Creek (Satilla River tributary)27.645
Bull Creek (Canoochee River tributary)2222
Bull Creek (Chattahoochee River tributary)20.821
Butler Creek17.618
Cabin Creek1818
Camp Creek18.318
Cane Creek3131
Cane Creek (Chattooga River (Coosa River tributary))1818
Canoochee Creek29.348
Canoochee Creek20.220
Canoochee River107384
Cartecay River19.235
Carter Creek16.116
Cat Creek15.215
Cay Creek17.317
Cedar Creek (Big Cedar Creek tributary)22.222
Cedar Creek (Canoochee River tributary)25.626
Cedar Creek (Chattahoochee River tributary)15.415
Cedar Creek (Flint River tributary)15.516
Cedar Creek (Ocmulgee River tributary)1919
Cedar Creek (Sand Creek tributary)21.822
Cemochechobee Creek22.422
Centralhatchee Creek20.821
Chattahoochee River434.61,391
Chattanooga Creek17.217
Chattooga River (Coosa River tributary)46.970
Chattooga River (Tugaloo River tributary)40.458
Chestatee River50.868
Chickasawhatchee Creek49.768
Chokee Creek19.319
Clark Creek14.915
Coahulla Creek30.653
Cobb Creek24.324
Cochrans Creek14.915
Coldwater Creek24.537
Colemans Creek25.926
Coleoatchee Creek16.917
Commissioner Creek46.560
Conasauga River82232
Cooleewahee Creek2626
Cooper Creek16.116
Coosa River30.71,328
Coosawattee River49.3231
Crooked Creek19.820
Crooked River26.827
Cypress Creek13.729
Daniels Creek16.316
Deep Creek32.345
Deep Creek - West Fork12.913
Doctors Creek22.348
Dog River15.616
Double Run Creek17.518
Dry Fork Creek17.518
Duhart Creek17.417
Eastanollee Creek18.619
East Armuchee Creek22.723
East Chickamauga Creek2222
Ebenezer Creek17.437
Echeconnee Creek59.259
Elkins Creek28.829
Ellijay River15.115
Etowah River164.2586
Euharlee Creek33.852
Falling Creek (Broad River tributary)15.616
Falling Creek (Ocmulgee River tributary)21.722
Fifteenmile Creek4141
Fightingtown Creek30.931
Fishing Creek (Oconee River tributary)15.616
Fishing Creek (Savannah River tributary)25.325
Fishpond Drain34.935
Fivemile Creek17.317
Flat Creek (Ocmulgee River tributary)18.118
Flat Creek (Yellowjacket Creek tributary)16.517
Flat Shoal Creek42.743
Flint River342.91,869
Fountain Branch3.926
Goose Creek17.630
Grand Bay Creek19.520
Greasy Branch1818
Grove Creek28.328
Gum Creek21.922
Gum Swamp Creek6060
Hannahatchee Creek27.628
Hard Labor Creek30.254
Hardy Mill Creek15.315
Hart Creek20.521
Hat Creek23.123
Hemptown Creek15.415
Hichitee Creek17.217
Hillabahatchee Creek2323
Hills Creek18.118
Hiwassee River20.1185
Hodchodkee Creek31.131
Hogcrawl Creek25.926
Hog Creek34.454
Holly Creek38.238
Horse Creek (Flint River tributary)20.621
Horse Creek (Ocmulgee River tributary)32.733
Horse Creek (Ogeechee River tributary)23.223
House Creek27.441
House Creek - South Prong13.714
Hudson River49.598
Hurricane Creek (Alabaha River tributary)51.167
Hurricane Creek (Hog Creek tributary)19.520
Ichawaynochaway Creek83.7259
Indian Creek (Little River (Withlacoochee River tributary))24.844
Indian Creek (Little Tallapoosa River tributary)22.138
Jacks Creek (Apalachee River tributary)22.422
Jacks Creek (Ohoopee River tributary)17.918
Jacks River19.419
Johns Creek17.217
Jones Creek (Flint River tributary)18.519
Jones Creek (Fountain Branch tributary)2222
Jones Creek (Tatum Creek tributary)20.420
Keg Creek20.320
Kettle Creek15.315
Kinchafoonee Creek90115
Kiokee Creek (Chickasawhatchee Creek tributary)18.519
Kiokee Creek (Savannah River tributary)23.924
Kolomoki Creek8.129
Kolomoki Creek - North Prong1212
Lazer Creek32.549
Lees Bay1919
Lightwood Log Creek16.617
Lime Sink Creek1818
Line Creek36.264
Little Alligator Creek9.725
Little Armuchee Creek17.918
Little Beaverdam Creek14.715
Little Buckhead Creek12.713
Little Buffalo Creek16.917
Little Canoochee Creek18.418
Little Chickamauga Creek23.624
Little Coldwater Creek12.613
