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United States Rivers

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River count442
River miles13,942

Large Bodies of Water


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Name Length
Abbie Creek42.543
Alabama River313.14,983
Alamuchee Creek37.549
Armstrong Creek17.417
Autauga Creek3434
Ballplay Creek24.224
Barbour Creek27.327
Bashi Creek34.856
Bassett Creek52.565
Bassetts Creek4374
Bates Creek25.325
Bay Minette Creek17.217
Bear Creek (Alabama River tributary)20.420
Bear Creek (Bogue Chitto Creek tributary)16.817
Bear Creek (Kelly Creek tributary)16.116
Bear Creek (Lubbub Creek tributary)33.348
Bear Creek (Pine Barren Creek (Alabama River tributary))28.729
Bear Creek (Tennessee River tributary)107.5272
Beaver Creek (Alabama River tributary)33136
Beaver Creek (Buttahatchee River tributary)28.328
Beaver Creek (Coosa River tributary)29.429
Beaver Creek (Tombigbee River tributary)41.942
Beaverdam Creek20.120
Big Black Creek16.416
Big Brush Creek38.639
Big Canoe Creek57.357
Big Coldwater Creek - East Fork1.82
Big Creek (Escatawpa River tributary)37.437
Big Creek (Marshall Creek tributary)16.517
Big Creek (Tombigbee River tributary)22.523
Big Creek (Whitewater Creek tributary)2626
Big Escambia Creek43.861
Big Flat Creek62105
Big German Creek18.975
Big Juniper Creek04
Big Nance Creek27.728
Big Prairie Creek40.156
Big Sandy Creek37.452
Big Spring Creek26.727
Big Swamp Creek18.719
Big Tallawampa Creek16.917
Big Wills Creek86.6136
Big Yellow Creek22.122
Bilbo Creek28.854
Binion Creek1818
Black Creek27.828
Black Warrior River168.21,965
Blackwater Creek70.190
Blackwater River (Gulf of Mexico tributary)2.78
Blackwater River (Perdido River tributary)30.330
Blevens Creek19.119
Blubber Creek20.120
Blue Creek (Black Warrior River tributary)18.519
Blue Creek (Patsaliga Creek tributary)18.118
Bluewater Creek22.723
Bodka Creek17.417
Bogue Chitto Creek60.5147
Bogue Chitto (Tombigbee River tributary)5.66
Bogue Chitto (Tuckabum Creek tributary)24.925
Bogueloosa Creek22.723
Borden Creek16.617
Brindley Creek1717
Broglen River12.453
Broken Arrow Creek19.319
Browns Creek19.319
Brush Creek (Mud Creek (Bogue Chitto Creek tributary))15.415
Brush Creek (Sipsey River tributary)17.718
Brush Creek (Tombigbee River tributary)22.923
Brushy Creek (Escatawpa River tributary)1.31
Brushy Creek (Perdido River tributary)9.29
Brushy Creek (Sipsey Fork tributary)43.744
Buck Creek (Cahaba River tributary)17.333
Buck Creek (Mulberry Creek tributary)21.321
Buckhorn Creek1616
Bughall Creek31.548
Bull Mountain Creek2532
Burnt Corn Creek43.544
Buttahatchee River79.9127
Buxahatchee Creek21.651
Buzzard Roost Creek23.223
Caffee Creek17.918
Cahaba River193.6543
Cahaba Valley Creek15.516
Calebee Creek47.247
Camp Branch15.315
Cane Creek (Alabama River tributary)21.321
Cane Creek (Coosa River tributary)31.932
Cane Creek (Locust Fork tributary)15.816
Cane Creek (Lost Creek tributary)17.217
Cane Creek (Mulberry Fork tributary)20.721
Cane Creek (Tallapoosa River tributary)25.325
Cane Creek (Tennessee River tributary)17.317
Canoe Creek3.74
Catoma Creek43.666
Cedar Creek (Alabama River tributary)63.3155
Cedar Creek (Bear Creek (Tennessee River tributary))57.296
Cedar Creek (Coosa River tributary)15.516
Cedar Creek (Mobile River tributary)24.324
Chaney Creek17.117
Channahatchee Creek19.419
Chatahospee Creek21.536
Chattahoochee River175.7643
Chattasofka Creek17.618
Chattooga River (Coosa River tributary)18.539
Chestnut Creek22.122
Chewacla Creek59.1113
Chewalla Creek15.516
Chickasaw Bogue4277
Chickasaw Creek37.938
Chikasanoxee Creek21.622
Chilatchee Creek41.654
Childers Creek16.717
Choccolocco Creek79115
Choctafaula Creek17.918
Choctawhatchee River50.7643
Choctawhatchee River - East Fork5454
Choctawhatchee River - West Fork39.478
Chubbehatchee Creek23.924
Claybank Creek35.736
Clear Creek (Locust Fork tributary)16.416
Clear Creek - Right Fork (Sipsey Fork tributary)15.616
Clear Creek (Sipsey Fork tributary)45.372
Clear Creek (Yantley Creek tributary)17.317
Coal Fire Creek44.545
Conecuh River197.8816
Congo Creek6.826
Coon Creek3.620
Coosa River234.21,586
Corner Creek16.416
Cornhouse Creek19.520
Cotaco Creek33.546
Cotaco Creek - West Fork12.513
Cotohaga Creek3030
Cowarts Creek21.722
Cowikee Creek4.3149
Cowikee Creek - Middle Fork33.849
Cowikee Creek - North Fork43.8112
Cowikee Creek - South Fork32.633
Cripple Deer Creek44
Crooked Creek (Tallapoosa River tributary)23.323
Crooked Creek (White Oak Creek tributary)37.337
Crow Creek17.938
Crowdabout Creek15.415
Cubahatchee Creek44.144
Cut Bank Creek20.237
Cypress Creek (Tennessee River tributary)27.652
Davis Creek39.339
Dixon Creek22.523
Dorsey Creek1818
Double Bridges Creek38.338
Double Creek27.528
Dry Cedar Creek28.328
Duck Creek20.442
Duck River19.319
Dyas Creek18.318
East Fowl River7.926
East Sepulga River11.812
Eightmile Creek8.525
Eightmile Creek23.824
Elk River (Tennessee River tributary)33.455
Elliotts Creek2424
Emauhee Creek1717
Emuckfaw Creek2323
Enitachopco Creek31.957
Escambia Creek1717
Escatawpa River70140
Factory Creek22.122
Fish River3030
Fivemile Creek44.645
Fivemile Creek38.338
Five Runs Creek30.731
Flat Creek (Big Flat Creek tributary)18.318
Flat Creek (Pea River tributary)2954
Flint Creek40.8118
Flint Creek - East Fork15.315
Flint River54.8141
Flint River - Brier Fork20.541
Fowl River1818
Goose Creek27.928
Gravel Creek18.519
Gum Creek6.87
Gurley Creek23.123
Halawakee Creek18.819
Hatchechubbee Creek31.632
Hatchet Creek61.8150
Hells Creek25.225
Hester Creek7.27
High Pine Creek2323
Hillabahatchee Creek1.82
Hillabee Creek12.269
Hollinger Creek23.123
Holmes Creek6.77
Horse Branch19.419
Horse Creek45.464
Horsehead Creek4.55
Huntsville Spring Branch13.514
Hurricane Creek (Black Warrior River tributary)34.234
Hurricane Creek (Choctawhatchee River tributary)15.716
Hurricane Creek (Flint River tributary)23.423
Hurricane Creek (Paint Rock River tributary)10.711
Hurricane Creek (Terrapin Creek tributary)15.816
Hurtsboro Creek19.419
Ihagee Creek15.516
Indian Creek22.836
Ivy Creek15.516
Jackson Creek (Escatawpa River tributary)14.214
Jackson Creek (Tombigbee River tributary)23.347
James Creek22.823
Jones Creek15.315
Judy Creek23.438
Kelly Creek34.187
Ketchepedrakee Creek26.627
Kincaide Creek17.526
Kinterbish Creek52.753
Lightwood Knot Creek24.340
Limestone Creek27.828
Limestone Creek4585
Line Creek44.9153
Little Bassett Creek12.112