Little Commissioner Creek13.514
Little Creek15.215
Little Goose Creek1212
Little Haynes Creek11.912
Little Hurricane Creek42.242
Little Ichawaynochaway Creek16.116
Little Kiokee Creek17.518
Little Kolomoki Creek99
Little Lotts Creek17.718
Little Mulberry River11.812
Little Ochlockonee River32.149
Little Ocmulgee River28.3234
Little Ogeechee River (Atlantic Ocean tributary)38.739
Little Ogeechee River (Ogeechee River tributary)21.321
Little Ohoopee River54.454
Little Pachitla Creek15.816
Little Pennahatchee Creek11.712
Little Pine Log Creek14.114
Little Red Bluff Creek12.713
Little River (Chattahoochee River tributary)3.549
Little River - East Fork (Chattahoochee River tributary)1212
Little River (Etowah River tributary)29.466
Little River - North Fork (Savannah River tributary)24.625
Little River (Oconee River tributary)47.672
Little River (Savannah River tributary)72.4170
Little River - South Fork (Savannah River tributary)15.115
Little River (Tallapoosa River tributary)15.616
Little River - West Fork (Chattahoochee River tributary)14.815
Little River - West Fork (Spring Creek (Coosa River tributary))7.68
Little River (Withlacoochee River tributary)104.5244
Little Satilla Creek39.377
Little Satilla River (Satilla River tributary)28.4224
Little Satilla River (Satilla River tributary)26.326
Little Suwannee Creek3.94
Little Swift Creek11.411
Little Tallapoosa River45.9101
Little Tennessee River8.18
Little Tired Creek14.615
Little Tobesofkee Creek25.726
Little Towaliga River13.714
Little Whitewater Creek11.411
Long Cane Creek29.530
Long Creek (Broad River tributary)35.768
Long Creek (Ogeechee River tributary)15.516
Long Swamp Creek22.122
Lookout Creek35.135
Lost Creek16.617
Lotts Creek51.169
Lower Black Creek2424
McBean Creek25.726
McNutt Creek12.936
Meadow Creek18.218
Middle Oconee River39.3158
Mill Creek (Black Creek (Ogeechee River tributary))15.215
Mill Creek (Coahulla Creek tributary)21.922
Mill Creek (Conasauga River tributary)20.621
Mill Creek (Flint River tributary)1818
Mill Creek (Little River (Etowah River tributary))16.717
Mill Creek (Ogeechee River tributary)36.136
Milligan Creek1515
Mills Creek5.15
Morning Creek14.915
Mosquito Creek20.420
Mossy Creek32.432
Mountain Creek16.717
Mountain Oak Creek18.936
Mountaintown Creek20.821
Muckalee Creek76.3103
Muckaloochee Creek26.927
Mulberry Creek4059
Mulberry River28.340
Mule Creek15.816
Murder Creek36.436
Nails Creek20.521
Nancy Creek16.316
Newford Creek1616
New River (Chattahoochee River tributary)22.623
New River (Withlacoochee River tributary)34.450
Noonday Creek20.220
North Mosquito Creek13.213
North Newport River26.198
North Oconee River72.993
Nottely River32.633
Ochillee Creek1717
Ochlockonee River9.1248
Ochwalkee Creek27.227
Ocmulgee River256.51,584
Oconee River220.11,175
Ogeechee Creek35.751
Ogeechee Creek - South Fork15.215
Ogeechee River278.51,144
Ogeechee River - North Fork15.816
Ogeechee River - South Fork13.814
Ohoopee River119.4402
Okapilco Creek63.2113
Oostanaula River48.9631
Oothkalooga Creek21.722
Oseligee Creek1.72
Ossahatchie Creek19.119
Pachitla Creek35.868
Pataula Creek45.477
Patsiliga Creek38.639
Payne Creek19.820
Peachtree Creek7.653
Peachtree Creek - North Fork13.514
Peachtree Creek - South Fork15.415
Peacock Creek19.419
Peavine Creek24.424
Pendleton Creek56103
Penholoway Creek26.927
Pennahatchee Creek19.231
Pettit Creek15.916
Pigeon Creek15.315
Pine Knot Creek15.916
Pine Log Creek26.841
Piney Woods Creek16.316
Piscola Creek3434
Potato Creek45.345
Pudding Creek21.822
Pughes Creek17.718
Pumpkinvine Creek40.741
Raccoon Creek24.525
Red Bluff Creek (Oconee River tributary)17.618
Red Bluff Creek (Satilla River tributary)18.531
Red Oak Creek19.119
Reedy Creek (Brier Creek tributary)19.419