Little Bassetts Creek13.514
Little Bear Creek (Bear Creek (Tennessee River tributary))20.420
Little Bear Creek (Cedar Creek (Bear Creek (Tennessee River tributary)))3939
Little Cahaba River34.662
Little Cahaba River2323
Little Chatahospee Creek14.214
Little Chilatchee Creek12.312
Little Choctawhatchee River2424
Little Clear Creek11.512
Little Coon Creek16.216
Little Cypress Creek16.216
Little Escambia Creek27.528
Little Hillabee Creek25.325
Little Judy Creek1515
Little Lubbub Creek16.817
Little Mulberry Creek38.539
Little New River19.720
Little Oakmulgee Creek18.719
Little Patsaliga Creek3232
Little Prairie Creek15.616
Little Red Creek (Big Red Creek tributary)2.93
Little River21.841
Little River33.534
Little River - West Fork (Spring Creek (Coosa River tributary))18.819
Little Tallapoosa River51.6101
Little Tallawampa Creek9.19
Little Uchee Creek36.537
Little Warrior River768
Little Warrior River - Blackburn Fork33.233
Little Warrior River - Calvert Prong27.427
Little Wills Creek21.622
Locust Fork158.7417
Long Creek21.922
Lost Creek58.3119
Lovetts Creek16.333
Lubbub Creek54119
Luxapallila Creek53.6184
Magby Creek14.414
Majors Creek17.518
Mannings Creek1919
Marshall Creek3.620
Martin Creek15.115
Martin Creek17.117
Middle Cypress Creek8.59
Mill Creek (Santa Bogue Creek tributary)15.115
Mills Creek20.821
Minter Creek16.817
Mobile River46.99,461
Mortar Creek2424
Mountain Fork14.722
Mud Creek (Bogue Chitto Creek tributary)20.936
Mud Creek (Tennessee River tributary)21.421
Mud Creek (Town Creek (Tennessee River tributary))15.415
Mud Creek (Valley Creek tributary)21.822
Mud Creek (Yellow Creek (Luxapallila Creek tributary))17.317
Muddy Prong19.920
Mulberry Creek51.172
Mulberry Fork115.9783
Murder Creek67.8111
Mush Creek24.625
Mussel Creek16.617
Nash Creek8.48
New River24.424
North Prong Steep Creek19.920
North River78.797
North Sauty Creek17.117
Noxubee River23.849
Oakmulgee Creek55.174
Ohatchee Creek27.263
Okatuppa Creek48.2124
Old Town Creek40.288
Olustee Creek23.924
Omusee Creek28.128
Opintlocco Creek36.236
Oseligee Creek17.417
Paint Creek18.218
Paint Rock River58.769
Panther Creek (Line Creek tributary)20.621
Panther Creek (Persimmon Creek tributary)23.123
Patsaliga Creek85.7160
Pea Creek22.923
Pea River154.4331
Peckerwood Creek18.418
Perdido River65.6188
Persimmon Creek55100
Pigeon Creek78.679
Pinchony Creek18.519
Pine Barren Creek (Alabama River tributary)69.9136
Pine Barren Creek (Escambia River tributary)2.32
Piney Creek (Limestone Creek tributary)40.140
Pineywood Creek18.719
Pintlala Creek51.390
Pole Bridge Branch9.148
Poley Creek15.716
Poll Bayou2121
Pond Creek (Shoal River tributary)2.87
Ponkabia Creek18.919
Ponta Creek4.24
Powell Creek18.919
Puppy Creek1717
Pursley Creek26.145
Puss Cuss Creek16.817
Ramer Creek22.422
Randons Creek16.216
Red Creek (Beaver Creek (Alabama River tributary))21.922
Red Creek (Big Red Creek tributary)15.916
Richland Creek15.916
Robinson Creek24.424
Rock Creek (Bear Creek (Tennessee River tributary))20.721
Rock Creek (Sipsey Fork tributary)40.6109
Rock Creek (Valley Creek (Black Warrior River tributary))18.519
Rocky Creek21.822
Round Island Creek1919
Ryan Creek34.134
Salitpa Creek43.343
Salt Creek15.415
Sandy Creek16.316
Santa Bogue Creek26.442
Scarham Creek22.422
Schultz Creek16.416
Second Creek (Tennessee River tributary)10.711
Second Creek (Tennessee River tributary)19.319
Sepulga River61.5328
Shades Creek48.348
Shoal Creek (Choccolocco Creek tributary)20.120
Shoal Creek (Coosa River tributary)25.626
Shoal Creek (Elk River (Tennessee River tributary))7.58
Shoal Creek (Kelly Creek tributary)20.320
Shoal Creek (Tennessee River tributary)21.421
Short Creek3052
Simmons Creek15.415
Sinking Creek16.717
Sipsey Creek (Buttahatchee River tributary)18.819
Sipsey Fork71.6347
Sipsey River149.9212
Sixmile Creek27.327
Slab Creek2525
Slaughter Creek16.216
Sneads Creek1515
Soapstone Creek17.518
Socapatoy Creek16.216
Sofkahatchee Creek1717
Sougahatchee Creek58.158
South Sandy Creek14.915
South Sauty Creek39.740
Souwilpa Creek20.120
Splunge Creek20.120
Spring Creek (Coosa River tributary)2263
Spring Creek (Tennessee River tributary)32.232
Sturdivant Creek18.819
Styx River41.264
Sucarbowa Creek18.819
Sucarnoochee River57.8129
Sugar Creek (Elk River (Tennessee River tributary))14.114
Surveyors Creek16.316
Swamp Creek22.923
Swan Creek21.622
Sweetwater Creek (Big Juniper Creek tributary)3.64
Sweetwater Creek (Horse Creek tributary)18.619
Swift Creek37.938
Talladega Creek60.561
Tallahatta Creek2121
Tallapoosa River216.11,121
Tallaseehatchee Creek21.357
Tallasseehatchee Creek3636
Tallatchee Creek25.125
Tallawampa Creek1.227
Tallawassee Creek16.917
Tattilaba Creek23.724
Tennessee River213.61,646
Tensaw River42.142
Terrapin Creek47.675
Terrapin Creek - South Fork11.311
Tombigbee River274.94,368
Toomsuba Creek1111
Town Creek (Tennessee River tributary)69.369
Town Creek (Tennessee River tributary)49.965
Trussells Creek28.929
Tubbs Creek16.216
Tuckabum Creek48.2126
Tumkeehatchee Creek17.518
Turkey Creek (Beaver Creek (Alabama River tributary))3053
Turkey Creek (Locust Fork tributary)25.225
Turkey Creek (Pine Barren Creek (Alabama River tributary))18.819
Turkey Creek (Tombigbee River tributary)18.118
Uchee Creek44.581
Valley Creek (Alabama River tributary)20.220
Valley Creek (Black Warrior River tributary)54.795
Village Creek40.641
Wacoochee Creek16.817
Wahalak Creek26.226
Wallahatchee Creek17.818
Wallers Creek15.415
Walnut Creek18.118
Washington Creek16.617
Watkins Creek16.517
Waxahatchee Creek1429
Wedowee Creek30.531
Weewoka Creek18.318
Wehadkee Creek22.222
Weogufka Creek4949
Weoka Creek26.326
West Flint Creek46.647
West Sepulga River18.719
White Oak Creek11.649
Whitewater Creek41.968
Wilkes Creek17.718
Wilson Creek16.517
Wind Creek24.324
Wolf Creek (Cedar Creek (Alabama River tributary))2222
Wolf Creek (Kelly Creek tributary)16.617
Wolf Creek (Lost Creek tributary)43.443
Woodward Creek88
Wrights Creek99
Yantley Creek35.353
Yellow Creek (Black Warrior River tributary)2020
Yellow Creek (Coosa River tributary)17.417
Yellow Creek (Luxapallila Creek tributary)36.6116
Yellowleaf Creek19.875
Yellow Leaf Creek16.617
Yellowleaf Creek - North Fork16.917
Yellowleaf Creek - South Fork18.118
Yellow River49.8128

Note: Lengths are for the part of the river/watershed within the boundary of this state.

Note: Mostly rivers/streams 15+ miles in length.

Data from United States Geological Survey