Reedy Creek (Little Satilla Creek tributary)17.217
Reedy Creek (Willacoochee River tributary)23.824
Riceboro Creek15.315
Richland Creek (Flint River tributary)17.417
Richland Creek (Oconee River tributary)15.616
Rocky Comfort Creek5976
Rocky Creek (Buckhead Creek tributary)2323
Rocky Creek (Ohoopee River tributary)29.429
Rocky Creek (Tobesofkee Creek tributary)22.923
Rocky Creek (Turkey Creek tributary)33.133
Roses Creek15.916
Rum Creek22.823
Runs Branch2020
Salacoa Creek33.875
Sand Creek (Alapaha River tributary)1616
Sand Creek (Whitewater Creek (Flint River tributary))5.828
Sandy Creek20.320
Sandy Run Creek18.619
Sapelo River24.525
Satilla Creek19.419
Satilla River234.7903
Savage Creek19.520
Savage Creek15.315
Savannah River293.81,559
Sawhatchee Creek23.423
Settingdown Creek18.418
Seventeen Mile River52.168
Sharp Mountain Creek24.124
Shellstone Creek16.928
Shoal Creek (Buck Creek (Flint River tributary))15.916
Shoal Creek (Etowah River tributary)15.716
Shoal Creek (Etowah River tributary)25.926
Silver Creek16.416
Snake Creek2020
Snapfinger Creek18.218
Snapping Shoals Creek1616
Soap Creek18.519
Soquee River28.428
South Chickamauga Creek17.8133
South Newport River42.743
South River60142
South Shellstone Creek11.411
Spanish Creek16.717
Spirit Creek16.416
Spring Creek84.3135
Stamp Creek15.315
Standing Boy Creek21.221
St. Augustine Creek16.717
Stekoa Creek1818
St. Marys River125.4156
St. Marys River - North Prong14.314
Stone Creek25.125
Sugar Creek47.979
Sumac Creek19.720
Suwanee Creek17.618
Suwannee Creek27.728
Suwannee River39.71,177
Suwannee River - Middle Fork17.117
Suwannoochee Creek4987
Swamp Creek15.916
Sweetwater Creek (Big Satilla Creek tributary)21.221
Sweetwater Creek (Chattahoochee River tributary)45.746
Swift Creek (Flint River tributary)15.716
Swift Creek (Flint River tributary)15.953
Swift Creek (Pendleton Creek tributary)22.623
Talking Rock Creek36.336
Tallapoosa River46.7163
Tallulah River44.144
Tatum Creek31.952
Taylors Creek18.919
Tenmile Creek15.916
Tenmile Creek (Altamaha River tributary)25.926
Tenmile Creek (Bluff Creek tributary)20.521
Terrapin Creek2.63
Thomas Creek21.522
Tickanetley Creek15.516
Tiger Creek24.324
Tired Creek17.532
Tobesofkee Creek58.9108
Tobler Creek25.626
Toccoa River57.189
Toms Creek24.424
Toteover Creek15.916
Towaliga River52.384
Town Creek23.724
Tugaloo River49.9171
Turkey Creek (Flint River tributary)26.157
Turkey Creek (Indian Creek (Little Tallapoosa River tributary))15.916
Turkey Creek (Oconee River tributary)46.580
Turnpike Creek31.231
Tussahaw Creek19.419
Two Run Creek18.218
Ty Ty Creek33.433
Uchee Creek20.721
Ulcohatchee Creek1919
Upatoi Creek38.788
Upatoi Creek - South Fork16.416
Upper Black Creek22.523
Wahoo Creek18.819
Walnut Creek (Middle Oconee River tributary)25.826
Walnut Creek (Ocmulgee River tributary)18.919
Walnut Creek (South River tributary)22.623
Warrior Creek45.979
Watermelon Creek17.618
West Armuchee Creek18.418
West Chickamauga Creek45.546
Whitehead Creek15.616
White Oak Creek (Flint River tributary)34.434
White Oak Creek (Satilla River tributary)17.818
Whitewater Creek (Flint River tributary)43.8101
Whitewater Creek (Line Creek tributary)27.628
Wiggins Creek15.516
Willacoochee Creek (Little River tributary)9.39
Willacoochee Creek (Willacoochee River tributary)16.517
Willacoochee River21.562
Williams Creek15.315
Williamson Swamp Creek52.452
Withlacoochee River86.8538
Wolfe Creek17.618
Yahoola Creek17.317
Yam Grandy Creek23.323
Yellowjacket Creek2037
Yellow River74.3110
Yellow Water Creek16.517

Note: Lengths are for the part of the river/watershed within the boundary of this state.

Note: Mostly rivers/streams 15+ miles in length.

Data from United States Geological Survey